Retired and Living in the Philippines, Hitting Rock Bottom, Old Dog New Tricks

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Life in the Philippines, Hitting Rock Bottom, Old Dog New [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I review my personal journey from the bottom to present day


  1. Just retired in the philippines 🇵🇭 👋👋 just landed last week just finished quarantine and spending a couple days in Okada casino 🤙🤙🤙🇵🇭💕🤣🇵🇭💕🤙 one American here glad to be back in the philippines 🇵🇭

  2. Great points… gives me more to reflect on. I’m not headed to ‘rock bottom’ (I don’t believe) but I am seeing more things in my life I can change to leave negative parts behind and embrace the new and positive. I enjoy your videos as both entertainment, informative sessions, and examples that change can still be made at any time in life to create a better future. Keep up the good work!

  3. I was a college teacher for 24 years. I kept doing it as the job collapsed around me. It provided identity, but it was also going to kill me. I’ve slept more nights in the year since I quit than I did in the six or seven previously. You get into ruts unless you’re very careful.

  4. Sometimes we have no choice but to scrape on the bottom. Maybe some drink, do drugs etc. to mask the real problems. I am a Veteran and have had PTSD for over 30yrs , still not able to get out of the hole. Being so damaged, that having happiness and finding someone to put up with me is a pipe dream. However agree of the sentiments.

  5. Ya know. I like you more now.
    I completely agree with your conclusions.
    I’d sure like to come visit the Philippines. I’m very hopeful things will open up soon so that I may come visit. When I do there are a few guys, you being one, that I’d like to meet.

  6. It is ironic…the things I amassed in over 20 years of marriage was luckily the only things I have left are 2 suitcases worth of close…my military memorabilia, I can’t express fully,just …
    the weight that has been lifted…to be responsible for nothing…other than what I eat,my bills and what I do and where I do it

  7. Slightly off topic, putting ducks in a row before heading to PH. Finger on trigger. Question for u asking for best guess. 100 westerners land in PH to vacation, check out a new life. How many last 6 months but then head back? How many last 2-5 years then go back? How many are permanent and plan on kicking the bucket there? Just an anxious cat looking for info.

  8. My “bottom” was 2011. Lost my dad, my Pinay wife, my job, and my house. I was blaming myself. I spent 6 months in a funk, then one day decided everything that happens in life is not on me. Some shit just happens. My goals now are much less ego driven, and I care more about people. I’m at peace with myself. IE: My “big crisis” for today, is should I get my winter/summer tire swap done today or tomorrow. If I wait until tomorrow, I won’t condemn myself for being lazy.

    Good video Paul, but now I have a small dilemma. Should I now addrss you as “Saint Paul,” or “Colonel Paul?”

  9. Try watching a 40 yr. marriage disintegrate. To top that off with working cyber security as bait for scammers. Getting hit 15-20 times a day. 20+ death threats, these were pros & I was affecting their livening. In my darkest hour I met a cute girl in a pink dress online who was a good girl. She gave me & continues to give me a second chance at life. I have been with her 3 yrs. in the PH now & I am happy. Did coming to the PH change it. No, I only came here to be with her. I still would rather live in Columbus OH. I found love when I wasn’t looking for it.

  10. Your like a somber jay Leno , great advice thoughtfully no blame just insights into do what you can to be happy again, keep it up happy yes to get back to Asia soon and see those smiles that generate life again keep safe love to you and baby Mae from us in central Queensland Australia, cheers mate

  11. As ever Paul, extremely well said, i consider that most of us can relate to this , as someone built in 1956 we are of a similar vintage, I’m sure that we have been through the “angry young men” phase.. as ever thanks for sharing, despite the fact that we are very much on the same wave length…

  12. I faced great troubles during a typical calender year five-six years ago. I found myself returning to some of the foundations of my spiritual path. I even reached out to people for help, something I had never done before. I did not give up on life, and somehow kept on striving. During those humbling times, I did not like how I felt about myself, and I could not control some of the thoughts that were raging in my mind. But it lasted just a short season. Then it was over. A new day came.

  13. Paul, great video. I really identified with the honesty of your thoughts. It’s great that you’ve come so far in your journey. I can only hope…Best wishes.

  14. Great job Pau!!! You manned up, took responsibility and rose above your personal adversities…all so true!!! Stay the course and always praise GOD for whatever you have.

  15. Thanks for sharing, Paul. Always good to be mindful and thankful of what we have. What do you see in the Phil in terms of poverty? Just how bad is it? It’s hard for us in the West to relate.

  16. “The bottom line of the Gospel is that most of us have to hit some kind of bottom before we even start the real spiritual journey.”
    ― Richard Rohr, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life

  17. Good video. And, as you say, do hit that bottom but don’t kill yourself. In early 2020, when the first wave of COVID started, and when they shut down most everything in Portugal, I wasn’t aware of me being so sensitive being on my own. Then, when summer came, things got back to almost normal. But early this year they closed down again and I actually, for the first time in my life, had thoughts of suicide. Not that I would ever do it, but! After that I realized that I needed to change my life. As you mention, stop hating yourself and accept that you are what you are. Also, I want to relocate to South East Asia. I’d hoped to be able to go to the Philippines but am going to Thailand in a week from now and staying there for 2-3 months.

  18. Beautiful Life lessons that really increases the value in what we share with others. Thanks for sharing your Heart felt story. Helps to take a closer look and own journey. God bless both you and Baby Mae.

  19. You haven’t done a video like this in awhile. I think your long term viewers will appreciate it more since we could put it in context with some of your older videos. My takeaway is that even if you not at rock bottom but just at a relative low it might be time to make some life changes. Thank you.

  20. Well said sir.
    Everybody in this life reaches a point where he feels that life is taking control of shaping him over all aspects, at that point he might restore the control to be in his hands or he just gives up and stay as is.
    Thank you.

  21. Paul, you’re much wiser than you look. I hope that I’ll be able to buy you a cup of coffee someday. Hang in there and hold on to your positive attitude. If your viewers pay attention and listen to your videos they’ll grow and be better equipped to deal with the challenges that life throws our way. Have an awesome day!!

  22. They say if you wanna make God laugh, tell him what your plans are,. Thanks Paul for your vids, .very inspirational. Just think i may have my left my run a bit late as i am headed to 77yrs soon. Rgds j

  23. You know, when I first started to watch your videos I thought you were just one of those horny old dudes who went to the PH just to score some young blood. Now youre my inspiration and I even subscribed to your channel. May not mean much to you but its the first time I ever subscribed to a YouTube channel.. Stop smoking, Paul. The longer we can enjoy you..

  24. Well said Paul….I think in my life to let go of anger and truly forgive to those who hurt me let’s me off the hook. The Bible speaks about forgiveness and it’s a very wise choice. It’s a process each day that I put into practice.

  25. I hit rock bottom 3 years ago after divorce. I had to totally “reset” much the same way as you describe. I tried to do something positive every day to feel better about myself and eventually got out of depression. “Letting Go” (there is a book by that name btw well worth reading), being grateful for what I have, and forgiving her AND myself helped tremendously. There are a lot of free self-help youtube videos and audiobooks, costs you nothing but your time and willingness to change. No one can do your pushups for you.

  26. This is where you excel Paul! Even though your intentions are not to be giving advice… are giving advice albeit unintentionally……

    By discussing your own experiences you are laying advice on the table and I still up to those who can use it to take a slice if they choose to……

    Excellent words for “Everyman”

  27. Yes, when you hit rock bottom whether financially or emotionally there is no reason to beat yourself down; if anything, the world is giving you time to re-evaluate your life as you very well put it, from there, there’s only one way and that is up. Great video, Paul.

  28. Very true, thanks for you insight. You’re very intelligent, with great awareness. I’ve hit the bottom a few times in the last several years, so this was very insightful. Thanks again

  29. Thank you for sharing- I am truly happy you shared this ‘distillation’ of mind snd character. May we all have the opportunity to experience it. Sooner than later 😂🤣😅❤️

  30. Hey ole timer, You gotta take a role inspiring people, your compassion and common sense new is so natural,people will listen to you.l fought drug addiction for 40 years and as you said it was me who had to make the final call,fucked everything in my life.Family ,friends,everyone but it wasn’t till l trusted some one like yourself who l understood mentally. When your ill you need to be guided by someone who learned it all through experience, l believe when u hear it from someone who’s been there it you absorb it cause it’s real,not some PhD student trying to teach you cognitive skills and breathing techniques. I now speak to every person l see or feel have a social problem,mainly my son’s mates who some are pretty wild lads,but they respect me for it and it feels so good. Have a think about doing some counselling .You don’t need any PhD in my book.Take care both of you.

  31. Nothing wrong with a blameless life of mediocrity.
    The aspiration to become a successful failure is an exercise in futility.Your wealth does not define you….someone elses is totally irrelevant.

  32. Your very resilient though Paul. All credit to you. I had my dark night of the soul 10 years ago. I rebuilt but it made me realise material possessions are transitory and not very meaningful. And that no one really cares – including now me! Hence why phillipines early retirement seems the way to go

  33. Thank you for saying that alcoholism is an affliction. It truly is. I’ve got it, but I have not drank in many years. I recovered. It takes guts and a little work but it’s doable.

  34. I think this is the best post I have ever heard. Instead of talking about how great the Phil’s are. You are talking to people. I appreciate your honesty!

  35. Great video Paul… good on you !
    Personally I’ve been sober for over 8 years now.
    One thing I’ve considered was to start a treatment center in the philippines… I don’t know about that for sure, but for sure would love to be involved in a 12 step meeting when I get over to the Islands there.
    Anyway I appreciate you sharing your introspection on this video.

  36. Just once I would like to hit the top. I got my week off tried the trading they failed. I am challenging my cc charge and get alot of education through YouTube. I think most people have thoughts about hitting the top and what they are going to do then..

  37. We all have worshiped the almighty $ and willingly hopped on the money making hamster wheel. Puzzling that often it’s finally meeting failure that allows us to take a good hard look at ourselves, get off the wheel, and actually begin growing into a better person. A few weeks back you had a similar vlog, and someone replied that you were just being complacent and settling. Sadly for that person, he will continue on the hamster wheel, and if he never faces failure, he’ll never realize how pointless his efforts are. I’ve dealt with elderly people who have been successful all their lives, and the saddest thing I see is that they are unable to let go of their material possessions. It becomes a source of tension between spouses. There was this loving wife, a nurse, who did all she could to take care of her husband. When finally she could no longer take care of him and she had to arrange for him to move to a care home – he was so bitter and angry at her. She was so torn and inconsolable. Thank you. Please continue to spread your message. We need to save more folks from the rat race

  38. Human nature is to ignore bad things in our life until it’s overwhelming. Best to stop and look from a Bird’s Eye View down and see yourself looking miserable. Then Realization sets in!

  39. Completely agree with forgiving yourself as a jumping off point for more compassion and empathy, since if you can forgive yourself it’s easier to forgive others. The Christian ethos is based on forgiveness and even if you don’t subscribe to all their tenants, that part of their Lord’s prayer (“forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”) is brilliant as it allows people to let go of things like guilt and grievance.
    I would not necessarily agree in pushing everyone to find their “rock bottom” quickly since sometimes the bottom can be death or jail for those dealing with substance abuse or depression. 😅

  40. I’ve watched some of your videos and I must say, you look more healthy now than before you moved from the apartment, and that’s great !

    I agree ’bout minimalism and how we in the west in some ways are brought on a path towards excess in wants and needs.

    I think part of your rock bottom could’ve been male menopause, they say it’s not a thing but I believe it might be. When the male hormones stop dominating, as they often do when we enter middleage: The race becomes less important, and all the stuff you’ve been led to believe seems more and more like lies:

    It’s not that promotion that makes you a better man or that car or whatever it is. You are what makes you and whatever failure or loss you may have incurred, it might be what it takes in order for you to reach the next level, someting you might never do if you just keep on piling up stuff. And now I’m talking about myself, I’ve started to get rid of a lot of stuff and tried to hold back from buying anymore things I don’t really need. It’s not easy and sometimes you stray, but I’m slowly getting there.

    And who knows, maybe I’ll start traveling some myself when I don’t have all this stuff holding me down.

    You seem happy with your partner, great that it worked out for you, congrats !

  41. An honest reflection in the mirror of reality at our weakest, often produces our strength. The truly important things in life can’t be bought and material things are vanity. Once you lose the ego and humble yourself, life becomes clear. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt journey and God bless you.

  42. this content speaks to despair of materialism for old guys
    forgiving oneself allows one to have compassion for others – hopefully
    in retirement maybe I will finally have nothing to prove in the eyes of others

  43. Thanks for another great video, Paul. Retirement overseas is so liberating. It makes me feel alive and one doesn’t have to be rich to do it. A couple thousand a month allows you to live a good life. Damn COVID caused me to return to USA. Bad decision!!! Can’t wait to get back overseas. Best wishes and good health to you and Mae.

  44. Hi Paul. A fantastic clip. We have all been there sometime, you have reignited my belief that yesterday does not matter. I look forward to the future with my lovely Pinoy wife and enjoy the life the is left to live. Have a great day… Thanks Larry

  45. I don’t understand this video as you are living in the Philippines in a good financial good way as you keep saying you are living we’ll in Philippines so although you did hit rock bottom in the past you are ok now. Strange but true lol.

  46. Amen!! My difficulties were that I prided myself on myself, until I found myself in a situation where I could not help myself. That was when I reached out beyond and above myself.

  47. You, Sir, are a poet, an honest and caring inspiration that’s helping so many look at life from a different perspective. Each one of us has to find his/her way to relate to one’s individual color among the prism of life. We all have a greater purpose, so I’d like to believe. Thank you!

  48. you are right on target about what you are saying i have been in shoes like yours and i have changed my ways what a difference it makes loving life now keep up the good content god speed

  49. The smart person learns from their own mistakes..a wise person learns from the mistakes of others…and some people will continue to make the same mistakes again and again.

  50. I am the one that said you look like today’s Michael McDonald, google it. Your words are profound. I previously lived in the Philippines, have been married to my filipina wife for 30 years, but the injustice that happened to us was scary, so won’t be coming back soon, still would like to someday, but won’t. Take care, We live in Las Vegas, stop in next time you are in town.

  51. Great video. Very insightful and it reminds me that a lot of us hit rock bottom but that there is light at the end of the tunnel, if we only put our minds to it . Thank you for that ..

  52. Some people are just able to sit and talk in front of the camera and let it all out. 😀 I very very much agree about having people around you will either lift you up or drag you down. Can you reinvent yourself in the Philippines 🇵🇭 yes absolutely, It’s smiles better in the Philippines. Just stay away from cheap booze.
    Help people, say a few kind words, and thank God for another day. ❤

  53. Hey Paul…there is only one way that I can put this my friend…that is some good shit!!! Your channel about the Philippines and living there as a foreigner…is by far…the best on YouTube!!! The nay Sayers can just take a long walk off a short plank… I have learned so much from you channel!! If anyone asks me what I think about your channel…I will always reply this way…GOOD SHIT!!! Peace my friend.

  54. YES! That’s where I am now: I’ve settled for a life of mediocrity! I don’t do drugs. I drink beer from time to time, but I’m not a drinker. I haven’t had a girl friend in 20 years.

  55. There is a reason tribes respect their elders, they have the living experience of the harsh lessons of life. A lot of us have been at rock bottom and survived with new outlooks on life. Much Respect Brother. We are more than conquerors through Christ. Things, circumstances, money none of it matters beyond daily living with a free and clean mind and soul. Keep on Keeping on Old Dog, and keep a spot on the porch for the rest of us Old Dogs.

  56. Excellent video Daddy Paul. I’m headed to Thailand on the 19th of this month and then to the Philippines as I’m able. See you soon! I’ll be in Mindanao. 👍

  57. “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”. Fight Club quote. Great video and such a close match to my experience 3-4 years ago. Except unlike you, I had the alcohol scourge to fight back as well. Family genetics and dynamics are no joke. Similar to you, I had to reflect and ultimately do an intervention on myself with the Philippines as the rehab center. And I’m still in it 3 years on and still working on myself and trying to “let it all go” as you have.

    But those bad memories/attitudes can sneak back to front & center if not vigilant and occupied with positive/productive activity. Keep up the good work, I think your words are helpful to those that are going through what we did or still are. That said, I think its important to note that hitting bottom and coming here is not the end of the story. The battle continues, its just easier to hold the line and not lose ground.

  58. Once I get my ducks in a row I will be off to see your neck of the woods so to speak. Until then though, this video gave me a lot to think about. One thing for sure, I definitely need a change and am working on making that happen.

  59. Very interesting conversation Paul. To open up and talk about such sensitive personal issues is not for everyone…………you Sir step up to the plate and give it your all. We all go through the life of getting married, having children…………then another life begins and if you are not happy in it. ………….Move on and that is what you did. You made that choice. You have found something that works for you but may not be promised to others, but keeping the faith and making life happen is what we all want and need. I have all I need and i work at what I want. A minimalist I am and very comfortable with that.

  60. Getting wise in your old age eh Paul, noticing that you are not the thoughts in your head and that you are the witness of the thoughts, who just watches the dream unfold.

  61. Remove the negative and accentuate the positive will really change your perspective and a new outlook on life. Think of what a great world it would be if everyone showed human compassion for each other!

  62. Damn Paul that was just the message I needed to hear. I have already hit bottom . Not financially but everyway else. That video was just what I needed to hear at this exact time. I really appreciate you

  63. I don’t know if I have ever hit rock bottom, but I have gone through some tough times. I think that we all have, but realizing that our choices got us there and that our choices will get us out. That is what is important in life. Thanks for the words of wisdom. I hope to be in Dumaguete in January. Would like to buy you a cup of coffee.

  64. Very well iterated Paul. Thank you for sharing that personal story. You undoubtedly touched a lot of people with that. So many people can relate. I am relocatioing to the Phils in the new year and look forward to getting to know like-minded people such as yourself. Cheers!

  65. Very well said…thank you Paul for helping me realize a few things that I am feeling….hope to get to the Philippines and finally after two years meet a wonderful Filipina that I have been video chatting for twenty months…life has really been hard since covid but I really believe my life will get better when I finally get there…hope to meet you and baby Mae when that wonderful time finally comes…be safe and God bless you and baby mae…you have been a total blessing to me

  66. Hey Paul .. Wow is what I kept saying throughout your video
    I’m 60 A Southern California guy You and I were on the same track
    I was a successful business guy lost at all in divorce
    Trying to figure out whether or not I wanted to build it back… Went to Thailand a few times And figured out that that’s where I really wanted to be that’s what made me happy… Started listening to you a few years ago
    Life has brought me to the fact that I’ll be retiring there in a year And one of the most important things I want to do is volunteer teaching in a village
    Had I continued on the hamster wheel making 300000 a year
    No way I would have volunteered anywhere I would have continued playing the game Until I was dead
    Your video today confirmedI’ve chosen the right Path… Living on social security and a bit more But having so many more RichesThen I ever could have imagined in America
    Keep being real Thanks for your down-to-earth’s spirit
    But I have to tell you…If you get a million bucks or a million subscribers And we see you in gold chains hanging From your neck driving a Bentley in the phills..were gonna have to set you
    Tx brother rock on..

  67. Very wise and insightful content,.. i can relate completely, it feels like you are verbalizing my story as well.
    On another subject, do you know a USA notary residing here in Dumaguete? I tried to email you through your site, but it wouldn’t send. Thanks in advance for any input.

  68. good morning paul. im long time viewer; well maybe six months and a first time writer. by the way you describe things it sounds like we are both friends of bill wilson. you make many solid point to which i can relate. im hoping to visit someone in manila in march/april pandemic pending after which i will go for a walkabout and scout the place out. it would be grouse to catch up for a coffee. keep up the good work ma cobra dingo.

  69. when i can not fall asleep i start thinking about all the things i am grateful for .. my feet, fingernails, the bed i am laying on, the air i breathe, rain, my tongue, yada yada yada .. i find the things i am grateful is never ending and soon i am asleep. Also when i have chain or circular thinking disturbing me I thank myself for the thoughts trying to protect me but that I don’t need them right now … this helps me rid myself of those who have done me wrong, regrets, things i have done to others that were not nice … soon those thoughts dont come back … remember is nice to be nice !!

  70. Left the rat race. Retired at 55. Lucky to have a small slice of property by the beach. Now a diy guy living alone with cats and doggies. Family comes here when they could. You’re such an inspiration Paul. Keep it up 👍🏻

  71. Great video Paul. Life is about choices. Anyone can start to change their situation even if all they can do in the beginning is small changes. Change your environment, friends, bad relationships etc.etc. Most importantly begin working on yourself making better choices.

  72. The 2008 govt corruption crash was solely the fault of the Bush Administration, Wall Street and the banks. I was a victim of that ponzi scheme as well. The others things going on in your life may be your fault, but not the financial collapse.

  73. 1000% accurate “no place to go but up!” Get out of your own head, quit the pity party, and start making positive changes for yourself! Remove out of your life those things and People, especially people, that bring you down.

  74. Paul great video. Much of what you said sounded like words of the “Buddha”. Much wisdom and compassion. We should all strive to be better each day. I know that many times I fall short of this, thanks for the reminder. Very timely message , I just went though a very tough and stressful stretch. Really disturbing to my mental and psychological foundation. Not what you want to go though at my age or any age. Good reminder that I still have some internal work to do to be the person that I should be, and want to be. Hoping that the Philippines will open soon, need to get back there. Thanks Paul !

  75. Someone once told me that their goal in life was to wake up each morning knowing everything was taken care of. It took me hitting rock bottom at age 28 and then bringing myself upwards through many trials to a point that when my job terminated me at age 60 I already had a mind to move here. I had reached that goal, and now I’m here. Your video reminded me of all that. And given the chance I wouldn’t do a thing over differently. Peace to you brother.

  76. Paul some of your best video clips center around your personal life and you dealing with the trials and tribulations that come with it. Again always informative with a sprinkling of humility. Nowadays with so much common sense lacking in today’s American society you could lecture a course on life experience with the knowledge that you possess. Unfortunately I fear it would fall on deaf ears! Hope to see you in the not too distant future.

  77. Very inspirational….Thank you! I’ve been circling the bottom for some time. Finding my way out of it with self-accountability and forgiveness is definitely helped by you sharing your journey. Cheers man.

  78. Good video. The Philippines can assist a lot of guys that have reached rock bottom for those if the same path in America- Divorced, bankrupt, foreclosure etc. The life there is slow paced and affordable even with little pension. Its even easier to find a mate to keep you company👍

  79. Remember back before you come to the Philippines what was going through your mine, were you thinking there is something better out there than where you’re at

  80. Paul, you are so wise, so very very wise. Thank you so much for this video. The circumstances that I have wrestled with are a little different from yours, but everything you said relates to my issues too, and I am sure that your words can relate to varying problems that so many of us have. I love your channel, whether you are being funny or more serious. You have a certain way about you that most of us, I am sure, can relate to. You are a real gem. May you continue to prosper, and fill more of our lives with humility and empathy.

  81. You can add gambling addiction to your list! I bought a used pickup truck from a sober alcoholic years ago. Detailer showed me a small garbage bag of trifectas and such from under the seat! Sober, he was broke 3 days after payday, vs 1 day after, but still…

  82. You tell a good story and tell it very well. I can relate to a lot of this. I turn 76 years soon and still work full time. I have to pace myself carefully but it’s not as difficult as I thought it might be 10 years ago. Your next big battle will be your hardest. It’s the daily battle of fighting creeping old age. So be forewarned – and check your family history. 50 per cent of your genetics come from your parents.

  83. We can never be more than who we are. Embrace your own shadow, because you can never outsmart your own self.
    Thanks Paul for your sincere thoughts about what really matters in life, based on your own views and experiences.
    Greetings from the City Smile – Bacolod. God Speed.

  84. Great video!
    When you live in America, or the west, you have constant reminders of how unfortunate you are. Job sucks, he has a Mercedes, but I can’t make car payment. He just got married, my wife hates me.
    When you live in Southeast Asia, you are surrounded with constant reminders of how fortunate you are. They have very little food, but they still smile. They live in a shack, but they still smile. That beautiful girl just smiled at me!
    The choice is obvious!

  85. Correct Paul you can’t run away from yourself but can reinvent yourself . AA taught me a lot about the disease of alcoholism and once you have made the decision to change there are people who understand.

  86. Hey Paul my dear friend, I just have one thing to Say, you are truly a awesome and decent human being. All the love and respect for you my dear friend. I will be so honored to meet you and baby Mae in person. Thank you Paul my dear friend for sharing this awesome video. Please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you and Baby Mae always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  87. Paul, when I look back at all the bad things, what doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger. What a long strange journey life is. And now when I look back… they were blessings in disguise. I am so lucky.

  88. I’ve never hit rock bottom, but I’ve certainly dealt with some life changing events in the last 13yrs. I look forward to chatting with you Paul when we can.

  89. Paul – I really love this video and find that so much of what you say resonates deeply with me. A healthy way to start fixing the world is to have honest introspective assessments to fix the flaws in ourselves and then goodness will follow…. Although I am still stateside and have some years before retirement, I have already started de-cluttering material items in my life and it is a very freeing experience. I “hear” and agree with so much of what you said and feel a true sense of happiness that you have reached the point of enlightenment that is so clearly evident. Much respect and thanks for honest videos Sir!

  90. Thank you for your sharing experience and honest wisdom that many can relate to, and in a way that was clear and easy to understand. It certainly spoke to me in important, relevant, & meaningful ways.

  91. *Thank you Paul.* I also lost two houses after a partner in business stole all our money in the bank which resulted all our employees losing their jobs, and our business closing with total bankruptcy and let me tell you pal… *yeah. It was tough.*
    The hardest part was seeing all those good guys lose their jobs.

  92. You can also change your life without hitting rock bottom. It requires that you be open to seeing the world in an entirely new way when the opportunity presents itself and to be willing and able to make hard decisions.

  93. This critical self-analysis is good…. Finally, you have a vlog that does not have half-naked women in the background! This is what I call progress!

  94. Yes learning to let it go is a great feeling acknolage your failings and change
    I came here to the philipines to have a better life sounds strange to so many going to a third world country to have a better life???
    Yes I have no stress
    Great climate
    Friendly people Yes uid know if uid ever been here
    A simple life where time seems to stand still

  95. My rock bottom is purely emotional. Being a middle aged single dude (almost 60), the lonliness is killer. Not that I want a woman pet se, but some kind of life at least. Too old to party, too young to give up. Time is near for a channel change. Winter is here, and SAD sets in, even here in Ca. One way I can tell who is a friend and who gets me is their reaction when I tell them my plans. My good, closer friends are happy about it, as they see the hamster wheel I am living these days. 2.5 years left. Can’t come soon enough.

  96. Hi Paul nice to see you again rock bottom is a hard point in anyone’s life and it’s very depressing place many people find themselves in at one point or another if there life if they live long enough 😕 but as I say it’s hard to swim with a bag of rocks so it’s best to let the rock go so you can float free and get your head above water again to breathe and survive well thats my two cents my friend. But on another subject I watched a YouTube blog from another person and they were interviewing four pretty woman from the province in Angeles city thay asked if you had the choice of a pore man that was really good looking or a wealthy man who was ugly which one would you choose and all four said the ugly man with money 💰 and I thought what do I do put a paper 🎒 over my head with a foto of a hot guy on it or find a not so attractive woman that really likes me for who I am ???? Hahaha just joking I’ve never seen a philipina that wasn’t beautiful he’ll I think ther al absolutely wonderful but just to be safe I’m filling a suitcase with brown paper bags fot me to where hehehe your the best paul keep up the good life and say hi to baby mai 😊

  97. U’re a good dude. I try to do the same, let it go, mostly the small things that dont really matter, McDonalds didnt put my apple pie in da bag? I let it go:) Someone didnt gimme ma 5$ back? I let it go.

    It works:) God, the universe keeps tabs on that stuff anyway.

  98. Because of fear, weakness and my job, i suffer paralysis, from analysis. And, one would would think, that thinking about something would bring you to a good answer, but it does not, all the time, and thats frustrating.


  100. It’s the trials in life that either make or break one’s character. Sometimes, it takes hitting that bottom to knock sense into us. I found it was so much better once learning to just walk away and start over. No hate, grudges or bad thoughts as I just chalked them up to poor choices on my part. Learn from mistakes and just try to make better one’s moving forward.
    Still say you look a lot healthier than you did a couple years ago. The new life style must be good for you!

  101. Thanks for your words. I know they’re sincere. I can relate to the freedom and peace of mind which speak to us through your story. I am by habit an extremely private person – a true introvert. This makes me especially appreciative of the openness with which you share your life – in YouTube’s very public forum. There is a vulnerability in that. You are a generous soul in my opinion. I like your style. You have chosen to live in love. Please keep vloging!

  102. Great Video Paul, reminds me of your older posts and the reason I started watching you from the beginning. I respect your friend Mark & wish him the best but I don’t get the inner peace self acceptance vibe from him like I do with you , he seems restless and unsettled, at 66 looking to start a huge business venture with no capital just reeks of stress and headaches and unnecessary risk , I want to just kick back at a restaurant and buy you a coffee when I’m there 🙂

  103. Paul, awesome..just love ur youtube or podcast as u speak the living truth n how to live a good life..will always stay with ur podcast n recommend to my friends, especially the loss ones! Haha

  104. thank you, Paul.. we have a lot in common. I’m recovering. 1988 started my journey.. amazing. tnx for the self-reflection. it’s always good. i hit a bit of a bottom recently. although very painful, it was just what the doctor ordered. i revised my Map. i learned early on it’s always good to bring something to the party rather than take from it. these truths are self-evident as it says. I still hope we can talk and get some of your wisdom on my move to the Philippines. im winding this down now. anyhow, you look good. whos your hairstylist? lol. keep it between the lines brother.. Peter

  105. Hey Paul. I’m new to your channel and have been shuffling through your previous video when I get the chance to sit/relax and view. I have a question, and maybe it may be a good video idea for your channel. Anyway, I was wondering if there were other options to travel to the Philippines other than by Airlines – more specifically, I was wondering if an American can travel there by ship (cruise line). I’m not a flyer, and I’m in Florida, so that long of a flight is an absolute no go for me. However, I’m very comfortable aboard a ship (prior US Navy). Just thought I’d ask. Of course I could research this, but maybe you know the dirt (good and bad) and as I said, it may be a good video idea for your YT channel. Thanks!

  106. Wow, shocking! Who would have guessed you were a failed drunk from the US. Look where you ended up, anywhere if the women are poor and desperate enough. And all your ‘big ed’ followers eat it up.

  107. I needed to hear this , going through a lot of stuff, a lot of it due to my own issues as well as my county’s and my future being so uncertain.
    Thanks man …

  108. Love ya brother. I so envy you and your life. I wont end up in Duma but I’m moving there in the next couple of years if not sooner. Thanks for your content as a tool for me to get prepared. Rock bottom for me was 6 plus years ago. Sober ever sense. Take care there. Thank you.

  109. Enjoyed your talk, actually meant a lot to ,me as I am reevaluating my own life for the last time, I am 75 now.. Even though I’m old, I still have an active family around me which is good because I like being around family even if it is my third family. I’m moving more towards a retired life style, laid back enjoying life to the fullest. I’m also training my filipina wife of 37 years on how to take care of things when the time comes for me to leave this world.

  110. That was great! What if you lost a million dollars? For us, life would be the same. It took my husband decades to put that much away, but we live like paupers. Thrift store clothes. Cars over 30 years old. I have one pair of ear rings. No makeup. We live in a log cabin, rural Alaska, and heat with wood my husband harvests.

    We’re happy because we are together 24/7. My husband works from home. We homeschool the kids. Neither of us drinks. We did have to escape the lockdown in the Philippines, but my family is living in our house there so it helps them. My husband told me from the beginning there would be hard times. But the only hard time I see is when I get into bed with him.

  111. I don’t want to sound negative but don’t you wonder as to why the people of the Philippines smile at foreigner’s?

    I have also had that experience many times the people smiling and talking nice to me it was a great experience at first then i came down to reality as in are they treating me nice because I have a social security payment in my bank every month.

    The reason I started to think along those lines where after seeing many Filipino families sleeping on the street with small children and everyone just walking past no-one offering any help whatsoever,

    Every place i went i would get good morning sir how are you sir.

    I started to see the bigger picture and came to realise that if someone in the Philippines has no money then you are worthless,
    Being broke in the Philippines your a liability they don’t like liabilities they like assets.

    As much as I enjoy the Philippines it does have some very serious issues that does need addressing.

    People being forced to live in terrible conditions that wouldn’t be fit in the west to keep animals in there’s very little equality in the Philippines.

  112. chin up there’s a light at the end of the tunnel; some tunnels are very short and some are very long, but always remember that someone else probably has it worse than you


  114. Paul,
    You have arrived at wisdom. This is the best part of life. If I could, I would not want to go back to 40 or 20 if I had to go without what I now know. I envy you in a country where you are not surrounded by full goose looneys. Trying to stay out of their way til I can get back over there.

  115. You have chosen to embark on a truly beneficial life re-set, Paul. I admire your courage. The lessons learned and wisdom gained shine through in your videos. Thank you for sharing. Life is Go(o)d🙏🏼

  116. This can happen to the best of us. Speaking about this isn’t easy. We all make mistakes, hopefully they dont impact others too much or in any long lasting way and that we can forgive ourselves and move forward.

  117. Me too dude. HIt bottom in 99 , smartened up , quit drinking , been 22 years now. Moved to Cebu in 2017 . met the most amazing woman ever , her story would make a movie , asked her to marry me the second I saw her , six years married now. See you at Ayala dude .

  118. New subscriber and thanks for the valuable tips. I met my wife a year ago via dating app after a nasty expensive divorce. We married online on November 5th. I am processing the ROM now to get a 9a visa and come to be with her. We video chat for 3-4 hours every day and she was checked out by an agency confirming her home address, age, NBI registration, business ownership, etc. They were impressed with her honesty. I was scammed prior and wasn’t taking chances. I plan to work for another 7 years from there (provided I get a resident visa). I work online giving me a nice salary until retirement. Hopefully, we can meet and get a coffee when I arrive. We have a home in Antipolo where we plan to live for the first year. Our story is pretty incredible as we have tried many things and failed to get in the same zip code. Liezel is an incredible girl, educated, and successful…not to mention drop dead gorgeous. I really enjoy the videos you and Mae produce.

  119. I hit rock bottom when I had to quit sugar, what? That’s correct sugar! I actually had with- draws which included sweating, anxiety, and being short tempered, ect, ect. Now 40-50 % of pain from body Aches are gone! Yes sugar can be a addictive drug.

  120. Thank you for this video, Paul. I’m at rock bottom right now and your words resonate with me. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been running and running away from myself for years. You know what running for a long time makes you?


    That’s it.

    It’s time for some rest, reflection, and growth.

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