Return of Chau Anh. Sleeping on the streets.

She was out like a light.


Pizza restaurant:
Homeless in Hanoi:
1st meeting in Hanoi:
Saigon meeting:


  1. Is there such a thing as child protective services in Vietnam? If there is, you might be doing that girl a favor by letting someone else take her in. This kind of life for a child is fucking cruel. Living, sleeping on the streets. That mother is setting up that child for failure.

  2. I think the child needs a secure place to study and board away from home, wonder if they have some places for children who dont have that security.

  3. What happened to them?…. you should insisted on renting a room for them… at least for the kid.. so noisy outside… bless you for your good heart …

  4. The mother seemed a bit out of place..she didn’t really want to talk about her situation.. maybe because of her would be so nice to see them somewhere besides the street..I wonder if they’ve been on the streets but she said it was freshness being outside from being inside I take for a long time.. But you can tell she wasn’t trying to have a conversation about her situation for sure…where was she talking about going to sleep when her daughter woke up? That’s a bit strange in its self for going to sleep After her daughter wakes up..I’m mean what she going to do sleep while her child watches her??? I think she got a fended when you asked if she was able to manage her money that you gave her and did you give her more because you said to her you had more money from people who wanted to help her..I was just curious..she should be so very grateful for your time and companion and help..but I’m sure she is like I said her pride is there for us to see..I honestly couldn’t do what she’s doing with a child on the she selling lotto tickets??

  5. Put yourself in this Woman shoes ! Would you totally trust a stranger Man esp when you have a Kid to protect ! Troy need anor method to help some of these homeless women


  7. She doesn’t know him and thinks he’s like some sort of trafficker so she is weary of him.
    Remember they don’t have smartphones so they can’t just whip it out and just google Troy Vietnam

  8. a KID wants to watch cartoons on your phone…and you get annoyed and leave “abruptly “…?..smh…

    And what is it with you keep asking people with no money, “why dont you get a room?” I’m sure if they have the money to spare, they might.. you might as well ask people that are hitchhiking, why dont you just rent a car.

    I mean, ur asking people “do you have enough money for…” Maybe they dont want to tell you or the camera on their face that they are on hard times. Jesus.

  9. I think she doesn’t see how she can rent a motel continuously or on a daily basis with the limited money that she has. I’m sure she would stay under the roof for her daughter’s sake but she must save the money for essentials (food) and emergency (medical). She keeps these thoughts to herself. For now, it is cheaper to stay outside. Very sad. I had tears watching the girl sleeping like that.

  10. Perhaps showing the mother (and others) pictures of, and messages from, donors might help convince her that it’s okay to accept help. At the moment, the whole thing just seems too abstract and unfamiliar for her to take in and process.

  11. Troy,please keep trying to help, ignore the naysayers,the mom may have some issues,however it is clear the love she has for her daughter,keep up your great work.

  12. At this point, you have 2 choice Brother Troy, you can continue to collect adequate donations until you have enough for one month’s rent or get a debit card and fill it up and visit them in a few weeks. The second and darker alternative is to ask to speak to the daughter and ask her how she feels without the mother present. Children are honest.

  13. the mother doesn’t want her child to become accustomed to a life of luxury they can’t really afford. in a way, she’s protecting the child from being resentful. she knows troy will not always be there…

  14. Most likely weary of Troy as human trafficking is an issue in Vietnam. People treat people nice and then bam, they are tricked into human trafficking so she’s probably weary of him. For those who don’t understand Vietnamese, the way Troy asks questions in Vietnamese it comes across awkward. He’s not very fluent, no fault of his, so it could possibly come across awkward and borderline creepy asking out of the blue questions. But props to him for trying his best and trying to do good things.

  15. I don’t know why you would be angry at the young girl playing with your fone. Maybe her friends have one and she doesn’t. If enough people donate … could you get her a half decent one ?? But they need somewhere clean to eat and sleep. I like that girl… she is a good talker. Hope she is ok.

  16. dude come on if you was homeless why would you spend most of your money for 1 night of sleep or spend money on food for 2 weeks come on its not even a decision quit telling homeless people to get a room they rather keep the money for stuff that matters like food

  17. You have to understand the little girl do not go to school and no home and no toys and no money so she have to like the phone of course her some toys to play with. God bless you Troy and both of them. CA.USA

  18. The mother should use money to buy medicine and rent cheap place for the little girl to sleep not to only save money which is good but not to let the girl get sick by sleep on the street.So sad

  19. This woman is starting to piss me off. She is using her child to get donations off the street. She needs to have the child taken from her before something bad happens to this child!

  20. Its so hard to help the little girl. The mother doesn’t want to talk at all. You met her many time and help her with money but she doesn’t want to open up. Really concern about the health of that girl, poor things 😒

  21. Seeing the bruise on her head, I question if she’s sleeping or unconscious? The mother seems more anxious than normal, maybe something happened and she doesn’t know what to do? Please help them Troy, maybe get the girl from the pharmacy to convince the mother to accept help. Are there medical personnel like paramedics that could come to see if she’s OK, or take her to a clinic?

  22. Buy her a cheap cell for the little girl so she can use free wifi to connect to you if in trouble one day , teach the young girl how to use a wifi app , u never know one day it may save her life , and she can learn from it. I’m sure the room for a few days would have them sad when they need to leave . Maybe you can buy them lottery tickets to teach them how to sell to make a living. Streets are a tough way but with the ability to sell and make a few dollars daily they may survive this. The young girl is bright so let her shine

  23. It’s one thing for a grown adult to choose to sleep on the streets (in fact even in the UK’s climate there are some people who do this) but quite another thing to force a child who has no say in the matter to do the same. IIRC one of the workers from the hospital who knows them suggested the mother had mental health issues. It is such a shame for the girl. She looked so unwell compared to some other videos. Makes you just want to scoop her up and make everything right in her life…. but it is so hard to do if the mother is not cooperating.

  24. Just sent 71 usd / 100 aud donation via paypal for Chau Anh. Hope they receive it. Maybe buy a prepaid phone to have a way to keep in touch with them?

  25. Troy, that poor mother is exhausted and depressed. She is trying to do the best with what little she has, which is nothing. I think she believes you have ulterior motives and is afraid to trust you because she may not believe something so kind or fortunate can happen in her utterly hard existence.

  26. bro you need to work on your people skills. your heart is in the right place but some of the things you say comes off as rude. like the woman that sold you the gum you asked what was wrong with her skin. dont point out peoples flaws its rude and disrespectful. love your channel and for what you do to help the poor but this needs improving i see this i a lot of your videos.

  27. With homelessness across the globe in every country, Japanese and Vietnam still have pride and honest compare to Philippines homelessness where ppl still having sex and having children even tho they are in dire poverty and can’t even feed themselves let alone their children.

  28. Hello Troy. In Thailand many people live in a room around 50usd a month. When i was there last. If you can find a room for mother and daughter for around that price, i will pay for couple months if you pay directly to manager. Let manager know not to let mother cash out of appartment. I also want to buy the young girl a good backpack. Let me know if the mother is a diabetic, she may need to check blood few times a day. Also if this is the same lady on dialysis let me know. Email me [email protected]

  29. I think that there are 2 main issues here. Forgive me if I’m blunt but I think it’ll help you think of another way to approach this. Chau Anh cannot keep sleeping out in the streets like this. It’s way too dangerous for a young girl to sleep out in the open especially at night time.

    Issue #1: I think there is something going on with the mom. She seems to have some mental issues. What parent in their right mind would want their children to sleep out in the street like that? She said they can stay at a relative’s place she’d rather not because doesn’t like being inside? Doesn’t make sense. Sleep inside when night time, go outside during the day. Perhaps that home is a danger to them? Can’t be worse then being outside in the open and completely vulnerable when they’re asleep. This world is not a safe place…

    Issue #2: The mom is wary of you and it is completely understandable. I know you have big heart and you’re doing this to help others but it does seem scary from the mother’s point of view. You appear out of nowhere, suddenly show kindness to them, recording them and pay a lot of attention to her adolescent daughter….

    Issue #2 in combination with #1 is why you’re having trouble breaking down the wall. I think that you need to bring another person with you preferably a female like the woman at 0:43. Sorry to be blunt but again a single man going around recording kids is creepy. Again we know you’re helping people but people who are meeting you for the first time do not know of your generous/caring/kinda nature/history.

    Bottom line is Chau Anh cannot keep sleeping out in the streets…

  30. She does not want to rent a room because she tries to save money for a rainy day. On top of that charity help is not there all the time as your monthly pay check. I think the best way to help her is to find her a place and a job to support herself.

  31. Troy you might want to think more on how you speak to these people. You come off as a smart ass trying to take the piss out of them. So that’s why afew people do not accept your help.

  32. Troy, homeless problem is not only luck of money but often mental status, these people need both cash and doctor, as much as I πŸ‘ your efforts perhaps finding additional assistance may end up more fruitful. Ur good man Troy. Wish you well πŸ™ you gonna be fine

  33. Some of these comments are so off. Think that mother’s feeling a little uncomfortable with you and your camera. Destitute perhaps but she doing the best she can. You know how many parents just abandon their children. But she’s there. Little girl so smart and clever for her age and I wish for her a better life a better tomorrow than her mother’s known.

  34. She probably took you asking her if she knew how to handle money as offensive. You got to stop asking her that. Hook up with a reputable organization and have the shop lady come to talk to them. She’s probably afraid when you ask her to rent a room you will exploit her or her daughter. Your tactic is clearly not working man. You need a new approach.

  35. I grew up in an orphanage in Saigon for 4 yrs till I was 4 during the Vietnam War. I Remember what is was like to be lucky to have a bowl of rice once or twice a week if we were lucky. There where over 60 of us kids in a very small building and being barely cared for by 5 or 6 French nuns. The older orphans usually took care of us. Seeing this mother and daughter’s situation absolutely breaks my heart. She absolutely doesn’t stand a chance w/ out help from donors. God bless you Troy, keep up your good Samaritan endeavors. I will gladly donate when I get back to the states. Unfortunately I’m currently in the Bahamas helping rebuilding peoples live here running off generators and wifi / internet is sporadic @ best. Best part of my day is watching videos of your posts. You are a Saint and you and all your donors have given so much hope to many lives . Young and old.

  36. The mom definitely has some internal issues she needs to deal with. Troy cannot fix her. Maybe get her a room for a month to month basis to start. No kid should sleep on the streets like that. It’s not that expensive to rent a room at a cruddy hotel for a month. Start with that and then maybe search somewhere for mental health issue help for the mom, not sure if these places are easily found in Vietnam though. My heart goes out to that poor little girl.

  37. It’s cool you’re doing all this, but I do wonder, the woman doesn’t seem all too thrilled to know she is on YouTube or questioned about the money being given. She seems to want to be left alone and live her way,, or maybe she doesn’t trust you, IDK. On the child, her wanting to use your phone, pretty natural behavior. It’s a luxury she will not have for some time.

  38. I think she would rather save the money for food etc than spend it on a room for a night. And if the rooms are as cheap as I imagine then it might actually be nicer to sleep outside on a warm night than on a dirty bed in a stuffy room. Maybe consider finding them somewhere a bit nicer with AC etc, taking them there and paying for a week stay or something.

    I forget, are they just staying in that area temporarily? The mum there for hospital treatment and/or the daughter there for schooling?

  39. Meanwhile a white woman here in the west throws a tantrum at the store because she was asked to put a mask on, threw all her food out of the car out to the ground…. But people say there is something wrong with the woman in this video for refusing help.
    Woman at the end of this video got $5 USD (100K dongs) and rushed to go eat something, i love when troy helps those small sellers.

  40. I would give them my paycheck if I could know for sure her daughter and herself would have food and shelter for more than a night! They need it more God Bless both of you and may he protect you both out there! πŸ™

  41. That’s a real shame, this little girl needs help but i think her mother needs help more, Chau Anh is certainly the brains of the family, such a big burden for one so young

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