Special Guest Riza! With Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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Single Mom Riza is [email protected] in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks

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  1. Riza is beautiful. She is also nice. I hope she finds a good man. If I were there right now … but I cannot be there until another 5 years.

  2. Filipino language is easy for me because about 10% of their language is Spanish and Spanish is my second language. Already I know some Filipino words like … musta ka? Mabuti naman. Ako ay Kastiliang Amerikano. Riza magandang dalaga. Hmm … anong oras na? … bakit… I probably know more but I have to think about it.

  3. The 4th of July in the Philippines is called Republic Day … the significance is … it commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Manila July 4th, 1946 when the Philippines gained independence from the USA. The USA gained the Philippines from the Spanish American War in 1898, the Philippines was under Spanish control for about 500 years (which is why they have many Spanish words in their language) spoon kutsara cuchara, fork tinidor tenedor, mesa table, pwerta (puerta) door etc etc etc

  4. I want to go where they speak Chabacano (Spanish Filipino mixed language) I understand about 70% of Chabacano. I guess Zamboanga area in Mindanao?

  5. People who don’t see ads on YouTube might be YouTube premium subscribers … you won’t see ads if you’re a YouTube premium subscriber ($11 a month, something like that)

  6. There are two casinos here in Davao City. Ne’s canteen is over one. All her customers are casino and hotel employees. It is not open to the public. An Olympic runner could catch Ne if she is scared. LOL

  7. Hiya Paul Riza and Mae. Thanks for the shout out I appreciate it. I love all 3 channels. Paul you and Mae look really happy well done. Riza is a fabulous woman in every way. All the best from the West of Ireland from your friends here.πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€. Ps I agree cashflow is better than capital/assets.

  8. WARNING, Noticed when you opened box there is a foldable small camping stove you thought it was diving equipment. Take note there not stable only for small scale camping pans. Not suitable near children plus they run on small gas canisters that you can get filled but exspensive way of cooking. Buy a large bottle of gas 13-15 kG. They last many months for a family cooking 3 meals daily. You can buy a stove top that fits directly on top of large gas bottle. This is method most people all over Asia that is safe and easy to use and get your gas bottled exchanged anyway they deliver direct to homes your replacement gas bottles. Allso the shower in box is filled with water and put in the sun to heat the water that’s what the bag is black. Then hang from a tree and a warm shower is then available.

  9. Hey Paul, I have been thumbing through your videos and you did an interview with a young lady named Ann. She was a dive guide and involved with a Expat. I left a comment but never heard anything. Well, then I realized how many videos you have made since then and chances of you ever going that far back to review comments, might be daunting to say the least. So I just copied it and pulled it forward to here. Comments a comment whether here or there, right))) I also subscribed to Riza and let the playlist roll ))) Keep up the good work and here is that post………..
    I am a year late and an Airline Ticket short of catching this one, lol. She’s a cutie Paul. I am currently preparing to depart to the PI as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted. I’m going to do as you did and give it a try for 6 months. I am retired, excellent shape, full head of hair, and NOT fat ))) I was sill working on Oil Rigs in North Dakota last year at the young age of 67 that should tell you something))) I am cursed at 67 looking in my 40’s. Do you really think an attractive American woman in her 40’s. Is going to be attracted to me at 67? NOT!!! lol. I just retired and my and all toys are paid for, I owe NO ONE, a fricking thing and refuse to share with a stateside woman. Because WE ALL know where that can end up, hahaha. I am a generous loving all around good guy that can still push a Tonka toy. around the sandbox with the best of them ))) Another little diddy about me. I was 17 when I enlisted in the service and did 2 tours of duty in Vietnam. My home port was Olongapo City, Subic Bay. I lost my virginity to a little Filly ))) The PI was totally Cowboys and Indians in the early 70’s but it was the BEST time of my life ))) Like MacArthur. I want to wiggly my toes in the sand and say, I’M BACK ))) It is my plan to live in central PI and maybe you and May can help me keep my nose clean guide down the straight and narrow. Thanks for your time Paul and I will check with you guys when I do all my stateside shopping to see if you need anything.

  10. I am certain that once things open up riza’s life will get much better. I know she will meet some one who will pamper and spoil her and treat her like a princess. My bags are packed and sitting by the front door, passport on top of the suitcase waiting for the first plane out.

  11. Yea, a new Pilipino bank account adventure!!!!! I am looking forward to that trip…. Get film of that adventure…. Bank/Police/govt stamp on form/do you live here, etc….

  12. Hey Paul, Baby Mae and Riza! Glad to see you have a special visitor. I’m also a sub of Riza. Teach her well grasshopper and her channel should flourish! God bless everyone!

  13. Hey Paul, PayPal will lock accounts especially if verified documents like passport or driver’s license are not added. Financial institutions have to do KYC (know your customer) verification because of money laundering and illegal activities nowadays. The only way to get progress with PayPal is to talk on the phone with them to clarify and verify everything. Once it’s done things will be smoother linking to bank account, and using phone apps. Best of luck, hope you can get it done, from experience phone call is best to solve this one.

  14. Hey Paul, no need to go to the bank. Once the Account is not frozen any longer, link her PayPal Account to her Bank Account. You can all do this online. Its easy!!

  15. Riza is a very beautiful woman in a very unfortunate situation. Watching the video I had an idea (paul) why don’t we start a collection to buy her a scooter I think thats something that she could use.

  16. Hi Paul, I went to Riza’s channel and subscribed. Have been running through her playlist in efforts to help her channels growth. She did an interview with a yotg lady about a month or so ago. I felt compelled to make a financial offering to BOTH of them via her PayPal acct. I don’t think she understands my question to as to if you helped her get her PayPal account back on track. I couldn’t understand the girls name she interviewed, but her father abandoned the family when she was 4,. Her older brother and sister left home and never stayed in contact. It is just her and her younger brother now at home with mom, and I think mom is having problems. I would love to help them but I think Riza could use a little help. Maybe you have the time to help her next time you see. I am a Donor and supporter of “The Filipina Pea”, and would like to do more to help these people. Thanks for your time Paul.

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