Relationships in the Philippines What Happens When she is Mad at you in the Philippines?

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Relationships in the Philippines What Happens When she is Mad at you in the [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks what happens when a Filipina is mad or angry at you in the Philippines, Goodbye Karen, Hello Tampo


  1. I just watched the road rights from your old video. It s like the the ground rent in Baltimore. If you do not know about it… you are in deep shit!

  2. If I compare you and this video compared to your first video. you look like a completely different person , you not only look healthier and younger most definitely happier

  3. Good communication/with love, care, and understanding trumps silence (Tampo) Good video for the Gents…the others may not care and thus…make it worse.

  4. In Baltimore, there a bar/restaurant called Cafe HON, for honey/hon/hun it s just a nice way to call female, but today you have to slam the door in the face of chick not to be sued for sex assault. It s sad. I m American, Born and raised in Europe. We call it “galanterie” there. But it diasapear there too. Now, if you not rude, in Baltimore, Europe or Miami, you become a sex offender.

  5. His woman is with him because he is taking advantage of her poverty. Being poor and uneducated forces young women to become partners with Dirty Old Grimebags just like him and his sleazy friends. Jerk. Age Gap relationships are tolerated in the Philippines due to ECONOMIC reasons. Being around young poverty stricken women makes these losers feel like Hollywood Studs.

  6. I find raising my voice is the carnal sin here. Ne doesn’t exactly get. Tempo, she shuts if I get mad. You right it may not be at her even. I tend to do it when I am frustrated. I find older Filipinas are less likely to do Tempo than real young ones. That is probably why Mae doesn’t get it bad. I not calling her old Ne is 46 just older.

  7. Paul, I had a similar “Jill” situation at work. I was talking to this client and I said yes Maam in response to her question. She proceeded to dress me down for calling her that “word” . I tried to explain to her that it was hard wired into me as a gesture of respect and that I always say “yes Maam and yes Sir” it was nothing personal. I was gobsmacked! When did it become disrespectful to be polite? It absolutely drives me up the wall. I’m with you on the Tampo, I’ll take that over and ass chewing any day. lol

  8. I can totally relate to you…you have to just be a little careful not to lose your cool…look forward to seeing you in person when we retire there.

  9. Mine was Maria and I called her Santa Claus because every time she got angry with me before we got too the “ issues “ she started reaching into her Santa Claus bag and started pulling out everything from the past before we could get to the issue at hand. Needless too say it was endless.which drove me up the wall!!!

  10. Ol Jill that’s freaking hilarious 😂 but that’s freaking awesome about tampo if you think about it if everyone did that the Bible does say be angry but sin not and saying something in anger would be just that

  11. Hey Paul, I think we’ve all had to deal with the Karen Jills in the western world. I learned a long time ago just to say yes you’re right and walk away. So that being said Tampo can be a good or not. My friend has been married to a Filipina for 30+ years calls it his quiet time. 🤣. So like you it took me a long time but for the last 20+ years my favourite saying now is. Yes honey it’s your world I just live in it. That will get you brownie points.👍

  12. Great topic and how you and baby Mae with your own problems as a couple are able to come back together at some point to discuss and solve the problem and make things right between the two of you

  13. Question: “How do you write women so well?” Answer: “I think of a man and I take away all reason and responsibility…” Jack Nicholson’s response (as the character “Melvin”) to a woman receptionist in “As Good as it Gets.”

  14. The opening monologue was spot on, Paul. I could not have articulated those sentiments better. Thanks! Additionally, I will not introduce an American friend to a Filipina unless he has suffered through a marriage or two with an American woman. (not all American women are bad) The reason is that they don’t have a full appreciation of a traditional Pinay unless they have the experience(s) you’ve discussed and experienced. Same here.

  15. My wife is Guatemalian but the neighbor woman(American) tried bullying me after cutting down one of my trees with community slander and totally harassing me until I put up a 7 foot fence and called the cops on her before she was able to start the sexual harassment accusations.

  16. When they shake fingers and threaten, I’ve discovered that if you IMMEDIATELY go to HR, and report them for workplace violence, by the time she gets to explain her craziness, it’s already to late. Lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  17. I’m truly blessed, 5 years and my Beautiful Wife has NEVER shown that she was mad or upset. EVER. Might be because I made it CLEAR up front, that there I DON’T DO TAMPO OR DRAMA. PERIOD. EVER. If she has ever had a problem that would normally cause the typical tampo reactions, she has never shown it in any outward expressions, but I really don’t think I had needed to make my position on this clear, because I think God blessed me with a perfect Filapina Angel.

  18. I have to add my observation about relationships when women get tampo or angry about ‘something and we don’t know what or why. My experience is this: As a relationship starts or is in full bloom, the woman has certain thoughts or fantasies about the relationship or even how to decorate. As she rolls those thoughts around in her head, she thinks the man has the same thoughts, but he does not. He’s not even on the same page, he’s thinking of man stuff. So one day she’ll verbalize her thought and thinks the man’s response will be a positive one (because she has been pondering it for a while). When the man says something like “what, no, that is not a good idea” or something to that effect the woman gets angry and the man does not know why.

  19. Hello Paul. It would of been great after you had already quit your job and return to Jill to tell her, “Oh by the way HON, I’ll be moving away to another country!” “Wish you much success!” That would of gotten her blood boiling!

  20. Paul, you are such a good story-teller, and you always make me laugh, even when I am down in the dumps!
    I would say that you did not disrespect that woman in your office with the fax. Considering your status in life, your age compared to hers, and the fact that she must have known that your retirement was on the horizon, *she* was the one disrespecting you, especially for such a minor infraction, if that’s what we have to call it.
    I can’t think that you were anything if not totally respectful to all your colleagues at work. People reach a stage in their lives when a little respect is due. My age is similar to yours – I don’t necessarily look for respect, but it’s so darned nice when it happens!

  21. Good day Sir.
    I’ve been watching a good bit of your videos and I feel obligated to tell yah how much I appreciate and enjoy what your laying out here.
    So along with that I’m motivated to move out there into a similar situation like what you’ve got going on. I’m very interested in living in the country side / providence area of either Negros or Bohol Island and hanging out with the locals and getting down to doing some farming and appreciate the old world ways .
    Anyways maybe one day we’ll cross paths or at the very least I’ll try to get on your live feeds. I’m a U.S. military vet and just started to understand some of the in and outs to the culture over there and am motivated to learn more about the dealio…
    Thanks, Steve

  22. Hi Paul, good video on passing on your experience that should serve as good advice for those guys who are there and are in relationships with Philippinas.

  23. When american women argue with you even when you prove your point shows why the US has such a high divorce rate. That’s why I never married in the US and just had short term relationships.

  24. you are spot on with the karen analysis. I just never start any kind of an argument ever with my GF. She’s been married twice before and I once. I learned a long time ago, just tell them they are right and let it go. as for the “Hon” remark I don’t even talk to women at work unless they want to discuss business related issues. I just say hello and nothing after that cuz they can turn anything into an HR issue and it;s my word agains theirs and you know who wins that battle.

  25. So true Paul….Common sense is NOT common with many western women. They will gaslight you making you think your crazy when they see their loosing the argument.

  26. Ohhh Paul…. I thought I was the only one that enjoys a little Tampo from time to time! Hahaha
    My very sweet, loving caring little Aklanian filipina wife has a little Tampo meltdown from time to time. I fell into the trap of trying to get her to talk about it too…. hahaha
    So I like you, just walk into the other room and enjoy the piece and quiet for the next 24hrs or so…
    I think all filipina mothers must hold a conference with their daughters teaching the art of a good Tampo!
    Good video!

  27. the mention of Tampo makes me smile, my fiance and i have discussed it and i appreciate that mentality , it is far better than the toxic reactions i have experienced with my western relationships, the toxic approach creates a trigger in me and makes me the same way, so i love this about filipinas. I have also been advised that when she says leave me alone or she doesnt want to talk, you are supposed to do the opposite of what she says.

  28. Hi Old Dog, the USA is TEAMING (pun intended) with Jills. My former boss at the university, a Me Too activist, once asked for a WRITTEN apology for some harmless, trivial thing I said to her; so I wrote to her “I’m sorry you feel that way”. The next thing I know I got a call from my department chair and HR! Then soon thereafter they’re telling me to to retire one year early (with pay:) so I grabbed it. I’m OMW to PH as soon as I can man but the PRA (Philippines Retirement Authority) paperwork is ridiculously cumbersome. Please call the San Miguel Brewery and ask them to increase productivity and stock up on the lemon beer in Dumaguete! Cheers!

  29. My ex filipina (who was westernized) would give me the typical western verbal beat down and then followed up with her tampo for a few days. She was double trouble! I’ll take straight tampo any day.

  30. I would choose Tampo over being browbeaten. However I have tired of any human dynamic based on I did this wrong, I did that wrong. When it comes to women the juice just ain’t worth the squeeze. I am quite content in my choice to be alone.

  31. OMG Paul – all soooo true, lol! I experienced it with my wife also and boy as an American, I was so confused, but eventually caught on. That has been one of the biggest lessons and growth opportunities I have had with my Filipina. Being a fast learner with Tampo and learning to be calm in the heat of the moment is very helpful as you know. Filipinas are very different than most Western women and I can have a pretty calm discussion after Tampo is over, almost always. Great video – stay well friend!

  32. Bill Burr explains this perfectly:

    “But here’s the thing… if they’re wrong, they go rogue. They go off-road. They start thinking of shit you’re sensitive about, maybe you don’t get along with your dad, and in their head, they just start concocting this evil statement… Totally designed. This desperate, hail-Mary attempt to make you so fucking mad you just call ’em a cunt.”

  33. I have a problem where I’m normally a nice person and I try my best to be, but if you’re a bitch or an asshole. I immediately forget who you are as far as being respectful. So I understand you’re a lot nicer to me than the person who got mad and said my name is not hon. Because in all sincerity I probably in a statement like that’s it oh I’m so sorry it was Oregon I mean you don’t really matter a lot to me matter fact you don’t matter at all but the fact that you You brought the paper to me means I should say thank you and to be polite I added some Sincere thought process. But I can pretty much assure you that I won’t remember your name again in the future I’m leaving here in a few months so you really won’t matter to me then or now but I will try my very best to not call you hon and matter fact not even notice you in any manner shape or form if you do something for me I’ll just ignore that you did it and then we have nothing more to complain about sound like a fair deal?

    But you have to remember I’m an asshole if you’re a dickhead or a bitch to me

  34. Paul, spot on description of the differences between western and Filipina women, I’ve been with my Filipina for 5 years married almost two years and the first two years it would drive me crazy when she would go silent until her sister explained it to me and I am eternally thankful to her sister for this explanation, I used to keep on her about why she isn’t talking to me and it would eventually end up in an argument and me the feckless ass that I am would loose 100% every time, now I just leave her alone and at some point in time she is fine and she will actually confide in me what was wrong and almost 100% of the time it was something I said but not the words i said but the tone in my voice that she took as an insult (which is punishable in the Philippines by death) and I’ve learned to moderate my tone of voice, she is the most wonderful, loving, caring and thoughtful woman I’ve ever known and I’m a lucky man.
    Great video as always Paul and thank you for as always sharing your experiences with us.

  35. My favorite story is from the guy who lived in Thailand and had a live in girlfriend. He said his gf wouldn’t talk to him because she had a dream that he cheated on her 🤣 it was just a dream. She wouldn’t speak to him for a week but the guy was happy to get peace and quiet for a week 🤣

  36. Hey Paul my dear friend, Great topic. Unfortunately, there will be disagreements with your significant other. We just have to learn from them, and try not to make the same mistake. Besides, the make up with your significant other, is the best part.😊 Thank you Paul my dear friend for sharing this awesome video. Please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you and Baby Mae always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  37. I once had a woman lambast me on the phone because I called her Mrs. She said, I am not married you call me Mz.!!!! I almost said to her that explains it. Who would want to marry a woman like you? However, I needed that job so I shut up and just laughed to myself. Since then over my working years I’ve had several other instances like that. Now I just walk away I won’t talk to that kind of woman whether it’s a client or coworker.

  38. Love this video, thanks for putting it out. I thought about trying to help my Filipina verbally express herself when she is running silent and running deep but after listening to your extremely valuable video, I think I will be the one making the adjustment and let her be until she comes to. Thanks again and God bless.

  39. I worked with a Filipina in the US and there were days when she would not say a word to anyone all day.When I first heard about Tampo I immediately remembered her and realized that was what she was going through.💃🌴

  40. If it gets bad enough as a man, just leave these women. There’s plenty more available, probably much nicer and more appealing. Too many men put up with too much verbal abuse from their wives or girlfriends because they’re too nice and laid back. For the women they feel they have much more to lose in the relationship if they say something and it’s bad enough for you to leave them. You mean Tampo is not just another city in Florida?

  41. Losing your temper in public in Asia is never a good thing as the people feel that you’re embarrassing them and yourself and that people are watching this.

  42. Paul the goatee makes you look younger. Good call on that. Before i got divorced, my ex-wife would love to start arguments. I used to leave and come back at 2am after the bar closed haha. Ignoring them is the best way. I think if a filipina loves you she will listen when you tell her that tampo is not productive in an adult relationship.

  43. Simple solution.
    Stay silent, no matter what happens, stay silent.
    It takes 2 to argue.
    They can’t argue to someone who won’t argue back.
    Works every time lol

  44. Filipinas are a lot better at controlling themselves than western women. Thank God for that. You’re totally right there. Much better than arguing with some overweight. loudmouth, Jill-type person. Definitely, I can relate to that.

  45. Men use logic and want to be right, women want to win. And wow, I respect how you were able to stay calm about “Jill”. I speak the same way. It could have been me.

  46. That was both amusing and informative. I really got a kick out of your take on this subject. Also I think it’s nice to have these little insights from different perspectives.

  47. I would find myself saying “I’ve already got a mother I don’t need another”..went over
    Been divorced 8 years but x and I better friends then couple..when we’re visiting our daughter the x still thinks she’s my Mom
    Soo glad I’m

  48. Right or they follow you around just jabbing the bear!
    Tampo sounds like a blessing!
    I would only ask what I did wrong for future reference when I would need some quiet time honey lol

  49. That happened to me her in Sweden 2001 i hold up The door for a younger woman beacuse she hade a bike in her hands end she went nuts on me?
    I learned as a child that you should be freindly and help full to others.

  50. in my teens i discovered the answer on how to never get into a bad divorce situation , my discovery was never to get married , breaking up is hard enough but it doesnt cost a penny

  51. Hello Paul. I told thi philopena happy birthday and maney more. It hurt here. I tried to figure out what went rong. Undoubtably maney more or maney is bad over there. I know to leave that out now. Language barrier . I know where you are coming from. Youl stay safe over there

  52. Paul, for those who listened closely, you provided invaluable advice for dealing with tampo. I would not have dealt with the silent treatment well without the wise words you passed on from your friend. I hope this helps others

  53. If a house costs like 3 000 000 P how does a Filipino with a salary of 4000 P buys one ? I guess he buys (or not) a small piece of land and build his own house ?

  54. I always found the simplest and easiest answer for how to handle a mad women with out a fight. GO FISHING…. take the dog with you and leave her. LOL LOL LOL

  55. Just curious if mae believes in paranormal and witch doctors and curses and if you ever try to tell her it’s crazy to believe that? I have that problem going on with my filipina long distance and so difficult the difference between beliefs. Medicine vs witch doctors

  56. This was a wonderful video. It is informative and insightful and honest. I share most of your experiences. You have a great sense of self. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts. Respectfully

  57. Enjoyed todays video.

    I’ve been away on vacation, just got back and I saw the facial hair on your chin. It looks good on you.

    I am hoping to visit the P.I. within the next year or so and in 2025, at age 62, retire there.

    May God Richly Bless, Always…

  58. I learned at a very young age from my father how to handle confrontation with a significant other. He would make like he was playing a fiddle and sing ” De, de, de, de”, until my mother gave up.

  59. Lovely story and reflections on “Lessons learned”.
    I would question the “long term thinking” bit, which sounds like back home thinking, but hey, everyones experience varies!-)
    Thanks for the connection and chuckles Paul.
    Can we patent your laugh…love it!

  60. I’ve gotten the same silent treatment from my Thai girlfriend (now wife). I am not aware that Thais have a word for it. Often it was due to a cultural faux pas on my part. Once it was a total mystery. Her silent time lasts 3-4 hours. She needs to be alone so one of us goes out for a walk. It hasn’t happened since we got married so I seemed to have learned how to navigate the culture landscape and she has learned to expect and tolerate some aspects of my farang ways.

  61. Even after 10 years of marriage I still have it now and then one of the ways is to get a Philippine friend to come over and just chat like normal and will go away 🙂

  62. Good topic ! I had an experience ..not long ago .. where a rental car agent ..leased me and my family..a car with a bad battery …that went dead and left us stranded up in the mountains . .and when we texted the agent we had a dead battery , they did not respond ..
    We got someone to jump the battery , and got home safely. .
    But when the agent , a filipina woman came to pick up the car
    On the scheduled return …I let her know was not right to leave us stranded …and also to lease us a car with a old defective battery …and I didnt
    Yell , but I did express my dissatisfaction with the lack of care or service. ..and we ended
    The conversation peacefully ..
    15 min .. later ..a police force showed up with a swat team !!,OMG! .heart attack time ..
    Due to a phone complaint ,she made against me…and when I was taken to the station. . I kept asking ..what did I do ?
    They said ..she felt you violated women’s rights …when you complained about your family being stranded .. and it’s against the law the
    Philippines to have any dispute
    With a woman …wow! Shocking a old man like me , a senior citizen ….required a swat team , and police force ..lucky for me ..we had witnesses .. all around us …including my condo
    Security guards …to report no
    Untoward behavior was observed of me ,by them…lesson for me …never , ever get into a verbal dispute with a filipina
    Outside your home , or in public could get arrested … …even if you are in the right …..How I wish tampo ..would have been in play for me ….

  63. Same horse – different jockey ……………………

    I am a hell of a lot older than you and when I was a lot younger, my most common appellation was to address younger women as “sweetheart” – and actually held doors open for them as they kind of hurried inside {MUCH ………….. younger females actually!} and of course most smiled – but of course even back in the 50’s we had “them” also………….. so here are two of my fight backs………….
    1/ I was walking through one {of two} of the largest department stores in my city and because I had a mouthful of food touched some idiot woman on the shoulder who was blocking my way – and she turned on my like a rabid dog and started to somewhat berate me for touching her on the shoulder instead of asking her to move aside. As the food I had in my mouth was of a “foamy” texture {some kind of sweetmeat type} AND – being a quick thinker – I decided to reply in the same was a “dumb person – with a kind of disability” I replied with that kind of accent/disability – think of a really angry person with a mental impediment – AND in a really bad mood – that was me!
    She was instantly contrite – started to mumble some some form of apology – all the while I glowered at her while she stumbled backwards into a gathering crowd – until I stopped her with the following, in clear English with the Queens English – complete with THE accent – of course I smiled as I walked away from her and left her like a landed Grouper on the beach!

    The second was with a pubic {correct spelling for her} servant {or whatever you call them in the states}- but first imaging a clone of Brad Pitt – or even Prince Charming – or the Hunchback of Notre Dame – I am closer to the Hunchback – but without the hunch back – but not that ugly really…….. I am just a normal {maybe} kind of friendly person and like to engage in a friendly banter – much like Paul – except I do not take any shit talk from puffed up pounces who seem to take any opportunity to belittle me – so onto example 2.

    This one was so full of herself and primed with her own self worth and importance – and perhaps the way she flounced as she walked to serve me, I should have been forewarned – but hey – even I am allowed to make an error of judgement on the odd occasion – yes? Anyway as I began what I assumed to be a”friendly” approach by saying”Good morning sweetheart – can you…………..” she cut me off with an icy reply – – – “Do you think I am y o u r girlfriend”?

    Again my sarcasm came to the fore – I stepped back blinked several times and said “My sincere Apologies M A D A M” {in a formal tone used to address keepers of houses of ill repute i.e. – brothels} ALL of my girlfriends really are a lot slimmer – AND attractive of course – so obviously you are just NOT in that category……

    Ahhhhhh – the times of my youth – when I had a sharp wit and an even keener tongue – now I am older – but not all that much educated in how you millennials in America really think anyone is going to survive – especially when you get someone with dementia in charge – but not to worry for too long – one is already there and the one who will run the place when he is taken out by the praetorian guard will change everything in a fit of giggles…………. thank the gods I declined both offers of a”green card” – way back where!

  64. So all this is just bullshit relationships without real love , just manipulation of each other , still the same as 8n the West , whatever way is used to confuse your brain , to get what they want , which in the end , is not you , but their Phillipino lovers.. xxoo love and peace to everyone

  65. Paul, what a great video. I have never seen a positive explanation of tampo like this. Such a great respectful explanation and positive insight into the culture. Also great example of how is as Americans blow off steam, and how it embarrassed baby Mae, I learned so much in a short video.

    Keep sharing , loved it. 👍

  66. Excellent video … for those who get frustrated with Karens in western cultures .. USE PHILOSOPHY .. especially the Socratic method .. it works perfectly .. she will then apologize to you .. sometimes eventually .. never let her think you have caved in / given up … backed down .. that will add fuel to the fire .. remain calm .. pay attention .. to every word .. do not react .. respond .. never let her go off tangent .. off topic .. one approach that could work for both is?? .. record the entire “debate” / argument .. review it .. together .. in silence

  67. Right on with the Tampo story. One thing I noticed was the karaoke in the background. Yours is louder then my neighbors. You can’t get away from it, no matter where your live here. A Filipino once told me that karaoke was a national sport here. I believe him !!!

  68. Tampo (pronounced Tompo) = Man Cave Time… We learned to talk about it afterwards and agree, don’t repeat the trigger. But I learned to do the same thing. 🙂

  69. I think this is what I am going through with my fiance. We are in a LDR and I said something she did not like. She said something in Tagalog and hung up. I haven’t talked to her in 2 weeks. Hopefully we will talk soon…

  70. So funny and true, Karenism is rampant in the US , been through a few of them, married to a bipolar Karen once, OMG what a living hell , would take a little Tampo gladly over any Karen. Finally I looked out of US and found simple country girl with like values to what US women in the 50’s had , much better life now. 🙂 👍😎

  71. I will take Tampoo over the toxic crap I experienced back in the states any day.
    One of the first things you learn with a Filipina is to keep things at home and do not embarrass them in public. And most will actually sit down and discuss things with you if you approach them the right way. Always remember we are from a different cultures and find ways to bridge those gaps.

  72. Speaking as an American woman.. To me it all comes down to Respect… Even if feeling angry for what my partner may have said or done where it leads to a Discussion.. Not a battle.. Words are always held with respect to Him… Maybe I’m a dying breed of an American woman 🙂

  73. Omg I remember your story about Jill. It’s a good thing she’s not in Cape Breton Paul. Hon, love, sweetheart, dear is used by so many workers with the general public… so I take it you’re not missing that Karen aura! 🤭 great video Paul!

  74. You are absolutely right about western women. That is why I am single now and planning to move to the Philippines. On your story about Jill. It got me thinking how many times I been somewhere no matter whether it be doing deliveries, going shopping or whatever that the female would say thanks hon or honey. It seems kind of one sided sometimes. It is ok for them to say that but not you. Makes me wonder if I should be going to their boss and complaining of sexual harassment hahah. Personally I don’t really care if they call me hon or honey and I don’t see why some get bent out of shape if someone calls them that or some other term of endearment especially if it is someone you work with or have known for a long time.

  75. I Love TAMPO !! Its a custom every culture should observe – in my opinion. I predict that in 5 – 10 years women in the US will not be able to find a man to marry – cause the men will be to afraid or proud to subject themselves to Karens or Jill’s. Just another reason to Love my Filipina and enjoy their culture !!

  76. Most western women feel they are entitled to pick fights with men they are in a relationships with today. Whether their attacks or accusations are justified is irrelevant. Narcissism is the norm amongst western women today. It all about ego and entitlement. I used to think that setting healthy boundaries in a relationship was enough, it isn’t. I blame this sad trend on society. Decent human values are long gone, it’s all about selfishness, materialism and money these days.

  77. I opened a door for a woman and she said “ I can get the door myself” I told her “I’m not opening the door for YOU because your a lady, I’m opening the door because I’M a gentleman” then I shut the door in her face and walked away.

  78. Good Vid Hun. These are clinical gems, small 10min topics like these are great and would like to see more. Suspect Jill was one of the down votes but note sure. Still have to raise my volume when you use your phone. Does your original sound the same as the TY version?

  79. The Western female brain is wired for self-interest and survival, not self-reflection and accountability. As soon as a man realizes this, he can adjust accordingly, i.e., refuse to ever marry (if he stays in the West) or move to the Philippines or Thailand.

  80. Hah! Regarding your workplace “Jill,” “thanks hun” fiasco, I was shaking my head and smiling in acknowledgement. You know, I know and everyone else knows, if you had Brad Pitt or George Clooney good looks, calling “Jill” “Hun” would’ve given her the tingles. But I digress. In my job (now retired), I worked with many women in an office setting. There were “sexual/workplace harassment trainings” every year like clockwork. Needless to say, the few male employees of our office followed those harassment guidelines TO-A-T. Nevertheless, in spite of the aforementioned trainings over my 19 year career in that office, I had female Coworkers (including my female boss) call me “sweetie,” “honey,” “cutie,” touch me on the arm, rub my back, shoulders, thighs. Of special note were the loud enough for the entire office to hear sexual jokes and connotations blurted out by women during their regular “hen house” rap sessions. Of course, no one complained. Let’s cut to the chase here and get real. Harassment “trainings” aren’t for everyone at the workplace. These over-the-top guidelines are the by-product of a Western society driven by a comically obvious “men BAD, women GOOD” zeitgeist, designed to turn Western men into supplicating chumps that no woman wants in bed and no man respects…including himself. Needless to say, retirement has been a blissful retreat from that painfully hypocritical sh*t-show.

  81. Thanks Paul. I ‘m still here in LA. A lot of Jills in my neighborhood here in Hollywood… I mean A LOT!!! LOL Anyway, looks like I’ll be able to get there soon and maybe without any quarantine. I don’t want to quarantine because I’m bringing my dog. Just wanted to chime in again to let you how much I appreciate yet another, well-needed, Old Dog New Tricks Production. Thanks again, brother!

  82. I hate not knowing what I did….but while she runs deep and silent
    Starbucks always comes in handy for maybe get her something sweet for after she calms down

    When I lived in subic….during tampo I’d venture down to angeles for the night…once she realized this…her tampo shrunk considerably…lol

  83. The Philippines is a mix of matriarchal and patriarchal relationships. I think it varies by region. The matriarchal ones are often a result of single mothers, their daughters have no relationship model to emulate, so they end up learning that the woman is in charge. Even in healthy Filipino marriages the husband submits to the wife, she controls the money and manages the household- the man just works and funds it. I think this is why older guys have decent relationships with Filipinas. Older guys have basically mastered not getting into conflicts with people, and they don’t want to argue with anyone anymore. Old guys just want to be laid back and chill. Foreigners will let the wife or girlfriend handle things, plus she knows better how to navigate her own country and culture. Hidden behind tampo is the emotion of anger- which is a very toxic emotion. I personally think it is unhealthy to bury that emotion deep inside. I get the whole saving face and not making a public scene. However, in the confines of the home with your girl it can be very uncomfortable. Be aware that emotions are really the only tool a woman has to try to control a man. So a Filipina who basically at her core believes that a relationship should be matriarchal will battle a western man that believes relationships should be patriarchal. Money ultimately determines who has the real power in the relationship. Most Filipinas have little to no money. Just know that when you enter a relationship with a Filipina, she believes your money is now ours and she will do many things to test out her control of it. As a westerner, you need to set your boundaries early and let her understand the concept of a patriarchal relationship. This idea is foreign to her. Not all relationships are like this with Filipinas, some are very happy to be submissive to a man. I would recommend meeting her family to observe who runs the family, is the mom or dad running the show. This will help you determine which type of Filipina you are involved with.

  84. I’ve married 2 Filipinos not worth it marriage is so outdated, stay single and party once they got you things change family problems to much dramas and bullshit you end up miserable, you have to look after your mental health stay single happy times you want dramas in your life get a woman good luck !

  85. welcome to the filipino culture Paul, Vegas hmm. Were from Vegas, we have property throughout Palawan and the province in Manila, thinking of retiring at both places(vegas and Manila). thanks for the vlogs on affordable properties, looking to rent for 1-2 months at a times when we retire.

  86. My Filipina has no problem telling me how she feels when she’s mad , then again we been together 17 years . 😂 We been in the states the whole time, Hon . Great vid Hon I mean Paul . 😂🤣😂 I do remember that video …

  87. As Bill Burr says, when you’re winning the argument stay on point, dodge and weave their bullshit comments
    , take a knee and run out the clock. You’ve won

  88. I know exactly what you’re saying, you can’t win for winning. My first Filipino wife was wonderful and I loved her deeply, except for that forked tongue., Some things said cannot be reversed and should never be spoken oh, but she did not have a limit there. Intense fiery Romance but that verbal fire and deceit or the end of that relationship her car got left at the airport with all her belongings in it after a certain number of years.. still a little sad that one didn’t work out, but Dynamics have to be right no matter what culture you dealing with and honesty is Paramount.
    Great topic enjoy listening thanks Paul

  89. I’m also an old fart but if I have your girl and she’s pissed, I’ll take her shopping. You are a lucky man having a young beautiful girl and living the life. I don’t mind paying and even giving some to her family as the return is more than what money can buy (love and care).

  90. A great explanation on tampo. If it happened to me I could happily cope with the silence but would need a explanation in due course. Saying nothing and moving on is not acceptable in my book.

  91. Great video as always Paul… One thing we macho men should keep in mind while going out to fetch some Doritos, we could win a boat load of brownie points if we bring a little sweetness home for her ;o) Cheers !

  92. I’ll take tampo any day compared to big mouth ….lets butt heads…. I’m overly Pha-Can Entitled, KarenAss western women folk !! And that’s why I live happily ever after in Thailand (similar but a little different to Philippines due mainly to ……Catholic v Buddhism) Like your channel Thanks Old Dog

  93. Jill , hun or Karen whatever you want to call her did you the biggest favor . She made you ran half way around the world to get away from “Jill” and found happiness with Mae . Sometimes we all need a kick in the ass and Jill 🦵 hard apparently lmao 😂

  94. Excellent Paul !! I had a Hot Head when first travele here in 2016….still in 2018 when I Retired here on Luzon. Tampo happened w my ex’s & now my current gf shouts at me = lt’s Better that way, then resolved rapidly.

  95. I just remind her that she’s easily replaceable…that there are alot of other younger and hotter women who wish they were in her shoes and BOOM – behaved brat.

  96. This is so right on the money! In my early days in the Islands I made these same errors. They can be the end of a relationship in the Philippines. We are used to expressing ourselves openly. That is not the case in Asia.

  97. Hey Paul: we all are not Jill’s and Karen’s and please know that I know many of who you talk about. I like when a man or a woman call me Hon, Sweetie, Sweet Heart, Love………Unfortunately I am unable to return that favor unless they are my significant other. Maybe I am just too shy to talk that way with strangers, but do accept from them. Good video Paul.

  98. Classic video today, didn’t know this and so well explained, lmao at this situation. Can’t wait till I can visit again armed with so much information. Culture differences is what I’m searching good and bad. Your a lucking man and a great communicator. Best wishes from Melbourne

  99. Thanks so much for these insights into the mentality of Philippine women! I way before was married to a lady from Latin America and I believe you cannot run into more short tempered women on the planet. But also my German kin’s women really know how to rub your bad self into your face. I am old school, too and being open I may take a shot or two to get acquainted with a Philippine lady. I know some fellow German man in my age group at around 60 who are happily married to a Philippina. Stay blessed and keep it up!

  100. Along the lines of you video today have you notices the western feminism starting to show its ugly head there in the Philippines? I belong to a couple groups on Facebook and have been noticing more and more of it showing up in the post there. I’ve been looking into the Philippines for going on five years now and I can see the differences showing up already. Said day. I’m hoping someone will educate Filipinos looking for foreign boyfriends that is not what we are looking for there, we’re trying to get away from it!!!

  101. Any womens wrath comes from the bowels of hell.They choir gals the lovely pinay,wait till you upset a Vietnamese girlfriend,I swear on my grandmother’s grave, I would go up against a battalion of V.C.(in nomans land)before I go up against a one female Vietnamese antagonist.

  102. The one difference between a battalion of Vietnamese fighters and a Vietnamese girlfriend is with a firefight with soldiers,there is a chance they will withdraw.

  103. Talk about on point. Paul you have a way of breaking things down and paraphrasing that just puts it all together. Plus have me rolling aroung laughing. When women know they are wrong will then confuse the issue with “well what aqbout that ******* 5 years ago and the ******* that you said 3 years ago ad nausiem.. Totally off subject. Nothing to do with the issue at hand just becomes an abuse fest and somehow it is all your fault.
    Thai women are exactly the same as Phills culture where they will not argue but go quiet. Thats when I’m off to buy some flowers and a small gift because I know my years of dealing / Coping with the Western Karens “Has Damaged Me”
    With Asian ladies it is all about face and there is a lot about the bhuddist teachings in there too. “With Thai Ladies” With Phills ladies being mostly chriistian it is an Asian cultural thing, God bless em, God blees em one and all. Us guys from the west have a lot to learn and a lot to forget.
    Thanks for the brilliant insight into the cultural aspects. Love your work.
    Once you go Asian you can never go Caucasian. 🙏

  104. Yes! Tampo!
    If I get no response to my first inquiry and I realize it’s tampo …. I LOVE it!
    Happened to me the first time (I was forewarned by expat tubers) and I went to lunch. Had a long scooter ride. Sent a message and got no response…so I went to Robinsons mall and shopped for a shirt. Picked up some flowers on the way back. Came home to silence.
    Put the flowers in water and read a book.
    Soooo peaceful….
    Later that night she said…

    ” Oh are these flowers for me?”.

    “Yes indeed! Want to go to that German restaurant for dinner ?”

    “Okay lang.”


  105. When I was still working , mindful of HR and being a wise ass, I would see a co worker had a new blouse or dress and I would say….

    “Hey! That looks like a new top/dress and it is exceptionally workplace appropriate!”
    “Good taste for workplace attire I have that same dress!”

  106. Jill was probably frustrated and took it out on Paul that day because she was angry and could not figure out where all the good men had gone!
    Away from you Jill !!!! Hahahaha!!!

  107. When I first came to the Philippines,to meet my now wife. We were in a hotel room,and due to financial issues we were having a less then happy time.
    My gf got tampo,stopped talking,avoided me etc.
    I asked what was wrong she wouldn’t answer. After about 5-10 minutes, I figured it was tampo. So,I figured I would go for a walk,to give her some space.
    So as soon as I bent over to tie my shoes, all of a sudden she was like “where you go?” I said “I’m going for a walk.” She was like “No,you stay here with me.” “It not safe for you alone.”
    Then she was back to her lovable self.
    It happened once more just before I left, and I did the same thing and had the same outcome.
    Now I tease her when she gets tampo,I tell her I’m going for a walk. And have a good laugh over it.

  108. I guarantee Jill will be a cat woman and bitching to her feminist friends “where the good men at”
    i came across a few jills in my life and all i can say is you handled it a lot more civil than i did lol.

  109. Mam, nothing worse than being provoked repeatedly as you described when trying to resolve something in a relationship and then when you finally do react, being blamed and becoming the issue.

  110. The “AMERICAN FEMALE ” is not worth the time or energy. Sadly, the feminists are taking care of the WORLD losing ANY INTEREST IN THEIR AMERICAN LIVES AND ATTITUDE. 🙂

  111. Yes sir! You are spot on. Another thing I have learned related to the tampo situation is to avoid sarcasm. They take everything literally. Being a wise ass will put you in the dog house in a heart beat.(•‿•)

  112. I do what really get women mad and annoyed, I don’t argue. I learned long time ago that nobody wins an argument, so why to get involved? I think I’d love the Philippines too!

  113. Thanks for this report.

    What an excellent frame to put around this picture. She’s not being distant, she is taking the space she needs because she values our relationship and wants to do as little harm to it as possible. I can gratefully have space for this.

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