Setting Up an Outdoor Kitchen – Tiny Solar House Thailand | MTGA 014

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  1. Good to see your video and if i may say what a great job your all doing looks like u were well ahead of the rest of the world going Green great to see thank you god bless and be safe.

  2. 🚨 About keeping away Snakes 🐍🚨
    You might find this helpful from the Australian Native Koories here. I copied this and kept it and I’ll share it with you and you can try it. It might be good, I’ve not actually tried it myself here yet but apparently it actually works according to other comments. My understanding from the pictures that were with the text is, you don’t crush the shells, you just sort of throw a bunch on a low fire and let them burn a bit.
    I love your vids, I throughly enjoy watching all the developments and I really appreciate the wonderful gentle sweet vibe Nat has… good luck & here’s what I copied…

    🐍 (SNAKE) Breeding season prep! Burnt egg shells throughout gardens…….indigenous elders in FNQ and NT told my father this back in the 70’s….save your shells until you have sufficient to burn then distribute throughout your garden…..the smell is a “danger to breed there” signal for snakes 🐍 so they move on!……

  3. Great to see the dam full and the bank stabilising plants around it flourishing. The wall looks nice and neat JC Nat. Nice job guys 👍Kitchen fencing nice n neat too. So glad to see the garden is growing really well. I can see the progress of some of the fast growers like the bananas in the background of one of your patio shots.
    Snakes and tropical living; You gotta watch where you walk – its not like living in the city. Can’t just thrust your hands into the leaf litter or green undergrowth as sure enough you’ll say hello a slithery fella for sure. We’re surrounded by forest and rubber plantation where we are but the housing estate is pretty safe from snakes so far. But, I always watch and stomp my feet a bit and poke with garden tools when I go into the garden to work! The dogs are good for snake watch … like your tough pint-sized buddy lol 😂 I keep my dogs in the large walled garden of the house as they aren’t jungle dogs like your locals are. Keep up the good eco-home/garden work you guys.

  4. Hi JC, Kudos on the improvements you all have been doing.Looking good. Liked your chat about 11:00 …Dystopian is a valid description of whats going on in the world these days.I truly hope that the individuals behind all this get exposed and pay he piper for what they’re trying to do.

  5. I moved to the beautiful, clean and safe Queretaro, Mexico at the age of 79 .from the deadly USA The police do not play here, and the people are super nice, respectful, and kind. It is less expensive to live here, and I have a beautiful apartment, and my own driver and maid and laundry, and above all FREE wifi. I have lived since 1962 part time in Acapulco, but I was in 6 earthquakes and one hurricane.,There are people of African ancestry n Mexico, and the 2nd President of Mexico was of African ancestry. Vicente Guerrero,

  6. I love rain and I love thunderstorms, you could show even more of that and it would be great. Also I don’t know where you’re at in Isan but it can get down in the upper 40s in some places so I’m not sure it’s a great idea to put the frig outside in case you want some food on a cool winter night. It will be nice to cook and be outside though looking over the landscape. It’s really big sky country there thanks to the dry season.

  7. Concerning the solar.I understand you were involved in boats/yachts previously. I follow several offshore sailor YTubers and they are off grid while at sea. They mostly have solar and now a lot of them are using Lithium batteries for efficiency. They can be drawn down much more with no ill effect. BUT they are expensive! Another option you can try is to get 4 x 6 volt deep cycle golf cart batteries. This will give way more reserve power for days of no sun. With all the golf courses in Tland they must be available. Maybe do this as an upgrade in the future.

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