Riding From Moalboal to Dumaguete – Philippines

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    1. Henry
      Have you repeated this ride since the trip in this video? It looks like a fantastic trip to ride. Do you know if it is possible to hire a scooter when on vacation over there?

    2. The firts thing in the morning is to make some coffee and watching your daily diary clips you give me an impression of live in the Philippines.Go on with it and take care.. good luck Henry.

  1. It is indeed an amazing ride. I just drove the same road about a month ago when I went from Moalboal to Oslob and took a dip with the shark whales. Also a beautiful experience.
    Besides the wonderful nature during the ride I was also amazed by the overwhelming greetings you receive from the people along the road. Further although the people do not have a lot of money everything along the road was well maintained and the people looked very happy and well dressed. Also I haven’t seen one foreigner during the whole ride.
    I done many scooter trips in Asia, from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos, but this trip was indeed one of the most enjoyable trips I ever made.
    Nice video Henry!   

  2. lol! I remember me and my girlfriend went driving from Manila all the way to Pagudpud(northern luzon) and we stop about every 15 minutes to enjoy the scenery.

  3. great vid. strange how you get into the islands and look around and end up wishing English had more names for colors because language fails to capture the natural beauty and photographs just cant do it justice. 

    when you get a gopro or other higher end digital camera you should play with some HDR photography it would let you make some amazing photos easy. 

    1. To me, it’s a numbers game and where you park it.  In Cebu/Manila I’d expect the chances of it being stolen higher in some areas, less likely in guarded areas.  Smaller towns, hard to say.  

  4. Took this road many times. It is a beautyfull ride/place. When you go back over the mountains or take the same way next time, don’t forget to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits right at the pass. It is one of the best fresh markets you can get on Cebu (also for piglets and lifestock in general). It is called “the vegetable highway – Dakit”.  Cheers – nice video blog you have here.

    1. Yes, in fact I lived 9 months on Bohol and about 2 months on Panglao, just 20 minutes from Alona beach.  I loved it.  🙂

  5. Dang Henry that looks like a great ride. Do you know if there are scooter or motorbike rentals there??? I think it would cost a few grand to bring my bike with me still sorting out logistics and the devils is in the details. Thanks again for the great work. Craig.

  6. Hi Henry..thanks again for your videos ,I have been back and forth to the Philippines since 2005 always hanging around Manila with a Filipino family and some time on my own in Makati ,lots of good memories fun fun fun. But I have jungle fever I always have, even asking people where can I find some jungle here, I found a bit in Batangas and loved it, piles of coconuts along the road I ask the driver to pull over so it can have some Buko juice and take pictures. Anyway,, this next trip will be December or January soon as my Ankle injury heels up I an going to follow your foot steps from cebu city to carcar and south to cross by ferry them follow your path south then north. Its vasyas time for me, you have open the window to my deepest imaginations about the Philippine’s…. my ? Is once you left carcar how many hours did it take by scooter to get to to ferry. Thanks again..I start my day and end my day with your videos. I call it my research.I’m going make a plan and stick to it,even if I meet my dreamy dark skin filipina,along the way. Maybe that will be part of my adventure ‘:) salamat

  7. Reekay, you are on the southwest coast of Cebu on this trip. Not east coast.
    Update for you, Lilo-an/Sibulan ro-ro barge schedule. 4:30am, 6, 7:30, 9, 10:30 etc.. every 1 and a half hours and last trip is at 10:30pm.

    Fastcraft last trip is 8pm.

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