Taxi Stories & The Kano Tax – In The Philippines

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  2. In the country of Panama, they say they are running out of gas and want you to pay their gas as well as the tolls on the highway. The key was don’t put your luggage in the trunk, that way you can bail out if necessary.

  3. Look man ive been living here in the Philippines 17 years. Its racism pure and simple. If their is a higher price because of skin color its racism. In Japan, Korea they play it off as its their culture. Its not its racism. If a Filipino or anyone else went to the U.S. and was charged more because of the color of their skin watch out!! CNN you name it would raise hell.

  4. I refuse to ride a trike anywhere they will never give you a fair price as a foreigner. They even try and rip off other Filipino’s. That’s the main reason the first thing I did was buy a brand new scooter they are cheap and will never over charge you lol. Jeepney’s and buses are safe and very inexpensive. You can also use Taxi apps that give you a set price. I use the app if I go to a place like S&R and have large items I can’t take home on my scooter I just have my GF ride with the taxi and I take the scooter home. I never go to the market I always just send my GF to do the shopping at the wet markets. If I got to a market I never buy anything if I see something I want I send my GF later. It’s just better to have a Filipino do all your dealings so you don’t get skin taxed. That’s also how I found a nice house to rent but it took me almost 2 years to find something I wanted. Be patient and don’t get ripped off. Now it also pays to be nice to those that don’t rip you off. When you live in the PH for awhile you know what things usually cost and when someone gives me a good or fair deal I might reward them with a good tip. They will remember you and won’t try and rip you off next time.

  5. Taxis here in Davao usually just throw the meter when I get in. Ne generally is with me & they don’t try to get more. At the market Ne goes herself or if I am with her has me wait somewhere there on her because if they see me just with her, they will not barter on the price. Just small companies? We switch to Globe cable yesterday. To put it in my name they want an extra 5K even though I pay for it.

  6. The taxis routinely turn off the meter, especially in Manila. You can’t negotiate and it’s worse if you’ve got a large bag so you can’t just walk out at the next stop. It’s more fun there if you like scams and cat and mouse games. This is especially true of dating; as it’s not real love. Thirsty men delude themselves it its (projection). Peace.

  7. I was there in 2019. Manila. I think I paid $6 at the most to get from Makati area to Pasay. In Palawan I paid about $200 for 3 days to travel around. The drivers friend laughed and said I paid to much but the driver was on time and picked us up in the morning and took us to where we wanted to go. It was a little high but I didn’t mind paying for the convenience of not hunting down and waiting for the bus.

  8. So true……. Very few places in markets/stands ever have a price posted. First thing I ask fast is ” how much ” then go from there. They have slick habit here of grabbing a bag & put your items in fast before you even have chance to think or ask questions about what you’re buying or even what it is.

  9. my first time in the philippines. i had spent most of my 2 weeks in lovely quaint village in Negros Oriental. my future wife would always negotiate my fairs.
    Me return to America as soon as i got in a taxi from the domestic airport to the International airport. as soon as it started moving they inform me 60! 60p would have been about right. no. $60! i noticed there was a driver AND “navigator”.
    “no problem” i cheerily replied.
    when we got to the airport and they unloaded my suitcase i leaned forward and told them i have ONE 500p bill. They can have it or they can turn me into the police over there for not paying. i even held my hands out in front of me for the police to hand cuff me and i yelled for the police to come arrest me. they were pissed. i was just trying to be a good citizen and have the police arrest me for not paying my fare. they sped off.

  10. You are very diplomatic when dealing with people who wish to rip you off…I will have to learn that skill as it is not currently in my nature. Lurking in the shadows while my GF/wife conducts all the business is not really they way I want to live. I will need to learn not to take it personally.

  11. I ended up buying a scooter after getting sick of the tricycle drivers over charging me. For rides from Bacong to Robinsons and back home. The freedom with the scooter was well worth it.

  12. My friend, you have wayyyy more patience than me. I’m not going back and forth with these scammers, and I have a right to get angry, I don’t care what they think about it because they’re the ones in the wrong. One time I took the bus from Pattaya to the airport in Bangkok, I checked my things in, but still, had a few hours before my flight, so I decided to hang out in Bangkok for a few hours to kill time. When it was time to go back to the airport, I grabbed a cab close to Nana Plaza. Once I’m in the taxi, he starts chatting me up right away, After the pleasantries, I kindly asked him to turn the meter on. He started making shit up, I said “yo turn the meter on”, he makes up another lie. Now we’re close to the onramp of the expressway, once you’re on there that’s it. I got angry and told him to stop the fucking car or I’ll jump out right here. He stopped the car right before we hit the expressway. I got out grabbed my things and said fuck you. He then tried to apologize, and agree to turn the meter on, but I said ‘”Hell No”. He had to drive off because he was holding up traffic. Right as he drove off I see another cab on the other side of the medium and waved to him. The cab driver did a crazy maneuver over the medium to get to me before other cabs could, I think he saw me get out of the cab before him and put 2 and 2 together, lol. He put the meter on right away and I gave him a good tip once we got to the airport. I found this online check it out and the follow-up

  13. That happened to me in Manila at Immigration going to the VA Clinic. The guy didn’t use the meter and said 400 pesos about a third of the way there so I had him stop and I got out. He was pissed so I gave him 100 pesos and walked a little way and got another taxi to take me, paid 50 pesos for the rest of the way.

  14. Anywhere i travel in mexico,i pay an equivalent of $10 an hour.thats what ive been doing since 10 yrs a matter of fact ,i paid $70 yesterday to an uber driver yesterday for 7 hr june,i paid 20 euro every hour for another uber driver in greece to take me to the country side ,outside athens.we even went swimming .i pay for food for each the States,i drive or pay 8.50 an hour cash.i sometime go to bed with cab drivers,if theyre my type and i pay them bonus😜!

  15. Love you’re videos. I’m planning on joining my wife who is already in Cebu. A little worried about the ability to get medical care if I happen to get sick. Are the hospitals overwhelmed? Any thoughts about this would really be welcomed.

  16. Henry, I’ve been following you so long, I can remember this the first time around—good advice is timeless! Didn’t Mark Twain say, “there’s nothing to be learned by the second kick from the same mule”? LOL Enjoy your time with your mom!

  17. The times I was basically harassed at the ports after arrival for a “cheap” ride😊 never accepted any, went outside most times plenty on offer and use the meter or reasonable priced trike after time you get to know

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