SE Asia: A change of thinking regarding C-19?

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In my latest video, I talk about how countries in SE Asia are thinking about how to live with C-19, because they realize they will never get back to zero cases again.

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  1. Keep in mind, when the government says “cases” they actually mean “positive tests results”. Just because a person tests positive, doesn’t mean they are sick or have the virus. Hospitalizations is the only true indicator and even then you have to be suspect.

  2. Some SE-Asia tourism is already happening. I arrived Yesterday in the Phuket sandbox and I’m really enjoying it so far. Great opportunity to enjoy the stunning beaches and sights without the usual crowds. Even the weather is currently all sunshine despite the monsoon season.

  3. Hi Jason, as you and I both know much of the Philippines relay on tourism for their local economies. Thanks for the update. Take care of yourself. Stay safe and healthy plus have fun.

  4. to reach natural herd immunity, a lot of people have to die, I don’t think any country or people are that brave, unless those neocon crazies. anyway, when the vac rate is at a high percentage, living with the covid is doable regardless of how many break through after that. living with covid means, nobody has to be hospitalized and die after that.

  5. Sounds good news Jason. Australia is indicating they want to start flying overseas late December for vaccinated people. Sydney today 1400 cases n Melbourne 300 . I can’t wait to fly back to Cebu next year. I’m fully vaccinated now and I have certificate of vaccination on my phone. I want to help out in our store on Camotes Island. Our business is growing . Daily taking of more than P 40,000 some days

  6. lockdowns aren’t helping anymore. The whole purpose of these lockdowns was to buy the world some time to prepare the healthcare system while scrambling to get more and more information about the then novel coronavirusv onset of the pandemic. Now we’re almost 2 years into this pandemic and we’re still doing the same thing with not much benefit anymore as cases aren’t going down so I completely agree with you that if cases aren’t going down with lockdowns then might as well open the economy up. We don’t have much choice but to live with it. We cannot hide from it forever. 2 years into the covid pandemic, another pandemic is emerging and that is the mental health pandemic which is equally worrisome as covid.

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