Street Racing Turbo Taxi Vans in Thailand

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Taxi Van Drivers:
Nathee: 0807006112
Ton: 0617179288
Mhu: 0812715296
Rin: 0810872784

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  1. to be able to comment among the first ones on this page is un honour!you chanel rocks dude!with best regards Teppo from sweden🤗🤗🤗💪💪💪👍👍

  2. I’m coming from the Philippines, This is an off-topic discussion.


    In the Philippine automotive market, the 4JJ1 family starts with the Isuzu Alterra in 2005. At the time, it was the first Euro 3 diesel vehicle offered in this country. Heading over to Thailand where drag diesels are very popular, this particular engine was a very potent engine for tuning. Thai people and even foreigners said that this engine is as potent as the mighty 2JZ-GTE from the 1993-2002 Toyota Supra MK4. In simple remap, the engine is capable of 259-277 BHP. But when the forged internals, bigger injectors, bigger turbo, and re-stroking come into play, the engine is capable of 1200-1260 BHP. For instance, this kind of four-digit horsepower is reserved for some supercars like the Bugatti Veyron, Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Agera, Koenigsegg Jesko, and the like. But with the 4JJ1 and even its newer variations, four-digit horsepower is finally accessible to the masses. Regarding the quarter mile times, they are running around 7.1-8.7 seconds which is way faster than most supercars. This engine is a blast from the past, especially the 90’s tuning culture where 2JZ, RB26, 4G63, and many others are very popular among tuners. Back in the Philippines in 2007, the Isuzu D-Max with the 4JJ1 engine was launched in our country. These subsequent releases after this vehicle with this engine are 2nd Generation D-Max in 2013, Alterra replacement MU-X in 2016, Blue Power Euro 4 upgrade for both D-Max and MU-X in 2017, and the upcoming launch of the 3rd Generation D-Max on March 4, 2021, with the 4JJ3-TCX as its engine. Regarding the 4JJ3, it is like a 4JJ1 with an electronic variable geometry turbo and 250 MPa injectors to produce 190 PS and 450 Nm of torque. For the upcoming vehicle, it will be very likely to become one of two hyper-tunable cars that are currently and commonly available in the market, with MU-X sharing its honor. Throughout its lifetime, the D-Max, Alterra, and the MU-X with the 4JJ1 engine are tuner favorites because of its high tuning potential and some similarities with the 2JZ such as an all-turbo exhaust soundtrack, prominent turbo flutter, cast iron block and aluminum head, and being a closed-deck engine. So when you own an Isuzu vehicle with the 4JJ1, you will be impressed by the tuning potential that these three vehicles can offer.

  3. When you were sticking your head out of the side of the van all I could think of was how my dog looks when he’s doing the same thing out of the window of my car, great video as always.

  4. That was awesome dude! Loved those custom vans. Thats why I love Thailand, those guys really knows how to build n modify cars.I expected the twin turbo van to win though. 😆👍🏽

  5. Superb entertainment could have watched that for an hour easily. I appreciate how much effort goes into your videos. Love how you are showing the woderful Thai people is such a great light.

  6. This is just EPIC! A superb idea in so many ways! The drivers really need all the help they can get during these sad and strange times. We all look forward to our future trips to the Land of Smiles and Phuket/Patong will be one of my first stops for sure! Keep up the great work man!

  7. Another Sunday morning Stonker – these Vida are insanely well produced …. For a yank !!🤣👍✌️
    Best channel on YT – FACT PEOPLE 👍👍

  8. ฉันฟังคุณไม่เข้าใจแต่ฉันก็ติดตามคุณตลอดคุณตลกดี

  9. Chad are you back in BKK? Just got out of quarantine today and staying over near Nana until Tuesday. Would be great to meet if you have time. Heading off to Issan this week.

  10. Another epic challenge and thanks to the guys at boost lab for helping support.
    It looked like it was all about the start, been in many of those souped up vans and love them. We’re they pimping the arse out of that old defender was it just a refurb?

  11. Adorable Hello Kitty Turbo Taxis. It’s on my bucket list for my next Phuket trip. Unfortunately, a lot of tourist avoid taking these taxis cos they “charge too much” starting at 200baht. Ironically the same group of tourist would pay 5000baht for a booze in one night. Frankly I don’t mind paying 200baht for a short ride. After currency conversion, it’s not even $10. Thank you Chad for featuring them here on your channel. Bless you 🙏🏼.

  12. I love how crazy the Thai take everything. Their food is spicy, their cars are crazy, they skipped boxing and went straight to kickboxing with barely padded gloves. They are just too cool.

  13. It’s rad that you’re throwing them cash for participating, would be tough times for them during this pandemic and every cent helps. Solid video again man! Loved it!

  14. คลังเครื่องมือ วรจักรเยาวราช says:


  15. Ok, so big displacement NA trumps turbo charging. No wonder the 992 GT3 was kept NA by Porsche…. And I thought someone asked on a forum recently if turbos were bad…

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