Taking a Swim in Boracay :) – Philippines

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  1. That was great Reekay and you make the best Philippines videos. I was reminded, just by watching, how good it feels swimming in the Philippines. Thankyou

  2. Wow that was so cool henry and looed like you was having  so much fun it would have been even better if your gf was with you there thanks for the swim 🙂

  3. These videos I like best. Henry, can you tell a little bit about any special preparation you must do to take the camera you have underwater? The main reason i will get that camera in a couple of months is the whole underwater thing. That one seems to perform really well. I notice Ned has same camera (I think) and his video he mentioned not have great color because he forgot something……although his footage still looked great to me. And wow you really are night owl. 🙂

    1. @Israel & Julieta E. i’m using the Hero3 Silver Edition.  the waterproof housing is what i use when in the water, of course.  Ned is using the Hero2 which, only difference i see is how it shoots in low light and it doesn’t do time-lapse photography.  but both have the same resolution and clarity for day shots, imo.

  4. Lots of fun Henry this is a beautiful place, is the microphone filling up with water when you go swimming pity about the sound maybe better luck next time thanks for your videos  

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines hahaha no i was just kidding henry….. as far as i know there isn’t any reported shark attack in the coastal waters of Borracay. But still it’s risky to swim at night i any tropical waters not only for the risk of sharks. Anyway nice vids again tnx for posting

    2. @Hans Kruit Dampie that’s what i hear, although i also heard the white-tip sharks there aren’t a threat.  anybody have a link with info on white-tips in boracay?

  5. Best video so far. You definitely looked happy and enjoying nature at it’s best. You looked so relax. I loved the little hideaway in the middle of the rock formation. Thanks for taking us along to Boracay.

  6. Sooooo nice and clear in bigger screen, but sometimes I can’t wait, so I often watch your videos on smart phone, but this video log I had to watch again. Sooo much better in computer screen. Reminds me of the Blue Lagoon movie; white sand, green palm trees and blue/opal sea with tropical and colorful small fish. I envy you living in a tropical island right now. Here in my place is 7 degrees below zero, but still waiting for the snow. The xmas spirit is not here yet, although it’s just one week away…

  7. Great video. It is one of the best places in the world. I guess once you have been around Palawan you will call that also a paradise.Even Filipinos call Palawan as their last undiscovered paradise.

  8. Reminds me of the movie Jaws. Midnight swim all by yourself. No one to hear your screams….Hahahaha.  I haven’t been there since my first visit to the Philippines in 2007. I have to go back and take the family. Thanks for the video Henry.

  9. Hey Reekey, loved your video of swimming in Boragay. Looks great. My wife and I are going to St. Lucia the end of January. Staying at a Sandals. Somewhat expensive total cost of the trip with air from Newark NJ and insurance for one week over $6000.00. The point I am looking for next January 2016, what would an apartment or condo in Boracay not necessary on the beach but within walking distance cost for about a month. Any input on this would be appreciated. Also love your videos. Keep it up. By the way what type camera do you use. Especially for the underwater footage

  10. swimming around willy’s rock is relaxing. To think I was there swimming there a month ago, trip. It’s usually empty because it’s by the end of the “white beach strip”.

  11. Great work on this video Henry you looked like Spiderman on some of those water entrys off of the rocks, gives us here at  home a real good look at it thank you brother.

  12. The beach is great of course; but the most amazing thing is that you look truly happy there, just doing something so simple; no need to be rich or drive fancy cars… just take a trip to borocay. good on you Henry

  13.   Gorgeous white powder beaches there in Boracay, and one of the
    nicest beaches in the world, and still underrated in my opinion. I have
    not seen many beaches that can compete with Boracay, and if they can
    come close, they likely wouldn’t have the beautiful warm water. Looks like
    one of nature’s paradise’s there in the Phils. That’s a place I’d love to visit
    for quite a long time. Palawan, and Camiquin Island are also gorgeous.
    Camiquin Island is just an island off the northern coast of Mindanao. It
    is also breathtakingly beautiful.
      Great photography Henry, especially that underwater stuff, that camera
    of yours is great, and produces great high quality video. Thanks for bringing
    this beautiful video into the homes of all us viewers–I’m sure they enjoyed it
    as much as I did.

  14. hello, ive dream of going to boracay someday but cebu city has some astonishing beaches like in BANTAYAN ..i have a question..is it crowded in boracay?? cus i hate crowded beaches

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines ohh i see cus i seen video on boracay and it was very crowded , i think that was on summer season

    2. @lalagirl211 i suppose it depends what season you go.  in this video it’s december, ‘peak season’.  i didn’t feel crowded at the beach at all.  most people were at the D-mall shopping, eating or drinking.

    1. @Carl Marcois i’ve always gone swimming, eyes open, in the beach and never had a problem.  only in chlorine water does it bother my eyes after an hour or so.

  15. Henry, Not sure if this is a silly question. Are you using a go pro cam? I live in Thailand and dont want to buy it here. Are they easy to find in Cebu do you know?  -Many thanks…..

    1. @Steve A yes, i am using the hero3, silver edition.  i see them for sale at about 4 locations here in Dumaguete.  i am positive they carry them at the Cebu SM mall and Ayala Mall.

  16. very nice video, I’ve been there 3 times but never really explored that small coral island. As for those asking about sharks, those are very rare in Boracay, you’d have to go far out to a dive site like Yapak. unexpected cramps (not sharks) are usually my concern when swimming laps, its calm waters are just the best for swimming then those awesome sunsets with a tequila sunrise at Charlz bar.

    1. @creznt thanks for the reassurance about the sharks.  🙂   hanging out in that water i was about 90% ready to relocate to boracay.  who knows, perhaps sometime i will for at least 9 months. 

  17. Will be in the Phils for a month & I have just booked Nigi Nigi Too from March 2nd to March 5th will be going with my asawa. Thanks so much Henry for your wonderful videos, I wish you very much happiness with Lyn. (I might stop in Dumaguete time permitting.)

  18. That reminds me of Moalboal and how much enjoyed my life at this time. Really impressive video Henry. I appreciate you sharing it with me. You  just unleashed my happiness within. This is exactly what I need more of. 

  19. Beautiful place. My wife and I usually stay in the hotel next to where you stayed at estacia uno. I think the nicest place in boracay for what i like anyways. . Again keep the vids comming !!!!!

  20. Henry, this video by far has been the most enjoyable for me.  Your charismatic and eloquent narration just adds to the wonderful scenery.  Boracay seems like a lost paradise from where I am now.  Thank you for allowing us to live a dream through your heartfelt lens.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines the quality is so good… Great job sir… I can also see how happy you are in the video… Im a traveller my self and i can see my happiness through your eyes… Mexico btw is my next destination. 😜

  21. When do u plan of going to Boracay again. reekay?! The water seems so mighty fine, alas the last time we went there was theres lots of moss at the seaside, not as beautiful as this one in your video, hope tht they preserve its natural beauty and not be so commercialized to the point of destryong it, you looked so happy here, i can feel the feeling :))

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines sounds cool reekay, might comeback as well with my family on their next vacation here in the Philippines, they live in Nevada 🙂

    2. not sure when, but i know i will return. next time i want to stay maybe 6 weeks and explore the rest of the island, away from the tourist beach.

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