Stuck In Thailand 60 Minutes With Daz

Today we will interview Daz from Northern California. He has been staying in Pattaya for 5 months now with no sign of being able to get back home to his Granddaughter that he misses. He has been to Thailand over 30 times and will share some thoughts about his experiences coming to here and future plans.
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  1. Is it against the Thai law to drink beer on youtube. You sad samething in the beginning of the movie. Nice relaxibg video

  2. hi guys its been 5 years since last in thailand and i miss it, stayed in pattaya and jontiem ,never ventured further, last in jontiem 10 yrs ago and it was dead, everything and everyone had gone but reading lately it is getting back to how it use to be. will return at some point.

  3. People in Thailand seem to treat foreigners alot better than people here in the USA treat foreigners here. Enjoy the videos! Stay safe on your travels!

  4. it looks like slow start all around the globe but it’s going in the right direction just hope its calmed down by December, and yeah I’ve had few Calvin Klein underwear going missing lol take care buddy.

  5. Really enjoyed this interview and he seems to be a really nice guy that is satisfied with his life and situation. My opinion of him became very positive after this lengthy interview. Thanks Chuck.

  6. Thai people are the friendliest people in the world.
    Great people.
    Thailand Chaiyo!
    The source of the virus is China (and still is) – not ‘Farang-land”.
    Hope the Government realises this.

  7. If you come to Thailand on a retirement visa and have money in the bank there and decide to move back home, can you take your money out of the bank there?

  8. Chuck and Paige, great interview with Daz. He seems like a great guy that has a good attitude and outlook. Thanks for sharing with us and I am looking forward to the trip! Travel safe. Hope the brakes got fixed.

  9. I honestly appreciate how Daz steered away from the question about whats going on in America opinion. II live here I watch the Thai video purposely not to hear people talk about this crap here in America. I actually deleted certain video of people who no longer live here want to talk about it. It’s not good content.

  10. Chuck, us Canadians are not that strange. Winter comes and gotta make do for a few months. Kinda like North Dakota. Same same, but different.

  11. I remember back in the 60s going from Canada to the US there was garbage all along the highway in Michigan. People just throwing stuff out the windows. Then there was a big littering campaign and now it is clean. I think Thailand needs one those campaigns. Anyway good interview. Cheers

  12. Wow I was thinking an hour long I”ll never make it through the whole thing. It was really smooth I am wishing there must be more. Ohhhh the lock down in Texas is really tanking its’ toll.

  13. I enjoyed the video. I’m a certified diver, and also thinking of retiring in Thailand or Philippines. He answered some of my questions, good video!

  14. Chuck & Paige,
    Tell Daz to stay in Thailand, once you come back to the USA, you can’t go anywhere and for how long we don’t know. We are hoping to come to Thailand by December, but we don’t know yet if that will happen this year. The USA & the World has went crazy this year.

    Jon & Noi from Florida

  15. The cost to rent a moving item and leave California is very high compared to the cost of moving to California. Many people are leaving and going to Texas. If you think you own your home in California you are delusional. I tried to split 40 acres in San Diego and through in the towel. Many of my friend have left and so have I. I have left the US and live in Tecate Mexico and Malaysia.

  16. I always tip for services( taxi, massages, haircuts,restaurants) , thats like saying thank you and let them know that I appreciated their service

  17. This was a real good interview, you and Daz have a lot of similarities in your experiences and views, but it is nice hearing from another expat retiring out there, thanks for the outlook and taking us along on your travels

  18. I am in the Caribbean and dreading to go back to the USA for business. I miss Thailand, I was in Isaan visiting some friends. I really like that part of the Kingdom. Nice video.

  19. PROTEX. for men…can’t live without it… better than Pitt spray. I like to use long white sleeves to block the sun. Normally I’m not out in it that long. So….. nice talk with DAZ… he has a great perspective on Thailand and the culture. Like the Jobtien area. My situation is abit different because I’m raising a family …. and that was my choice. :-)) Nice monitor.. Paige. Oh, and the sound and clarity was very good all the way to the freeze, and then the sound for your closing statement was clear. Thanks Chuck and thanks too DAZ… enjoyed it.!!

  20. Enjoyed watching n listening to ur video. I’ve lived in Thailand a year now n would agree with you both. Only thing I dislike though are the mosquitoes and flies. But it is what it is !!


  22. Writing tickets for drinking alcohol in public? Wow!!! Thailand and Philippines is being implemented and slowly adopting communist China’s system of rules

  23. i just want to say i use 40,000 thai bat a month and it is with car and electricity and food and i make my danish food almost be a day and we are 4 people 2 adult and 2 children at 14 and 16 years old and there is school yes in short, everything is paid for within the 40,000 bats

  24. Great chat Chuck! A O Nang was really great 20 years ago. Now it’s over done and we are glad we didn’t buy there, as was the plan. Ya hoo we’re open today!!!

  25. Not really I’m Thai since I’m lives in Thailand I always tip even though people work at the parking spot service us… confirmed I did almost past .20 years. Thank you for your info .

  26. Hi Chuck just a question for the retirement visa do you need to go to report every 90 days? And I would like to ask doing the retirement visa I own a CONDO in BKK but my friend is staying in another Province. I will staying in that Province more than BKK but the house dose not have my name . Should I get my retirement visa in BKK or in the Province ? Tks

  27. Page has the patience of a saint. For her to sit there patiently all that time and listen to two blabber mouths go on and on. Lol. I would have beaten you both soundly after 5 minutes. I love watching Page. She reminds me so much of my Japanese wife. She is a treasure.
    She deserves a medal for not killing you both. Aloha. C

  28. Sound would be so much better in this kind of shots if you used either microports or an external microphone put on the table. It also applies for the shots at the dining table at home. Or even an external recorder like a Zoom.

  29. Chuck I came back February 10 and I’m stuck,if I were in DAZ shoes I’d stay in Thailand, thanks for sharing chuck and Paige and your guest DAZ

  30. Absolutely fantastic …….meeting, recording and showing subscribers telling their stories with host banter, really interesting content..

  31. Hey, Daz, I’m from northern California too! I’m curious, why do people think drinking beer on Youtube isn’t a good idea? Thanks!

  32. USA is crazy, Thailand is crazy, just in different ways. It’s good to keep an open mind and a sense of humor, otherwise you’ll get a brain hemorrhoid.

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