Rex’s Surfboard & Guitar Shop in Bayawan, Philippines

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  1. Wandering into a karaoke place one night led me to meeting Rex, who runs his own custom surfboard and guitar shop along the boardwalk in Bayawan.

  2. Glad to see you are getting out and about,again. I have had Sipalay City, up the coast from there, on my bucket list. One of the things that has me puzzled is why so many of the bigger towns in the Visayas are located on the eastern shores ( except Bacalod) and you have to go away from town to find a good beach. I’m a big sunset fan myself.
    Could it be due to the prevailing winds affecting the small boats, or maybe better anchorages and deeper slope to the seabed on the eastern sides. This is opposed to southern Thailand where on both coasts, most of the towns are built back from really nice beaches. Just curious.    

  3. Wow Rex is really talented.  Amazing he can make that stuff.  I wonder if he could make me a custom 2 person kayak?  Will have to check him out when I am in town.

  4. Interesting.  My late father learned surfing in Hawaii in the ’50s, before it was US.  He loved body surfing and said it was much appreciated.  The first boards were huge and heavy.  He built his own sailboat and was an ambulance worker there.  He never could tolerate motorcycles or scooters after seeing what he had!

  5. Nice Video Henry, showing local skilled tradesman, another side of the Philippines. Also you mentioned you were in a karaoke bar and I recalled an earlier video where you sort of promised  your loyal viewers a song, so perhaps Rex can film you belting out a song. Your journey continues, best of luck in your travels.

  6. It’s great that you get out and about and meet the people.  It’s also awesome that you’re sharing his story and his business with the world.  Great job!  Keep it up, Henry!

    1. Patrick Schaufelberger hello. Have you been to rex’s shop? Do you know how to get there? Im a local of negros and new to surfing. So im trying to find the exact location in bayawan where i can surf.

  7. How much would it cost to live your friends lifestyle. By the beach rooster crowing … man his life looks like a dream! What would a place like where he’s at cost to buy a place like his or rent?

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