Retired and Living in the Philippines, And Then Your Dead, Old Dog New Tricks

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Retired and Living in the Philippines, And Then Your [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New TricksI discuss the idea of dying and how it impacts our daily lives and thoughts


  1. I’m guessing you are not a combat veteran. If you were you would know that you have no say when it’s your time. Let me ‘splain something to you: when your dead,you’re dead. Part of living is dying and it is what it is.Trust me: when I’m drawing my last gasp I will NOT be concerned about living, what will happen when I’m gone, what is done with my remains, nothing.Regrets: I have NONE. i lived a full life full of all: joy,love,betrayel,pain,suffering: all of it.I never look back and say what if. I look forward and think of the PLAN to do what I want.
    Afterlife I know is there. Living is just waiting to get there. No need to rush things but absolutely no fear of what is next.

  2. BTW, it’s not a hundred years. 99.9999999% of the dead are forgotten in no more than 2 generations. 45 years tops IF you had children.

  3. Always be on good terms with your “ Maker “ Paul ….that’s what I believe ! The line about “ in a hundred years “ is one I’ve used as well ‼️ha ha
    Another line I use is “ we come come into this life bare assed and we will leave it bare assed ! “ so have fun in the meantime !

  4. Paul we can all waste time kicking ourselves over past screw ups or choose to move forward and try again. I’ve lost jobs, wished I buried my self doubt and asked a special girl out, should have invested instead of gone drinking, etc etc. I am 64 and looking to start over with a lovely lady once the Philippines reopens so we can be together. Time heals all screwups. Stay healthy and take care of baby Mae.

  5. Paul love the honesty and realism. I am also a believer in God. My thing is just raising kids & ensuring my Asawa is taken care of, not a big believer in money solves all. But you need it in our society. Not fearful of dying at all. Not worried what people think of me, I just try to help others, show mercy and try not to hate. My view…again, thanks for the show and your words.

  6. I knew a Guy many years ago ….insurance agent who knew everybody and did well at it . He and his mrs lived conservatively and never flashed his success ! I once asked him about all these self centred people and the “ big money hustle in life “ and his response was ,…

    If you can’t put it on the table for me and my family to eat, I’m just not interested ‼️😂

  7. You are in the right country Brother but with your personality….almost any country would be the right one./// Wish we ALL had neighbors like you. and Baby Mae.
    I may share something I learned about death last night even if I did actually wake up this morning…lol Have nice day! I am only” grasshopper “but you folks might find “Sadhguru on Youtube” interesting….watched about death and the 5 areas of the body that may or’ may not stop living at the same time. I won’t attempt to explain. Shadhguru puts forth Knowledge, Wisdom, Philosophy……perhaps partly cultural custom…anyway interesting video about death and dying. If a loved one hugs you and you can feel it after you die…watch the video if curious.

  8. As an athiest, I don’t have the faith you do (neither is bad, just different). My thing is, when life throws the crap into the fan, is remembering it is all temporary. My divorce and other mistakes I made broke me financially and I had found out I couldn’t get a passport. Since my Navy days (1980 – 1992) my dream had been to retire in the Phillipines. It was squashed. Fast forward to a couple years ago, a deal was made and everything was wiped out. I got my passport in the mail in March! Within 3 years (I am 59) I will be retired in the Phillipines! Even that worry was temporary. At one point in my life, years ago now, I had contemplated suicide (not seriously, but it was a thought). Then I thought what if I do this and things were going to get better tomorrow? Well I found out they always do. Then they get worse, then they get better. Live your life. You only have one shot at this, so enjoy it.

  9. What your doin is exactly in line with my goals as well. I’m 58 and don’t really want to wait until 62. Don’t really have to but can’t go no where yet.

  10. Wonderful video, as much as we claim to be comfortable about death it never hurts to remind ourselves. We place so much energy on what will happen and very little on living in the moment. We don’t find death, death finds us, for me success is finding life before death finds me!

  11. Hi Paul, the 100 year line reminds me of a quote by Jack Nicholson in the movie titled About Schmidt (2002) “ when I die and all the people who knew me dies it will be as if I never existed.” I continue to remember and repeat that line from time to time. Live life and enjoy Paul hope to catch-up with you in the not too distant future. All the best to you and Baby Mae!

  12. Thanks Paul. I learned the lesson years ago that nobody is sitting around thinking about me and it was an eye opener . I still have to remind myself 😂 but it’s something I wish I was taught as a child.

  13. I guess it’s why early retirement is so important. A lot of guys brag about retiring early (i.e. Chung at No Time To Be Sad) but actually it’s the most sensible thing to do considering how little time we have.

  14. Yesterday’s gone tomorrow’s not here yet and today is all I have so just do my best to enjoy is and don’t worry about the rest just enjoying what is is enough

  15. I love how you keep things in perspective! Years ago I had a friend who was always consumed about what other people thought of him and one day I told him, you’re not that important! Like you said people seldom think about you, and it’s actually very liberating. It allows you to navigate things without worrying about what others think about you. Life is tough enough, we don’t need to put additional stress on ourselves. “Because in 100 years none of it is going to matter!” 😃

  16. Hey Paul my friend, I’m happy that you pulled through that ordeal. I totally believe in God. I know that there is an afterlife. I really hope to meet you and baby Mae when I get back to the Philippines. Thank you for sharing this video my dear friend, please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you and baby Mae always. And Paul, can you have baby Mae check her pay pal account? I sent her a little gift to help her restore her garden. Love you both.😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

  17. I was told the same and still use it today…100 years from now, who in the h e l l will care…and other saying…God will take care of everything when all is said and done…

  18. 100 years none of it will matter, oh yeah. I’m in the tail end of a very long career in healthcare non medical. It’s been a very cut throat, two faced, backstabbing environment, and I often think along those 100 years it won’t matter lines to get through many difficult days. Now I’m close enough to the end of my career and God willing retirement there in the Philippines so thinking about that helps to. At this point just want to enjoy whatever time I’ve got left, as there’s no promise of a tomorrow, so each day we’re given is a blessing. Thanks for sharing. Stay well!

  19. “No one knows, no one cares, it’s up to you…” I saw that quote graphited on the wall going downstairs to the toilet at the Bum Steer bar in Tucson in 1980. It’s stuck with me all these years.

  20. The only time I think of you or Baby Mae is when your videos pop up. I know they will be interesting and fun to watch. But I don’t sit and wait for your next video. You have a life as well I do. This is great that you share moments of your life with us. Thanks Paul.

  21. re: “100 years from now, it won’t matter” (Great quote! Very useful at keeping the head screwed on tight!)

    the quote I use to keep from getting discouraged when things go wrong is this: “If that’s the worst thing that happens to me today… life is good!” And usually whatever insignificant first world problem just happened DOES end up being the worst event of the day. Its always something that can be handled. And any problem that can be dealt with doesn’t stay a problem for long.

  22. Another shared view of my Life, as well ! Survived many near deaths–but, my drive to keep going to help otgers, as I gain more memories now in Philippines is Priceless !No Regrets & No tons of just stuff desired. Thanx again Paul for your Spiritual Insight !

  23. Great food for thought. I came super close to checking out 3 times November – December 2019. I honestly don’t remember too much of that time other than I could not comprehend much of what the doctors said, so my wife was my translator & advocate. We thought it was lung cancer when it first started. I told my wife that you know, I’m not going to let this get me. I’ll fight it as long as I can and when I’m done, I’m done! A large lung mass, pneumonia & sepsis occupied my 10 days in November. Then a pet-scan reviled an even bigger mass that was abscessed that led to 5 days ICU & 15 in ICU stepdown. I took to (borrowed from Game of Thrones) Not today, Not today bitches, Go F yourself & several other creative words. Funny how the doc & I were high-fiving each other the next morning after surgery, my chest tubes & all. I looked good, I felt good & he thought I’d be home in 2 or 3 days. He was off on Christmas vacation after he left the hospital. Then that night all hell broke loose & my whole body filled up with air bubbles, both lungs collapsed, woke up on a vent.

    I woke up the next morning on a vent & just remember after I woke up some more was looking out the window & flipping the finger. My wife & nurse asked me what that was for, I said I was flipping off Grimme! It was odd following my own advice, which was We have no control over when we’re going to die! I would tell myself that the best part is I won’t ever know the difference on this life on earth! It really helped me, maintaining a good sense of humor. I had the worlds greatest nurses & no matter how bad it was, I can’t get too pissed-off. I remember one nurse finally got back into my room and apologized for taking so long to get back. I loooked her dead in the eyes and said, what do you mean, Im not your only patient? Then I told her it was no biggie, another person needed her more. I had more than my time monopolizing their time. I remember when I was finally discharged that every nurse I had on that floor & ICU that came to say good bye. I’ve borrowed one of your sayings which is; At out age, today is our future. Let’s make the best of it! It works! It’s a challenge, but life is too short! Keep these talks coming… I appreciate them.

  24. I wish I could see myself living there, but the healthcare isn’t good enough. I need brain surgery every 10 or so years … That would be terrifying there. I’d definitely look at south Korea or Malaysia though.

    PS: I enjoy your videos, but you should try to get to Mike that you can put closer to you. That would help us hearing impaired guys out a lot.

  25. To me , as people get older the more they are privileged to express their thoughts to adult viewers. Whether it was intended to get reaction , I laughed then I forgot about it!

  26. I like to think I’ve learned a few things over the years. When I was in my 30’s & raising a family, I use to worry constantly, about money, people I couldn’t stand, the job I hated etc. Some of the things were legit, like when my first wife was terminally ill & I knew I was going to end up being a single dad, with 2 young girls to raise alone. Then time went on and I got older, I’m 61 now. I can’t even remember most of what I use to worry about back then. Here are a few things I’ve learned;

    1. I have today that’s it, tomorrow’s not here and yesterday is a memory
    2. Friends & relationships come & go, don’t hold on to tightly
    3. Let toxic people go & move on.
    4. Have faith (God) things will get better

    That’s it for now…thanks Paul for the wise words, much appreciated

  27. I to believe there is something better on the other side and I like to think the human species existence is based on more than an accidental formation. Its my opinion when you are dead you are completely gone from earth. So I say no wake, no funeral just cremate me and spill my ashes out as sea! Regrets I lived my life so yes there are few and as a Monday morning quarterback could I have done things differently – of course somethings! However, at the end of the day don’t worry be happy!

  28. wow didnt know glad you pulled threw cant imagine not hearing that laugh again or can ive always thought its when the last person who knew you dies were gone forgotten oh hope in next life we remember our last

  29. That one of the best videos l seen. It really resonated with me & actually help me think about things in a more simplified matter. Your right it somehow dissipates whatever seems to be troubling you at the time. Thanks Paul l will remember what you said here.

  30. Yes my friend when the merry-go-round stops change kingdom and proclaim wow what a ride!!! Thanks paul.loveya brother God bless you and your family

  31. When I started watching your video, I was thinking you were going to explain about dying in the Philippines, and how your final services and affairs would be held. — If you passed away today, have you made provisions financially, and how would your final wishes be carried out? — Do they put your dead ass on a spit, and serve you up as “Pork Paul Adobo”, or are their decent cemeteries to be laid to rest? — That’s what I thought you were going to discuss. What should an expat from the U.S. do, and expect, when they pass away in the Philippines?

  32. Good chat about something that is for sure in this world, life here is very temporary and I also believe in god and try my best at things,but so much is beyond our control,and when we make mistakes hopefully we learned something, when I finally get there I just want peace and happiness with my love there, and I definitely want to leave her and her 10 year old beautiful daughter in a better and easier life when I’m gone on, just knowing that her life will be better From having me in it is worth everything to me, thanks for the chat Paul, still hope to meet you and Mae one beautiful day there, I’m really hoping by Christmas this year, 😁, take care,,,

  33. I agree with you Paul, and we all have our negative moments. I heard an interesting synopsis framing ones thinking….paraphrasing here: ” Does positive thinking work; will voicing positive accolades and goals of oneself bring them to fruition? Well possibly, but what has been scientifically proven to be far more powerful is the opposite, which is the negative. It has 40X more chance of occurring when voiced than the positive.” I found this very profound. Well, that’s my spiel for the day. I enjoy your videos, especially like the one with Mae ‘3 questions about us’.

  34. Paul – Just curious, how old were you when you had this major episode? I just went over 57 and I know these type of things are enviable as we get older.

  35. One of the greatest freedoms that one can have…. is the ability to not care wat others are doing or thinking about your decisions that u make. 100 years ?? More like 10 years….have a shot of tequila on me Paul !!! 👍🏻

  36. A good video, Paul, and good advice! I’m not sure who said this first, but I like it: “Don’t sweat the small stuff….. and, in the end, it’s all small stuff!”

  37. I read this book after my father died called Training with Compassion by Norman Fischer (Buddist former monk)I remember in the book he said the when you turn 50. 90% of your life is over. I was like what? So I thought about it and it’s true. There’s not much time left as you thought. If your lucking get pass 70-80 that’s 30 years left and time flies by. My father and uncle died at 67 and 68. I’m 40 right now and planning a my finances and investments so I can retire early as 45/50 years old and move to the Philippines from the US because I have dual citizenship. The stress of working here in the states cost people to dropped dead. In my former workplace my manager died in the backroom room warehouse dropped dead through cardiac arrest. He was 50+.

  38. One of my favorite movie lines is from Gladiator – ” Death smiles upon us all, all we can do is smile back” Pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.

  39. Can I ask how old you were when you had your heart attack Paul? I work at a high-risk job that has a ‘heart bill’. I don’t plan on using it.

  40. The world boils down to two types of people. The doers and the watchers. Be the doer and go after the dream.
    If you think back over the years how many items you bought in the past you still own and how many are in the landfill? Items are just things that end up in the land fill. Strong relationships last a lifetime. Don’t let your relationships turn into a thing.

  41. Time is just an illusion and our awareness is so limited. Designed that way by God. Our physical life here is just s reflection of the infinite life ahead.

  42. Hey Paul, My psychologist.. years ago gave me some good advice. He said: ” If you cant fix the problem today, then just dont think about it at all.” And you know what. It works!

  43. I commend you. Stress….. such a burden. And here in the US it’s our way of life. I’ve reached that point you are at. I want to wake up with nothing to do, no one fussing at me, no deadlines. My first trip to the phils was fun. My next trip was much longer and I found myself board at first. Then I settled in and knew that’s where I want to be and live. I never felt so relaxed. Now I’m back in the states impatiently waiting for the phils to open back up. I’m stressed, going crazy when I watch the news, really trying to be a hermit until I can get out of here.
    I was a paramedic for a brief period. Too stressful. But I realize there is no time limit on our lives. I’m at peace with that too. I was concerned about health care there in the phils at first but then remembered, when it’s my time, doesn’t mater where I am or what doctors I have. I’m good with God. He probably isn’t as happy with me but I understand. Not important what you think of me although I try to leave good impressions. And even good impressions won’t mater in 100 years. LOL

  44. Woody Allen: I’m not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens. If God exists I hope he has a good excuse.

  45. I envy you. To me you’re living the life. And you seem to be happy. I’ve Been Told people who don’t take chances never go anywhere in life. A hundred years from now no one well know the damn difference anyway. LOL

  46. I am 69, and I have always come out the other side of my life’s darkest moments. Based upon this empirical evidence, I have a deep belief that I will always be ok. When the time comes that I’m not ok, I guess I’ll be dead. A family member tells me this is faith , but faith is belief without evidence…I have evidence

  47. Question: Have you purchased a Funeral Plan as well as a Plot at the local cemetary? Once you learn how to Die, then you can truly begin to live! Wish you the best . . .

  48. It’s so true. Most people only care about what you’re doing out of jealousy.
    What matters is that you’re where you want to be and contentment is seriously underrated

  49. Nice talk. Me 75, 21 years ago doctors game 3 to 5 years to live. I found better doctors along with IF and keto. I look forward to getting stronger, lifting more heavy weights and getting laid twice a month. Take what you can get and be grateful. Secret to life is living below your income and living well.

  50. If we are open, eventually, we learn that the purpose of Life is Joy. So no matter what I’m doing or where I’m going, my only goal is Joy, a place where fear cannot enter, and if it is true that we attract who we are, and I believe it is, then I like what’s coming to me

  51. Paul I respect your honesty and I needed to hear the things you have gone through and so Im thankful for this video is very helpful because I’ve experienced the same circumstances as well !

  52. It takes a lifetime for most to realize that in the end, none of the BS we have to deal with doesn’t matter in a 100 years.

  53. Great video Paul……a perfect human conversation and thanks for freely sharing your hard earned life wisdom…….thanks for sharing this moment……best be well…..God Bless…..josef’

  54. I think this is an old French saying, at least I heard it in France – “The past is a ghost that haunts us, the future is only a dream that we imagine, and the present is what we can wrestle with, and sometimes win against.”

    Hahahaha, it’s a very French outlook….. But, it’s true.

  55. Good philosophy Paul. I went through an embarrassing career damaging event in my military career. I thought I was the scum of the earth. A buddy told me wisely “this too shall pass”. I’ve never forgotten that. 20 years later I tell myself that little quote when stuff is hitting the fan. Glad your cardiac problem had a good outcome. I’m not a doctor and I’ve never played one on TV, but a cardiologist told me anyone over 40 should take one 81mg aspirin a day. It goes along way in protecting your heart. Not recommend to take aspirin or blood thinners if you have bleeding problems. I use to work in an ER and when someone came in with chest pain we gave them 3-4 baby aspirin to chew immediately. If at home and chest pain starts, chew a couple of aspirin and go to the ER immediately.

  56. To paraphrase Epictetus. “The way to happiness and freedom is the acceptance that there are things that are out of our control and things that are within our control”.

  57. Paul…I like what you do and who you are. You are a great communicator.
    Your honesty is the thing that hits dead center.
    For me as a Christian I tell myself, Let Go and Let God. It’s his battle not yours. Once I understood that life got so much better and enriched in more ways with each passing day. Works for me and I don’t ever try and slam anything down anyone’s throat.
    Many blessings on you my friend.

  58. I had a friend tell me years ago look at this cemetery. These are people that were concerned about there bills concerned about what people thought of them etc. Live each day in joy. One day at a time. Stay happy.

  59. Thinking Marco Polo fountain of youth was taken to the PI and you found it, man you look so relax, what ever you doing it put it in a bottle and sale it.

  60. Just subscribed after a couple of months of tuning in. Enjoy your take regard some of your past challenges in life, how far you’ve come and where your at today. Something I believe that has really helped along thru those challenging times to where you are today is quite simply your sense of humor. As in a couple of my favorite quotes; “Every time your able to find humor in a difficult situation, you win.” And, “Trouble knocked at the door, hearing laughter, it hurried away.” – Benjamin Franklin – Currently living in Florida ..moving to the Dumaguete area soon, God Willing? William (Bill)

  61. When somebody does something totally stupid in a drunken state but at the same time i knew that person was a good person, i would support that person with respect.
    Even if i don’t get along with that person will still respect that person.

    This world would be a better place if the nitpicking and judging stopped and have more respect for one another.

    To bad your buddy dwelled on it, unnessesary with mature good people around.

  62. Hey Paul! Darn if you didn’t hit home today. In my own experience it has never been about what people thought of me or if they forgave me. It has always been about what I thought of myself or if I could forgive myself. The day I learned that I could not go in the past and fix my mistakes was the day I learned to forgive myself. I still try to make up for the past by being a better person today. God loves you and so do I brother.

  63. Hopefully your wrong Paul. I would like to think the chicken will be passed down through future generations. He will be a valued artifact in the age of test tube meats. Long live the chicken!

  64. The line that changed my life, I heard at 16 y/o. Ninety percent of people “don’t even CARE about you and your troubles and 10 percent don’t even KNOW you’re having problems”. Well, shit? Then I started worrying about why nobody cared. 🙂 😉 😀

  65. Love your channel Paul! I wanted a motorcycle when I hit 18 years old. My father made me buy my cemetery plot, and life insurance to bury myself if I died in an accident. 40 years later, I no longer ride a motorcycle, and glad I bought my cemetery plot at 18, because the price today is ten times what I paid.

  66. Most of us can’t control the numbers on our epitaph, but the dash is where we make our mark. Make that dash count for God!
    “And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment” –Hebrews 9:27

  67. Thank you Ol Dog you are spot on and i really need to hear this today ,, i think in 100 year time frame could be reduced to 3 years , none of this will matter ….in 3 years ,,cheers mate

  68. I’m not afraid of dying, BUT I am afraid of living like my aunt. At age 71 she had a massive stroke. She survived but was paralyzed from the neck down totally bed ridden. She was conscious and didn’t lose any of her mental facilities. Trapped in her body to the end of her life several years later.

  69. The beer fear is very real, how many times do we overplay in our heads what BS we talked about while drunk. Many a morning I woke up with zero memory of the night before. Until I looked in my bed and saw her laying next to me 😅🤣😂

  70. You are dead on with that…! And I also am learning to just live and not take me or life too seriously…! My father told me one time “you are here talking to me and your okay, all the good and bad of your life, you made it thru. Everything works out” Faith….!

  71. It’s like they say Paul, “The beginnings are usually scary, and the endings are usually sad, it’s the middle that counts” LIVE YOUR LIFE!

  72. Wow Paul, thanks for sharing some personal things. I agree and understand where u r coming from. I’ve been there too. Thanks for inspiring me.

  73. Funny this is what I live by… “in a hundred years it just won’t matter”. This understanding has helped me through depression, anxiety and all kinds of emotions.

  74. We all live on a little blue marble. The Universe is a violent place and in-between is a lifeless void. I’m not religious but I think all the life we witness and the lives we live are precious. I even say sorry to each mosquito I kill. Just me. Happiness for me is teaching the awe of the Universe and leaving roots and planting seeds. I don’t give a shit if anybody remembers me…I’m dead. But, I will cherish while I’m living those who have opened their eyes a little bit because of me or those who provided for their family or community because of me. I would rather pass as good fertilizer than a steaming pile on the sidewalk.

  75. A good book for heart disease, peace: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr.

  76. Speaking of “thing’s ‘n stuff” I feel it’s an anchor ⚓ like a boat docked, can sail to open free Ocean.
    I’m 59, I’ve set a very high goal, that I probably won’t meet, but hopefully get close, and that is in one year from now, at age 60 to sell, donate, give away etc everything I own, down to one back pack and one carry on, and just sail thru life, starting with phillipeans and see where this sail life boat takes me, ya never know, in a 100 years time, they might be writing or making movie about me🤔

  77. the less stuff you have, the less their is to worry about. every night you go to bed, your head hits the pillow and you sleep like a baby.

  78. You reminded me of a saying we used a long time ago, “In a million years, we’ll all be coal.” A longer view, but the sentiment is much the same.

  79. My health scare , cancer, I have to say changed me. I must say the Philippines help. I live the half the year . The crap going on in the west is poison. Just give me my Brgy, the smiles and a few visits on the bar down in Becong. 🙂

  80. It’s not about you.
    The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness. It’s far greater than your family, your career, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God. You were born by his purpose and for his purpose.
    — Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life

    God is God and I am not
    I can only see a part of the picture He’s painting
    God is God and I am man
    So I’ll never understand it all
    For only God is God
    — Steven Curtis Chapman, God is God

  81. We all have a different road to travel in life, no two are alike and you have to find your own way, nobody can do it for you, in the end all roads lead to the same destination. Like it or not, believe it or not, there is GOD and there is peace even though you sometimes go through what seems like hell to get there. Trust in the LORD will all of your heart and lean not to your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will direct your paths. Life can be devastating and knock the breath out of you but you got to keep on trying and believing and in the end everything will work out.

  82. Live life and don’t sweat the small stuff. Had a lot of close calls in life. Just make everyday count. When death comes knocking just say hi with a big smile .😁

  83. “I don’t know how it happened. But here I am.” ~ Old Dog. And there is your answer. What we focus on we create. Good on you, my friend🙏🏼

  84. As a healthcare professional the most confusing thing about my day is an old person whose not ready to die. What have you been doing for 60 or 70 something years?? Apparently not living your best life smh

  85. Great video Paul!!! I don’t think so much most of the time of what other people think of me. I beat myself up for helping others that did not really give a damn about me and had my heart broken and lost money also for doing good in my life. Perhaps in the end it will all work out for me when all is said and done? Ii is these kinds of videos that you do Paul, that I like best! We have all been there in some form or another. Thank-you for being so blunt and honest Paul! Best wishes, Bob

  86. Hey Gaylord, love your videos. I don’t mind Paul either. It’s funny how you get when you are that close to death. When I was younger I had everything planned out. Superannuation arranged at 15, mortgage paid off by 30, Kids at 35.
    I went to get a mole on my shoulder looked at and was diagnosed as having a skin cancer at 28 years old that was 95% fatal. I was told I had about 3-6 months to live. I went home and went to bed, sitting there for hours thinking of all the things that I had wanted to do. I made out my will and a week later was called in to the doctor again. The lead doctor looked as if he was going to pass out out. He told me that somebody had stuffed up with the tests. You are negative. I stared at him unable to grasp what he had said. Eventually I thanked him and left.
    It changed me completely. I have 5 children and have lived a completely different life to that which I had planned. I was told to sue the doctor but he did me the biggest favor of my existence, he shocked me out of my existence and made me live. Every morning I wake up and nod to myself in the mirror. Yep, still above ground.

  87. Religious belief, atheism, plain faith, or whatever, actually will make no difference to what happens, much as you have detailed with what goes on in our lives before passing. I follow the deep philosophical mantra of “Sh*t happens”, and eventually whatever was stirring my pot always fades away. How many more times I can do that before snuffing it, I don’t know, but the pattern remains the same. In a hundred years, no-one will know or care, they’ll all be watching You Tube re-runs of Old Dog New Tricks Paul 🙂

  88. Well said Paul I also have had a heart attack two is a matter of fact the first one that had to do open heart surgery I was 35 you have a wonderful weekend God bless and take care

  89. Pitbull “Time of our Lives” This is for everyone going through tough times,everyday above ground is a great day, remember that! Here’s to a long life Paul and a quick death.

  90. Paul, thank God so far I can’t relate to the heart attack part of this video but to so much of the other things you said here I certainly can. You’re an enigma in that one day you post a video about normal life there in Negros, whether it’s about dealing with bad microphones from China or finding your new place. Crazy stuff like Dean and then a really useful helpful almost emotional video like this one. Great stuff. I think we all can take something from this one. Looking forward to the next one.

  91. Not judging your friends small misstep is very mature and shows a lot of character. I’m 61 and still disappoint myself on occasion. Modesty and maturity , self-assured without arrogance, having great knowledge with the passion always obtain more. Challenging one’s self and succeeding I find to be one of the most satisfying things in life. Life is often more about our perception of it and sometimes we get to be the author of our own book.

  92. hi paul glad to hear that you turned your life around and are doing well in the philipines …hows the vaccine situation there are they giving them out to you and and everyone else ….any clue when i can fly over i have no clue what the border restrictions are in the philipines

  93. I really feel you on this one. I had an severe auto accident in 2019 and I thought I was dead. I got broadsided by a woman that went through a red light (I found that all out later). It was over in an instant and I was conscious for a few minutes before they extracted me from the car and I could not breath. I thought my chest was crushed or something like that so I thought “this is it”. I felt just like you did. I was like “I have a lot of things that I want to do yet, but I guess it’s time to take a very long nap”. I was fine with it. My kids and everyone would move on with life just fine without me. I won’t have any more pain or troubles so I was like ” I guess it’s okay” and then I awoke a few hours later so it wasn’t my time yet. As soon as the Philippines opens up, I’ll be back with my girlfriend, back in my own private heaven again.

  94. i told my ex once when she was having a fit over her dress for the night , i told her you look nice and noone will remember this in 100 years anyways she then back swung me one across the face and said get the F out so i left and never looked back , best thing that ever happened to me 🙂

  95. There is a song by Blues Traveler titled “100 Years”, the refrain being, “and It won’t mean a thing in a hundred years”…google it up…just what you’re talking about…

  96. Paul, I understand how you felt during your heart attack episode, I would have felt and said the same thing. I believe in God, but the issue is “hold on a minute! Don’t pull the plug yet! I have plans and have many things left to do.” Well that’s all up to to the MAN, but I think we should get at least an input — hahahaha. I agree, if you have your dream or desire, a hundred years from now it doesn’t matter. We will be ancient history. Take the challenge. I was always extremely sensitive to what other people think, and if I make a screw up, I will be punishing myself for months. However, the older I get, the less I care about what others think. At my age, time is not on my side. I hope I make it to the Philippines before he comes knocking for me.

  97. Stress kills. Every day I thank the Gods that 26 years ago (after my divorce) I decided to live well below my means, save and invest so I could retire early and live a more minimalist lifestyle. I retired in 19′ and have never looked back.

  98. good insight on stuff, I have the same thoughts but with the help you gave me about what people think of me, they seldom do cracked me up. I like the part about how you and your buddies just said about your friend that was worried about what they were saying about him.They just said been there done that and that was the end of it. Why do we care some much about what people think of us, who cares, really! Paul if you read this comment how much do you pay for golf over there. Im pretty sure you play. Thanks and and keep your head down. lol

  99. Amen to your comment, less is better. Paul, I just stood in my double decker 10′ x 30′ storage unit this morning and said to myself, WTF Gary, how are you EVER going to get out of hear by October. LOL. A couple months ago, I started going through the hose. I said to myself, anything I haven’t touched in a year goes. 5 trips to Goodwill and I was feelin great. So. I set a new benchmark of anything not touched in 6 mos. How FRESH it is and now on to the storage unit…… Oh how I am going to miss my Harley and Jet Skis, lol. See ya in October ))) BTW, I need the name of that shipping Co. you mentioned with the one size fits all box.

  100. Paul, this is one of your Best programs you’ve had to date. You’re medication free now since moving there as I recall. When I was there, once in 2019 for 10 days and 21 days in 2020, I never wanted to return to the states as I found the Islands, the water and the people, so beneficial to my very being. It’s like an eternal retreat into Island Paradise. Good for the health of the body and the soul.

  101. Paul that is my favorite saying & has been for years in a 100 yrs it’s not going to matter & that my friend is true .I always say that to myself also when things bug me . You know also I’m 61 now & I tell everyone that I know I don’t have as many yrs in front of me as I got behind me .so I need to get to doing the things that’s important to me ..

  102. I like that advice. If you worry about others thoughts you will lose more sleep than thinking about your own thoughts. Its just not worth it lol.

  103. I think eternity is another reality. And perhaps we shouldn’t care much about what others think of us, but we should care about what God thinks of us. Is God pleased with the way in which we have been living? If not, what are the eternal and permanent consequences of this?

  104. been there paul , three st in heart and other things ,NDE wend i fell off roof years ago broken back ,there a heaven ,what i seen was all white like a cloud .i feel better then ever 70 years now. so enjoy every day ,my wife from the ph ,such a sweet people they are .good luck

  105. Something your viewers should consider. If you have a life-threatening illness, the medical care is substandard. Have a heart attack or stroke, the ambulance will not arrive in time. Please don’t go to the Philippines long-term if you are obese and in poor health.

  106. I read this once a month or so to put things in perspective:

    Subject: British actor Bob Hoskins dies / wanted to share this with you

    Here are Bob Hoskins 11 lessons of life and love. I hope they make your life a bit more fun and satisfying. Bob Hoskins’ own life was certainly a shining example of their worth.

    1. Laugh.

    There’s humor to be found everywhere. Even in your darkest days there’s something to have a joke about. Laugh long and loud and make other people laugh. It’s good for you.

    2. Be yourself.

    If someone doesn’t like you, they’re either stupid , blind, or they’ve got bad taste. Accept who you are, you’ve got no one else to be. Don’t try to change yourself, there’s no point. Don’t apologize. Don’t make excuses. Be yourself and if anyone else doesn’t like it, they can f*** off.

    3. Be flamboyant, it’s who you are and always have been.

    Be eccentric and unique. Don’t try to adapt yourself to someone else’s view of normal. That belongs to them, not you. Like yourself as you are.

    4. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions.

    Everyone’s a critic, but ultimately what they say only matters if you let it. Don’t believe your own press. People can just as easily sing your praises as they can tear you down. Don’t waste your time on things you can’t change. Let it slide off you like water off a duck’s back.

    5. Get angry, it’s OK to lose your temper now and then.

    If anger stays in, it turns to poison and makes you bitter and sad. Get angry, say your piece, then let it go.

    6. Whatever you do, always give it a good go.

    Don’t be afraid of failure and disappointment. If you fall flat on your face, then get straight back up. You’ll always regret not trying. Disappointment is temporary, regret is forever.

    7. Be generous and kind because you can’t take it with you.

    When you’ve got something to give, give it without hesitation.

    8. Appreciate beauty, take pictures and make memories.

    Capture it, you never know when it’ll be gone.

    9. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

    People who take themselves too seriously are boring.

    10. Never, ever, ever, ever give up.

    Keep on punching no matter what your up against. You’re only defeated if you give up, so don’t give up.

    11. Love with all your heart.

    In the end, love is the only thing that matters.

  107. I live in Thailand Paul and I’ve been visiting since 93 big problem here is that many of the guys that come here come for the wrong reasons and many that come here now are far too young to be here Pre covid i was still returning to the Uk and working there 4 months a year that works great for me im back within my own culture bitching about the day to day things that wind us up in life not listening to Drunks in Bars in Thailand that lost the plot and all their money 10 years ago the biggest problem with living in South East Asia are the cultural boundaries and miscommunication.But no problem for me I keep busy here travelling especially owning 4 motorbikes and still travel all over south-east Asia and with my Trips back to London perfect………Best of both Worlds.

  108. My Filipina wife has the pesos in an envelope to pay the crematorium for when I croak straight up the chimney job done. My tickers suspect also and went through that pain on meds now…the eye candy is so tempting I keep forgetting not to dip myself in the candy jar and strain my heart…Carpe Diem.

  109. Paul, there is never a failure, it is always a learning experience. Failure is only in failure to start because you never got to learn woulda, coulda, or shoulda. How can you ever be happy if you never live the dream of where you want to live or you never work at something you love. Still looking forward to meeting you and having a coffee conversation.

  110. I garner that your spiritually is based on a more Western belief (permanence), but your ‘mantra’ of ‘in 100 years’ very much aligns with Eastern Buddhist philosophy (transience). Maybe ironic, or not, that you ended up in Asia. – WW

  111. Great vid my friend. I cannot wait to actually sit down with you one day for a good old natter,,,, if and when Mr Duterte sees fit! Bless you mate

  112. If you want to be smart in life. Have a personal copy of the KJV Holy Bible. Everyday study the book of proverbs. Know, strong faith, love and obey the Lord Jesus. Demonic forces wanted you to be immoral and useless being by being a lunatic atheist.

  113. A prolonged life through constant medic interventions may be good for atonement (if belief ), though at the cost of lived experience/utility.

  114. Love this video Paul in coming to the Philippines around November maybe I’ll get to meet you which will be grait. Keep up the GRAIT videos
    My comment
    Your inspectional

  115. I love the Thai way of living
    Don’t think to much don’t worry about tomorrow but..Have your relationship with God in order..its pretty freeing..Cheers Paul enjoy every day

  116. Right on the dot Paul! I think about life the same way. Live each day as if it was the last. Be kind, be patient, appreciate the little things & just try to live as long as we can. We can only bring memories in our next life, not stuff! 😊
    Just tell me if you want to go to Siaton bud! I’d be glad to join you. My grandma on my father’s side is from there. 😁

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