“So… you don’t want the rooster?” – Preparing For Life In The Philippines

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  2. I use to live in orange California off of 55 went to orange high school , geez with all the beautiful blonde, in California, who in their right mind would look at a trans

  3. Really funny story about the rooster! But I thought I was watching a VHS tape the video resolution was so low 🤷‍♂️. I know, I know… there’s no box. Just accept it and move on. 😂

  4. I stayed mostly in makati i met 2 lady boys , i met one when i made a stroll 3 am st on quezon ave near green belt mall, he look like a walking nightmare , he invited him self to
    My room , i had my gf sleeping there and i politely declined, i was walking away he stared at me with evil
    Intent 😝

  5. LOL, I remember this vid well from yesteryear. When I first moved to the north part of Panay here I stayed at a small cottage on the sea at this resort to get settled. I ended up being there over 8 months & got to know workers well. I commented how much I loved eating duck growing up , how much I missed it & wish I could get it now. Well a couple days later a live duck showed up in the pens there & after I asked why it was there was told it was for me. The fact that I didn’t really have any way of preparing it or cooking it never crossed anyone’s mind either.
    You once did a old vid maybe worth reposting on walking street peddlers selling there wares & asking yourself why they do it & realizing if they didn’t they wouldn’t eat at all & it’s a survivor skill .

  6. That was a game cock at that price. Otherwise you got the kanu price 😉
    Third possibility he chased it down and he wanted to make a lot of money for his effort

  7. I love these old videos, I reckon some how over the years I’ve missed this one. I love the sights and sounds of being outdoors in your old videos 👍🏽

  8. Awesome content Henry, I’m sure I saw this originally but it has been so long that I didn’t recall this one. All the best in Cally, and hope we’re both back in Phils soon, JD

  9. Regarding the chicken story, what would you say was that guy’s intentions? Would you say he was sincere, heard you wanted chickens and took the initiative to help get you what you wanted? Or malicious, though he could make a easy profit off of the dumb foreigner? Just curious because I’ve been in similar situations and thought the other person’s intention could have gone either way.

  10. “So…you don’t want the chickens?” Hahaha…so classic.
    I enjoy the younger version, new discoveries and new interactions…such great lessons learned along the way.
    These were the videos I watched when I was intrigued with the Philippines…you opened lots of doors and answered questions I didn’t realize I had with the culture.

  11. Hi ya Reekay! – Had me cracking up at the chicken story! – Overall a great video with excellent message / content ! – – you back in PI ?? ……Cul, VegasJim

  12. Gotta say, Henry, I really love the anecdotal reflections you give out from time to time. I can so identify with your experiences, having been married to a Filipina for 30 years, I’ve been in similar situations, and if you don’t get it perfectly right, all hell can break loose.
    The girl on the motorcycle story was also really amusing.
    The Philippines can be an insane world, but if you accept it for what it is, it will add yet another dimension to your logical thought train.

  13. Your video is an excellent reminder that Philippines is a very befuddling place! (seeing as I haven’t been there in 20 months)… My Philippine experience has taught me all about the “Filipino way” of doing things. Just sort of have to deal with it and not get bent out of shape. My partner normally deals with the BS that arises, so I don’t have to. I continually remind myself when I see stupid stuff, it isn’t only the Philippines! There are morons everywhere.

  14. Hi Henry! I sense a little “edge” to your contribution today!
    I hope this doesn’t happen, but I fear that you might get a minor backlash regarding your comments on gay people, ladyboys, cross-dressers, etc! I understand what you were getting at – basically that we must all accept what we find in countries we are visiting that are not our own. We cannot change them to suit our own views and norms, nor should we try to. So you’re right.
    However, in these sensitive times, I think choice of words is important. Remember that many of your subscribers and fans will be gay (possibly up to one in ten), and I am sure you are pleased to welcome them.
    You make reference to being tolerant and say that, for example about ladyboys in particular, if you only go to the malls, you may not run into “very many”, and….”you can always avoid people you don’t want to deal with”.
    Then…”if somebody wants to be gay, let them do their thing….etc”. and…”I don’t have to agree with somebody’s choices to tolerate them”. I know you are trying to put across the idea of being tolerant and open-minded, which is great, but at the same time I think some gay people may not go along with your inferences and general approach to the subject!
    After all, if someone said to you…”If you want to be straight, then do your thing….I can tolerate you but it doesn’t mean that I approve of what you are doing”. I think that would not be an acceptable thing to say or to think, Henry. Don’t you agree? By the way, just as you can’t help being straight, so gay people can’t help being gay – there is unfortunately no personal choice in the matter!

    I respect you greatly for your intellect and innate generosity of thought. I have viewed countless numbers of your very intuitive and entertaining videos over a long period, and I will continue to do so. I believe this is the first time I have heard you talking about gay people, including lesbians and trans people. I am sure you meant well, but I don’t think that your thoughts and ideas came across too well this time! I am sorry!

  15. In the United States the society is collapsing All American expats are high stress and freak out President Biden is screwing up with high high inflation so when the American Expat brings this craziness to Philippines

  16. talking about roosters i was on the phone to webjet. i heard a rooster in the back ground and i asked the girl are you in the philippines she said yes working from home. haha

  17. I feel like it’s the twilight zone or a episode of Seinfeld. Your a seasoned traveler. Too friggin funny it’s hilarious but I know it’s true. 🤣😂😅😆 Chicken man haha to funny. You’ve grown a great amount over your traveling years. Love it Henry 😆☺️ To rap it up your a mellow Republican 😂🤣😅🥲😆

  18. We have friend in Bantayan & had an issue with local Chinese-Pilipino regarding putting up a business. Culturally this is really true. Great topic about lady boys & lesbians. Open Mindset is a MUST. 👍🌍

  19. Hello I am Barry Jordan the biggest beggar and liar on YouTube I will be building a bar soon I need investors now I have to go sign for a candy bar and a Coca-Cola I spend all my money on liquor and partying

  20. Was surprised that you are not a Liberal DemonRat!
    Just teasing!
    Let’s go Brandon!
    Good discussion about the need for tolerance and patience especially as a GUEST in another culture.
    Very important subject for expats.
    Nice job.

    I have had expats there and Filipinos ask me my opinion on Philippines politics! Yikes!
    I am definitely informed, opinionated and not shy but I politely dodge…

    BTW… I can get you a good deal on ducks. 5000p each! Its a sale! Oh! Sorry….. Out of stock sir….

  21. Personally, when I move there to live with my Pinay until death, I won’t ever criticize my hosts or their culture. I will be a gracious guest. But I’m grateful for all the YouTubers who educate me with informative, entertaining, thought-provoking insights into the Philippines 🇵🇭.

  22. The Philippines has become a satellite state of China The Philippines president borrowing trillions from China only made the Philippines a satellite state of China Putting China in the green lanes only proves it China has not updated it COVID infected rate since July The US updates weekly And it infection rate is dropping The president of the Philippines with is anti western views only serve Chinese interests

  23. i want to ask you with Christmas coming up. What should one give to ones gfs family members, its not a question of to give or not but what is that Filipinos like to receive on this most wonderful day Chistmas.

  24. First of all, thank you for a fantastic YouTube channel, its really awesome to have an insight to the Philippines from your lens. 

    I’m considering permanent relocation to the Philippines, but I just can’t find any information regarding the visa requirements. 

    Could you possibly send me in the right direction. 

    I’m Danish, 40 years old, have my self set up OK economically. 

    But every time I seem to find info or a way in, we just need you to transfer us the standard fee of (x amount of dollars). 

    And I will not pay any damn scammers on the other side of the planet. 

    I’ve read about the smile visa. 

    Regarding investment visa, that sounds good. 

    But then we have the approximate 80 scam sites whit that. 

    How does it really work, do I come on a normal tourist visa, then head to immigration, drop 10grand on the counter and welcome sir, enjoy the rest of the day? 

    Thanks in advance.


  25. Just watched your Saigon videos again n you are spot on that the place is really nice, exciting n safe
    Can see that you were really happy there too but too bad the dating sucks over there …

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