Should you send MONEY to your THAI GIRLFRIEND? + THAILAND Travel News and Updates

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Foreigners seem to have a soft heart when it comes to their Thai girlfriend. Many expats always ask me, “Should I send money to my Thai Girlfriend?” My answer is always, “No.” However, Thailand is currently facing economic struggles. Thailand’s tourism and business sectors are closed or barely operational. I think this would be a good time to send money to your Thai Girlfriend, if you have the extra cash and she desperately needs it. This is the only period of time I would say yes to sending money from overseas to Thailand, as it is generally a bad idea. At this time, many Thai’s are out of work and out of income. That is the only reason I would say that it may be okay for a foreigner, expat, or traveler to send money from overseas to help their Thai girlfriend. If their Thai girlfriend works in the nightlife or entertainment industry, they are almost certainly out of a job, and could probably use the money to survive. Don’t be fooled guys, this situation is only temporary. I know, it’s your money, and you can do what you want with it. To that I say, “Just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should.”

Later in the video, I give the latest domestic and international travel news from Thailand. Thailand is looking to reopen for mass tourism as soon as possible. The details of the plan to reopen international travel to Thailand are given in this video.

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  1. Caught part of the stream on replay…

    Should you send money? Depends.

    There are no hard and fast rules that you can apply, in my opinion, and there are too many “if this then that” options to go through all the possibilities.

    Having said that, the one thing I’d submit is that if one meets the girl in Pattaya, then she is more than likely first and foremost an actress. That means if she is a bar girl, a masssage girl, an Agogo-girl, or even if she is a hotel maid or works in a 7-11 or a shopping mall, she is somehow connected with the entertainment and tourism industry and her job is somehow to make you feel good so you spend money. That’s not to say that there aren’t actual nice girls to be met there…but even the “nice” girls who are in the tourism business are first of all actresses.

    How do you know if you are seeing the real girl or the actress girl? Are you really smart enough on the Thai culture to comprehend the difference between a “Thai smile” and a real smile? Do you know the different types of “Thai smile” when you see them? If your experience is limited to 2-3 weeks a year in Pattaya, I’d give it 95% that you DON’T.

    If you happen to meet a girl who works in an office in Bangkok, a factory in Korat, a wet market in Mukdahan, or one who is a college student in Hat Yai, you’re far more likely to see authenticity than from a girl who works anywhere in Pattaya.

    So if you are thinking about sending money, I’d keep the above in mind when deciding to do so one way or the other.

    But what you said was VERY true. Don’t send anything you can’t afford to lose or anything that you will miss.

    BTW, the answer to your question on taxing their citizens’ worldwide income: the other country is Eritrea.

  2. NEVER send money on a monthly basis
    NEVER combine assets
    NEVER buy her a home
    NEVER have kids in USA (child support)

    IF YOU HAVE to send money….only send like $30 bucks or something

    Relationships never last a lifetime. Sorry

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