Should you Boycott China’s 2022 Winter Olympics?

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  1. I saw two ads during the video. Strange. Second, why should a black man or an African who is discriminated against in China in many Chinese cities, why should we (or Winston) even consider setting one foot inside China, nevermind the intrusiveness just to get a visa? Forget that. Ain’t gonna happen. So basically, it’s up to white, non-african people to take the stand because as far as I can see, it’s a done deal among blacks and Africans to boycott the Beijing Olympics. And we WILL boycott. You’ve produced the vids Winston. Why should that proof be avoided or ignored?

  2. 東京2020はこんなはずじゃなかった…

  3. is china still allowing “Chinese Taipei” at the olympic?as a french canadian i found it hilarious that china allow his province to be at the olympic while in canada, athletes were sanctioned because they brandish the québec flag. lol

  4. Boycott ALL the Olympics.

    It’s a money laundering scheme to funnel money to the IOC. Look at who the “members” are. THEY get the money, the host cities usually LOSE.

    It’s a racket.

  5. It’s not OUR choice, it’s elite western politicians and they seem A OK with the abuse. If a virus cover up that has cost the world millions of deaths and trillions and economic damage isn’t enough to sway the west to act, then nothing will.

  6. Throughout history governments on the edge of collapse have distracted the peasants from the real issues by using sporting events, celebrities, vilifying certain groups, elevating other groups. This has proven an effective tactic from gladiatorial times through to today. At the end of the day the resulting collapse is always the inevitable result.
    So do I support the IOC ? Absolutely not.

  7. China keep up the good work your country you do what you wont it’s no one’s business not like the UK full off transgender crybabies lefty’s lovers

  8. On a less serious note than genocide & bioweapons. – China will cheat to win more medals too, just look at the stats from Beijing 2008, in comparison to all other Olympics.

  9. On another note Thank you Winston and others for helping us understand the type of world China is living in.
    Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started I asked a simple question: “Where did it start?” and I’ve ended up here through the channels.

    What shocks me the most out of major corporations and organizations is that they want to have a positive outlook but in turn it transforms into an antithesis of their common slogans. Take for example Google: “Don’t be evil”. They’ve proclaimed that they will have programs established to combat the next pandemic – and here we are 2 decades later in a pandemic that they haven’t completely solved at all.

    Referring back to the Olympic Movement’s slogan I can see that they aren’t building a peaceful world at all but more so maligning it with their blind cooperation in corrupt regimes. If history were to rhyme I would see that after a few years later we will probably in arms against the CCP because of their ignorance and mass atrocities they’ve done.

  10. You can’t boycott what you never been to most people who say this are not going anyway and you will just be replaced the UK will not boycott as a county China is also not 40s Germany

  11. I have never cared for the Olympics. So my boycott wouldn’t change anything. And with the entire world relying on China for PPE and other materials to fight the pandemic, I wouldn’t hold my breath for support from governments (they are often the ones to get the broadcasting rights for their public television). And I can’t blame them for that.

  12. Sports at that level today in Olympics is not peaceful. It is used politically and economically, display and acquisition of power. When between countries or regions, then sports is a substitute for war/fights. Even between towns, schools, neighbors and so on. A reason to put down those that lost, to rub in “we are better”.

  13. The savage way they treat animals, both wild & domestic is enough for me. I am replacing everything I can in my home with anything NOT made in China, even if I have to go to a thrift store.

  14. Thank you Winston for highlighting the plight of the Uyghurs.

    The Uyghur people in China now face state surveillance, religious restrictions, sterilisations, forced abortions, organ harvesting, imprisonments and executions. Children of ethnic minorities are placed into camps. It is estimated over a million have been detained and an additional 2 million have been subjected to re-education and indoctrination programs.
    China is engaged in widespread harvesting of human organs from persecuted religious and the ethnic minorities.
    Prisoners of conscience often convicted of nothing are the primary source of pillaged organs. They include Uyghurs, Tibetans and Christians, but are overwhelmingly Falun Gong practitioners, long dehumanised in party state media throughout China.

  15. the side-by-side comparisons should frighten people to their core, especially when you realize Xi took a page directly from Adolph’s book…but, plagiarism is a large part of their culture now, so it all makes sense…

  16. The whole Olympics is a farce and nothing more than a business. I boycott all of them. These are professional athletes many of them on performance enhancing drugs. It’s total politics, money and BS. Now in the US thanks to our unpresident Birdbrain genetic men who claim to be women will be able to compete in women’s sports and win nearly every time. That’s how East Germany won so many gold medals.

  17. I’d be against a boycott if the Olympics was inherently apolitical and not tethered to the Chinese government, but they aren’t. The Olympics is inherently tied to the government of the country it is held in. China is funding the Olympics, they are using it as soft power propaganda, they are profiting off of that. If you disagree with the Chinese government, you should be opposed to the Olympics they seek to widely benefit from.

  18. “Modern” human rights atrocities? Hogwash! There wasn’t any evil ancient emperor in China who did what the Commies have been doing — telling people where they can live or work, how many children they’re allowed to have, what religions they’re prohibited to practice. The list is endless. These abuses aren’t just “modern”. They’re the worst through the entire long history of China.

  19. There wouldn’t have been that much boycotting back in the 1936 Berlin Olympics because you couldn’t call Hitler “literally Hitler” and it be an insult.

  20. I wouldn’t even trust them to tie my shoelaces are far as I’m concerned the CCP is the biggest threat to the world and peace there time is coming! So yeah come at me China my gf is Russian she will take you all on haha

  21. The IOC, in and of itself is enough reason to boycott every Olympics.

    Also, as of 1936, Hitler’s Germany was admired and marveled at by large percentages of Europeans, Americans and elements of their governments and political parties.
    The same way Soviet Russia was also on the receiving end of positive propaganda in western media and intellectual circles at the time.

  22. Peace yes a country building warships stealing data one party rule millions of soldiers who don’t protect the nation but the party lying about covid in early stages possibly killing hundreds of thousands while they were unprepared concentration camps torture crack down on democractic protestors in Hong Kong and having border disputes with a dozen nations and drowning third world countries in debt then occupies vital ports as payment and pumping co2 in the air with no intention of stopping no matter what agreement’s are signed if that ain’t peace I don’t know what is

  23. that picture of the guy killing the dog…… i woudlnt take pictures …id kill that guy my self if i seen that shit………. people like that NEED to be killed, to protect others…….. any animals life, is infinitely more valuable then the “person” who would do such things to animals. kill animal abusers on the spot.

  24. I’m Australian so I am inclined to boycott China at every opportunity. Apart from what China does to other people, to it’s own people, to the environment, to animals, China is strangling Australia. They are strangling our economy, our housing market, our political stability, our farmers and our poor people. China is widening the gap between the rich and poor in Australia and they don’t deserve to present the kind of “face” that the Winter Olympics could provide.

  25. Whats all this talk about china and Olympics??? Anyone with even a shred of decency would be boycotting the Olympics in general. All they do is leave massive abandoned and wrecked projects behind in every country they land upon making them foot the bill. This crap has made millions homeless and i should care about china?

  26. I’m sorry but you talk about the Olympics being used for propaganda reason I’m sorry but everyone in the west knows what China is up to anyway The propaganda only works for people with in China not forgetting China use anything as propaganda

  27. I haven’t been watching the Olympics for many years anyway. However, I’ll take a look at the organizations that are working to stop the Beijing Olympics when you post the info. Thanks for shedding light on this.

  28. Our US domestic leftists would rather boycott the USA a from the olympics than China (for American leftist’s long list of ‘grievances’ I have memorized because I don’t live in a cave).

  29. I agree with you on the CCP issue. But now I see US democratic party is “WORSE” than CCP. Do you have any plan to do some videos on Dems?
    what they do is US is worse than CCP does in China, as CCP is a dictatorship regime, vs US Dems is in US, a “democratic society”. Under Dems “leadership”, US will turn into a dictatorship society soon.

  30. Incredible similarity with these clips of the nazi parades with adolf alongside CCP parades with Winnie the pooh. Really tragic how CCP has gripped the Chinese people

  31. Dear reply reader, I like to know what is your opinion on how to deal with CPC (and other) trolls that post replies on youtube.

    Marvin says: Don’t panic and wear your Mask. 🖖😷👍 ❗

  32. Not being able to treat animals with decency doesn’t speak well for a society.

    Although the West has kind of gotten drunk on that concept and now spends more on pets than children.

  33. There is no way I will support Xi’s Bejing Winter Olympics much like I didn’t support Putin’s Sochi Winter Olympics. Sochi cost the Russian Federation billions because nobody came. It will be the same for China. Unfortunately, US broadcasters will pay China billions to televise the Olympics but they slice and dice the content to get the maximum number of ads in that it makes them unwatchable anyway. So no, I won’t be watching the Bejing Winter Olympics.

  34. lol “love and care about the people” then every week showing Chinese people beating dogs and blame gov as if Chinese people have no mind of their own.

  35. I have followed you since when were you in China, I really like you, I know you are a decent person, but getting into politics and with a corrupt government and a Chinese mobster are very dangerous, they have infinite resources.
    They can easily reach you. From Perú I wish you the best of luck

  36. Any person, organization and athlete with any sense of morality, dignity, respect for humanity and culture and disgust for violence, dictatorship and genocide need to and will boycott the CCP’s Winter Olympic and anything else related to the CCP.

  37. Xinjianang is another thing. There are large number of islamist fundamentalists there.. They are advocating separatism, they want a new country carved out of china called ” East Turkisthan”. I think any govt in the world would react the same to such separatist issues..

  38. CCP virus will not stop the games. Dr F declared virus will be over just before CCP games begin. Joe can’t form a sentence. Everyday citizens need to boycott. Thank you for being Brave, Winston.

  39. Another good video Winston! Please can you make a video regarding Chinese crime and punishment domestically and abroad ?(Triads, Mexican drug coalition, small time etc)

  40. I definitely am.
    It’s unfortunate this is the way it must be.

    We all have to work together to come up with something that’s going to affect real change in China.. But the CCP and hopefully how they operate. I realize there’s a great deal of optimism that’s needed for such a goal today.

    Things cannot continue on like this..

    I am bothered by the amount of corruption by politicians, activists, and professors throughout the education system.. I’ve learned this has been going on for decades.
    This makes sense, given just how bad it seems to be today.

    People have made very serious decisions on a whim.. Or using our society and future as an experiment.

    Not only have we removed millions of much needed jobs for our working class.. But it also propped up a sickening totalitarian country that commits the worst human rights abuses ever.

    We are taking advantage of cheap labor.. Basically modern day slavery. It’s been done at the detriment of our people and values.

    There’s leaders from Canada, America, France, and Germany that I believe should all be facing very long prison sentences for undermining our nations for a destructive foreign power.

    We seriously need to deal with our education system. Everything I believe we stand for has been undermined by China and Russia. It’s a mixture of being misled, manipulated, and undermined.
    People looking to do the right thing, in some cases, are now completely willing to destroy what’s good.. that does nothing but benefit our advisories.

    This does fall on one side of the political spectrum.. It doesn’t mean both sides of the political landscape haven’t been corrupted by foreign money.

    This didn’t do a good job of explaining exactly what I mean.. I’ve only recently gone over countless investigations and articles exposing the corruption that’s been taking place in our universities across my country.
    I’ve went back to research key decisions made by previous Prime Ministers in Canada, and the links/corruption that continued right after they left office.

    A lot of what’s happening today was absolutely preventable. Because of corruption and misguided people sympathetic to Marxist Leninist “ideals”.. Our people across the western world, All People(s) across the globe. We are now having to deal with a very serious problem.

    It’ll be our future children that are going to be stuck facing all of these terrible decisions that have been made against our best interests. This doesn’t sit well with me.

  41. Im not writing this lightly, but comparing the 2022 olympics with the 1936 you can make the claim that the 1936 olympics had less of reasons to be boycotted, nazi’s had by then done alot of atrocities but none so bad as the ccp by that time, has done in modern times under pooh. If we glance over the atrocities ccp has done before pooh got to power, and just compare ccp with nazi germany untill the point of the 1936 olympics, pretend we dont know what happens in nazi germany after, then by all accounts, nazi germany fares better of. The question is, is history repeating itself, and should we have learned by now to boycott.

  42. Elon Musk said a pretty stupid thing on the Joe Rogan Podcast the other day. He said blatantly that china was much greener than the USA at the moment. He was obviously thinking about his precious investments in Chinocida rather than the environment. Dropped a few steps in my super genius top 20

  43. Thx for your video. I admire your honesty and bravery. Only by coming together will the world be able to push China toward morality. We have to stand together. There is no hope for the CCP however.

  44. Nazi Germany isn’t as good of a comparison as to when we boycotted the USSR Olympics in 1980. First of all, it was in our lifetime and secondly the USSR is a much better comparison to modern day China. Or modern day America for that matter also. I’m boycotting the USA government, it’s my way of fighting Communism much closer to home.

  45. After the 2012 Olympics a Chinese man told me they ‘were the worst Olympics ever’. I think his reasoning was they were the worst because China didn’t get the most medals. In fact I think he thought the Chinese were cheated of medals. For the Chinese the Olympics are absolutely not about the world coming together…they are about pride and arrogance. Such a shame.

  46. I love the tagline in the beginning considering most stadiums are built with slave labor/underpaid workers. But that’s all OK I guess. In the end it’s nothing but a facade, kinda like FIFA or NBA/NHL.

  47. I have lived about 9 years in China, China is very unique country, I do not agree with boycott, also I do not agree compare China Olympics with dose ones in Berlin.
    This is my opinion.

  48. A country, the leader of a country, the government of a country, supporting the China Olympics is turning its back on the Uyghurs. But, possibly worse, funding the CCP’s goal of spreading their tyrannical style of communism.

  49. If boycotting Chinas Winter Olympics 2022. That means Los Angeles Summer Olympics 2028 will also be boycotted. US did bad things in Irak and Middle East, and are still doing. People will not forget that.

  50. personally i think it should be moved to qatar. like china it is a bastion of freedom, inclusion, tolerance and civil rights for all. it’s the perfect place for winter sports as well what with all the slave labour they have left over from building stadiums for the 2022 world cup.

  51. Ever since the Hong Kong thing I’ve been done with China (CCP), I can’t do much but I can at least inform my family & acquaintances on why we shouldn’t support these Olympics.

  52. Looking back, would you support the 1936 Olympics in Germany? Of course not. So what is your decision today? Same choice. Will you support an authoritarian regime whose sole purpose is to subjugate first it’s own people, then the surrounding nations one at a time?

  53. Not that I disagree with your points, but this type of content is boring. Why don’t you ride your bike around america and show some interesting things about your new home. After many years, I’ve got to unsub from you and laowhy

  54. Winston PLEASE CHANGE YOUR SUIT! its 2021 geez… Also great video I will use it to advocate the 2022 Boycott. Human slavery and genocide should never be normalized .

  55. I like Winston because he doesn’t just follow the easy trend of making shallow comparisons between the past and the present, but actually does his best to portray other factors that may influence those comparisons, like in this case with historical context.

  56. Not everyone in China can come in. China only welcomes some outstanding talents to enter China. . Get out of the rest of your garbage. . China does not welcome you. . . How about China, right there, those who are capable and interested will naturally understand the real situation. For the rest, China does not welcome you anyway. . You can do whatever you want. . China’s strength lies there. . I am very satisfied with the life in Xinjiang, and I don’t want to go to European and American countries. .

  57. Thank you for covering this.
    We may never manage to thwart the Olympics, but at least we can unearth as much CCP shit as possible.
    And you have a large platform to spread awareness with!

  58. Most will boycott China including athletes because CCP will lock up anyone who doesn’t bow down to the regime..
    Anyone going should have to sign a waiver when leaving their country so they understand China is a slave system..
    ALL GO0D…….

  59. I for 1 will not watch any of the winter Olympics (or at least try).
    Also next year the World Championship football in Qatar 😰
    Another country with a great track record about human rights😔

  60. Winston I think it would be great if you had a specific intro for videos like these, branding them as “Winstonian Inquiries” would be a good idea as the topic refers to a question and we are pretty sure that you would be discussing it.

  61. Sir Winston Churchill was heckled and revered when he would speak of his feelings of Nazi Germanys rumblings. No one listened. I admire you like Sir Winston….I’m in Canada and that should say it all….I’m trying to get your message through for humanity and reminding Canada to speak up about the 2 Michael’s💔😟👊

  62. We are more concerned about America’s malign behaviour across the world, just yesterday America bombed Syria. Funny how no one is talking about this brazen display of barbarism.

  63. Well Chris Chapel said it best; China should allow others to boycott their Olympic games if they so choose to. That way, there’s less competition and China won’t have to bribe/force judges to give China all the gold medals.

    My worry is some of the reasons why more don’t. I mean, China Uncensored even stated that Canadian athletes should refrain from criticizing China. But our parliament just passed a motion to recognize the ethnic cleansing of the Uyghurs as a genocide. Without the support of thr ruling party mind you, but its a step in the right direction even if its just a token gesture since we are powerless to do anything about it.

  64. Thank you for always bringing up the Canadians who are detained. Its such a sad situation. I’m sorry to hear you knew one of them personally, I wish for them the best and hope they can return safely home one day 🙁 But seriously thank you for always talking about it.

  65. One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policyOne fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policyOne fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy、One fucking China policy

  66. Concern is any athlete who is viewed as a dissident may just become the new Micheal’s very very quickly once they try to leave.
    Would you take that chance as a coach/athlete/visitor??

  67. Do you have anyone or anything, that if China makes you “disappear” and delete all your content they/it will restore all your content and keep continuing sharing it?

  68. Boycott the Olympics- period. CCP or no it’s a waste of money and everyone is kidding their selves if they think that it’s only Russia or China doping.

  69. I agree. Boycott these Olympics. And I’m a winter and summer amateur athlete who’s competed internationally. Including cross-country skiing in Changchun, Jilin province prior to the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics, which was a great experience. However, I wouldn’t have wanted to compete in the 2014 Russia winter Olympics due to their behavior then, and feel much stronger about boycotting Beijing’s Olympics now.

  70. Individuals can boycott the Olympics but the stronger voice is that of our governments and they should boycott the CCP games. Unfortunately our governments will likely not boycott the Olympics. Just look at my governments leader, Justin Trudeau, abstaining from the vote declaring the Uighur’s treatment a genocide.
    I said this on another video…. Athletes who go to the games and win medals should not accept the medals at the award ceremonies, just lay them down on the podium and walk away. I hope that that is the slap in the face to CCP. “I came here, I kicked ass, but I don’t want that bloody (literally) CCP medal.”

  71. The Olympic committee demands that women volleyball players wear bathing suits that expose the womens genitals. Every organization in the world has been infiltrated by these globalist demons.

  72. Didn’t the C.C.P. sign a Trade Deal with America 2019 then placed a ” Clause ” in the agreement about Pandemics arising and kept quiet about the outbreak of Covid – 19 and let their people spread it everywhere around the World? remember 2019? or has everyone forgot how dangerous the C.C.P. is?

  73. I will be boycotting it. It would be great if olympic officials in each country educate the individual athletes on the atrocities being perpetrated by the CCP and then give them a choice as to whether they still compete or not.

  74. Good points. The Olympics will happen though; it is just a question of participation and to what degree.

    I wish there was more traction for a boycott but given how various national Olympic Committees are putting the athletes’ and self interest above respective national interest or looking at the current composition of the UN Human Rights Counsel I am not optimistic.

  75. this is my number of what i have seen in china 85% of the the pepole never get out of china because 1st most of them can’t afford it !and the rest they are only student

  76. I probably wrong as I forget but dint japan skip hosting the olypmics due to covid, if so I personally feel they should get to host it. It also kinda feels wrong that china, the one where the covid branched out from hosts it just after it’s impact, all at same time doing the hong Kong and threatening taiwan… world is corrupt to let it slide

  77. “Should we politicize the Olympics?”… wtf Winston? The Olympics is entirely political, has been since about forever. Apolitical games could not have national teams.

  78. i ask my fake step father in law (parents seperated) come with us in france for vacation, this could be cool! i pay your ticket ! he said no ! i ask why ? he say to me (be prepared) china is the best country of the world (no joke) so i ask did you get out of china before ? he said no ! no need ! my mother in law love to got outside but this guy is just a joke a good chinese guy living is old school things like mahjong drinks with is friends
    so when the wind will turn back they will not understand what’s happening
    from france serpentza

  79. They also lied much about Nazi Germany as well; especially when it comes to “Holocaust” and who really started the war and even expanded it without reaching for a settlement.

  80. Before you are fully immersed into this passion against China, please remind yourself Nazism in 1930s started with a similar “immersed” hatred against another group of people, Jewish, and now it is Chinese.

    I can see a recurrence of Nazism. People here are the poor and/or the fooled who is fed with and is convinced by the propaganda and lies against China.

  81. Boycotting the Olympics is not fair to the many athletes who have worked so hard to get there and may not have the opportunity to participate in the next Olympics. Why should they be collectively punished because of the host nation?

  82. Hi serpentza, I wish you’d make more mention of the heinous practice of the CCP selling the body parts and organs by murdering its dissidents (and other certain innocents) TO ORDER to fulfil a culpable and desperate western demand

  83. 2,519,328 World 🌎 deaths (Feb.25) from the Wuhan Virus. Add to this the huge number of Uyghur’s in re-education camps being trained to sew clothing, have their children removed from them, and have their organs forcibly removed for wealthy Middle Eastern clients (Halal body parts are in high demand), forced to pick cotton, and whose women are raped, sterilized, and if pregnant….aborted. Then we have the breaking of the agreement with Hong Kong and now all those citizens in danger of incarceration for saying anything against Beijing. Moving to the South (china) Sea..we have China taking over disputed areas claimed by 6 other countries (disputed means the CCP should NOT be developing anything until such time as the disputes are resolved in the world courts)…..but China ignores such demands from the others disputing the areas China has simply taken. Then there’s the persecution of Falun Gong, Catholics, Jews, and Christians. Then there’s the CCP Trojan Horse called the BRI go forces nations to be indebted to China financially. And there are many, many other issues that the world would like to deal with when it comes to China and their bullying ways but unless the world comes together as one, the CCP will be difficult to deal with. This is why their system of multilateralism is being pushed by them. One country not voting in favour of an amendment gets it denied. This is what China does on a regular basis in the UN and on seats it holds in this decrepit institution. So with all this going on, how can any nation in good conscience send its athletes to the Winter Games in Beijing? The message is loud and clear…..move the venue out of China. Having it in China will only build the Emperors ego and give credence to their evil regime. 2,519,328 should not have died around the world because of the early silence and lack of transparency demonstrated by the CCP! Attending the Winter Games will be condoning their evil ways!

  84. Winston you need to learn the difference between Capitalism which is just “the freedom to sell one’s effort and keep the profit” and greed “the willingness to do anything for a price.”

    Capitalism is just a process of exchanging effort with others, while greed is a moral question about what a person will and will not do for money… these are very different things!

  85. Who would be so inhuman to beat to death an animal like in that photo at 7:15? My question is simple: are those values left by Maoism/cultural devolution/great leap backwards still existent in China? Of course not all people are like those, but hey, looking at that image is kinda frightening

  86. Only Kazakhstan and China bid on the winter Olympics. It’s dying a natural death anyway. But China will use it for propaganda purposes to it maximum extent.

  87. It’s up to the participating countries.
    They will not boycott the Olympics.
    They are just unwilling to participate due to Covid-19, like summer Olympics in Japan… !!

  88. Bravo Serpentza. Now, Can we please have this translated into Mandarin and somehow make sure every average person in China gets to view this info. Proud they may be, but brainwashed they are.

  89. The thing is Winston is that we have finally hit a point in the Information Age that there is so much information it is starting to become impossible for the average person to sort truth from fiction.

  90. The Olympics shouldn’t even exist at all it’s a scam just takes money from countries and gives them nothing in return. Hopefully this screws them right over holding this hopefully dissidents come out and the military moves and everyone see the bull crap.

  91. They are too late, Agenda 21s Saviour machine is already pulling their strings, they’re going to have to go the same direction as the rest of the world, global population inversion, abandoning the old social and political structures for the new.

  92. I’m for it absolutely! Do we need to give Nazi commie another chance to boast about its glorious greatness?! The answer is very obvious: let’s counter its effort to politicizing everything under its regime.

  93. I hated Olympics when I was young. I hate Olympics right now. And I will hate Olympics in the future.
    Same thing goes for the China as well.
    It’s double combo for me.

  94. At the time of the 1936 Olympics tensions were escalating but the Nazis hadn’t started forced internment camps, so there was less reason to boycott the Olympics then than there is today.

  95. Actually no one is politicising the Olympics but rather humanising it because the goal of Olympics is to encourage brotherly and sisterly love across borders, as well as togetherness. How then can we achieve this goal when we turn a blind eye to the suffering of a people under the oppressive rule of their brutal, bloodthirsty state?

  96. Hi Winston, I understand why you say its not the Chinese people its the CCP, I truly hope that is the case, however there is an old saying, “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept” how many Chinese people walk past the elderly being thrown into the streets and homes destroyed, baby girls left to die because they are not valued, forced organ harvesting, cruel actions against animals with some being skinned alive and left to die, the beating and rape of minority groups, the concentration camps that Hitler would admirer. Any people who support these actions by inaction are just as guilty as their governments at the end of the day Im not suggesting all Chinese are like this but it appears the majority are, I hope I am wrong.

  97. Well said .. I am a 76 year old retired Englishman living retired in Portugal . Asking Joe public and right minded respectable governments to band together and boycott the two faced lying CCP 2022 winter games will hopefully Bring the CCP to their senses .. BUT … I DOUBT IT. there are far too many governments up to their eyes in debt to the CCP, s Expansionist
    ways . The CCP,s tit for tat tactics are well known Australia and Canada . and the CCP are using their new military might to bully pretty well anyone who has a positive , right minded point of view .GOOD LUCK, Your narrative and videos are a breath of fresh air in the bad smells and mass produced CCP Wuhan virus which the CCP deliberately allowed to spread around the world . rather than loose face and admit in 2019 they had a deadly virus from their Wuhan Virology Laboratories .. .

  98. Yes , WiLL Boycott 2021 Winter Olympics and anything Made in China , the CCP is a criminal organization not the legitimate government of China – The ROC is 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼

  99. The problem is trying to get countries with competing teams to boycott. China can layout this amazing banquet with all the finest foods and wines but if all the major competitors and athletes refuse to attend then the the 2022 games become meaningless and any medals that are handed out ultimately mean nothing.

    Imagine if you’ve been competing against the same group of athletes for 10-20 years but in this occasion, you were awarded a gold medal by default because none of the other athletes turned up… What a meaningless victory.

    There has been a lot of activism in sport as of late but i can count the number of athletes that have protested against China’s behaviour and the bad stuff they are doing to others on one hand. Meanwhile just about every clown is taking the knee for BLM. If its not related to BLM or LGBTQ then they ignore it.

    I dont want sports to be politicised. but if the only way to make them even think about stopping is making them lose face on a massive scale.

    Athletes are athletes and athletes always want to compete. Theyve spent years training and they dont want it to be all for nothing. The olympics only happens once every 4 years so im sure some of them will be super disappointed they are banned from attending by their government.

    Sadly, its for the greater good.

  100. You forgot China’s latest gift to the world – Covid 19. That’s reason enough to boycott the country. The cover up – the lack of transparency.

  101. 2010年的溫甬動車事故,他們竟然光天化日之下在眾多記者攝像機面前用挖掘機挖大坑,把事故動車挖坑給就地埋了!!而不是按照司法流程做詳細的取證與事故鑑定!這是堂而皇之毀屍滅跡!!!😱我就知道這個中共國無比黑暗殘酷,根本沒有正義真相良知!魔鬼在統治這片混沌的大陸!14億人民皆是共產黑幫流氓邪教組織的奴隸韭菜肉盾和代價!!😈😈😈

  102. I have mixed feelings on this. I most certainly do care about all the things mentioned in the video. OTOH, the 1936 Olympics ended up embarrassing the nazis, since they got the rear ends handed to them by black Americans. Also, I feel for the American athletes who have trained for years for this. I always thought the US boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics was a mistake. Also, how logical is it to boycott the olympics, when 80% of the stuff sold at Walmart is made in China?

    As an alternative, I propose the US team attends, but they wear uniforms based on Winnie the Pooh. Make Xi ban them, if he dares. That would be worth it.

  103. China has threaten that any boycott of the Olympics will have repercussions.
    So the usual trade war and even hostage diplomacy for any country who does.

  104. No way would I go to China, I’ve made comments out of anger about the CCP sending this plague into my life. I’d have to be an idiot to let the CCP get me on their soil and jurisdiction, I like my organs right where they are !

  105. Should we boycott 2028 LA Olympics then?
    The only country to use nuclear weapon against another country.
    Use of biological weapon in both Japan and Korea
    Bikini atoll nuclear tests (killed all the Bikini natives, plenty of Americans and Japanese)
    Horrible slaughters in Vietnam
    You can remember more if you want.
    All the OIL wars we had in the past 30 or 40 years
    These are first things that came to my mind

  106. The CCP can’t hide crimes against humanity in the modern day. They will never be able to escape this legacy, and the IOC officials who are getting fat off of bribes are not innocent either.

  107. I believe that if the Olympics committee doesn’t move the Olympic games to another country all the athlete’s should boycott the Olympics all together .
    the CCP should in no way posable benefit from the games

  108. Joe Diapers isnt going to boycott anything in Chiner. Kung Flu or China Virus i wont watch but i probably wouldnt anyway. I bet they dont let men run in the womens races like they do in the US.

  109. It wont convince them to being lesser assholes, but I approve to the message, Good work! Yeah, here, they blank out all international news etc so unfortunately, even if they get pressed by the outside, they’ll spin it their own way here domestically. I would even think they would lie about any such (hopeful!) boycott and cancellation by pretending another narrative and continuing to gaslight its populace. But yes, good work, and I hope there is a change that might occur! Great channel, watching regularly.

  110. As a jew i cant understand where is the critiscism against china while this is going on its a shame to all humanity, like we didnt learn nothing and 6 milions died 80 years ago for no reason if this is allowed now.

  111. It doesn’t matter where the olympics/winter olympics are held it should be boycotted. The whole institution is rotten to the core. The olympics should be held in Greece and payed for by the competing countries governing bodies. It’s now just a mechanism for vast corruption, massive back handers and totally unnecessary and excessively expensive construction projects that will be left derelict a year after the games. The fact that they are even entertaining China as host is laughable, especially at this time with ccp CloVVn flue massing everyones lives up! That shows very clearly everything and anything anyone needs to know… :-/

  112. If the statement that says “the way a society treats it’s lowest social groups speaks volumes about that society” then the society in China can wear the mask of progress and a developed society but they are still little more than savage and cruel underneath that mask.

  113. I used to not really care about what the CCP did but I loved Hong Kong and the CCP destroyed it. I will never go back because the HK i loved is dead. Im angry about it. And now my eyes are open. Boycott the genocide games? Hell yes.

  114. Supporting the 2022 Olympics is legitimizing a totalitarian regime replete with human rights abuses. A first world civilized nation China is not under CCP domination. Yes, boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics!
    P.S. – Considering the present democratic socialist regime now in power in the US and the likes of some professional ball players (a certain few in the National Basketball Association for instance) I would not be surprised if the US endeavors to send a contingent of representative athletes to China. All in the name of goodwill of course.

  115. It’s not JUST the genocide againt the Falun gong. Nor is it JUST the slaughter of children in Tienamen Square.
    Nor is it JUST the takeover of the sovereign nation of Tibet, or the ramming of Phillipean fishing vessels. Any more than it’s JUST the takeover of US manufacturing and theft of intellectual property. The CCP are bad guys. Far worse than anything the world has seen before. The gutless scum that are “our political leaders” ( BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLE) have sold us out to Ji and his goons.
    You can watch if you want but I sure won’t!!

  116. Jesse Owens the black Olympian said Hitler and the germans treated him like a human, better than he was ever treated in America.

    He even carried a picture of Adolf in his wallet until his death.

  117. Winston..The parallels of the CCP and NSDAP are astonishing.Few alive will understand the
    Blood and sacrifice it took to remove it.1936 was just 5yrs before a bloodbath.Cheers.!

  118. Many nations are terrible for one reason or another. China is terrible for many, many reasons. It’s the scourge of our planet. Does the left ever criticise a single thing they ever do? Nup! Too busy with safe spaces and gender fluidity………. whatever the hell that is.

  119. No, No, No… Stop the hate while trying to come off as the good guy. And you are no longer there and by the day your China information becomes less relevant.

  120. I’m also Canadian and this scared the s*** out of me cuz I don’t want to get out of the country right now or even later on cuz I cuz I don’t want it and end up in jail especially in China

  121. Well the CCP are warning the world not to boycott the Olympics…I’m absolutely boycotting the Olympics! I pray that the CCP have the Olympics stripped from them

  122. You state that the dictatorship is terrible, but that the people are just lovely. Well they do torture animals to death and treat the ocean like a rubbish dump…..

  123. – One party country
    – The leader has no term limit
    – People’s approval were beyond 80%, though how blatant the power abuse really is
    – Anti-Democracy
    – Have expansive national interest in mind
    – Religion and ethnicity-based systematic discrimination
    – love to brag how their leader lift millions of their people from poverty
    – dubbed as “Beacon of Hope” Because their rapid economic growth
    – a technological, academical, and scientific marvel of the time with thousands and thousands of bright mind on their universities

    I was describing 1935 Germany, but you can see this pattern on CCP as well

  124. First Russia and now China? Who’s next, North Korea?

    As somone from Northern Europe, where the vast majority of our medals come from the winter games, i would have 0 problems with us boycotting the next Winter Olympics. In fact i would prefer it.

    Fuck. The. Ccp.

  125. I should have been a whore anyway…It’s the only way to expand my economy. We all know who is doomed to eternal Hell with curses. Prostitution will happen on a mass scale, and we’re working on it hard. I just have my “sick twisted smile,” as Breaking Benjamin would say. Back to the morgue… Out of the morgue again… This rock is used to rolling downhill.

  126. I want to say no all the abuses, cheating other antics and nonsense people need to be aware of. However big social media and mass media arent going to be willing to take the hard look at it. And the IOC and other world organizations arent going to keep them honest.

  127. I’ve made up my mind that if the Olympics is allowed to be hosted in China then I won’t be watching the Olympics ever again. And by the way, I’ll be singing the petition.

  128. China HAS seized the Olympics as a political and propaganda tool. It is the only reason for their participation. The act of boycotting the winter Olympics is not the beginning of an action, it is to interrupt the ongoing Chinese government subversion of core Olympic principles.

  129. Hi Winston. Interesting.. Since I don’t hate China I’m going to tune in as much as I’m able to (no tv here). I would have watched the 1936 Olympics too. Why would I let Hitler ruin it for me?

  130. Agree. For moral reasons I believe we need to boycott China Olympics, products and any company or News outlet who trys to appease the China Communist Party.
    I known it’s hard not to buy made in china product’s, but at least avoid chinese brands. Even if we have to pay a little more.

  131. While this is not the first video on this channel to give the CCP a serve, I can guess that it is really going to give them the shits. The CCP Defcon status of Serpent ZA may well click up a notch from ‘Engage Trolls’ to ‘Engage Hitman’. Start checking your clothing for Novichok Winston.

  132. Dear Winston, I hope you can embrace “Activism”. Activism is not some scary leftist term, sometimes it’s all we have and it’s effective. You already are an activist with your videos. There’s nothing wrong or dirty about activism, it is admirable

  133. I used to like watching your videos but now find them so boring and out of touch, always complaining about something. You have been superseded by so many other more relevant vloggers. Maybe you should try and find a new job?

  134. As long as our supply streams are reliant on Chinese components. “We” won’t have any moral courage. Check the labels, at your big box retailer, and say something.

  135. Speaking of being proud of ones country, you can accuse the Chinese government of many things. But no one can accuse the CCP of tolerating woke leftists who hate their own country.

  136. Us bombed so many countries, even mine. They used uranium in those bombs. Now we have contaminated soil,kids are getting born with cancer. When will you start minding your own business for a change? Did you ever feel war in your country? No. Because you never had one. So, I’m asking you, should we boycott US products, music, food and whatnot?

  137. So much is politicized these days – I think politicizing the Olympics would be a slippery slope… I still believe in the Olympic spirit – people from all across the world coming together peacefully and competing based on rules and merit. I think we should try to maintain that as much as possible

  138. Fine work, Sir. Everything has a political dimension now, thanks to the totalitarian drive to conquer and destroy all opposition. The only non-violent way we can fight them is through exposure and boycotting. Perhaps terrible violence may be avoided if economic pressure works.

  139. You continue to align China with nazi Germany, China fought with the allies in WW2, and thank God they did, the axis consisted mainly of Germany, Italy and Japan, so using the same analogy as yourself should the world boycott Japan’s hosting of the summer olympics?
    ps, there were telephones in the 30’s.
    Telephone conversations from Czechoslovakia and Poland to London went something akin to this…. ‘hello London, the nazi’s are invading us’

  140. actually i wont be watchign the olympics anyway.. cus i will not watch us television networks due to their disinformation misinformation propaganda and lies.. they are spigots for cia lies. my dream is someday peoples websites have more views than the main stream media (propaganda outlets). I prefer to get my news from sites like yours.

  141. Celebrating the Genocide Olympics in China is supporting the

    mass incarceration, rape, torture and murder of the Uyghur

    people and others. The Nazi Games are back with a vengeance!

    “Never again!” we said, but we are now competing for MEDALS

    OF SHAME! Share this post!


  143. I’m old enough to verify all this. It is true and has always been true about China. The West has become “fat & sassy,” metaphorically speaking, and is in decline.

  144. How come the winter Olympic is going to be held in the place where no snow at all?
    IOC should be compromised likewise WHO.
    Anyway, we have a long list of the reasons that all of us can be convinced in a minute.

  145. On February 26 at 9:18PM CST I saw 1 commercial before the video started. At that time tthus video had 3.3k likes and 81 dislikes. There were no commercials during the video but there was 1 commercial after the video ended.

  146. @3:35 foreign students like you not allowed to renew visas and were locked in during the Olympic torch run…. hmmmm and yet you stayed for 12 more years and now bleat about authoritarian China. The same people are still in charge. I can’t stand your convenient duplicity now you’re in the US..

  147. No‼️
    If we didn’t boycott the 1936 summer Olympics held by Nazi Germany when the stated goal was to promote the ideals of racial purity/Supremacy, & anti-semetism…‼️‼️‼️💯💯❤

    This isn’t like North Korea is hosting rhe Olympics:
    Which btw when North Korea held a world sports tournament to rival the Olympics : it was attended by nations worldwide to rival the Olympics , so even they were not boycotted‼️‼️‼️💯💯👹

    Basically⁉️ Chill out with the “extremist” , sensational puff pieces.

    Love you and rhe channel btw‼️‼️‼️💯💯❤

  148. Hi Winston I was checking out the ways to support the channels is it better for you guys thru patreon or YouTube membership. I might consolidate and do it on advpodcast or on worthless whips???? You guys work so well, thank you 🍀🌏

  149. I hear so often people saying that they love the Chinese people, but hate their government. Yet, the Chinese people carry on year after year, seemingly complacent…or at least a very long way from seriously protesting against, let alone overthrowing their government. Either the CCP is amazingly successful at keeping its citizens in the dark, or the Chinese people are not outraged by practices such as forced organ harvesting, etc.
    The message from the nationalists seems to be that the West should stay out of China’s affairs and leave them alone.
    In the dark or not, China should not have the honor of hosting the olympic games. Perhaps they can be promised the 2040 games….on the condition that they clean up their act!

  150. Yes it would be great to boycott the Winter Olympics but the athletes will never do its just like sending a message to the government by everyone not voting people wont do it bu it would shock and send a strong message by the people to the politicians.

  151. Hey, Timcast IRL has been talking a lot about China recently and they have had some of your viewers mention you and Laowhy86. I think it would be a good show if yall could collaborate.

  152. Do not politicize sport, and do not compare China with the days of Hitler. I lost my grandparents in Germany to the third Reich, nothing comparable to Xinjiang. You are guessing about provinces in China such as Xinjiang and Tibet based on some negative comments and totally ignore those which are positive! Even to use words such as genocide is disgraceful, as there is no genocide. In a world in need of peace and unity, you strongly promote hate which leads to violence, just so you can make money on Youtube.

  153. His neck is getting bigger in diameter due to American diet, collar cannot button up. Shirt need to be tailor made. Ridiculous dressing sense. Don’t wear a tie if the collar is too small. Spreading hate don’t help you to sleep well. Facial expressions becomes sneaky and unhappy.

  154. I hope there will come a time when our need to enrich ourselves will be sacrificed for our love of all the things that have been demolished by the CCP – freedom, democracy, human rights, compassion and dignity for all living things. I can only hope that our love of these things will someday outweigh our greed.

  155. I’ll write to my local representative and tell them about boycotting the Chinese Olympic for sure.
    As for me, I won’t be watching it. Watching crappy Netflix shows is better than supporting genocides.

  156. The Last International Games in China was in October 2019 it was the International Military Games lot’s of people there were infected with Covid-19 what are they planning to spread in 2022?

  157. sadly all about the money yo… Sucks but people don’t care even if they know of the autocracies. Until the world knows then they will change, only because they are shown as complacent on the world stage.

  158. Back when Canada didn’t have a spineless PM. PM Harper met Winnie the Pooh and told him the world was watching how they handled Tibet and how morally irresponsible it was. The Liberal Party up here scolded Harper saying it was inappropriate. The fact was everyone was in Beiijing and Harper knew it would be a slap in their “Face”

  159. Don’t worry, our corporate run and pharmaceutically incentivized media will be sure to carefully control any criticism towards the atrocities taking place by the CCP. All vested interests will be protected and any opposition will be hidden from view.

  160. *This probably won’t happen but let me ask, is there any chance China will apologize to Japan for the postponement of the current Olympics? They don’t have to admit that Covid-19 was a biological weapon, just that it originated in China and that they are sorry. I will support the boycott btw*

  161. Let me tell all of you what will happen in the near future. You will see the western media equate any boycott or resistance to China hosting the Olympics as being “anti-Asian”. There have been a number of hate crimes against Asians recently in the USA. Trump said Covid-19 was “the China Virus”. All of that will get spun into new propaganda to defend China hosting the Olympics.

    You heard it here first. Some people will try to equate any boycotts against China as being “anti-Asian”, not “anti-Chinese” or “anti-CCP”, but “anti-Asian”.

    _China hosting the Olympics will be our chance to heal and come together_ I can hear the propaganda already.

  162. Im actually disappointed the Olympic Committee would agree to have a games in a country enacting a genocide.
    The Olympics is inherently a highly politicized event, and always has been. There have been countless discussions and rulings about people protesting for human rights, and sanctioning the athletes who do so.

    It really makes one think of the hypocrisy about promoting diplomacy through sport.

  163. I think the biggest reason is obvious!……..this disgusting world pandemic is all China’s fault and they tried to hide it and made it worse by doing so!! China should not have the pleasure of being a host to the world’s athletes and it money, no way. My vote is NO CHINA OLYMPIC GAMES!

  164. I strongly disagree with you saying “I’m not an activist”.
    Well you are! I learned so many things from you. Big big thanks to you for all the content you’re making about China. I’m myself living in China and I attest to the veracity of what you say on this channel.
    Love you for all the work you’re doing. Love you for standing up to the most evil power of our times. You’ll go down in history as a hero ❤️❤️❤️ will keep supporting you in every way.

  165. Absolutely. I’m boycotting not just because of the CCP, but also because Beijing is no Winter Sports city. It’s a betrayal to the Winter Olympics and Oslo should’ve rightly hosted these, such a shame Norwegians dumbly rejected the bid. I hope Beijing 2022 flops hard.

  166. In 1936, the Nazi’s had not yet shown their true nature… We know so much about China.
    I wouldn’t travel to the place, even if I was interested in the Olympics…

  167. I love Olympic Games but to be honest, due to the COVID pandemic trauma and its ongoing health-threat, not so many athletes around the world would be willing to take part in the 2022 Olympic Games, but not necessarily due to the possible boycotting! After all, one’s health is more important than sports games and we live only once while there will be many more Olympic Games in our lifetime!

  168. If the Beijing Olympics proceeds i can see them riging the Olympics either paying the referee to not call penalty on their team wich has been a huge controversy in South America or put the referee in a reeducation camp like winton described. But i think the ccp will force their athletes to play dirty

  169. This is a no-brainer decision. YES, ABSOLUTELY BOYCOTT THE CCP OLYMPICS! I do not support countries that promote and support communism, authoritarianism. They killed and torture their own people, they lie, they bully, they cheat they steal. Who in their right mind would support a country like this is beyond me. The leaders of China are brainwashing their people. Those very people are the ones growing up to believe that their government are actually defending them, protecting them when in fact it’s the exact opposite. I feel sorry for the citizens of China for having such an evil and corrupt government. Boycott Huawei, Oppo, Zoom, Tik Tok, Tencent!

  170. Although I am not the biggest fan of CCP, I personally would disagree with boycotting the olympics. My prime concern is athletes who have been longing for Olympics for 4 years and for few sports like figure skating, athletes only have couple of Olympics to participate, which means that each olympic are the meaning of their life. Also, I don’t really think that by 2022, almost everyone outside China will be aware of how China is using Olympic to promote their government.

  171. CCP is evil because….Nazi is evil…
    well CCP is far from Nazi..Nazi is white people, Nazi is Europe country, …so if someone similar to Nazi…then should be the west isn’t it?🤣

  172. The Olympic organisation long ago lost any moral authority, insight, or integrity… is a corrupt organisation and lost its true meaning along time ago. Any living being with a soul, empathy, and emotional intelligence would strongly denounce any participation with a regime such as China. But’s capitalism folks..profit over human rights, environment, people, always comes first.

  173. Anyone suspicious that the Vatican and the pope and supporting the communist Chinese government just like nazi Germany been cowards and siding with the devil

  174. Love the comparative symbolism of similar leftist regimes. No coincidence that both Adolf and Xi appear to be shirtlifters, just as Obama IS, along with many world leaders nowadays; either horses’ hoofs or pdos.

  175. I don’t like boycotts as they are cancel culture and one step away from pogroms, two steps away from ccp’s actions and three from pol pot.

    But I’m not going to trade with anyone with political or economic ties to the ccp or those who defend or share their views. Nor do i support sending our athletes there.

    But i don’t believe in boycotts like the limerick boycott or stoning chinese. It is a fine line.

  176. Winston, you have the wrong data on Xinjiang, trying to allege a Holocaust style genocide, based on a false narrative from Adrian Zenc.
    He is not a acredited scholar on China, nor has he been to Xinjiang. Pompeo made the same mistake in basing his judgement on the false report too. You are eager to find a topic to hurt the CCP, but I suggest you do a thorough study on the subject first, so far you have been wrong

  177. The World should recognise Taiwan as a Country & the ROC and award them the Winter Olympics for being Democratic Chinese. Salt in Wound for the CCP & will flag the exit of its failed leader Xi Jinping.

  178. The National Security Law in China and its implementation should prevent anyone with a brain from going there. I watched some of the 2008 Summer Games and the way the judges handed metals to female Chinese gymnasts that were way too young even to compete and were outperformed by the competition was ridiculous. Why would I want to watch another rigged olympics? The opening ceremony should be spectacular. Will I watch that part? Doubtful

  179. @Serpentza Bury your hopes! Most countries won’t boycott China because money is more important than anything – even much more so than 1980. The CCP and IOC will bully all countries into submission. The CCP has become so f***ing rich by now that they can literally buy any influence they need.🤬

  180. Watch the many documentaries on the IOC. They are truly corrupt and love countries like China because the CCP provides all the IOC requests which if you do research are absolutely insane. Why do you think some countries no longer care about “winning” to host the Olympics? Google “IOC corruption” and even Japan’s officials are being investigated for bribery/corruption. If it was up to the IOC, they would let China host every Olympics, they love being treated like kings and CCP would provide that.

  181. 8:30 doing that is even worse. If you keep bending over backwards to China means you get tied to the whims of their dictatorship. You are successful in China until the CCP deems so, usually until they do have their own version deeply rooted in their party. That is trading next day profits for long term success.

  182. Adrian Zence has been associated with the CIA. And people like Max Blumenthal has debunked his false story on the genocide. Has America benefited from the Iraq war? Do they want to repeat the same mis information on China?
    You are not a scholar, we all Know.

  183. Video is such an unfair comparison, no way chinese military can be compared to preWW2 Germany in side by side footage. They are maybe more on the level of Mauritania. A chinese soldier would run at the sound of gunfire, or if confronted by a body of water. A war with Austraila (for example) would result in mass chinese casualties. War with USA would result in complete defeat and the end of CCP.

  184. I don’t and have never supported the Olympic games for the sole reason that it’s part of the globalist neo-fascist play book.
    It being in China this time is entirely irrelevant.

  185. The fact is.
    It has been offered to the governing C.C.P.
    By a worldwide government backed organisation.
    What does that say?……
    Precisely, As long as they are quietly within their own boundaries doing what enjoy doing.
    Then quietly greasing the palms of corrupt government officials & organisations outside their boundaries.
    Without outwardly causing open threats or be seen doing glob only knows what, in other countries.
    They will be allowed to continue as they are.
    What government doesn’t have corruption of some level within it anyway? 🤷‍♂️
    Plebs don’t win easily within the governing system of any country. 😁
    But great you are still putting out there.

  186. In 2007 my manufactoring contract went to a country that puts suicide nets around their factories. For years my old workplace was abandoned and left to rot. I see china has not adopted liberalism, workers rights, or any of the other things we were told would happen. Ironic workers of the world got ripped off by socialism.

  187. of course the rest of the world should boycott the games…we should boycott China full stop. Stop importing all the poorly made shit that they keep flooding the world with and cut them off completely.

  188. you are welcome. Do what you like, dont bother us, from china.
    Donot pretend you are important, pls.
    whatever you do, cant resist East rising again.
    You are pity, full of hate on your face.

  189. No morals greed is everything money talks and bs walks. I really would hope for my kids things will change, because I don’t like what coming our way. Peace ✌️

  190. I think your points speak for themselves, and so I think the Nazi comparison is a bit unfortunate. Sometimes less is more and it detracts from your overall message. If there really needed to be a comparison maybe the sports boycott of South Africa during the apartheid years would have been a better choice. Then you could have analysed the effect that that sports boycott had.

  191. F’ing A Winston…couldn’t agree more. Really good content. I’m here in NorCal whenever you want that beer 🍺 👍
    Any way I can help let me know 😎

  192. no.not 1 and 3 million, but all 10 million are sitting in concentration camps and prisons above and below the ground.25 million Uyghurs were killed under severe torture and burned in crematoriums, and all medicines and vaccines against viruses were tested on them.China is a threat to the world, wake up at last. china is the red plague .China is an aggressor and an occupier.fascist terrorist nazi

  193. The first step is the hardest stop supporting China make a step in the right direction make China pay for the virus because this is the only payment humanity will get

  194. Winston, opinion of the outside world unfortunately does not mean squat. For example look to Russia. Our government shoots down civilian aircrafts, starts wars, uses chemical weapons against opposition… It is corrupt and degrading. It does not care about law, democracy or human rights. Have you seen latest sanctions against us? 4 people who never even leave Russia now cannot leave Russia. This is a joke, and most policies against countries like Russia and China are like that – no policy – because money makes all decisions. Old generation western leaders are terrible, cause they do not lead. I sincerely hope what you say will help new younger leaders to grow some balls and finally say no to both China and Russia when they do these terrible things.

  195. I’m black so I wouldn’t even have been able to go to the Olympics . Our last name is German and that wouldn’t have went over well. I’m glad a black person literally came out on top and showed the world that even though they hate us, you can’t beat us

  196. 2008 Beijing Olympic was scandalous – ask foreign companies to present their idea. After series of presentation, rejected those foreign firms, but pass foreign firm’s ideas to Chinese firms to construct those projects. How do we expect 2022 to be anything different?

  197. Of course: boycott as much of Mainland China aa you can whilst it is run by the CCP and all who support and kowtow to it. Period. Better to die on one’s feet than to live on one’s knees (under the CCP), Emiliano Zapata. And if Spartacus didn’t say it then he lived it: It’s better to die free than live as a slave (under the CCP). Truisms indeed from the greatest freedom fighters that ever lived!

  198. good video but can people stop comparing everybody to fucking hitler? It is the most played out comparisant known to man, really. Read a fucking book or something

  199. I really enjoy your videos and your friends videos on China. Being a Canadian I’m glad you mention the 2 Micheal’s. Justin Trudeau is too busy being romanced by Xi Jinping too do anything of substance to get them released. Keeo up telling the truth about China for an insider point of view.

  200. All Olympics are political shows. China will spend money it doesn’t have to show the world how successful they are today. We all know that Russia lost a lot of money on their Olympics too. Now the pandemic is part of the calculus so things are going to be different.

  201. I bet that dog tedros is gonna declare that wuhanvirus plandemic has been contained 6 months prior the olympic. I personally boycott the beijing 2022 olympic!! There are plenty of market shares in both india and vietnam then why should i rely on china? China can be put to a grinding halt if every single country on this planet doesn’t send their athletes

  202. Unfortunately by loosing face, I believe the Chinese Communist Party will only press further.
    We see that all the time and latest in Hong Kong.
    There is no compromise!!!!

  203. We just had Coronalympics with China cancelling Tokyo Olympics by political design. As for CCP Olympics we ALL need to replace athletes to sending in military troops instead for World War 3.

  204. I doubt if it is likely the games will be cancelled, but all non-Chinese sports fans should keep in mind the CCPs arbitrary detention of some foreigners on trumped up spying charges and watch the games on TV. I would not want to go there to watch the events.
    Bear in mind that most Olympics of late have been financial failures, and the absence of substantial number of foreign fans would ensure that the CCP would at least face a financial loss.

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