Saturday Live With Gio – What’s Going on in The Philippines?

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Saturday Live With Gio – What’s Going on in The Philippines?

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My channel: Reviewing different islands and cities in The Philippines as places to visit or live, condo and apartment reviews, dating tips, & how to travel and live inexpensively in The Philippines.


  1. The risk is when it erupts. I have relatives in Tagaytay and friends in the area of Batangas a few towns away from Taal .they are beautiful sceneries Batangas, Tagaytay, Laguna, Cavite but its easily affected by ashfall from the volcano.

  2. Gio, A back-up cell-phone? A great idea, now you can have two devices which allow ‘the powers that should not be’ to track your whereabouts, or more accurately, the location of your cell-phones, even when they are turned off, COOL! Oh, I almost forgot the other blessing – the very harmful RF radiation which cell-phones give off and is a contributing factor to brain cancer, isn’t high-tech great?

  3. Too bad. I am watching between bouts of logging, skidding, cutting, and splitting birch. It’s worth $400/cord. Two cords a day is a moderate work rate. Cutting on our own land. If you don’t harvest birch, the core rots and the tree is wasted. I’ve had two harvests on my own land since I bought it.

    We found a giant burl patch in the wilderness and we’re allowed to take them. We made some into tables. Now just selling burls, the next one for $500. It’s so heavy we are bringing the engine hoist to load it into the truck. We’re going to build a trail into this burl patch and I welded up a trailer tough enough to haul them out with a four-wheeler.

    In the Philippines, we would have been on 27 acres with over 3,000 coconut trees. Half a mile of ocean frontage. We were going to land an excavator, sink a pier, build a compound with a heliport…So instead our consolation prize is a homestead in Alaska.

    We’ve been to Mexico already, it’s not for us. Next we’ll try out Uraguay for a winter retreat. I’ve been to Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and among them I would say Patagonia gets the nod so far. Philippines can kiss our rear ends.

  4. Hey Gio.. you mentioned interviewing Buddy Tripp about his time in Mexico and Bali.. any chance that’ll happen?
    Curtis.. now in Mexico City myself.. next month Mazatlan beach.. NO restrictions here, NO quarantine, NO extra expenses! November either Thailand, Philippines or Indonesia. (depends on Mr. Covid)

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