1. I wonder how much rice that little field can produce versus the cost? It already cost over 2K pesos with the caribou and turtle, or about 50kg of rice. Then you add another 1K for turtle pass, labor by two men to prep, then planting, harvesting, and rice haling. I hope it does not end with a lost. Now I know why the Philippines import rice instead. No profit there.

  2. Tatay works so hard! God bless him. I wish all of you the best in this new endeavor! Friendly reminder to new viewers, let the ads run and don’t skip. hit the like button…helps moneytize Brian’s Channel. Peace! The snails are Escargot!

  3. Pity not in a tobacco growing area. My wife’s uncle back in Zimbabwe, used to use large sackfulls of the sweepings at the auction centers to spread over his lawns to kill off the critters, nicotine is a poison after all! Lol

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