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  1. They need to get rid of their dependence on cash, even if it means giving everyone in the country a no cost, interest free checking account. The velocity of money is a serious impediment with their current system.

  2. Love these ones to see life as it is at this time, a lot of bike retailers wouldn’t allow you to buy with cash. It may be different now.

  3. A few things: A) It’s always better to save for what you want if you have a reasonable income. 2) I’ve had so many missed opportunities I can’t even remember them all. One of them was when a friend of ours was selling all of her 24k gold. I bought some, but I should have bought all of it. 3) I also should have bought real estate at the bottom of the Real Estate crash. I could have afforded it back then.

  4. Love your vids Rod but this one was hard to hear your commentary over the bike noise ( a little bit of honest criticism 😁). I agree ☝️ I used to find most trike and habal habal drivers were very reasonable with their price and I would also give a bit extra and the end of the journey. I appreciated it and it was always great to respond in kind. I found the majority are pretty honest from my experience.

  5. Good ride; poor audio track, though.
    Usually I get 100% of your commentaries, 
    but this one was a challenge at times.

    If I understood it correctly,
    I am to wait for next Chinese virus, 
    wait until land prices collapse, and 
    then buy the island of Cebu with a stimulus cheque. Got it!

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