Relationships in the Philippines ,Expats The Other White Meat !! Old Dog New Tricks

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Relationships in the Philippines ,Expats The Other White Meat !! Old Dog New [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I recall some tales of being new in the Philippines, the good, the bad, and the ugly side of acclimating to an entire new culture and way of life


  1. Hey Paul my dear friend, just the title alone, had me cracking up. 😂😂😂😂😂 I really can’t wait for the day that I meet you and baby Mae in person. Thank you for sharing this awesome video my dear friend. Please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you and Baby Mae always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  2. I met my girlfriend online dating site and in my profile I said don’t ask me for money and I won’t ask for nude photos. And that cleared alot of them out right away. We’ve been together over 2 years. Ldr and a year there together ❤

  3. I agree 100% . I have been to the Philippines 2 times . Now I plan to retire and move there . I plan to live by myself . I am not in a hurry to have anyone move in with me .

  4. Thank you Paul….for Philippinen life “school” no money can bay.
    Georgeus video again make me smille and think….yess slow down …and enyoj……

  5. Some good news for you Paul! SSA confirms a 5.9% increase for you starting January 2022. Average increase is $90 a month. More $ to purchase sunscreen for your white meat – lol

  6. Hi Paul. I met my filipina online in nov 2014. I know lived here almost 2 years an de are very happy. My filipina never asked for anything but my love and respect☺️

  7. Great advice. You hit the nail on the head about those dating sites. That girl that was involved with that guy u had 15 min convo with and u told him to run the girls first initials are not TJ are they?? Cause it reminds me of a girl i spoke with online b4 with those initials😳

  8. Another aspect of seeing where someone lives: It doesn’t matter if it’s not grand, but you can tell a bit about someone by how they treat themselves and their home.

  9. Am going through exactly something like…and the red flags are starting to flip up…there doesn’ t seem to be any restraint under which a circumstance pops up that that doesn’t end up with a sob story and the money request…fresh meat indeed!

  10. Internet waste of time to meet girls most scammers and liars.dont send money they all have the same sob stories.go their meets girls for real so easy

  11. Good Morning. It is like the great Forrest Gump once said is Stupid is as Stupid does. $40,000.00 to a stranger is STUPID but like they also say a fool and his money is soon parted. Like you said there is so many very good ladies there. Me I love my Filipinas and I’m with a fantastic Filipina. I did have a bad one I was married to for 11 years. But that is history and a learning experience. To all the men out there don’t let a small percentage of girls ruin your feeling of the Filipinas.

  12. Click Bait! Old Dawg surrounded by hot Babes. Absolutely I want to see more. CLICK! and what do I see… the Old Dawg and dead chicken, pontificating endlessly. Love it… You are the best at what you do.. Much love from Philly.

  13. Good presentation Paul. I have a filipina friend who married an American and she came to the States to live. Her life is quite independent of her husband, she lives her life and he lives his and they meet somewhere in the middle when convenient for both. I guess there will be situations where foreign men will fall and fail but survive they will. I am sure there are more success stories than failures.

  14. He spent 40 thousand site unseen, he’s a real idiot. I’m married to a Philippine woman here in the u.s. I can honestly say I didn’t send a lot of money to her prior to her coming here on a fiancé visa. We are married lots of years now I’m 61 she’s 37 one 5 year old son. Don’t send women a lot of money women are women period. Use your head with them, the one setting on your shoulders. By the way better to marry in the Philippines and live their, as a man keep your leverage.

  15. I plan to get there soon, but that’s my big question……who do you trust? Hopefully instinct will help. Thanks for an extremely valuable story.

  16. I met my wife online. We met in the Cebu airport hit it right off continued with the k-1 Visa she’s now in the United States we are married she has a conditional green card. We have a good marriage we have our disagreements we have our agreements we respect each other and we are both happy

  17. I’d rather be wise than lucky! I remember 1 young lady there that I thought was playing me after a few weeks and asked her-Do you even remember what state I live in?! She promptly exclaimed…Yes, I do! You live in the United States. Got better when she asked me if I would buy some land from their family. How did an Onion get into the Apple basket…lol

  18. Hey Paul,
    I’m a various crazy person!
    Great video..
    I as well learned my lessons trial and error. Lol
    The whole loaning money gig… wow, mistake…
    Bottom line, if you do loan money to someone…. Just get the thought completely out of your head that it will ever get paid back. Hahaha my biggest mistake anyway..
    Seems like if you ask for payment, then you’re suddenly the bad guy…. grrrrr, I’ve caused my wife to loose friends before because of this when she specifically told me let’s not loan money…. lol
    Should have listened to my little filipina!
    Once again, great video… glad I found your channel… ( and baby Mae’s too)

  19. Another great video. I always come away with sound advice after watching your videos. It’s definitely interesting to hear your perspective on things. I will admit my experience has been quite a bit different but my situation is very positive too. Take care and God bless

  20. Great content! By you relating your experiences, many of us planning on coming over in future, can learn from you. You crawling through the broken glass clears a path for those of us following lol.

  21. I’ve come to the conclusion…that I’ll move to cebu…no offense to Duma, but I’m not old enough to live…I decided to not work after I retired from the military…so in my late 40s…plus..I’m from Los I’m partial to big cities
    And cebu isn’t Manila, so that’s a cebu crashes and burns, I’ll pick up and move to subic bay.
    I’m going there for my sanity…not for any filipina

  22. Ok Paul, I literally shot coffee out my nose when I read the title. lol Very Funny. I’ve always looked the the situation this way. If I was getting to know (dating ) a girl here in the states, would I send her money before we met? Hell no. So why would I do that for someone I’ve never met half the world away. If I did send a filipina money it wold be after I knew her well and I would consider it gone the moment I sent it. I wouldn’t expect anything in return. Good video I needed my morning chuckle. God bless.

  23. I have not had any good luck on any long distance relationships spawn from online conversations. Been buttered up and taken for a ride of thinning my wallet. After 6 years of talking to a Filipina, it ended with me send several thousand dollars over all that time. During all that time she never worked. I’m so happy it’s over. Most agonizing 6 years of my life. I couldn’t get to the Philippines because of my job, then I retired, covid19 hit. Maybe when tourism opens back up in the Philippines I will fly there and maybe find someone. I need a change of scenery where I live in Warrensburg Missouri USA

  24. Well, I’ve not been watching your vids in a while Paul. Why? Because I miss being in SE Asia and your vids make my anxiety 😟 😥 worse. I was on Thailand for 5 years before COVID19 and went to Philippines a couple weeks during that time. I love the Philippine ladies (the ones with a good heart). Now

  25. Hi Paul, got to love life’s lessons. It’s a wise man that listens an watches. A foolish one who will not see or hear. Great video again. God bless you Paul and baby Mae.

  26. Great Vid Paul, informative for some, but there’s always people who won’t heed the good advice and get scammed. However, I couldn’t agree more about the 40k guy, and anyone else who falls victim and sends money has to shoulder the blame, that’s not you being cold by saying it, it’s just cold, hard facts, but at least you saved the other guy a few grand, hope he bought you a beer.

  27. Paul, you are a great story teller.
    You never take a position of holier than thou.
    You always put yourself on the same level as the people you give advice to.
    It comes across as really approachable advice and makes it more likely people will take it.

  28. I fiddel farted about $70 away so far. I figured that is a good Learning lesson. Now just tell them I don’t send money to people I don’t know or have never met in person. Have to hand it to this one woman she did not give up with her efforts even after I said that. Very good actresses.

  29. I’m trapped in America. Anyway, enough about my sob story. I still enjoy your vids and will keep watching until I can return – or die. But, I’m on island time now (in Belize) and enjoying my days here. Take care my friend and tell Mae to pick me out a good one. Maybe I can go there soon and live the rest of my days with a smile 😊.

  30. MONEY CANT BUY ME LOVE but it can buy her a nice new house🥵. I had a light bulb moment when I use to watch all the bloggers a few years ago, some you mentioned and same crazy heads that use to go at it all the time, can’t remember names now, but one baldy dude that looked like a junkie and said he was a preacher or something like that and a Barry someone who was crazy, I miss all that, I could watch videos for hours at a time, your the last of whom I watch😭. Anyway, they use to do a lot about free lancers, scammers etc etc and I thought to myself, if I treat everyone I meet online like one of these, I won’t get conned and if any pass the test, well she is the one I will put time into, it worked 😁👍🏻

  31. Hey Paul. I never reply to any of these but I got to tell you I love your openness and honest. I’m headed that way as soon as they let us Americans in. Thanks for your info. I look forward to all of them!!

  32. Good tutorial. Nothing to add, just one aspect I’d emphasize. I’ve been coming to the Philippines since 2010, lived in Manila, lived in Cebu, lived in San Fernando, lived in Tacloban, where my wife and son are now. Some guys show up here from wherever (Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, America, etc.) and are extremely paranoid, viewing every woman as not a potential, but rather, as a probable scammer. Some guys show up, wide-eyed and innocent, and view every woman they meet as the same – wide-eyed and innocent. Neither point of view is correct.

    If you’re hanging out in a part of Cebu or in any part of Angeles City or Malate (area of Manila), for example, then, yeah, watch out, scammers galore. The “probability” attitude is warranted. Be careful, man.

    If you’re out in a remote province somewhere, it’s just the opposite – 95% great women, and 5% scammers. Maybe not even 5%! You shouldn’t stop being careful and aware and skeptical, but what I’m saying is that your odds of getting a good partner (if that’s an interest you have) go up exponentially depending on the pond you’re fishing in. Don’t short-circuit your own chances by being jaded and cynical and walking around muttering to yourself, “They’re all thieves and liars”. Because they’re not. Lots and lots of good ones.

  33. Hi Paul! Joy and health to you and Baby Mae. Not sure how to have a private conversation / consultation with you. Willing to pay you a fee. Please advise. Thanks. Art

  34. I simply love listening to you.
    To be honest, I don’t think the “mistakes “ you made getting into the Philippines is what makes me wonder, it’s what you did before you got there. Is it possible you missed your calling at a younger age ?
    Car salesman ?
    Listening to you makes me believe you should have done something way different.
    Make audio books, synchronization of some sort, motivational speaker, anything but car salesmen.
    As I said, love listening to you.
    Keep it going young man.

  35. I once subscribed to a Asian dating site and filled out all the usual stuff and hadn’t posted any photo as i didnt have any current ones and planned to do it the following week and with-in that week i was getting several reply’s along the lines of ” Your very handsome man ‘ / ” You look sexy ” etc etc , i had a bit of a laugh and realized to be very carefull going forward .

  36. Trust but verify !! That is the best advice you have ever said . 2nd is slow down . I have been talking to a lot of Filipinas and if they ask for money I block.

  37. Good video like always…I am a hopeless romantic..made some bad choices when I was there …learned from them…and plan to go back cuz the culture is wonderful and not everyone is s scammer..see you soon..

  38. hay paul. i did not intend on ldr but stumbled across a lady on facebook. she is 46 yr old widow. has a home i have toured live and met her kids and family live. she has her deceased husbands pention and a sari sari store. i have seen her familys homes and vehicles. she doesnt need me. thats a plus. i have seen the birthday parties live and they all say hello to me. she and her family are not poor. i think i may persue this. Your thoughts about this please.

  39. People that have been taken advantage of by scammers did not do their due diligence. Never send someone money that you have not met in person, face to face. Eye contact is important along with conversation to get to know someone. I really have no sympathy for guys that got taken for their money, reality is it’s their own fault. I’ve been married to a Filipino for 30 years & have zero regrets, most are wonderful people. There are scammers out there but they are easily unmasked when the right questions are asked & your looking in the right places. Take care Paul, & great video title!

  40. Great video Paul and very true! “You get what you get and deserve for being a FOOL!” Great tips and advice to all idiots out there that cannot control themselves, dish out thousands to scammers believing they’re in love, and then get thrown out of the relationship!

  41. Hi Paul, the expat natives are restless. As you know whitening products in Asia are a big seller and having light skined babies are highly sought after by Filipinas. Someone did a blog that Filipina women prefer white men and certain individuals took issue with that . All expats have a shot but in this day and age with BLM and all the madness there are feelings that are getting hurt . This doesn’t change the facts that lighter skin folks are a preference. As this individual targeted dumagetto I thought I would broch the subject. I hear the snide remarks of epstien Island and such but this issue is different. Divide and concour is everywhere.

  42. I went to the Philippines to meet someone I was talking to, and found out she was sleeping with someone who was a Expat and was someone who was married. But another girl from the Philippines was my friend, we just talked as friends and I told her to come meet me in Manila and I didn’t think she would, because when I sent her a ticket, she said she missed the fight, but would be on the next plane. Then said she was at the airport in Manila and I thought it was B.S, because that’s how things have been going. I told her, well get a cap ride to my hotel and tell the driver I will pay for it and give him a tip…Next thing I knew she was at the hotel. Again we was just friends, hung out and chatted, had great stimulating conversations and long story short, we are married and have a child together now. It change my life and the Philippines open up my eyes to see how spoiled people are in the United States….


  44. Good chat. I love that title the other white meat LOL. I started chatting to ladies from the Philippines in a chat program. Like you at first I did help some a bit here and there no great amount. Some would still chat and some would take the money and run or come back to ask for more. I soon learned not to do that especially after seeing them on cam in the chat room eating and smoking and they are asking for help cause they have no money for food haha. I did have a gf there but did not work out at all. Some that I chatted to online that seemed like they were interested I met in person when on holidays and would spend a couple days with them. I actually met several ladies there during 2 trips and out of all of them only one still has contact. Some chatted for a couple weeks after but soon stopped when they found out the cash flow was not going their way and some just disappeared like they only met to be with a foreign guy for a few days. I learned not to send money to anyone especially if I just met them. I have heard a lot of reasons they need help. Some wait for a while and some just outright ask the first time you chat. Now 99% of the time I can see it coming. Oh and to anyone reading this if a girl sends you naked pics in the first few chats she will be looking for cash and telling you she will do anything if you help her. Stay safe there Paul and Baby Mae too

  45. Hey brother great video here in Cali we call it FOB meaning fresh off the boat or fresh over boarder and it’s not just the Pi. It’s everywhere I went. Great tips AND insight keep up the great work. Love you guys and God bless y’all.

  46. My story is I met a girl on Tinder here in the US. She was from the Philippines and 27, I was 56. We dated about 1 month. Then I found out she was married to a man my age. I broke it off with her. I was just messing around with her. But goes to show she was looking to upgrade here in the US.

  47. Thank you Paul,
    You have given many reasons why to be cautious and wise to the world. Your thoughts and insight gave inspired me to continue pursuing my desire to move out to the Philippines. Here in the States in order to live modestly takes more money than retirement provides.
    I enjoy your videos thank you and Mae

  48. I’m surprised everybody blames everything on the the old guy who gave her the $40,000. Was he dumb? Yes, as a rock. We’re his motives completely pure? No. Does that make this all his fault? No. He crossed paths with a heartless despicable human being. Being a foolish old man doesn’t make it ok to prey on him. I’m surprised that nobody expressed any compassion whatsoever for this poor schmuck and nobody expressed any contempt for the scum bag who “STOLE” his money. Oh “the other white meat”, that’s freaking hysterical.

  49. I agree with you on a lot of things but scammers, especially for those taking advantage or the good nature of the elderly, need a special place in hell imho. Along with hackers, ransomware pirates, makers of computer viruses and counterfeiters. We all have to be so careful it gets in the way of trusting or helping our fellow humans.

  50. Yes, I met Ne, on Messenger. I wasn’t looking for a Filipina GF & never heard of age gap. She was 43 @ the time. She never asked for $. I sent her some when I had her leave her business & move to Bohol to wait on me. She picked me @ the A/P 3 yrs. ago & I am happier than I have ever been. I had chatted W/ most of her family & friends. I also used to work in cyber security. All said I would still say feet on the ground is best for most.

  51. I couldn’t agree with you more Paul… So many men have been beaten up By their women from the West When they see These women online Who give them all the attention that they’ve been hoping for The poor guys lose their mind… The old saying it takes 2 to Tango
    Be smart guys never do never give money until you meet the woman And even then keep the radar up Think with the big head Have fun with the little And don’t move too fast That’s what she said lol

  52. For all those guys sending money to girls they’ve never met… I have a bridge for sale… great money maker… 🤣🤣 lol.

    Thanks for the video Paul. And I would tell all expts to use commen sense when visiting philippines. And to think with big head and not the little one. Hopefully things open up fast so I can get my old ass there… lol

  53. Great vid Paul – just telling it how it is. I feel like i’d be at the other end of the spectrum ie 100% cautious, which can be problematic, as i might dismiss someone who is genuinely interested in me and not money.

  54. Yup, “Go Slow” is all there really is to it here. There is no shortage of pussy and no shortage of potential co-hab partners. But there is a shortage of what you could stand living with for any length of time. Especially a newb with no exposure to Filipino ways.

    Other than taking it slow, your other nugget of wisdom is to visit where she lives and even better, where her main family unit is. Filipinos are having a party or drinking session every week, so no reason why she should resist you joining in with her family if you show up with a case of Red Horse and some 2×2 Ginebra.

    If you are really serious about her, the cost of the booze will be well spent to get an inside look at who her family is and how they behave with you and her together. Any red flags will be waving right away and signal your early exit from her.

  55. haha part way through. i say that about myself a LOT “no fool like an old fool”. As the filipina pea says, i “litter” but only within my means (still a decent amount lol)

  56. Met my wife here in the Philippines, she was working in a hardware store in 2007. She was 20 and I was 47. We have been together and married 14 years. Still madly in love and living great in the Philippines.

  57. Im Just waiting to be fresh meat and make a lot of mistakes lol. As long as I’m alive and can’t run out of money it’s sounds like fun lessons to learn. I will follow your advice on relationships because im not a total glutton for punishment lol.

  58. Excellent video Paul. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I think it’s very helpful and people thinking about going there would do well to learn from you and others. Wise men learn from others mistakes as well as their own.

  59. Solid advise Paul! Is it still possible for an expat come to the Valencia/Dumaguete area and be “the new white meat” with all the current expats there?

  60. Another great story Paul. If I ever come out there I would really like to meet you. I am glad to see your channel really start to take off. I first subscribed when you were around 6000 subs. keep up with the honesty. Your children will be proud of how you turned out.

  61. If it looks too good to be true…. it probably is. Guys are thinking with the small head and then are surprised when things don’t work out. You don’t know about the Philippines until you’ve lived there.

  62. If all of them things didn’t happen to you Paul , you might not have met baby Mae. 🙂 I went through a couple bad relationships here in Philippines before I met the one I am married to now and couldn’t be happier. Take care

  63. Great stuff, as always. Loved the heartfelt (and heartwarming) “Broken Glass” insights expressed at the end. You have found your groove, sir!

  64. My first visit was 1985 in the Navy. I was stationed there in Subic for 2 years 1989-1990. I knew the rules of the game before I moved here in 2019.

  65. Great video Paul!! You brought some smiles to my face tonight!! Great storytelling and great information and advice (even though I know you don’t like giving advice) I totally agree! I am one of those guys who is with the same woman I met online over 10 years ago. My story is better told over a couple of beers because it got complicated even though we managed to get past those “bumps in the road” and we are still happily together some 10+ years later. You outlined some of those in your video anyway. I had to laugh at your early FB experience because a lot of Filipinas (and maybe foreign guys as well) use fake names for social media accounts. It seems to be somewhat common, at least 10 years ago.. I could go on, but you have covered it well in your video. Oh the stories… fresh white meat can tell. Boots on the ground is the way to go and slow down.

  66. We are of the same mind as to why I am going to retire in the Philippines (pretty much settled on Bacolod to start). A woman isn’t on my mind at all. That said, it is probably inevitable once I get there. We shall see, but after dealing with women here in the States, my trust level is so poor tbat my mind will make me slow down. We shall see…

  67. Thanks Paul. I have been there twice and I am tired of LDRs. Now my plan is to get my SRRV and boots on the ground. Then get used to life there, and my body used to the food and especially bottled water.

  68. I spent around 9 years visiting Philippines, and i relate to all you say and more ….lol but i went into everything with my eyes open good or bad and it really boils down to your gullibility level as to how much your taken advantage of… i regret anything that happened…….no was a learning curve, a journey of discovery and i learnt to respect the culture, understand the ways of the Philippines, and expect that while things are going good there is always the possibility it could end, i had a good 5yr relationship that taught me everything including understanding and respect , ……my advice is enjoy your new found life of the unbelievable but reject the signs at your peril,
    you said Paul….there is no fool more so than an old fool (with money) if things go wrong and they do….just bite the bullet and move on .no good crying over spilt milk, good luck on your adventure, oh and if you think your too wise to be caught …..well your prime bait for the catch net…….lol

  69. Another great video Paul. I really don’t have much sympathy for naïve fools that give large sums of money to women they don’t even know, and never even met in person. Paul has it right. He said SLOW DOWN, and you would be well advised to do so! Also, why not consider a mature, widowed Filpina for a partner? There are some VERY hot Filpinas in the 40-60+ age range that are looking for a mate, and are much more mature, and settled than most young, hot 20 and 30 something’s. Of course there are exceptions, but you will have much more in common with them, and it makes it easier to relate. Just my 2 pesos. Have a most outstanding weekend, and best of luck to all current and future expats. I will be joining you in a few years over there God willing.

  70. Hey Paul, greetings from Denmark.
    I’ve been following you for a while and I like your videos very much.

    I also wanted to tell you, that your laugh always make me laugh too 😅
    You remind me of an old friend I once had, him and I could laugh at each other’s laugh for a very long time, we could laugh for so long that we forgot why we started to laugh 😄

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face 🙏😊

  71. If nothing else…honesty. I luv it. I have no desire to retire in Philippines but do intend to visit to scuba dive in my retirement. If i run into someone…. so be it. You, Paul, Mark and Gio are so interesting…and Filipina Pea. I have a Philippine family living in my rental and enjoy talking with them about their country. They must be considered rich back home as they drive fancy cars here..better than my old Honda! haha

  72. Great video Paul – well said. I am one of the luck ones to have met a Filipina that truly loves me for who I am, because I am no rich man by any means. But like BAby Mae, she didn’t ask me about the money, what I did for a living, etc. We have been married for over 13 years now and I hit the jackpot. I am so blessed to have her in my life. You hit the jackpot too with Baby Mae 🙂
    Stay well!

  73. From my experience.. any female that hits 9+ on the scale.. majority pretty much behave the same regardless of cultural origin. They know that scale slips over time so please do not blame them for maximizing their returns. Option is either wait till that scale slides lower due to aging or take your chances now and bear the consequence. Thanks for sharing this story.

  74. Hey Paul, I am having dinner different expensive on Facebook. Sent lots of friend requests out any no one replies. I haven’t a couple hours Filipina friends and they are nice, but none of theirs friends have accepted requests. Not really looking for anything heavy right now,just wanted to get to know a few women, flirt and lean. Maybe help me make something decisions in the coming years. Can baby Mae line me up with everyone few to start conversation and? We can friends on FB,so please see if she can introduce me to some please. Of course no scammers 😁

  75. Very good topic & great delivery.

    When I am asked to send money to someone overseas, I decline by saying international transactions are monitored by both countries (true)
    and that in my country I might have to explain why I am sending money to someone I haven’t met in person. (True if one has to do a background check for certain types of work.) And the way information is bought/sold to data brokers now, there really are no private transactions other than cash in person.

  76. Hey Paul Great Video am still here in Las Vegas enjoying my time Now going to wait till May of next year to come there kind of let things settle down and my God can’t imagine sending money to someone u never met absolute stupidity in my opinion

  77. was moved by your “less than ideal” experiences shared in such lighthearted fun way. like your attitude of “no regrets”. congrats on escaping from “having to show up” to being in control of your life & finding such a suitable LTR. your positivity is contagious.

  78. Sage advice Paul, as always from you. Can’t change the past; so, it’s very important to Learn from it to avoid a “Groundhog Day” of repeated same mistakes. Love the channel…keep em coning.

  79. Great topic. When I was young in the PH, I was only ever wanted for a green card and babies. I learned to show Sternberg’s triangle. All said they wanted Commitment without Passion which is Companionate love. No thanks. I don’t need to be used or have babies. Peace.

  80. Great title Paul. I knew a moron that dumped his great wife, lost his house, lost his job, had to get two other jobs and spent all his money putting a young chick into special trade school, bought her and her family cars and put the kids in private school. She was 29 when he met her and already had 5 kids!!! Jerks R’ Us and Stuff is his name. Send them nothing, especially if you are older. You are fresh meat and that’s it!

  81. Funny title. Your goatee looks good – you found something that works. Unfortunately – that’s MY goatee. I know because it looks just like mine. Give it back.

  82. I am a little concerned my fiancé is from Calamba city, laguna area in Luzon. Her family is mainly from there and every time I ask bloggers about this area, know one knows anything about this area. I try to look on u-tube for anything I can about the area but it is so basic and usually a walk/drive throughout the area, mostly showing statues of Jose Rizal and schools named after him 🙄

  83. I was in the Navy when I was 18 and I had made friends with a Petty officer who was older than me and was an old hand as far as the Philippines goes. He clued me in on which ladies to mess around with. Now when I talk to the ladies over the internet, I don’t answer the ones that ask my name. I tell them to read my profile. Many ladies I have tried to talk to don’t ask me any questions. Those I cut off figuring they have zero interest in me and that they are already chatting with the person they are interested in and I am in the Bull Pen so to speak. As soon as they ask for money or start with the hard luck stories I just ghost them.

  84. Hey Paul , Great video … I really enjoyed it . I met my wife online back in 2003 . We had a long online relationship. I never came to the Philippines to meet her . She came to the states in 2006 and that’s where we met . Got married had 2 kids . First time We ( meaning the kids , the wife and me ) came to the Philippines 🇵🇭 was in 2014 . We are definitely ready for another visit . So tired of the states .

  85. Don’t send money to people you only know from the Internet they aren’t your girlfriends at best they are chat buddies. Instead save that money so you can go to the Philippines and see them .In the meantime learn some of the language where you are going…don’t tell your chat buddy you know the language. When you get to the Philippines just listen to what people are saying and what she’s saying. By the way I learnt Filipino and ended in Legazpi where they speak Legazpi Bicol…..lols.

  86. that chicken is brilliant ! 40K……guy was crazy and an expensive lesson. probably has 10 X that in his portfolio, but hope he has learned ! don’t give more than 50 bucks a few times until you meet and observe and ask the right questions….don’t sleep with her 1st night… patient. this girl was a very accomplished smooth operator……be careful guys ! it is not paradise there…..they are very desperate, but won’t show it.

  87. Yes. I watched Reekay and Bud Brown since 2016.
    Added the next wave….Old Paul…younger Paul…Gio….
    Lots of great info and entertainment!
    Thanks Paul
    and all the others.

  88. Please feed that bird??? It is driving me crazy. Please don’t be alarmed but, I think it’s dead…. LOL Love ya man. Thanks for what you do for us. GREAT info. (Joel from Texas, see you someday soon brother.)

  89. As always, ‘A fool and his money are soon parted’. Scammers exist everywhere. I can’t imagine that they are more prevalent in the Philippines. I have clients and friends in the US that have been scammed – and it had nothing to do with sexual interests.
    The lesson that so many men need to heed is that you need to understand that your ‘real value’ to many Filipinas is ‘security’ – and you already know what their value is to you. This is not to diminish the fact that a real ‘relationship’ can develop – but you should KNOW YOUR ROLE IN THE RELATIONSHIP.
    Despite the women that might flock around you in the PI, you are not a movie star or a rock star – you are just a guy that has an advantage… that you can offer her a different lifestyle which represents a massive improvement in her life. This opens the door to deception. You must be vigilant about how you vet a woman – and, yes, this means removing the ‘rose-colored glasses’.
    Many western men are looking to the PI to escape the materialistic, overly-feminist nature of western women. Why go to the PI and allow the same thing to happen? Why be COMPLICIT in it?
    Keep your wits about you – enjoy the ‘beauty’ of the PI, approach spending cautiously (e.g. maintain a reasonable budget – don’t go over there trying to impress the ladies with your wealth – which, in many cases, is simply a function of a very favorable exchange rate). Just try to be a decent person, take things slowly, keep it at YOUR pace – take Paul’s advice on the matter. You’ll be better off for it…

  90. Hello Paul ! Good to see that you are well. I seldom make comments on your vlogs or on Baby Mae’s ( I follow you both but don’t watch every vid ).
    Today’s vid basically explains the type of man you are.
    #1) Your not a dirty old man or a Sexpat. Your an honest & decent kind of guy.
    #2) misadventures or not Karma has a way of making things right ( hence why your with Baby Mae)
    #3) I have experienced many of the same issues you have. Girls asking me questions that were on my Profile. Those that after a few message exchanges start asking for help. ( Like you I sent small amounts but did not wake up to facts as soon as you did) Hensel the reason I dropped Facebook and closed Messenger for good.

    In my opinion you are 1 hell of a decent person. Best wishes and hope to someday meet you & buy you a beer or coffee.
    Best wishes & a continued happy life.
    Personal stuff I will only put on a direct email to you.🙏🙏🙏

  91. Hi Paul. I’ve been a subscriber for almost 2 years and I have to admit that you are my favourite blogger to watch from the Philippines. However your sound quality has skidded downhill so badly the last couple of months I can’t listen to you anymore. I normally listen to you while I’m working driving truck in the oil field but your audio keeps getting quieter and quieter to the point where I can no longer listen to you. Please update your audio

  92. Paul, you and Mark just continue to look more and more healthy and relaxed. Good for both of you. The lives you are both living are so much better for you than what either of you had in the US. Keep doing good things. BTW, The Family Chantel is a spinoff of 90 Day Fiance and I always wondered how a Filipina found Royal, Chantel’s brother on FB, though I suspected she was casting a wide net hoping someone would respond. Now I know that she very likely didn’t even read his FB and probably just sent him a “Hi” as you described. He thought she found him attractive and had singled him out as her future husband. They married and appear to still be together, though she’s lied about how she found Royal on FB, and about chatting with other American men while she was dating him (LDR), causing lots of problems with his family. They now live completely isolated in the US.

    That title got my attention, hahaha
    Great video, full of SOLID wisdom to those perusing long distance relationships in the Philippines 🇵🇭.
    That being said, ako at aking asawa just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary together

  94. The best part of being in the U.S. Navy, was when guys would bring me ideas of marrying sending money to women they haven’t met, I could physically beat them up, and the chain of command would approve of it after we ALL laughed at them. Less than 1% success rate for Navy bringing girls back from Philippines. Just an FYI when ya think ya have it figured out.

  95. Listening to you I know we’d get along great sharing stories and laughs. I learn most of my lessons by my own experience of often doing it the wrong way first. In my younger days had a few long-term meaningful relationships and several dozen short-term basically meaningless relationships in between 😆. The last one I thought was my actual soul mate and got so crushed that it ending threw me into an emotional tailspin that turned me pretty jaded to the idea of ever having one again. I basically completely gave up on women except of course the ones I’ve been friends with for many years. 🙃 So now looking at your videos and others experience with Phillipino women and how different and in my honest opinion quite many seem overall better than American women. Maybe there is still hope for me yet! lol

  96. Paul I just heard the story. Yes good vibes .vs bad stress does contribute to the body’s health, energy, longevity. You spoke alot of good information. I become a patreon soon. I’ll keep watching to know how to prepare when I go there. I’ll be there within. 2 months. I’m getting hustled too much here in USA and people constantly trying to stress me. So yeah the states.

  97. Happily married after decades but love your channel. We are looking for a good retirement spot. Heading to Mexico first because we have senior dogs we will not put on a long plane ride. Once they are gone we hope to bounce around SE Asia for a few years, although we dont like hot weather so we wont likely stay permanantly unless it’s Dalat, Vietnam.
    Love your videos, Paul !

  98. What a great video! I’d been traveling to Davao del Norte before and I had a Pastor friend who always had a new reason why I was to give him money. I never before experienced such a energic way of being after one’s money before. After I quit the relationship altogether I realized it wasn’t for too long that he hooked up with another whitey from the west to suck his blood. Lol. Beware of the pastors..not all of them certainly..but they are out the wild 😜

  99. Sunshine Shoulders is also a great creator….Awesome title and Video… thanks Paul !!
    I am interested in retiring in SE Asia… my main driver is not looking for girls…. I love the culture and people.
    I visited in 1982 while serving in the Army. If I do find a woman, it would just be a bonus.
    Gentlemen….. Think with your big head, not your little one. The One Eyed Willy will get you into a lot of trouble.

  100. can i say well done mate this is first time i listenedto you great advice mate im from liverpool and want to go there i willbe tuning in again you know woman

  101. Good story Paul….it paints a picture of reality. You are a good connection to have there in the “Phils”, like the fact you “tell it like it is”.

  102. Hey Paul…I love your channel…I am learning a lot about the Philippines from you…now I know we have a connection…I am relieved to know I’m not the only one who passes their time just sitting there and scratching their balls!!!

  103. I dislike the title of this video. You old white guys think you own the PI exclusively. I ran into this attitude from other expats when I lived there. I am not white but I am American. I am also not a sexpat. My Filipina wife and I met in the US 28years ago. We know several couples of Filipinas who are married to black Americans. They seem to share a common secret. You take your ridiculous arrogance with you everywhere you go. Get over yourself. And stop acting like you know everything. Just shut up.

  104. Hi from the UK Paul, just loved this video and boy what a minefield. I’m not sure if I’m up to all this detective work just to know if I’ve met a genuine person. Hell it was bad enough when I was in my 30’s with girls here. I’m determined to give it a go Paul but getting ripped off just does not sit well. I’ve never been ripped off in the past and I’m not going to start now. That said infatuation can lead good men to do stupid things and from what I hear and see, becoming infatuated with a beautiful Filipino would be too easy.

  105. Man I’ve been to the Philippines 3 times and the last time for 3 month in October of 2018. The first time I arrived there in 2017 the forst bar I went to was LA Cafe. It was at 1am in the morning and the first girls I meet asked if i wanted a 3 sum thats when I knew I was in a crazy country.

  106. Hi Paul, thanks for keeping fresh what we all to know but allow ourselves to fall prey to by thinking this one is different! I’ve had two trips already cancel to Cebu do to the pandemic, Dumaguete was on my list. I now am leaving for Thailand Nov. 11th and plan to visit many of the other beautiful countries there once things ease up. I may end up near you and would love to get acquainted, you seem like a guy’s guy! Thanks for sharing, I’ll be keeping my antennas up.

  107. You’d be blown away at how much my ex has sent out to a young Filipina. She will do everything possible to keep him hooked to her. She to lazy to do anything on her own. She even admitted it. She can’t even plan her own day without him instructing her what to do. All he originally wanted to do was help her to have a better life and become independent. So far she only gained a chubby belly. He deserves so much better. And more mature.

  108. Thanks Paul . . . what a lovely video. I visited the Philippines many times – been there, done that. Yeah, even married a Pinoy lady, yet not working out so good now. I’d like to get in touch sometime. All the best for now . . .

  109. Hey Paul, another good video, always enjoy them. I like learning the differences of there to here. I’m planning a future trip to Phil to check it out.Ive been talking to a Filipina since before the pandemic, but how do you really know or get to know them unless you meet them in person? Seems I’m in a similar part of life as you were, Thanks for providing all the info for us, hope to meet ya and Baby Mae some day.

  110. Those experiences you mention are really everywhere, also in Cambodia 🇰🇭 many guys are taken for a ride by their girls but let’s tell the reality because it is as it is with many guys because their brain drops from the big head into the small head and that’s what puts them into trouble. I myself have been living in the Philippines 🇵🇭 back in the 80’s and had quite some experiences there on my own! With the best regards from Cambodia 🇰🇭

  111. Enjoyed the video. Someone choking the chicken in the background which is somewhat ironic given the subject matter 🙄😄

    As for your primary driver coming to the Philippines wasn’t the poonany – that reminds of the line from Shawshank redemption where Red says “everyone is innocent in here… haven’t you heard” 🤣🤣

    Anyway, I’m sure you chose the Phills because you couldn’t get enough of chicken adobo and the superior infrastructure 🙄

  112. Knowing the Philippines for 40 yr now, my impression is that the Filipina’s have changed over time. Maybe it’s the introduction of internet and social media. By now, I think it’s hard to find a good lady worth having a relationship with.

  113. Hi Paul, my name is Jim and I’d like to talk to you about what exactly made you pull the trigger about leaving the US. More like how you did it. I have been there many times myself. How did you dump everything? How do you declare expatriate status? Don’t you have to tell the govt so you won’t lose any pension? I do have a few other questions if you have a little time. I’d just love to pick your brain a moment. Hope to hear back. Thanks for your time Jim E

  114. I’ve lived in Cebu for 4 years, boy have i got some stories for you. Im in Mex now but coming back december. My wife never asked me for anything and started her own salon , I helped a little but she never asked. I found a one in a million girl , met her by comeplete chance , sitting at a 7/11 smoking a cigar. I wouldnt recommend this for the meek but the first words out of my mouth were” Will you marry me” If you saw her you’d know. We’ve been married 6 yrs , now she has 2 salons 3 franchisees , we are very happy and a bright future ahead.

  115. Thx for the advice , Paul. I remember being in Subic Bay when I was in the Navy. Things moved pretty damn fast! I keep telling myself to take my time when I get there this time.

  116. *LOLZ. Guys who have problems with Filipinas, whether online or there in Pinas were losers in the USA* who never could score much snatch. Likely if they had a wife in the USA, they had a brick-faced one. 🤣

    A real man can handle women on any continent and from any race.

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