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  1. Mae Hong Son loop latest tour bike let us win i can give him exposure in Melbourne love the videos still waiting for the cooking shows mate take care over there its fucked in Melbourne might be extending this lockdown you videos keep me sane

  2. JONNY I NEED ONE. Good on you buddy, great promo work for your Mate. Chad & his Mae Hong Son Tour. I’ll wear the top flat out. Can’t wait 🀭

  3. Mae Hong son was chads bike tour I think he did so many great vlogs in cars JetSkis really good, happy birthday again mate was good to see you and Joe Ian and the ladies at the Bay. Take care

  4. Chad did The Mae Hong Son Loop Motorbike Tour . Thailand πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­
    I’m a subscriber to yours of course and CB MEDIA both kickass channels.

  5. Hey, Jonny, his last tour was “Mae hong son loop”
    The cost of postage internationally will be huge I am estimating over $50 each so you might want to hang fire on this give-away until things return to normal and who knows when that will be. The video was short you left me wanting more HaHa story of my life. M

  6. Hey Johnny, the answer is simple, Mae Hong Son , as most of your subscribers have answered, In fact I’ve seen all his tour’s! Now that the warmer months are fast approaching here in Sydney Chad’s T shirt will be seen by many while I’m riding one of my classic’s around if I’m considered. Great blog’s Johnny, my friends & I thoroughly your work…

  7. Love the vlog out with the family. I wish the haunted house would have been really scary. Tyler eating croc was the highlight for me. Cheers mate!

  8. Mae Hong son loop was he last bike series so send me one I am in Sydney you know where that is it better then Melbourne πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘and I am long time sub to both you guys

  9. hi jonny good video saw joe birthday video looked like you had a good time seen you drinking coke an not a cold one said that why it started raining. LoL stay safe out there see you on the next one.

  10. Chad did the Mae Hong Son Loop – that was his latest bike tour and am a follower of both channels, only thing keeping me sane over here in Japan, can’t wait to start traveling again, looking forward to the day we can have a beer together.

  11. I just about caught your live stream the other night at JRs ? Just really funny , a real shame it’s not still up on YouTube, It reminded me about what I miss about Thailand ( Pattaya ) . P.S Are your balls still intact if your partner saw the vid πŸ˜‚

  12. Nice of you and Chad to collaborate on the CB givaway. Instead of picking the Mai Hong Son loop you should have asked what part of his anatomy suffered the most while he was riding in jeans…his nut sack. Quite humorous that was. Another enjoyable video…thank you

  13. GDay Jonny ! We have been long time subscribers to your channel first then subscribed to CB media’s channel after you put up the link to Chads first legendary long tail boat ride !
    Chads latest bike adventure was from Chiangmai to MAE HONG SON LOOP- Chad went anti clockwise CM TO PAI first..then to Mae Hong Son and back to CM. Chad recommended CB Subscriber’s to go clockwise from CM to Mae Hong Son and end up in Pai to chill out then back to CM..Love to get a T shirt !!
    Stay safe mate !

  14. Mae Hong Son Loop , love both of your channels, due to the “current situation” here in Melbourne Australia I have binge watched both of your channels waiting for the day I can return to Thailand for a 3 month holiday.Keep up the good work and keep those videos coming Cheers one and all

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