Sans Rival in Dumaguete – Great Pastries, Great Prices

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  1. I honestly don’t know how they provide such great pastries/dishes at such low prices.  Two locations in Dumaguete.

    1. I was bringing my date to dinner at Robinsons before a movie, and every place was packed except the Sans Rival, so I wound up there by default. What a pleasant surprise. Good food, great coffee ( the stuff of life itself ), and dynamite sweets. Be back in December and will visit here often.

    2. Most malls in the philippines have 2-3 pastry places in least.

      I was in about a half dozen malls in May…some even had competing pastry outlets right next to each other. Red Ribbon and Goldilocks are the two biggest chains and are everywhere, but there are others as well.

  2. Rabbit.. yes, in other videos I covered the camera I used.  It’s a GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition.  Got it in Dumaguete for about $320 USD.  Excellent camera.

  3. yes we can see u have had food there b4 lol no but on a serous note I am going next week to Bicol region was there 2 years ago and I hear that the cost of things have gone up maybe you could give us some ideas of prices on the markets as I am staying with a family there and am woundering if a budjet of 5000 peso a day will be enough for food ??

    1. yes…so at the new prices you can buy 125 kilos of rice a day  for your 5000p…which comes out to 275 pounds of Rice…

      That should keep everyone fed, in spite of the price increases.

    2. thank you for the info is good as I have seen and heard that prices have gone up know 1kgs of rice is 40+peso b4 it was 30+peso also fuel costs have gone up as well know 60peso and b4 52 peso a ltr I will do the shopping with a local so will give them the money and keep out the way so they get the local price and not foreigner price lol maybe I am staying for one month as from next week
      my budget is 250,000 peso so a good holiday will be had I sponser 2 children there and am there god parent as I was with there mum b4 but she has died so I take care of the schooling and food bills each month I send £200 pounds for them

    3. Wow.  5,000 pesos per day for food would feed about… 50 people, per day.  You throwing a fiesta?  ha!  For a family of say.. 8 people, I’d say that 1,000 pesos per day would be a good ball-park figure.  Depending of course on what meals you were preparing.. fish, chicken, beef, pork, etc.

  4. sans is a latin word that means without  and the second word is rival as in ri·val
    a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activites
    So the bakery means that tha have no rivals…correct pronunciations are IMPORANT!, I know you have trouble with tagalog but this is english..jeez…

  5. Great video as always. Made me chuckle when I noticed you’re wearing the same color shirt as their uniform =). They must have thought it was a surprise inspection from HQ!

  6. about the courage to take videos and narrate with people around, I think not a lot of people nowadays are surprised to see somebody talking to the phone an arm’s length away and facing the phone this or that way as phone technology has advanced to the point where it can also do live cam to cam calls and many do this everyday.

  7. Reekay, I was in Dumuguette last September and I liked the area. I made a lot of friends with the expats that hang out at the McDonald’s. I may be looking for an apartment in that area. Maybe I will see you there on my next trip through. Keep up the good videos.  Patrick Faiola, NYC

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines I know right!  That’s what I noticed too!  There’s never any napkins around…and if there’s some, they are so small and tiny, haha! 

    2. Good stuff.  Oh, and as a reply to Don Blair.. you don’t see self-serve refills here.  ha!  People would likely buy one cup and camp out all day by the fountain dispenser.  Soda is something of a ‘treat’ here.  In fact, few places even leave a napkin dispenser on the table.. those would be empty every 15 minutes with people taking the napkins home.

  8. How much does it cost an house in manila, how much did it cost yours ? I wanted to buy one with 3 rooms,1 kitchen 1 living room and thats it… Could you advice me the best way ?

    1. That’s what I meant by “independently wealthy”. You could place a $50K deposit and earn permanent resident status under the SRRV program.

    2. The first step is to marry a Philippine citizen. Be careful, and get a CERNOMAR from your potential mate before saying “I do”.  Once that’s accomplished and you’ve moved to the Philippines, you can apply for permanent residence. You’ll have to live here as a permanent resident for 5 years before you can apply for citizenship; there are other requirements, too: probably the hardest one is that you’ll need to demonstrate fluency in one of the dialects of Tagalog spoken here. 

      Gaining employment here can be a problem. If you’re a permanent resident, and have a work permit, and are applying for a position _that can’t be filled by a Filipino,_ go for it. Good luck with that one; if you’re not independently wealthy or retired with retirement income or in some other way supported by someone overseas, this is not the place you want to live.

      It may be tempting to bend or break the employment rules; this is a pretty easy going country. But be aware, foreigners taking jobs here is something that is very closely watched. Violators sit in jail until they can be deported.

      Do these things seem difficult? That’s by design; the one thing the Philippines has more than enough of is human beings. Visitors with round trip tickets are welcomed; those who want to stay are discouraged.

  9. Henry how are you these days and plans if any? I have been watching on You Tube other ex pats Philippine Dreams , Travis Kraft and Pop65z. But I like your videos. You seem practical.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Well, maybe he thinks that you are not a “good” christian or something….*ducks and run*
      Guess i would share your fate as well^^

    2. Ned, from PhilippineDreams is a close friend of mine here in Dumaguete.  Cool guy.  I’ve only emailed a few times with Travis.  As for Pop65z, I can’t say he’s had anything good to say about me whenever my name pops up in his rants.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines
       I think you can justify a return trip to the other location in the near future to provide a video for all of your envious fans. 

  10. Hey Henry is there more expat in Dumaguete or is there a another city you know? With the same size as Dumaguete.  Almost every time you shoot a video in and around  Dumaguete. I see one and two expats in the back ground. 

    1. There are a LOT of expats here in Dumaguete.  To some guys, that’s a plus.  Me, I’m a fairly independent guy and do my own thing.  I like meeting with expats on a random basis, that’s cool.  But you won’t find me at the McDonald’s in the morning with the ‘regular crew’ of expats.   🙂

  11. Hey there, I missed you in the philippines. I didn’t stay in one place very long. The highlight of my trip was Boracay, after that I was in Dumaguete from July 2-July 4. I watched this video on the 3rd so I decided to go for dinner at San Rival. I was very impressed by the price. I think I got a double patty burger, a slice of bico, and iced coffee all for 163 peso. 

    1. Yah, can’t beat the prices.  Next time you’ll have to try the location on the boardwalk.. more of a sit-down resto experience with an even nicer decor.  And still good prices. 

    1. Be sure to visit the main resto location on the boardwalk.  They have a Signature Ice Tea with strawberry/kiwi that’s great if you like sweet drinks.

  12. You should also try Red Ribbon or Goldilocks. They also have good meals and pastries and cakes for very good low prices. Not as wide variety of choices in their menu though but still very cheap prices.

  13. I miss Sans Rival.. I’m from Dumaguete but all I know about Sans Rival is close to Boulevard… your absolutely right their pastries are very well bake ever since…

  14. yeah i know the feeling, last time i was in manila i took my gf, two children and their Mum out to dinner at a resturant inside a shopping mall the bill was roughly 800-900 pesos which was cheap compared to back home.but yeah enjoy your pastry

  15. This reminds me of Goldilock’s Bakery, which serves pastries and food like dinuguan, the dish made with blood.

    Try the Persian Palate in Dumaguete. The hummus is great, and ask for the green chile sauce.

  16. Wife is from Dumaguete City and have been there many times. I prefer Sans Rival location off the Boulevard. I also prefer Qyosko off of Perdices St/Pinili St. They do have a lot of good restaurants on the Boulevard. I can even buy my German beer there cheaper than in the States….

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