Small Tour of our Our Neighborhood in Valencia Philippines

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Small Tour of our Our Neighborhood in Valencia [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks I take a walk with Baby Mae in the Neighborhood surrounding our $400 3 bedroom 2 bath House Rental in Valencia Negros Oriental


  1. Hi Paul
    I’m interesting to move to the Philippines hopefully around the end of November from England
    How much is your rent in your new home. Gary πŸ™

  2. Many times it’s a diet that causes migraines eliminate all food only eat meat for a couple of weeks and then find out if the migraines go away

  3. Thats awesome, meantime I’m stuck in the dry lands of Southeastern Washington State watching YouTube. Lol. Not sure when I’ll be able to go back the Philippines over this Covid crap. Love your new pad.

  4. Nice place looks very cool and relaxing be careful with the back porch I noticed there were no rails! I think a nice bamboo rails would be an excellent thing to install it’s local material and not that expensive and would look nice and be safe sorry just an idea. Anyway love you guys always look forward to watching both your shows

  5. Well its close to a convenience store, so what else would you need. Its a very night area and reminds me of Puerto Rico, south side Guayama region in the hills.

  6. It was nice to see what the neighbourhood looks like.I’m always hearing that Valencia is up in the mountains but it’s my first time seeing the area.I would adopt one or two of those dogs to keep an eye on things.🌞🌴

  7. Enjoy your life youve made here… After six years of living here myself, I find this place more real humbling and Bohemia enough for me to live out the rest of my life… With a vig smile every day!

  8. Ok, the first minute of this video convinced. The Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ is where I will retire.
    Just look at all that greenery.

  9. Hi Paul and Baby Mae. Milos 57 in Oslo. If i find a woman with Mae’s values i would really love that woman very much. Still i don’t know when it will be possible for me moving to Philippines because of pandemics. But hope as soon as possible but needs to get back to normal times for me moving there. If i would get to Dumaguete sometime in future when i will be living there i would love inviting you and Baby Mae for coffee and have nice conversation together. Before when i wrote to Tim K a few times he never answers unlike you and Gio and Paul’s asian adventures and his girlfriend Mia. I love when i get an answer back since YouTube is making it possible for us interacting here. So it means i won’t write to Tim K anymore and don’t watch his videos any longer. You are an entertaining man and i love watching your videos Paul. Love your relaxed life view and being yourself. Stay healthy and safe. Just continue being yourself and keep your good values. Ciao

  10. Ahh baby Mae likes to walked…me too!!!…I already liked her now…I hope ganahan pud cya makig friend nko kay keeping active and healthy is one of my hobbies.

  11. Enjoy your adventures. You might consider applying some fertilizer to your plants. Organic or otherwise. It’s a learning process, if you can find a local successful gardener for advice, it will be well worth the effort. Best regards from the onion capital of the world, Pine Island, NY.

  12. Iam looking forward to your trip/drive to Duma.
    Unless Dutch, your chosen enviroment was also my choise, when I will visit/come & probably stay nearby in Q3/4 for long term.
    Thank you old dog !!

  13. You two have a really nice place. It is more congested where we are in the city. We have a sari X2 store and food stand on our two-bedroom and don’t have the big yard, but I pay a lot less for rent than you do. Ne has nails, is from the province, & washes our clothes, so it can be done. She just has to keep them up. Natural beauty takes a lot of work. lol

  14. Hey Paul I heard you say they build lots of basketball courts & there always empty? I’ve never seen an empty basketball court in the Philippines in my 30 years of travelling there must just be a covid thing? Nice area you moved to fresh air, lots of trees & light traffic. Enjoy…we are hoping to return sometime this year!

  15. Be careful leaving those Balik Bayan boxes outside like that for too long. If they get wet, roaches will start living in them! Speaking from personal experience, lol.

  16. I was surprised that I’ve never seen that road before, and I’d thought I’d covered most of Valencia by motor bike or car. It’s looks peaceful and not overpopulated by sari sari store’s and carendaria’s like a lot of the roads heading toward Dumaguete City are becoming.

  17. Thx for the vid, you made the mundane type of dwelling and area also..can we turn that basketball court into tennis or badminton ? 😎

  18. I really like your place. I can’t wait to get to come back there again. I wish things would open up soon,so that I can come and visit my wife and we could travel around and hang out with good people like you and bud brown.

  19. Migraines Cured: For what it’s worth, about 15 years ago I went on the Atkins diet. I lost weight, but also stopped having Migraines. I was getting them consistently before I started the diet.

  20. Hehehehe…and here – is a dog laying in the middle of the street. The Philippines is a beautiful country full of nature. Province girls are beautiful.

  21. Paul and Mae
    . love your all’s new place! I can’t wait until this covid garbage is over and the boarders open up…ugh.. I’m fully vaccinated myself.. Retired USAF guy here… Make a very nice military pension.. Once the PI is open..I’m out of the US.. I was thinking Valencia myself over a year ago…I love the I hear it’s much n cooler too..sign me up!.. You’re a lucky Man My friend!.. Beat the rat race mumbo crap in the US and left..I’m next..I completely feel ya… Baby Mae is a very kind and beautiful lady…ill come look you up for coffee once allowed to come.. Dennis..

  22. Baby Mae hanging laundry is an unconscious way of marking her territory. It’s a visual signal to anyone walking by a True Filipina is living in the house. You would rarely see an american wife hanging laundry. She would just take it to the laundry cleaners in town.

  23. Hi Paul, thanks for this, good stuff. Yes, you mentioned a future video using the motor bike, please do that. Best regards/Murray/Vancouver

  24. Hey Paul and Baby Mae! It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! You both seem so much happier at the house. Happy for you and God bless.

  25. I like that set up. As far as the laundry hanging – it damn near seems to be some sort of law here that you have to hang your laundry out.


  27. In one of your earlier videos, you said you wanted to keep your new place a secret, kinda. Now everyone knows where you live, even how it looks from the road. Peace.

  28. Super bro. It is the way I live. A nicer 600 lot with a house. In the province. The only problem I face as I live in Eastern Laguna is maybe social isolation. I think you live more with more foreigners.

  29. your girl looking spiffy in the hat…. good video,,,, cujo 1 & cujo 2 — lol…. 5 years in Las Pinas, Philippines, wife & three boys. wishing i could escape this city… goid luck, you got it made in the shade.

  30. I’m like that area Paul, and the house looks good. Much better then the apartment. Not that the apartment was bad or anything it’s just nice that you have room now.

  31. Simple provincial girls women are the best like my Filipino wife from Mindanao, hand wash maybe better and hang dry smell very fresh! Great spot to live Paul glad you and baby Mai are happy !

  32. Now your lawn looks like a desert, it was better with the green greass before. Valencia, Negros Oriental Philippines is lush tropical landscaping environment. And its refreshing and cool environment.

  33. Great vid mate and look forward to your next vid about the rest of Valencia etc.
    PS….before your video you should have placed a whole watermelon behind that log near your watermelon plant so when you said you were growing watermelons, you pan in on the full watermelon…🀣

  34. Tell her to put cold water over her head are cold pac get some blooms put water in them and put in a Socks then put the frozen bloom around your head get something to make it stay on your head it helps alot

  35. I think Paul is giving Mae a few false impressions about America. πŸ™‚
    1) I live in Wisconsin and still dry clothing outside. I don’t use a dryer, it shortens the fabrics life.
    2) I have a garden and I plant melons in the sun:) Paul is still in training j/k:)
    Just a nice gardening tip. The leafs that fall can be ground down and placed around the plants to stopping weeds from growing near the plants and hold the water in the soil. The next year turn the leaves into the soil to make the soil rich!
    Nice video!

  36. Why don’t you learn Tagalog? “When you speak to a person in your native language, you speak to their mind. When you speak to them in their native language, you speak to their soul” Ghandi

  37. Hmmm, I’ve lived in Malate (part of Manila, really) and Tacloban ( big city in Visayas) in the Philippines, and I’ve seen a lot of the rest of the Philippines, but it’s obvious that I need to check out Valencia. My experience living in the Philippines has not been hateful by any means, but, conversely, it’s been what I would describe as “tolerable”, rather than pleasurable. But, this looks pretty appealing, and my wife would love, love, love to be out of the city – thanks for the video.

  38. Great area, reminds us of Tapaz, Capiz on Panay where we are when we’re in country. Nice yard to, needs a picnic table and a barbecue. Stay safe guys!πŸ‘

  39. WOW!! Nice place and nice area. So green and lush. You got some Dragon Fruits too. I really love the deep red, sweet Dragon fruits, and very good for the health. Thanks for the tour Buddy. πŸ™‚

  40. Did they get the concrete walkway to the falls fixed? I was there in 2017 after an earthquake and you had to practically rock climb after you got down to the falls to get to them.

  41. Doggies everywhere! 🀣
    I would definately choose this place for an early retirement. Good video, Paul. Keep up the good work. The watermelons are coming along nicely. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

  42. Great vid, awesome neighborhood and locations. Looks like a very relaxing location. I think you have found your own little piece of paradise.

  43. I thought you guys were going to try and keep your new residence on the down low as to avoid the weirdos. You pretty much gave an exact location in this video. But that’s your business. Love you two’s videos and been a long time follower. Beautiful house BTW.

  44. Hey paul, I plan on moving to the Philippines in January of 2022. Would love to get some advice on where to look. Would even love to check out the beautiful neighborhood you live in. Do you have any information?

  45. I will say when I visited the Philippines I was in The province most of the time and they were always playing basketball at a court

  46. You are just having too much fun! I am 67 and still working 5 days a week. Maybe not forever~~I enjoyed the walk about the Hood! Dogs in the Islands have a death wish. They lay in the road waiting to get hit… very weird.

  47. Great tour great video very nice of you and your beautiful Mae to show us around your neighbourhood have a great day Sa Dios Love Lots

  48. Seeing a video like this makes me appreciate living in Canada. Nobody needs to build walls around their property here and nobody puts bars on their windows. I can’t help to laugh when I see bars on the windows of houses I wouldn’t let my dog sleep in.

  49. Im 35 male and also have migraines/headaches often. I believe its from stress of constantly worrying. I cant help its just part of my personality. I believe Mae is the worrying type as well and doesnt want that negative energy to radiate on to others so she holds it in?… Her seeing a therapist might help her get things off her chest, but just my 2 cents

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