Road Trip from Dumaguete to Cebu and Back During the Pandemic Misery

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Road Trip from Dumaguete to Cebu and Back During the Pandemic [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks My friend and neighbor tells the tale of trying to go to Cebu and Back with his Family and the many challenges they faced, during the time of Covid


  1. It’s amazing that you have to ask the “specific” question before it’ll be answered. The website should have listed all requirements. When called, the clerk should have told him everything required but they failed completely. What a pain! 🤦‍♂️

  2. I wonder where the Philippines Government came up with the idea to quarantine kids ? The “virus” is proven to not effect them. I guess they just make up random rules with no facts.

  3. Omg. You had to go threw all that. Ok I don’t need that kind of problems. And what about the President. He says if you are a person of suspect! You will be Detained! And you will be in Jail! Wait! Are you saying before you can enter the country of Philippines. You must have proof of vaccination. And proof of negative test results.

  4. More fun in the Philippines?????
    sounds like one big headache . Thanks for not making everything butterflies and puppy dogs….Telling the truth!!

  5. Minions in the Philippines are trained to be robots they are not allowed to think for themselves. It always pays to go up the ladder to someone much higher in Management to get somewhere. 👍Great Story.

  6. Most entertaining video I’ve seen in a while. I love the way you laugh Paul (not at but with) someone who survived a horror show. WTF 😳 I thought Thailand was bad and it is, but it’s a walk in the park compared to What this poor guy endured. Not sure my nerves can handle that place.

  7. Absolutely right. I’ve been here 9 years now, and am settled in Cebu. We all do things differently and want what we want. Live where you want how you want lads, more fun in the Philippines! 😁😉

  8. Thanks Gary for sharing your experience. I also have to make the trip to Cebu to get my biometrics done for my 13A visa.
    Did you have to make an appointment at immigration to get the biometrics done.
    Did you receive your ACR card on the same day or do you have to go back to Cebu to pick it up.
    Hopefully you can answer my questions.

  9. Paul, love the interview. Not at all complaining, just let you know that I needed the volume up high to hear you guys, and then the commercials were screaming. Ha ha, no biggie, just only fyi.

  10. Man what a hassle travel from one place to another. I’m going to Nicaragua 1st week of November (to visit Dean) . It’s a little bit of a hassle because I have to get PCR tested before leaving and also before returning. Of course the only place in the country to get PCR tested is in Managua 2 1/2 hours from where I’m staying. So, I have to leave San Juan Del Sur a day early just to get tested before my flight home. other than that nothing thy don’t even require masks.

  11. With a family how come you’re not vaccinated Gary? I had covid and I was lucky. But I would never take the chance expecially if I had small children that depended on me.

  12. Dealing with both the local government and the federal government regulations and requirements is always challenging (and frequently bizarre and nonsensical) in the Philippines, even during normal times. With COVID-19 restrictions, it’s become completely oppressive and suffocating. It wears you down sometimes, let me tell you.

  13. I have been 10 years in Phillipines. I left 1 month ago. And i am happy i left.
    NO MORE REQUIREMENT!!! Yayyyy!!!
    Soon i will go to Mexico, its open and simple there.

  14. Excellent video , thanks guy`s , We have all heard the stories about traveling around Russia having to show your papers , and thats bad ,,, but to travel around the Philippines you have to show your papers , and everyone needs different papers , it`s like they make up the rules as you go ,,, very discouraging to people like my that want to come there ,,,,,,,,,,,, Anyway hope you and Miss Mae have a wonderful day

  15. Thank you Paul for having Gary and a BIG thank you to Gary to telling us his story of his arduous trip to Cebu with his young family. Wow – what an ordeal!!! And so frustrating at getting different requirement information at every juncture, so it depends on who you are talking to(?) It appears that the Philippines is catching up with the rest of the world in setting up the S-pass to facilitate travelling to/from various locations, but one thing remains consistent if that person at the ferry/airplane/hotel does not like your paperwork, you are hooped. In Gary’s case, do not mess around with a tired father who’s got a tired wife and two hungry and very tired little kids who stood his ground in his ‘Gandalf’ moment!!!

  16. Not being a smart ass , sincerely a question. Wouldn’t have easier to hire lawyer such as JR. Too have someone pick up your paperwork or mail it to the lawyer. Let him do the leg work I’m sure it’s easier for them to get around. I’m sure with a little extra money amazing things can happen in the Philippines.

  17. I believe in keeping it simple by paving the way by hiring a professional that knows the Dailey in’s and out’s of the Bureaucracy. Let them deal with the stress and testing.

  18. After living here I find that you need to consider how important the things to do really are. For the things you mentioned I would have post-poned the mission. On one level things being barely endurable then the added factor of safety for the Covid risk.
    Locals just think snap a finger to get these things done. But, as you see it’s one obstacle after another. Like the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz. Nobody wants to be Dorothy let alone Toto.
    Living in the City does suck. Best to be in the green suburbs outside of the City as you can always go tot the nearby City for work, medical, entertainment or whatever amenities. I call the city the “concrete jungle” as it’s the feeling I have about it.

  19. This should be a sign to everyone to bring more money than you think you need always. Without a lot of cash you could be in trouble in the covid age with quarantine and rule changes from town to town

  20. I have to say what you are describing sounds like the difference between if you live rural USA and in a big city USA. I live in rural VA. Some people had masks some did not but no one enforced any thing. I never owned one whent out too eat, get coffee ect… my life never really changed. I am a truck driver and worked the entire time no problem. From what I am seeing is NYC, LA ect….. it’s been 100% different.

  21. Hi Paul so if you going to marry a Filipino you have to go to cebu to get married? I thought the embassy was in Manila an that what my girlfriend is saying thks

  22. The Philippines will test your patience. I think when I’m there knowing I don’t have a job to go to will really put me in relax-mode. Looking forward to the end of this pandemic. 🩺💊🔬

  23. Paul,
    How horrible of an experience Gary & family had. He was prepared for the usual BS but ended up getting a Mountain of Shit. Clearly Covid-19 has caused most government beaurocrats to become heartless & Brainless morons.( I actually think they thrive on giving people a difficult time ).
    Just watching him trying to tell his story how much he was squirming & uncomfortable. A clear case of a PTSD flashback. Felt sorry for him.
    I agree with Gary, Metro Manila is a cesspool. I am located in Lipa City, Batangas where so many people commute daily to Manila for work. Lipa City has become Manila South or Lower Manila. ( As it is said Shit rolls downhill. So Lipa City has become worse than Manila )
    City spent a huge amount for traffic lights but won’t turn them on to save cost of electricity & instead posts Traffic enforcement officers instead of using the traffic lights. Then the lack of the Traffic enforcers during lunch & supper. Plus the least little rain & they leave their posts for shelter. ( then the term Cluster F- -k comes into reality)
    Having been to Dumagete in 2018 ( before Covid ) it was heaven then and most certainly better than here.
    Being in Dumagete would mean traveling to Cebu to get exit passes at the PRA office
    ( SRRV holder) Makati is only 110 km via expressway.

  24. Bajaj RE 3 wheelers are NOT motorcycle based, like the Russi Chariot Bud Brown drives…There’s a bench seat, with seat belts for one small person on each side of the driver… Mine is waiting my return to Mindanao(damn covid…). 60 km is cruising speed, but the 198cc engine won’t pull grades if loaded, without serious down shifting. I equipped mine with zippered side curtains, and “towing mirrors”, complete with blind spot mirrors…I’m pleasantly surprised to hear Bajaj are allowed on highways. CDO, in an attempt to alleviate slowdowns, and accidents, forbid “trikes” on the highways. They were after the slow moving, RUDE, payong payong(umbrella umbrella) drivers, and pedal bikes, but included Bajaj, and other, faster moving 3 wheelers in their ban! Congratulations on “mission accomplished”! I’m definitely handling my spousal visa at San Francisco, or, Los Angeles, embassy, if I can’t do everything online!

  25. Well sounds like the Philippines is hell and here in Thailand it’s paradise in comparison for travelers at the moment! I don’t mean to put the Philippines down I’ve been many times and love it there too!

  26. Paul you have a spare room because when I retire I want to come live with you.Besides being awesome you know everything there is to know about doing this.Of course I have a few more years to go before I can retire.

  27. I could hear PAUL just fine. . . But the guy sitting next to him (who claimed U.S. citizenship) has this peculiar nasal Pommie accent! And he spoke rapidly, and sort of under his breath. If he was speaking AMERICAN, or even “Taglish”, he would have been understandable.

  28. I’ve lived in phils since 2015 and have learned the average Filipino will not tell you everything you need to know when you seek information… there are definitely some sharp-minded Filipinos here who can be very helpful… but most Filipinos are simple-minded and are poorly trained to answer questions… so asking the average store employee or government employee for info will lead to you getting incorrect info… so if possible always seek supervision… and ask multiple employees to see what the consenus answer might be. it’s just the way it is the Philippines… the land of simple-minded people giving you incorrect or incomplete info… so be prepared to be misinformed if you ask the average Filiipino for info… beause the average Filipino will not know the answer to your question but will say something to save face… which is big deal here… this is just the way the Philippines is… and it’s not going to change for you… so don’t get pissed when you get misinformed… because you will… just keep your cool and don’t take it personally.

  29. pendemic changed to endemic – everyone will catch COVID19 in one form or another. Vaccinations will help reduce physical impact to your health, just like other vaccines have done in the past. Examples are Smallpox and Polio. Rules are being changed almost everyday, with Brgy’s having local interpretation of the rules just to make it more confusing. I must say that you are a brave man to take that road trip.

  30. Have the Government in the Philippines had any vaccine clinics? One thing about Thailand is that the vaccine has been available to everyone expats included .

  31. He should of told them at the hotel that he was Jason Statham or his brother and they probably would have given him the red carpet treatment.. lol.. he does look a little like him..😎

  32. Thanks Paul and Thanks Garry, Just the way things go in Asian countries, where official or not everyone has their own interprettation of the rules. Having said that 10 munites into the video my face was starting to hurt. That sense of humor of yours just slays me.
    Another top watch thanks old son. All the best to you and May. 🙏

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