South Koreans React to US Presidential Election | STREET INTERVIEW

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  1. Wow cool AB, thanks for accepting one of my req. Wanna make videos about these?

    Malaysians’ opinions on Mahathir Mohammad’s comment on his support on the killing on French people

    Indonesians’ opinion on Omnibus Law

    Taiwaneses’ opinion on same sex marriage

    Asian countries’ opinion on Joe Biden

    Koreans and Japaneses’ opinion on a proposed plan for a tunnel to connect Busan to Fukuoka

    Vietnameses’ opinion on COVID-19

    Indonesian schoolkids or uni students about COVID-19 that closed their unis or schools

  2. Sometimes it is true that We don’t really care if it is Joe Biden or Donald Trump,. Because of what? ‘Cause it’s not our president election…. Simple….

  3. Biden did not win he won illegally, he’s currently being investigated bcz of fraud and cheating. Trump is the winner bcz he won legally. Trump still is president.

  4. For those that are not in the USA they are doing a recount in the State of Georgia… it’s due to some sort of machine error but Joe Biden is still our new president

  5. The result is not final until the election committee declared the winner. Even then, the loser still can challenge in the Court if he has evidenced of massive fraud voters. Be educated.

  6. pretty irresponsible of Asian boss to report on the election like this declaring a winner. Media does not get to declare a winner of the election, the electoral college does. the election is still not finalized.

  7. theres an actual witness that has text messages from hunter bidens phone.. documents, emails everything yet the corrupt liberal media isnt saying anything.. theres so much evidence of voter fraud but again the media chose to just inaugurate biden and just cover up the whole thing…

  8. Thanks for providing this perspective from our Korean friends. Thanks Asian Boss! The US is more than ready to move on and it seems like the world is too to a post-Trump world.

  9. Wow,reliable right Joe Biden if Koreans only knew what he has done during his lifetime in politics when they find out Trump was relected after all the fraud is exposed they will be speechless.

  10. This was an embarrassment and lots of Australians here feel the same. US is meant to be the example of a proper healthy democracy. Butt Trump’s absurd claims are damaging this reputation.

  11. Not sure what the smelly streets, ppl not wearing masks and not having etiquette have to do with the election…. Korea also has smelly streets and ppl can be rude 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. You probably wouldn’t know from American media outlets… but Jews in NYC were frustrated with Govenor Cuomo’s restrictions, and rallied to support Trump. Democrats/ Trump haters assaulted/ threw rocks at the Jewish NYC Trump Supporters.

  13. My parents country Turkey was pretty disappointed that Trump lost. Middle easterners may not like Trump because of his anti Muslim talk but he’s easy to manipulate unlike Biden so they’re pretty disappointed by th election results.

  14. Cuban Americans in Florida voted for Trump, not for Biden… and for good reason. The rhetoric from Democrats is concerning. And Cuban Americans recognized why.

  15. I dont except people to know the ins and outs of how The US system works, but I hope people realize that the electorate votes haven’t been certified yet and trump has valid legal reason and evidence for what he’s asking for. The election isn’t over yet. And for the sake of foreign policy, they should hope Trump somehow takes office.

  16. Stop saying he’s President. The American election is not over. We have fake news that lies to the American people. The election will be over in Dec. Joe Biden is a very evil man and he is getting help from the CCP, but he is caught with the help of American intelligence. He us, not the President.

  17. President-Elect Biden must be laughing his arse off at this embarrassment! Best of all it will be on YT forever, so we can come back for a good laugh anytime!

  18. Trump has not lost. There is proof of voter fraud. And many other areas of the ballot process. South Korea has the same liberal fake news that the U.S. does. Biden is pro CCP. Let’s just assume for one moment that Trump was the president keeping Xi Xi in check… Then Biden takes over what do you believe will happen to all of the territories/Countries China is claiming as their own like Thailand and the Philippines along with areas in India and even Russia…

  19. 71 million voted for Trump. After the Russia hoax, the impeachment hoax, the fact that Democrats for 4 years considered Trump illegitimate I don’t expect things to get better under Biden. I think it will get worst. Republicans will get their revenge and the the division will get deeper and more serious.

  20. Creepy joe biden is not President elect and will not be. Our elections are called by our government not the media. Please report accurately and stop spreading lies

  21. Why can’t democrats allow the legal process of recounts take place before jumping to conclusions? We had to deal with 4 years of not accepting Trumps election since 2016. Quit whining.

  22. I think the things they know are based on what’s reported on mainstream media. They should watch and listen to the other side to get the full picture. There’s lots of propaganda, brainwashing, & indoctrination happening. Always look at both sides then practice critical thinking. People needs to dig deeper, a lot deeper to find out the truth.

  23. thanks for the perspective of the Korean people, I really hope that this sick circus finish and the person who is winning became a better president.

  24. I’m sorry that the whole world had to see the idiocy that this country went through with Donald Trump as President. It is the same disease that has infected Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, and the Philippines. Don’t let it come to your country too.

  25. I can agree with everyone except the girl in the white jacket stating that our streets smell??? That comment threw me off. Also she stated that the battery operated cars would be affected under Biden?? However, I think they all made good statements on their thoughts about the US and how it will affect Korea. The presidential election in the States affects the entire world. I have to say that as an American, Trump has embarrassed us, made us look stupid, and I can understand if other countries don’t see us the same way as they used to, because he has damaged our democracy and divided us so now it seems we’re all against each other, especially white and black americans. I just hope and pray that Biden/Harris will make the necessary changes, and get us back on track especially with covid just tearing through the States. The young lady in the white jacket I did agree when she said we don’t wear mask, and she is correct. Great job Asian boss, and thanks so much for letting us see what the Korean people thought about what’s going on here in the States.

  26. Everyone must watch the movie “Social Dilemma.” It talks about how propaganda spread through news and social media brainwashes people and thus affecting political outcomes. This is what happened to Trump. We are getting closer and closer to losing our democracy.

  27. lmao, Biden didn’t win yet. Its not confirmed. The media doesn’t confirm presidential elections, or any elections in fact. Its funny how no one knows how these thing work.

  28. I think there are South Koreans that understand the US government and significance of the election more than many Americans. And that is curious and scary.

  29. Joe Biden HASNT won yet. The GSA determines who it’s president, And their own statements indicate there isn’t a winner yet …as of 11-11-20…
    We have until December 12th. Want a good story? Interview South Koreans abut what they think about the Democratic Party voting fraud.

  30. It’s funny to to hear people talk when they’ve clearly forgotten what Americans have done for them concerning World War II and the Korean War. Also, they lack a complete understanding of how our system here works, and are simply believing whatever the media tells them to. Populations like this are very easy to control. The men in charge are quite pleased, I would assume. They have a bunch of polite, level-headed sheep at their disposal. What a nice country.

  31. Shame, shame. Isn’t it a little disingenuous to say that Biden won, when it hasn’t been declared? There are counts and recounts still going on. It’s all very interesting how elections are done in the USA. I thought that Asian Boss was more honest than this. Media trends aren’t facts.

  32. The mainstream has brainwashed entire swaths of the American people and the TDS is so strong in people it is comical

    The election results are being recounted in several states due to several voter irregularities

  33. Like Beanie girl, I am too concerned by Biden’s remarks about Kim Jong Un. I’m also concerned about Biden’s potential appointees to the Department of Defense, including three members of CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) which advocated for the development of THAAD in Soseongri in South Korea merely 3 years ago. However, the truth is that South Korea is not merely “allies” with the US as one guy said. It is more like an occupied state, insofar as much the US has total control over South Korean armed forces (they deployed to Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan under US command). Yongsan base in Seoul (camp Casey), was at one time the largest overseas US military base in the world. Today, over 30,000 US troops are permanently stationed in Korea. Sadly, I don’t believe any US president will ever be helpful to the Korean dream of reunification, which can only come when the US pulls all of its influence out of the Korean peninsula and allows the Korean people to determine their own path.

  34. This video shows that the South Korean ‘s have received fake news. Joe Biden is not elected the president yet. There’s no discussion or comments made about fraud in the election system. We are a divided nation. I agree on that. It is disappointing to hear how other people have failed to see the amazing things that president trump has done for the United States. The division was Left Behind from previous administrations.

  35. I see some predictable disinformation accounts. For the record: The US presidential election ended on Tuesday, November 3; the American people’s votes decided the result. “The media” has no determinative power over the outcome; they just report what the election officials of the various states tell them, same as in any other election season. The exact vote counts aren’t finalized, but it is clear that Biden has won greater margins of victory in the three northern swing states than Trump did in 2016 – and he has furthermore carried Georgia, Arizona, and the Omaha district of Nebraska. There is no chance for recounts or frivolous lawsuits to reverse these. There is no legal path for Trump to retain power upon the expiration of his term in January.

  36. The US is ONE OF your most important allies..?
    How about YOUR MOST important ally!? Who the hell do you think is keeping the DPRK off your back? Who brought you a step closer to peace?
    Only Nixon could go to China. Only Trump could go to N. Korea. Show a little gratitude, ffs!

  37. If you don’t seek the truth then you can’t have it? Voter fraud is so easy to find… Hundreds of videos proving wide spread voter fraud on ever level imaginable, YouTube is blocking it and canceling channels that show it. The depth and level of the fraud is so amazing and unimaginable.

  38. this goes to show that educating yourself goes beyond nationality. these Korean folks are more educated about the election than a good chunk of the American population. and i say this as an American! it’s great and inspiring to see, but at the same time, it’s sad and concerning to think about all the change that still needs to occur in the US.

  39. From the US to South Korea, we apologize. A huge embarrassment to our country will be gone. Rather than warming up to the Kims in the north, I hope we will stand firmly with you like we have in the past in your efforts for a peaceful, united, and democracy-loving Korean peninsula. I proudly voted for Biden, and I believe he will bring dignity back to our leadership and image.

  40. I’m Korean, If I see korean news on the youtube, literally near 95% of the comment sections are like.. full of Trump supporters. (Cause Trump was being bad to China, If china loses power, then it’s good for Korea- And this is THE ONLY THING that korean trump supporters mention) but interviewers seemed to be more rational, quite surprised.

  41. Honestly speaking I’m tired of this PC (politically correct) phoney baloney bs that I have to be worried about stepping on someone’s toes and offending someone and hurting their feelings because that is the far lefts identity politics agenda.

    I quite honestly do not give a flying fudge brownie if someone is a cisgender bisexual lesbian black person of color and they use the pronouns they, them, her, is

    So yeah call me crazy but I like Trump and how he is not afraid to speak his mind.

  42. Man, watching this was like realizing someone was right outside the door while you were taking a sh**. I’m in here dealing with the chaos inside the bathroom, and it’s embarrassing that others witnessed my misery. lmaoooo

  43. The media does NOT elect the president!!! Biden has not been declared as president elect by Congress. Electors vote for the president in January and is declared by Congress…not by the god dammed media nor the candidates! Please educate yourself on how the US Presidential Elections work before you look uneducated repeating what the lying media says.

  44. Biden didnt win. The media is claiming he won. All states have to be certified 1st and some states are still counting votes while others are having a mandatory recount. Plus the Supreme Court is stepping in to investigate the fraud. Biden cheated and it will be revealed. Perhaps stop spreading fake news all over the world and tell the Korean people what’s really going on. They will be confused when Trump is revealed to be the real winner.

  45. The Election in the U.S. has not been called by anyone but the Corrupt media. Recount’s continue in several states. Voting is on November 3rd, Trump was the winner. Many invalid votes were counted after the November 3rd vote such as Dead people and those Not Registered to vote in several states. We knew this would happen so President Trump had invisible water marks on Valid Ballot’s. The real call for the Real winner will likely be called in December.

  46. America has a new Commander-in-Chief.
    Former President Trump is simply buying time and delaying prosecution for his wrongdoing.

    “Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits the election of any person as president who swore an oath to support the Constitution and later rebelled against the United States”.


  47. Seeing Asian Boss talk about this fake news and spouting it for truth just nullifies every single video I’ve ever watched of theirs. Please do a better job of researching the topics you make videos about, especially in regards to mainstream and social media in the United States.

  48. I get the mainstream media doesn’t call results but rather they project them. Why can’t some people understand that and why are some still in denial? Obviously the results are legally reviewed and validated in the days leading up to Inauguration Day. Even Fox News called a state like Arizona ahead of time. The fact of the matter is that the obese turtle lost. He was a winner four years ago and now by definition he’s a loser 🐢🐢

  49. Well, Trump doesn’t care much for other countries because of the one sided foreign policies that are hurting America. He’s doing what every president should do and that’s work for the interest of Americans. Simple as that. Lets not forget what he did with the peace deals in the middle east and tried to bridge the gap with North Korea. Oh, and Biden didn’t win yet silly people.

  50. Very impressed with their answers, I never realized how much can change for other countries as a result of the US elections. It’s was nice so actually hear (read in my case) people that have a different perspective of the same problem.

  51. Its so sad seeing the misinformation that reaches outside the US and gives the rest of the world such a warped sense of view of the US. “Trump divided the people of the US”… dont think a LARGELY partisan media kinda did that, not Trump? You dont think screaming about Russian interference for 3 years only to find ZERO evidence did that? You dont think that completely flipping that stance on corrupt elections now that Biden has “won” despite HUNDREDS of pieces of evidence of voter fraud and DOZENS of people who have testified that it happened while UNDER OATH did that? You dont think the media completely ignoring all of this and crowning Biden the winner before anything is actually official did that? It must be so convenient to be able to blame your opponents for every divide you sow in this country. Trump had the largest minority voterbase for a Republican in decades, he divided the country my ass.

  52. Trump did an amazing job considering what he was up against: 4 years of smear campaigns by 90% of news networks, social media censorship, thousands of trashed voting ballots found in random places, completely biased debate moderators, the entire Hollywood industry against him. Yet he still managed to get roughly half the votes of the country.

  53. Almost all of them talked about Trump just not rising up to the role of the office which is think is accurate. The guy never acted presidential as far as I’m concerned.

    This is what happens when a country elects a businessman and runs the office of the Presidency as one. It could have been so much better had Trump been more emotionally mature. And it is too bad a lot of people still don’t understand that part of it because they see nothing wrong with that.

    But hey we got Biden now so at least we got that going for us moving forward which is nice.

  54. I knew that Trump had been blackmailing South Korea, if they wanted military protection against North Korea, *BUT* what South Korea didn’t know, is that Trump and North Korea had a deal on continuing with the military practices. This would entice fear on South Korea and agree with the increase of the percentage of the quote they pay the USA to protect them.

  55. Did these people forget where they would be if the US has NOT been their allies?As they walk around in their modern clothes and rich stores and do they understand they are not starving like most of north korea? But if they like reunification I hope they are prepared for the onslaught coming to them and I really hope they like Kim Jung Un.. seriously..if they want America out so badly..I want to see the interviews after they are making it on their own that’s all

  56. 80% or 90% didn’t like Trump saying they had to pay but those 80% or 90% most likely would not want our military to leave. PART of the reason on why there is a South AND North Korea and not just Korea under a dictator is because of that military being there. Also, it’s pretty disappointing that the news they are receiving and believing makes them think “I can breathe now” is truth and because of Trump. BLM started under Obama/Biden and the “I cant breathe” occurred under them also. The elder gentleman, I can understand that Trump’s way makes people feel unstable. Trump is not a politician so it’s not status quo with him, not even close to a polished politician which everyone is used to seeing because he is/was just a businessman, a NEW YORKER businessman. Trump cared about South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, all the “little guys” who just want to be themselves, independent, peaceful and free, it’s the same that he wanted/wants from U.S. and that’s why he wanted to pull our troops out of other countries, or at least get the funds from having our military in those countries. Edit: Biden is the projected winner, not THE President! Biden may or may not be, we will see once Trump has legally exhausted all avenues.

  57. I’m surprised so few care when trump literally nearly provoked North Korea into nuclear war. That would have dragged south Korea back into the Korean war if it hadn’t already destroyed them

  58. I really think it is sad how much mainstream media has tainted people’s opinion abroad of Trump, simply because they hate him. If you actually look at his policies, he is a great leader.

  59. Trump: can expect economic growth, further negotiation with N.Korea, destroy China
    Biden: Better Covid care, less nation conflicts, neutral stance for N.Korea and S.Korea relationship (no development or getting worse), make up with China
    Personally, i really don’t want US to make up with China, i hope Trump steal the seat of president from Baiden

  60. oof why all the trump supporters here? go watch some white dude with podcast equipment feed you unsubstantiated conspiracies from his basement. god knows you all aren’t going to listen to reason or other people’s opinions lol “Most Americans lack basic etiquette” facts, evidence being all these dumb ass comments lmao 
    thanks Asian Boss for the timely, informative video!

  61. How can a lacklustre candidate with a lacklustre campaign score so much?
    Joe Biden and leftists, you are not fooling anyone. Things will eventually come to light…. truth will prevail.

    Trump 2020!!!

  62. It feels refreshing to hear the opinions of people living far enough to not have an emotional investment in that election. As a canadian, it was much more visceral.

  63. I truly respect the South Korean people. They understand you have to be strong but also smart enough to get everyone to work towards economic strength for everyone. You can’t do that when you look down on others like Trump has always done. Democracy cant be run like a business. Everyone should have a voice.

  64. “He would just say and do what he wanted without the dignity of a president.” That pretty much sums up Trump’s presidency, in the nicest, most polite way possible. Definitely nicer than what I have been saying about Trump for the last 4 years anyway. This older gentleman was exactly right and spoke intelligently. “He just tried to take care of matters with power and money.” I can’t wait to have Biden move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

  65. 7:56 same thing with Japan, also theres been many cases of US soldiers commiting crimes in Korea and Japan. There have been incidents of rape and murder of civilians commited by US soldiers

  66. The associated press cannot call a US election…..the electoral college certifies the results……that has not happened yet. Much respect to the President of Mexico who is waiting for the legal process to be completed before offering congratulations to anyone. I suggest some people may want to look at some news that is not propaganda like Crossroads, Epoch Times, OAN. Biden is not the president elect at this moment according to our constitution.

  67. As it currently stands Joe Biden is not the ‘winner of the election’. He is the presumptive presidential-elect, and more than likely going to be the next president, but until the electors cast their votes, no one is the winner, only a projected winner

  68. Very interesting subject, thanks for posting. Something is very clear watching the people interviewed and people in the background, they are all wearing high quality mask. S. Korea has a population near 52M to U.S. population of 331M. Their C-19 cases are only 27,800 with 487 deaths. The U.S. sadly, 10.5M cases and 242,000 deaths. If you adjust S.Korea’s population to match the U.S., S. Korea would only have about 166,800 cases and about, 2,922 deaths. That’s a rough estimate.

    Instead of debating and making mask political, S. Koreans do what will keep each other safe and protected, it’s obvious by watching the video. The uniform look of KF94s (94% filtration) and even basic surgical mask, must be making a significant difference. Here in the states, 50% to 60% would rather yell about their rights and let people get sick and die because they refuse to wear a mask. A smaller percentage would rather wear cute face coverings that offer little protection. 

    Then there is a small percentage who chooses to wear quality mask, but the smaller percentage cannot turn the tide around for the larger percentage. This video displays the answer to America’s C-19 crisis. If we united together and wore high quality mask such as Kf94s (Korean made) or Chinese KN95s or the equivalent, we could immediately slow the virus down and wait patiently for the vaccine to be distributed.

    So sad, our grandparents and for some, parents, created a mighty army to save the world from Hitler’s devastation. Yet their grandkids and kids won’t wear a face covering to save themselves from a virus. How can the world respect us, if we can’t respect ourselves?

  69. Sore losers? Democrats made up a Russian collusion story when Trump got elected 😂😂so pathetic. Triggered enough to attack him in the news for 4 years and he still got nearly half the country’s votes.

  70. It’s true we probably lost some respect as a country with Trump in office. I mean I was born in Seoul but raised in America. I felt like I was going to go crazy. With Trump AND Covid it has been the worst. That’s why we voted him out. Thank God! Joe Biden and Kamala will be much better. Hopefully we’ll win the Congress and be able to pass bills through. Mitch McConnell is the worst.

  71. Loook what happened in hongkong.. they voted.. and Beijing didn’t care.. – yo don’t want that.. thats why the elections and having trust in it is important. It’s important for every country

  72. Sorry to inform you all but the election is not over and votes are still being counted and all kinds of voter fraud is being found . The media does not call an election and none of the states have certified bidens win. This will end up in the supreme court like it did in 2000 when gore thought he was president for 37 days and Bush ended up winning. Reckless reporting.

  73. 1:07 dont know if its a translation inaccuracy but Trump isnt stepping down, hes doing everything he can do stay standing 😂 not that it matters

    that said, i hope asian boss does the same street interview but in japan!

  74. as in an american, i’m 18 and i hate it here. citizens in other countries: please don’t idolize america, it only fuels some people’s ego. america is a great country to live in if you’re rich. america is a great country to visit, just don’t go too far from the city center or downtown. (before i get comments like “if you don’t like it here then leave”) i am indeed going to leave once i finish my over priced college education. i am currently studying japanese and looking into canadian, australian, or new zealand foreign policies on immigration. i am truly disgusted with how americans are dealing with corona right now, no respect to human life and no respect to others! very greedy! i’ve been inside and have seen no friends since march. trump has truly ruined america’s image and i am ashamed to be born here and how my fellow americans only think about themself. it’s crazy how the election was so close and thankfully joe biden won (all votes matter!). even though biden won, trump is still flailing around like a baby having a tantrum because he didn’t get what he want. trump has divided my family because he brings out the worst in people.

    so please korean citizens or anyone else, i advise you stay away from america. we have had 1 million corona cases in the past 10 days. i do not see any hope.

  75. So most of the people here want a return to the Obama-Biden days when Kim Jong-Un was a constant threat to your nation before Trump settled him down.

  76. As an American, I am surprised that there were so many negative comments about President Trump. Many Americans believe as I do that his policies have greatly benefited the world and the USA. The fact that he has increased our military strength is definitely a benefit to South Korea. He has also been a champion for religious freedom, peace agreements in the Middle East, and brought trade agreements between countries. The mainstream news media in the US is very negative about Trump and constantly criticizes him, so you need to be very careful about believing what you hear from the USA. I love the South Korean people and I’m thankful that we are allies.
    I am not sure that Biden would be a strong military leader like President Trump has been. I hope that Christians in Korea and the USA will continue to pray for peace in South Korea.

  77. Asian Boss — Why are you only asking Koreans from one area??? Why aren’t you asking ppl of different ages & of different professional backgrounds who live in other cities in Korea???? Your pool of responses is waaaaaaay too narrow.

  78. I think it’s important to understand the election has not been called by anyone but the press. There are lawsuits and several states are recounting and a couple states are still counting. There is no president elect at this time.

  79. Biden has not won the election. The election is contested to the Supreme Court and ballots are still being counted. You are being propagandized by mainstream media. Biden’s party are Marxists aligned with the CCP. Will that be good for South Korea?

  80. I hate to correct you here, but the election isn’t over yet. Yes, the media has said Biden won, but that isn’t true yet. You must wait for the official results.

  81. The media does not decide elections! None of the states have certified Biden as the winner because there are rampant voter fraud and their still counting ballots. Stop spreading fake news!

  82. Their answers are predictable when you realize all Korean bourgeois MSM is literally just CNN International translated.

    Wait till they find out trump actually wins 👀

  83. The biggest issue for Koreans should be the US-NKorea relationship. Trump was determined to not let NKorea have a nuclear missile capable of reaching America. What will happen with Biden? Also, stocks didn’t rise because Biden won, duh!! He promised higher taxes, why would stocks go up in that case?!? Stocks rose because Biden’s party did not win the Senate which means he won’t be able to raise taxes—which Trump lowered. In Los Angeles our streets our crap because everything is run by one party who won’t clean out the vagrants. They are finally starting to do something now because they are losing elections in their own party on the issue.

  84. The funny thing is Half of America, Most of Europe and All of Asia except China wants trump as president.

    The only friends Biden and his democratic voters have is half of America and A few European countries and they also have all the News media in America. I’ll give them Canada too.

    If a democratic voter went to an Asian country and they accidentally spilled that they voted for Biden, they would be sent back to America.

  85. Funny thing people always saying trump divided them, but the people are the ones causing the riots and choosing to divide between themselves.
    Anyways we will have to see if biden keep to his words.

  86. There’s a factual inaccuracy. As of the time of this posting, Biden has not been certified.
    Recounts are going to happen. And court cases are working their way through the courts.
    Several will likely get to the supreme Court.

  87. I laughed when he said the rest of the world wants to be America 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 just shows how much their imperial policies have paid off, I guess.

  88. Please refrain from spreading misinformation about the election. Currently there are a bunch of investigstions going on. If they come up empty handed then it is safe for everyone to assume that Biden has won, but until the Trump is still the acting President and spreading lies is just going to cause turmoil if for some reason it turns out Biden didn’t win.

    Until the transition has happened there is no winner. Please be more responsible in the future. News agencies are calling the race in the US because they have been waiting 4 years to get rid of their biggest source of content.

  89. the person with the beanie speaks so nicely and i found myself to agree with a lot of what they were saying. it’s relieving to see that people are educated well, politics-wise, even across the ocean

  90. The girl in the white coat saying America smell and no etiquette never say that about someone country.Speak on the politics. Did you know a Korean American was elected into congress on election day she was born in Seoul and her mother is Korean and her father African American in the military fighting for Korean freedom.The congess woman is the first Korean American that will served in congress. So apart from Trump shameless behavior history was made so congrats to her🇺🇸🌍

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