Road Side Durian Rayong Thailand MMMM Nice and Warm. ระยอง

Vlog#685 Everyday life living in Thailand. Today We take the long ride from Rayong to Korat, Gotta get the ladies back home. So me and Paige can get to our next adventures. A quick stop for some stinky fruit first.
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  1. Chuck, I give you thumbs up before I even watch the vlog, now fck off til I watch you and Paige in Rayong (only joking by the way 😜)

  2. Love your vlog. My friend and I watch all of the time. It’s really inspired me to do a lot of the same with my vlog over on my channel. Keep up the good work.

  3. Stressful start, yah you’re human 😎 you handled it well. You guys eat a lot of the durian, I will have to give it A try when I get that direction.

  4. Loved it when the music started playing at exactly @9:00 it looked like Clint Eastwood riding into town in a Spaghetti Western. In your case Pad Thai Western. Very quaint town.

  5. I will watch anything that has durian in it. There are many things I miss about Thailand, but durian is in the top 3. Really good prices on that durian as well. I’ve had days where I’ve spent up to 1000 baht on my durian fix.

  6. This guy in the video is not chuck !! Not one awesome throughout vlog lol, take care on the road and you,can keep the stinky fruit yuk

  7. There is no need to thank us for watching rather then we thank You for showing us those magnificent parts of the world and all those strangers that become so familiar via Your skills with the camera and words. Therefor a big Thank You to You, your ever smiling wife and her soi mafia.

  8. Good morning Chuck. Your teeth replacement video came into my feed a bit ago. Thailand prices are beyond belief, but it has always been that way in food, rent, Everything since i was there in 2006. Today i got a quote for 2 fillings i had done with my HMO at Levis (1994), they both fell out after all that time. Now i was told that both teeth to bridge are at $2000.00. I truly cannot get to Thailand fast enough. I’ll never come back to live in America, but may visit from time to time.

  9. Durian is SO unique… has to try it when there…i enjoyed the ripe durian! (Had some durian that was not ripe and it had no flavor whatsoever)

  10. I really can’t see what people think is so good about that fruit you can get some lovely pineapple or Asian mango for les the money….very over rated not even nice yuck.durian

  11. Hi Chuck, must be pretty hectic with the mother in law and friends, I understand why you are tried. Thanks for the video and looking forward to your next trip.

  12. Hello sir, the vid was short but I get it …kind of a long first trip after months of nothing.
    get some rest before you head out on next one.
    just a thought that you may have already had …. maybe less road shots unless it’s one you haven’t been on before.
    hope the ladies had a good trip
    looking forward to the next one …. need my Thailand fix

  13. Dunno how you got so much patience… with in-laws… way😁😁😁😁Tell you what, strap your bike to the roof and tell them if they pi** you off you will ride home and they can drive themselves:-):-):-)

  14. Now can you express how Durian taste and what is the flavor close too in the states? You make page laugh just like I make my wife laugh, so cute!

  15. Hi Chuck and Paige, thanks for sharing your trip with us, I love Durian but not it’s smell. Enjoy your weekend at home, love your videos mate, keep them coming 😊😊

  16. when life stresses me, I have to get away, but thats why I live where I do, approx 20 miles, & I can be at some of most scenic places in VA, or 1 of my favorite towns, or a mountain beach, or a picnic area on the lake edge, under forest. or take a ride to other areas. did that a week ago. to area you hear on Andy Griffith, Mt. Pilot. which in real life is Pilot Mountain NC. a bit over 60 miles away. but makes for fun day. stopped in to a private mopar junkyard I found. talked cars an hour or so. relaxing….. then back to work next day.

    I looks like so much fun there, maybe next year I can think of a vacation to travel, not been anywhere in long time, but I did lots of traveling in my youth in the states.

  17. Have a safe trip, I’ve done that Rayong to Korat trip over the mountain many times. Have a stop at the Italian Town Verona on the mountain.

  18. Oh geez ! Not long enough for a Hong nam trip ! Lol..thx for the vid, wouldn’t mind seeing the trip back at all..always love those big fluffy clouds there, love the rain as well..thx again 🙏🏻👍🏻✌🏻🕊

  19. You should get a few of those inflatable neck pillows to keep in your truck. The Mafia sisters looked more like bobble heads when they were passed out. I’m sure they were feeling that the next morning.

  20. Yep, family with small children completely oblivious to anyone else. Durian is just excellent, it’s hard to beat that taste when it is at it’s best. The smell, I don’t have a problem with, but the price unfortunately is usually out of my budget.

  21. I had to laugh at the “kids” passed out in the back seat. they go and go until they pass out. at least it was quiet for a while 555 hopefully you made good time while they were sleeping and didn’t have to stop

  22. Suggestion for your video title, Chuck: change from “There is notime2bsad” to “This is notime2bsad”. See how it give it a double meaning?

  23. Howdy Chuck, I enjoy your sense of humor and contents. It is interesting times, indeed… It is intriguing to see how it is that we evolve and seeing your journey is priceless… Thanks again!

  24. That would suck if they kept those prices at that range or worse, higher… Did you plan on the inevitable aspect of things going out of control with the norm that was just recent in your local…

  25. WARM durian? OMG Chuck, that’s like the perfect storm of it can NOT taste worse… even Paige wouldn’t touch it so that should tell you something.

  26. I guess you had the aromatherapy massage at the mall, 600 baht whereas the Thai oil is 400 baht there, contrast that with Chiang Mai where thai massage and oil massage are both 250 baht. ( i guess thats a tourist thing) These prices haven’t changed in years, though they do have a special promotion 1000 baht for 5 massages in one place, on the left hand side. (called “the spa” I guess you havent been to Korat for a long time if you think prices have gone up lol.

  27. wow i dont mind adds but that was add extreme it reminded me of when i was in the states and it was add telivision that was a long time ago

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