PAL, Philippines Airlines is providing sweeper flights from Cebu City, Davao City, CDO (Cagayan de Oro), and other cities for expats wanting to leave the Philippines. Prices and dates of flights are posted. Embassies, airlines, and tourist departments can help with logistics.


  1. Rod,
    That’s just it ! The situation seems to be changing on a daily basis – Once again- Believe it when it’s happening. So, right now it will cost you $1400.00 to fly back to the U.S.? That’s rather expensive for 1 way! It’s still the 17th when I’m watching this in the U.S., so it’s valid at least until midnight.

  2. Good luck Folks! A ferry flight is just to deliver a aircraft. In the U.S. it’s a special permit fight to deliver a in need of mechanical repair aircraft or vintage aircraft. The term was originally used during WWII, when women would deliver aircraft to different areas of the country.🙏🐺

  3. They’re vaguely putting out information on flights but I can’t find anything on land travel to get to the airport. We’re located in Laguna so we’re still in the enhanced quarantine. I can’t find a driver willing to take the risk of not being able to get back home if they even could make it to Manila.

  4. I bailed on May 9 on a PAL flight to LAX. There was no quarantine or temp check or anything even along the lines of education or contact tracing upon landing in the US. Not on the flight I took out of LAX to my hometown either. I just went straight back to work as soon as I got back.

  5. PAL is making a killing. Sweeper flights on PAL to Canada was about 2300 usd. Outrageous ! Follow the money….. why not use USA or Canadian carriers or military? Nope … PAL only. Hijacking passengers .

  6. Back to Canada April 29 after 5 months. 2 weeks quarantine here at home . This trip to the RP was sure different. I’ll be back again soon .

  7. What flights are there for a Filipina to go back to the Philippines from Bangkok? She had booked Bangkok to Manila with Philippine Airlines leaving 18th May but cancelled and no details of the refund arrangements so far. Booked earlier with Scott and that was cancelled too.

  8. You can get some of the information all of the time, and all of the information some of the time, but you can not get all of the information all of the time.

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