Simple Province Girl Opens Saving Account Old Dog New Tricks June 19 2020

Simple Province Girl Opens Savings Account Old Dog New Tricks June 19 2020

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  1. Hey Paul, how are you and baby mae doing my friend? I really love your content. I will be moving to the Philippines once all the restrictions are lifted.

  2. Yep, dealing with Banks are a real hassle. We have Fathers day coming up, so I am going to smoke some ribs and sausages. You and Baby Mae are welcome, but know y’all are far away. I will shamelesly ask you to promote my Youtube Channel: BarryinthePI. And you still have an invite to visit us.

  3. Paul you have this ability to draw people in with your stories. I can usually sit through a 10 minute video but not much longer. I sat and watched the whole way through and enjoyed it very much. Who knows I may have to go through this very same thing with my GF. Now I know what to expect and can get all these forms ahead of time. Thanks again

  4. Such a common occurrence in Philippines! Ones that have help support those that don’t,
    And opening a real bank account is a nightmare there for locals! Took my girl 2 weeks and a lot of paperwork! You did better than me Lol I was ready to pop a gasket!

  5. I love the fact that Baby Mae finally have come out of her shell and she’s achieving her potential. But also, I love the way you helped to empower Baby Mae. I still remember one of your videos where you said that your mission is to leave her in a better position than when you first found her. I have so much respect with men like you. Also you make me have my knowing smile whenever your pronounce ‘barangay’ as /baeraen’gei/. I have a hunch that you’re deliberately pronouncing it with the /ei/ sound than the /ai/ sound. You’re so clever….love it….can’t wait to retire and leave my political correctness conscious job and be a free spirit.

  6. Great video Paul. I look forward to all your videos. Don’t ever change your forma buddy !!! Best wishes. BTW I was moving to Thailand and now you have me thinking about the Philipiines !

  7. Wow, what a day you had dealing with the local Community Bank. I hope everything works out with Edith’s new bank account along with her YT income. Also your last message was great. I love my country but these everyday-day-to-day experiences are what your audiences need to hear every now and then. Some folks just don’t have the patience in what you went through today.

  8. Baby Mae’s department store baby May would be awesome having her own store of plastic goods and local items manufactured from the area Hardware items rakes shovels rope wire anything and everything that’s small that you can carry out of the store plastic tarps small hydraulic jacks Harbor Freight in America a lot of things you can get delivered by shipping box I pledged to help out baby Mae’s department store friends in America send things to Baby Mae shipping box all the weight you can put in a big box for $65 shipping to the door boxes are free boxes are free through the shipper pick up boxes at any Filipino stored any city in the u.s. this could help her whole family and community leave your mark on the World by helping others

  9. Hi Paul, great job in what you were trying to share and I hope that a help others who have the same situation. I hope and pray that everything will work out for baby Mae. God bless

  10. Really enjoyed this video Paul. Helped to alleviate some of the groundhogness lol. One of the coolest things is her growth. Hell i’m proud of her haha. She’s such a sweetheart. You got a gem there buddy. You have to record the first time she gets on a plane bro. It will be so cool. Keep up the good work my friend.

  11. Paul when you say your going to be live on Sunday at 9 o’clock I am assuming that is your time and it is in the morning. Is that right? Which if so would mean 9 pm Saturday night my time being I’m in the Easter Standard Time zone in Georgia, USA. Planning on watching so want to be sure I don’t miss it.

  12. Very informative Video Paul. I have found BDO to be one of the better Filipino Banks to work with. Your right what you can do in a half an hour in the US can take you all day in the Philipines.

  13. That was great Paul,,, I enjoyed every minute of your story,,, Im surprised you didnt take a packed lunch with you knowing how things work there,,, Im also glad to hear your hopeing to take Mae away with you,,, I have mentioned it to to Mae on her channel before,,, It will be a good education for her,,, and im so glad your looking after her so well. Your so right in getting as much paperwork as you can to be able to travel that immigration will need but be prepared for her not being allowed to travel,,, If they dont want her to go,,, theyll make a reason for her not to,,, I should know its happened to me 3 times,,, but not in the Philippines. When your ready to travel take a chill pill. Regards and Good Luck

  14. First off you’re very fortunate to have found a woman like Mae but she is also fortunate to have found a man like you.
    Secondly I really enjoy and look forward to all your videos. And I certainly don’t mean to offend but I watch Mae’s videos not because it’s my favorite content but because I want to help her succeed. Both of you seem like good people and I wish you both happiness and success!

  15. Good Video…Its good that you got her account with some big banks like BDO…I sent a letter to my pension office in Las Vegas and they received it in 2 days…They sent me a letter back to Cebu City and it took 38days for me to get it…I had 1 letter from Vegas took 74 days to get to me…So maybe you can use UPS or DSL to mail your letter and it will arrive in 6 days or less costs about 1500 peso…

    Hey there Paul. What a nightmare!! But at least you came away with a fascinating story. 👍✅. One of your past interviewees is in the process of opening a BPI bank account in Manila and it’s taken over a week for the ATM card to appear. Lovely to hear the name of the famous Jerra once more. I posted the link above so your viewers can see your funniest and best interview. Please send Jerra my best wishes. Cheers from Perth, Western Australia 🇦🇺 🦘🦘🦘

  17. Is your buddy Gary still in America? Why not set up the home address as the address in the Philippines, than have the mailing address to Gary’s place. After he gets the mail, he can send the information to you. Than you go back and change the mailing to the Philippines. Just food for thought.

  18. . I live in Thailand and the Bureaucracy can be pretty bad here too . Sometimes to get a simple thing like motorcycle registration done you need about four different papers and each one has to be checked and stamped by four different departments. It can take a whole morning of just. sitting and waiting to get each official stamp. I think the whole thing is just a big make work project to keep as many people employed as possible. For Thai people its not a big deal because that is normal, but for someone from the west where you would just walk up to one wicket get everything checked , done and out the door it can seem like insanity . You just have to learn to relax and go with the flow.

  19. Wow, talk about red tape! I’m an easy going laid-back guy and I would have lost my mind going through that ordeal. How do they expect anyone to advance in society with all those hurdles?

  20. by the way we should be moving to the Ph as soon as things allow and my husband has a new channel looking for subscribers it is
    benyego that’s the name of it give it a shout out will you, thanks


  21. Paul what a story and i was instantly thinking of Monty Python , as it sounds like that kind of story …..and isn’t it Its more fun in the Philippines , he he at least when seen from outside….its more easy to see the fun part.

  22. Usually nowadays most companies send those codes via text just to confirm your identity- but I guess google requires physical home address verification….I guess a homeless person can’t have a YouTube channel and get paid for it….just saying..

  23. Hi Paul,
    As ever another fantastic post.
    You are both so lucky in so many ways, despite all the up n downs , hardships etc etc…But you already know that…
    As ever
    Stay safe, stay you…


  24. ALL this to open an account, you’re giving them money… Only in the Philippines. I’m going to start using that on my creditors, I need proof my money is going to the right place. lol… Thanks Paul for the laugh..

  25. Risky,don’t open ATM card or online banking because they can withdraw money from your account somehow they have ways or maybe inside worker from the bank.

  26. Just sent some money from the Good Dog to the old dog… no place on paypal to leave a message. Hopefully Baby Mae will put the cash in her land account! All the best, thanks for the videos from both of you! Peter (Good Dog)

  27. Hey Paul, Genghis Khan here, you made me really interested in the PI and I wanna move in right next to you and Darryl (the commenter) down there. Should be a great hood!

  28. I feel you brother. Try doing all of that and more for the K-1 visa. My wife had to bounce back and forth 3 hours each way from her province to Bacolod. My favorite was that the Barangay birth certificate wasn’t official for anything but was needed for NSO birth certificate

  29. Oh my goodness. I am a patient person but that process have me anxiety! God bless y’alls heart for having to go through that. Sounds like the business to open there is a bank!

  30. Hey brother Paul. You need to check the streets in the front yard because Gaylord is missing! LOL OMG Paul a whole day to open an account. I am surprised you had any hair left from pulling it out! I almost spit my afternoon tea through my nose when you said Baby Mae didn’t know her mother’s maiden name for it has always been the same since she was born. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You remind me of Bob Hope with some of your stories and the humor from negative life! We are all proud of you for having more patience then a hospital after a national emergency! LOL Don’t forget Baby Mae said it best “ Oh Daddy Paul you’re such a genius”! LOL Gotta love ya! God Bless……

  31. Mabuhay Philippines, Maayong butag Paul and Baby Mae
    Greetings from the war torn state of Washington, thank God not Seattle.

    Nice job on the vid as usual. You experience sounds like the 1st time I was in the Philippines. I brought travelers checks, remember those lol. I had my passport and my driver’s license with me and I believe I was trying to exchange them for cash at a BDO. Holy crap that sucked ass. Having never been to the Philippines before you can imagine what an American is thinking when they look at them like it’s not real money. They wrote all my information on the front and back of each traveler’s check. They walked back and forth several times between the bank manager and the teller. The teller at one point walked away and started helping someone else and just left me sitting there. 2 to almost 3 hours just to exchange the money in the bank. I have never brought traveler’s checks since only cash… and perfect bills only, no wrinkles, careful not to fold or make them look old in anyway otherwise you have nothing but trouble at the money changers.
    I can image your pain trying to open the accounts and I’m not sure if we (wife and I) will be opening an account next time or not. It would be more convenient than carrying cash, but with all the headaches to open the account and also the issue of not having access when you need it like here in the states it may be more trouble than it’s worth. It may fit with our long term goals however to retire there and do a snowbird type thing.

    Anyways take care and stay safe.

  32. Love this story Paul,dealing with any government agency is Always a nightmare, but the craziness there would give me stomach pains, Paul I think i could get Brain surgery faster than the time it took to open that account,Wow we.

  33. Any way to have the magic GOOGLE numbers sent to your family in the states and they call you and tell you the numbers? I know it is verifying an address …. could it be their address? Just saying.

  34. I think I remember Reekay saying he had contact info for google, I know he has said he has contact info for Facebook. Try him if you got his number.

  35. took me 2 weeks to try to get a tag an res changed on the used bike that was in jan 2020,,,still not gotyet lol ,,,you will need pics of you an her an family to show customs at air port ,,,thats what they ask my wife in 2015,,,we went to batcave ,chock let factory ,an the twin towers ,,,watch the monkeys they get you things

  36. I can’t believe I watched this in one sitting. I kept wanting to know what would happen next. I am surprised the bank did not ask for the broomstick of the wicked witch. I am glad Mae finally got her bank account. Mail has gotten better in the NY area. Let us know when the Google letter comes. A fan.

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