Roadside BBQ in Bacong, Negros Oriental – Phiippines

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    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I never understood why they don’t cover the meat and stand there with a fly stick to swat away the flies. They do the same thing in the Dominican republic.

    2. @angel santana it’s like 3p for the skewers, 5p for the chorizo, 5p for the bags of hanging rice.  these skewers were kinda small, other places might charge 10p for pork and 35p for a leg or breast of chicken.

    1. @matt hajas it’s a quaint little town.  but friendly.  i talked to the bbq lady for about half an hour.  and later talked to the karaoke guy another 30 minutes.  very friendly people.

  1. Off the subject but I’m thinking of moving to PH, I know its fine for me, but my mother is 76 (in good health) and is interested in going also for retirement. My question is what is there for her to do there? Are there many activities for the elderly? She is an outdoors person but at her age hiking would be pushing it. A good hospital nearby is a must, would Dumugette still be a good choice?

    1. @Anthony Hill i’d highly suggest Valencia for her.  that’s where i’d take my mom if she’d ever relocate.  temp is cooler, lots of shade, very green, small communities, people into gardening, everything fairly accessible and hospital in duma is only maybe 15 minutes away.  Google it for more info, but I love Valencia.

    1. @Jeff D only once, at an established resto in duma from a chicken burrito (coco amigos).  i should have gotten the schnitzel.. that looked good.  but off the street, only one time and that was in california, a corn-on-the-cob guy lathered up my corn with some mayonnaise that might have been bad.  had the runs all day but survived.  🙂

  2. Here’s a health tip – try not to eat at roadside barbeques with the common dipping containers (everyone takes a bite, dips the stick in a common jar and takes a bite again).  If you can find a stall where they provide a small paper plate (for the barbeque) and spoons to serve the the sauces, that’s probably more hygienic.

  3. Ha. I just commented in the other video that you should try the carenderias and there you are. I like those hanging rice. I miss the Philippines so much. I wish I could retire there now. Enjoy yourself.

  4. Umm, meat on a stick… I’ve never gotten food poisoning for eating street food around the world… It’s the up-scale western owned places that will kill ya…

  5. wow, that town looks like the ” town that time forgot”   super poor looking,  
    i wonder where that meat comes from ? maybe its best not to think ,  hehe 
    enjoy it Henry..   hey,,  when you went to Phils,  did you check for any illnesses or shot you might need due to the change in environment and diseases that foreigners might be prone to ??

    1. @BenFern kay i think the usa state department website might have info on suggested shots.  i didn’t get any although it might have been a good idea.  as for street food, i’ve been doing it for over 30 years in mexico and los angeles so, i’ve been used to it in the PH.

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