SURPRISING FIND – Tobacco being grown in San Juan + Bike ride to Dinanum and back

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  1. That is tobacco that is the seed bloom it will be topped and sprayed to make the leaves grow larger in kentucky it gets 5 to 8 ft tall in North Carolina it is pull leaf by leaf in the field doesn’t get tall.maybe for cigars

  2. Used to be quite a few expats working in the tobacco industry living in the area. You can get unbelievably cheap cigars by a bundle in San Fernando public market and also Baguio Market.

  3. Mark, at 9:01 where you made the right, at that tobacco field to go back to San Juan, if you would have continued straight, our house would have been approximately 1.5 km away. I cannot post an image here, but will post the google map image of how close you guys were, on my community page. Actually, I would be interested to see where the bypass road will be going from our house to San Fernando city, and CSI Mall. It looks like it may be easier after this bypass road is finished. If you do get down that way to our house, be sure to stop by our house. I adopted the name KALBO, and if you say that name, they will know (hopefully) who you are talking about. I’ll send them a picture of you, so they will treat you nice! We have a water cooler, and I think they get bottled water for it, but not sure. I’ll ask my wife to make sure. If so, I’ll make sure they at least offer you some cold water! Feel free to video our place if you want. Brother Robert lives in the small building to the left of our house. Belen is the oldest brother, and he lives in the parents original home, up on the hill behind our house. Charlyn is the sister, and Estrella my mother-in-law both live in our house. Charlyn’s boyfriend also lives in our house, along with Reggie our nephew. Reggie along with Robert are the drivers of our van, and tricycle. A relative went to mechanic school, and supposedly is who does any work needed to out van. I do not know what he knows, but maybe he could help or repair your vehicle. Not sure how many tools he has, but I am guessing very few. Lol, maybe I should email, this got quite long!

  4. Nice ride around nice area your brakes have some oil that got into the pads y it’s making noise sometime if u sand them alil it will stop but if it’s soaked in they done . That American style house would be perfect nice yard quiet area clean bungalow style house . Those ball things r really good hope you guys have a great night.

  5. It seems to me like all the dogs in the Philippines are docile creatures, are there no vicious ones that tear at your pant leg ,well in this case at your exposed flesh (no long pants) and eat your bicycle?

  6. I hated that tobacco crop when I was growing up in Bangar. So much work from seedlings to finally cutting the stalks after the growing season, and then Fortune tobacco company (cartel) will set the price so low that the farmers still owes money from fertilizer and insecticides. Not worth it for this disease-causing crop.

  7. Wherever I go in the Philippines they call me Joe. they just want to say hi to a foreigner. I am not offended Filipinos are the nicest people I ever known. They are warm make me feel welcome.

  8. How old were you when you retired?
    What did you do when you were working?
    What made you choose San Juan?
    Have your kids been out to visit?
    Are you living off of a pension or/and social security?

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