Strolling the Malatapay Merkado (3of3)

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  1. Henry, Welcome back! My goodness I was worried and I’m sure many people were. Hope you have been well. I see this video says 3 of 3 but I didn’t see the other two offered. Hmm maybe something is wrong with my laptop, wouldn’t be the first time, lol. Anyway good vid per usual. Always like to see how life is there. I suspect maybe in one of the other vids is an introduction to your friend or is that Christine who we met before? Anyway, hope you have been enjoying yourself and once again welcome back. Finally I can once again get my daily LBTS fix, lol. Tc. 🙂

    1. Ah, now vids 1 & 2 are available and you explained in your comments that the woman is Joan, ok.  Really interesting to see things like this. especially for a Kano city boy. 

    1. @Dennis Clark that is joan, my ex/gf.  even though we broke up about 2 weeks ago as a couple, we still hang out every so often and are good friends.  in fact we had dinner together yesterday.

  2. Looked like there was plenty of room left on the top of the jeepney. I know where I am located the younger ones will ride on the top of the private busses, along with bags of cocos and anything else that will fit and earn a fare.

    Craziest thing is to see a trike with a “freight” side car carrying a full grown cow. Now that’s a load of Bull Sh**.

    1. @Over The Rainbow – Philippines ha!  yah.. i’ve seen pigs riding sideways on the motorcycle seat, also in back of tricycles.  also sat next to a rooster in a jeepney in cebu.  🙂

  3. Kuya Henry,
    That fermented fish mud like item is called “Bagoong”. There are two types of Bagoong. One made with fermented fish (anchovies) and fermented shrimp (little shrimp) if youre into salty food. Bagoong is one of your best bet to get your sodium fix on. Smells terrible but the bomb to eat… its very good with seaweed made as a salad…

  4. Very nice … love the videos depicting everyday Filipino life … bustling markets, malls, restos, etc.  I’m a people watcher, well done!

  5. iaustralian gilligan hat lol i think ur thinking a beach hat or u have what we call an akubra but they are a shaped hat made of skin and steamed to form shape
     love the new videos but Henry . i really miss being there!!!

  6. Yes, Henry you’ll try some of that fermented fish sauce or shrimp paste later???? hehehehe it stinks doesn’t it? I hate the smell…..LOL…the fruits are good though but the lanzones are good. Rambutan is too sweet for me. The mangoes are good though….and of course the lechon is always great but watch your cholesterol Henry and your starch (white rice). Eat more fresh fish and vegetables and nuts, coconut juice…they’re good for you.

  7. I think the Markets are on of the things I miss the most.  I enjoy playing with the merchants. I never pay the price they are asking and I always have fun kidding them as part of the bargaining process.  Seems if they are laughing they are easier to deal with. I never however purchase from muslim vendors. Thats just me.  I know many don’t feel that way and thats your choice. If it makes you feel any better if I think someone is cheating or trying to take advantage I don’t shop with them either.  One thing I would recommend everyone who is going to PI to bring with them and thats a good Luggage scale. You can get one for about $5-$10 on ebay that is good up to 50 kilos and can be changed to lbs also. THese are great and make packing bags to avoid overcharges easy. The one I have is smaller than a pack of smokes.. I have found that most of the scales in the markets are not accurate and usually in the favor of the seller.

    1. @Tom D i enjoy strolling the merkados and swap meet type places too.  getting snacks and looking for some interesting deal.  🙂

    1. @GlassLegend40 i’ve had some red fruit that looks like a sea urchin and the yellow comquat looking ones.  can’t remember the names right now.  not sure if i’ve had makopa yet.

    1. @Flipodahippo what is that saying they had about cuban cigars before the embargo years ago?.., “cuban cigars, rolled on the thighs of cuban beauties.” 🙂

  8. one of the reasons I had no health issues on my 2 visits to the Philippines I was smart enough not to eat street food there is no standard for cleanliness on the street but I will say most of the places in and around the good parts of town went out of there way to show how clean the cooking area was some were in glass showcases so you could see everything going on
    stay away from street food
    Richard in the tropics

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