Smooth WARP ZOOM TRANSITION tutorial! 2018

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We’ve probably all seen the standard zoom transition right!? well this one has an awesome warp effect! and in this transition tutorial i’m going to show you step by step on how to achieve this awesome effect! time to take your cinematic video to the next level!!


  1. Wwooww benn ! you have not idea how i apreciate you are teaching us your stile of editing and transition! keep going like this, i think this is what u channel needs to grow much faster. keep with the amazing work

  2. Hey did u went to film school?? How did u learn all this editing??please make a story time video on how you got started on your video editing career…I would really appreciate that

  3. Still Greek to me… but i think once I start finally shooting videos (finding it hard to get this video thing down, so focusing on learning photography first )… it will be a great tutorial..thanks Ben

  4. Everything was good, but the thing you did, that almost all other youtubers always forget is to show, how to make a preset. I knew, how that works in PPCC but didnt know how it works in AECC
    thanks for that.!

  5. Lot of people know to do really cool things, but really bad with explanation how they did it. But, Benn, you’re excellent in both, doing things and explanation.

  6. Hey, quick question. How do you put this after effects sequence back into premiere pro while keeping all the clips cut/separated? It merges them all into an after effects comp in my premiere pro timeline but doesn’t show me the individual clips. What happens if I want to color correct each individual clip in premiere pro AFTER i’ve added all my effects in AE?

    1. I think exporting it? That might work? Idk i was told you use premiere pro to lay out the images first or videos whatever just put them together on premiere pro and make simple transitions then use after effects to make it look cool then go make it into a premierepro thingie and boom done

  7. Thanks a lot, but just one question… I was working cinematic footages in proportion 12:5 and after this fx, the proportion has changed, what could I do?

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