1. Never been more excited about a camera before, did you know it’s been 5 years since the a7sII was released!?! now the A7SIII is finally here!

  2. When will this movie be released? 😂
    That’s the best video ever!
    It’s a big inspirational video!
    Thank you for sharing this video:)

  3. Just awesome man! 😍 Huge fan. I am so inspired by your work. Recently posted a video, entirely shot on mobile. If you come across this comment please check it out and share your feedback. Much love❤️

  4. Feel so touching after seen this great video, I’ve been to Australia for 2 years working&holiday, and used to stayed in Victoria state 1 month, but there are still too many beautiful things I haven’t seen thought my eyes. One day I’ll definitely back to Australia explore everything unknown again.
    Thanks Benn, great work!

  5. This is great and color correction. You have something taught and very luxurious. Great editing and editing from you. Everything is great in this video 😍😍👍🏻

  6. Sir i am your big fan and sir please make a tutorial on how you edit your all video and wich transaction use in these videos
    Please reply……

  7. Filming Skills : 100%
    Masking Skills : 200%
    Sound Design : 500%
    Btw, You have done it again Benn…
    Really dope video…

    Edit: But I missed your epic voiceover though..

  8. Hi Benn, your way of telling stories through your films is art…Thanks for sharing these masterpieces! Make the world a better place! Greetings from Italy 🌍

  9. Just forget about everything in last couple of minutes and my heart is in this video, Woow , your creation make me happy.Those forest shoots,water falling gives me deep feelings.
    Then, the night spend behind fire, you are fabulous benn.
    Love you always, Benn.😌

  10. Another masterpiece is here…
    Haven’t seen the video yet because of the buffering… But still excited!
    Please visit Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩
    Best of luck for your upcoming projects… 🖤🖤

  11. Very impressive! You’re gonna sell so many of these cameras for Sony with this video.

    But wow, that must have been cold on that beach around this time of the year?

  12. Benn is the best creator for travel video! I actually created my own channel called Angkor T.K. to show even MORE travel video around our country – come check it out and I will always follow back!”

  13. Omg yes one of my favourite editors just posted uwu im so happy!
    Because of you and jr alli I’ve gotten into making these edits etc but only as a hobby hehe 😃🤗

  14. I can’t help but wonder how people can watch stupid things on YouTube and make it on trending…when real hardwork and talent remain hidden.

  15. Really you always don’t forget to amaze me. I love your work always and I will support you always bruhhh . And one more thing I love the sound design and also the colour grading too. you are awsome always! keep rocking man 🙂

  16. Dude this is a masterpiece 🙂 I’m making films inspired in you. I’ve became addicted to your cinematic transitions, sound effects and I’ve learn a lot from you. 🖖

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