Regrets I Have Had in the Philippines (13 and Counting…..)

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  1. Thumbs up came at 2:50 and agree with all you said 😂 what are sun block prices like over there? Like the highest protection stuff? Yes need 100% protection for sunglasses. You should take a pool water testing kit with you 😂. Jk

  2. So when you go back home are you taking your wife and your little one to America and another thing you live in Florida you should know about the weather it gets hot here chap but please take care of yourself and your family but you are looking good I never seen you so happy like this chap 😊😊

  3. Ned I loved Angel too Believe it or not I cried my eyes out I know the feeling sometimes we don’t want to say good bye but for the dogs sake we do it for us it’s so fucking hard Your only humane. I loved her as you did💖 it’s ok brother

  4. My regret was living in a cliquish barangay of a certain religion who were just unfriendly once they got that I wasn’t going to convert and where they burned piles of trash including plastic every morning.

  5. I get lots of skin cancers, lived in Makati 2/3 of the time for 10 years, I went to a dermatologist. She told me, “we don’t see skin cancer here” WE SEE LEPROSY” so skin cancer is serious and they don’t have experience treating it in PH. Second, dude your face is not getting old from the sun, its cause you smoke and your getting old, lol.

  6. Ned, I’m with you on the trusting other expats thing. When I first considered moving there I immediately started hunting down all the expats in our area trying to make friends. Turns out most of them were really horrible people and the locals were much better friends. I started to understand why the locals had a bad opinion of expats. I fixed that just by being me lol. Rose had the same experience coming to the US. Hunting Filipinos. Anywhere in the world it’s the same. Be careful who you call friend and don’t limit the people you consider to 1 group. That’s my regret also 👍

  7. That is called living your life Ned. Look at the big pitcher. When you first moved there you were single with no family. Now you look at yourself. Those 13 regrets are nothing if did not have the balls to move to the Philippines in the first place.

  8. Regrets…I worked in startups most of my career which means failure was almost a daily thing. We didn’t fear failures. It’s how we learned in order to beat competitors and let us know we were pushing…a good thing. A regret is something that stays with a person, it becomes part of a person, piling up, weighing down a person. A failure is something you experience, understand, and continue moving forward. I can’t list my failures because they have been forgotten. I still have the lessons learned. So yeah, I can honestly say I have no regrets. Everything I’ve done in life has gotten me here in a wonderful life.

  9. My regret was listening to Ned bitch…now I need a cold one. Good video Ned have no plans on living in the Philippines. Enjoying the SoCal weather with very little humidity.

  10. Aloha and Army Strong brother. Great vlog. My biggest regret was buying a 2008 Ford Ranger thru FB in Manila and not realizing it was a POS until I was 3/4 the way to Davao driving it. Yes I has a mechanic look at it but he didn’t know his ass from a whole in the ground. Should have bought new and should have bought Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan. Plus I bought 10k usd worth of household stuff 18 months prior to retirement in 2015 from the Army getting ready for the move and had it waiting in the Philippines……its 2021 and I am just now retiring 😢. Wasted money. Live and learn.

  11. Looked 20??? Dude I thought you were at least 30 in the first video I watched 😅

    Coincidentally I just got into an argument the other day about putting animals down. I totally understand how you feel, but being someone who loves life I’ll say this. I don’t care what kind of pain I’m in. I wanna spend every last second on this earth with the people I care about. Since Angel couldn’t speak try n take some solace that she may have felt the same. Unfortunately animals can’t let us know they wanna go. I hate deciding that for them myself.

    I’m still waiting for the call back on the argument. She hung up so I’m not giving in. Haha

  12. Very good Vlog, hope some of those going there or already there can learn from your regrets. The best mistakes to learn from are those belonging to someone else.

  13. I been to phils 3 times in the last 6 years, 5 years if we dont count the crazy virus ridden 2020, so my regret is NOT BEING THERE ,,,, hahahaha,,,,, i did have a gf (in dumaguete) who i thought i would marry but she had plans with another foreigner in which i didnt know about ,,, hahahaha,

  14. Regret = Shipping 110 volt appliances to the Philippines. It is just not worth the effort and I soon found most of them fried from being plugged into the wrong outlet.

  15. Yours is the first channel that I ever seen from the Philippines. That’s been 5 or 6 years ago and now there’s several bloggers that I watch and I enjoy the hell out of it

  16. First time watcher and I felt welcomed by this video. I have been planning to come there for a few years but I’m at the wait phase until the Philippines wants me.

  17. Great video your dead right about things you said and I also had a friend say to me the locals are great dont trust foriners and I’ve stored clear of them I talk to about 4 guys but dont see a lot of them and it’s good

  18. Ned, this is one of your best videos. Loved how you didn’t sugar coat anything. Just the nitty gritty. One thing though, never ever give dogs chicken bones. It means trouble for them.

  19. Love hearing from you Ned, and seeing your incredible lady and little (?) one!
    Easy for me as I luckily never got hooked with smoking, but I reckon the only time to give up is NOW! For you and your family Ned

  20. Now don’t you have a Yamaha nmax? Cause I got the xmax in 2018. I won’t buy the fake brand either. And I don’t do the chismas. Oops. U have the Honda Brian has the nmax. Forgot. Lol

  21. only regret i got was not coming here sooner,, i moved to a island that has very few expats ,the last time i spoke to a expat was about a year ago lol

  22. 20 years of visiting phils and probably met 2 nutcase foreigners but met 200 fantastic foreigners. I love saying hi to foreigners. Except for Ned, I saw him in Robinsons in Duma and he ignored me. Ned is one of the nutcases.

  23. next time you go to US buy few hundred nicotine gum and nicotine patches then set quit date I smoked over a pack a day for over 50 years. thought I could never quit tried many times now over 3 years no cigarettes . oh, watson pharmacy now has gum… good luck.

  24. I regret buying a Road Sport 150 Honda. The clutch is hell, it is too fast and I nearly tore off my left foot when it caught a rock and the heel hit the foot peg. It bent my foot doubled under. I never rode the bike again. I wanted a scooter but they were out of stock and I needed transportation right away. I had just moved here and did not know much about bikes . I bought a multi-cab Daihatsu van. It works.

  25. Ned, I have been following you for many years now..I have been here since May 2015 and I think it was well before that.
    I know you have been renting and I understand why. I never intended to buy or build ..until the pandemic. I have limited income and i save a bit as I can to visit family in the states every few years…I was all set to roll when …lock-down..and my land-lady decided she wanted to sell..good timing eh?..
    long to short is i bought a lot and had a small house built ..over all about 30k usd…
    no regret of THAT one..even tho I was kinda forced into it

  26. Those are some good regrets. I think I’m like you, I love the sun and never use sun protection. I’m from the twin cities MN….I would say my number one regret would be not coming to visit he Philippines sooner.

    I’ve married a filipina in Cebu, great girl….we bought a house from a Canadian and Filipina. Canadian guy ran out of money and now depends on his wife. Lazy guy.

    I’m an English teacher and manager here in Shanghai, China. Been here 11 years and back in 2018 got married in Cebu and got the house… regrets…..but now all my funds goes to the remodeling in my home….however I left Cebu last year in February and haven’t been back due to lock downs and the situation, but I love the Philippines.

  27. By the way, many years ago I used to watch you as well….did you ever accomplish your dream of becoming a Philippines millionaire? You said this back in 2014-1015 if I remember correctly on the back porch .

  28. Great video and words to live by. It’s always better when someone else learns the “lessons” so I don’t have to.
    Moving on my farm in 3 years, I’ll surely rack-up my 13 regrets in no time at all…

  29. Hi 👋 Some very eye opening topics here, I’m trying to grasp as much as I can about everything regarding the Philippines 🇵🇭 From Expats and the host Pinoys themselves. Furthermore, I’m a bit surprised that no one has given you advice about which Sunscreen to get a hold of Sunscreen/ Sunfactor 130 SPF Especially for light tone skin as yours, I hope you can locate a reputable Cosmetic outlet and obtain some. Eight years of needless damage and misery, good 👍luck for the future. Selwyn Lawrence, West Midlands, UK 🇬🇧

  30. Ned Now that your married do need to get a Philippines Visa. Or are a dual citizen both Philippines and US. Your can apply for US Citizenship and become dual. I think I don’t know the laws .

  31. haha i bet he regretted not wearing the correct clothes for the swimming pool……how did he not understand what to wear in the pool, I learnt that when i was 3 years old but im very smart for my age

  32. One was not knowing the traffic over there next was bad rental companies eg no gps and not a automatic like I ordered. Another was not taking toilet paper with me while traveling and not getting used to the slower culture thinking about it I could get used to the slower pace learning about it more the wiser now

  33. I think my biggest regret is building a house on the family property, now I have to deal with my sister-in-laws BF’s who are also building on the property. ( both of the BF’s are the know it all types).

  34. I have to agree dealing with foreigners is probably the worst thing you can do. Foreigners are the biggest problems out here in the Philippines as you can see on YouTube the ones that live out here are very volatile and the ones that are living their life by carelessly through you or even worse that are living in America or other places quite vicious people

  35. We aren’t there permanently and may never be, but when we were there for 9 weeks in the spring of 2019 we went on an island tour at the Gigantes Islands and I ended up with the worse sunburn of my life. To this day my skin is not near as good as it used to be.
    By the way 2017 Hyundai Tucson, … great vehicle. I bought mine new in 2017 and just recently sold it since in Vancouver Canada a person really doesn’t need to own a car or SUV if you’re retired anyhow.

  36. Thanks for your list. The more I meet people, the more I love my dog. Loyal, will always listen to me (not necessarily obeying), and will never backstab me. Water looks great. Stay healthy.

  37. Remember that a mistake is something you can still learn from. It can still be made positive. You can still take hold of it and tear out a silver lining that you can hold onto for as long as you need it. Once you let it become a regret, it becomes a poison that will not leave your system

  38. My biggest regret was coming back to the uk and now I’m stuck here,waiting patiently for my beautiful girlfriend and the beautiful Philippines 🙏🙏🙏🙏✈️🇵🇭

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