Thai Pass Outcome to Enter, and The Internet is Not a Real Place

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  1. Heya Paige and Chuck, what happens after you get the QR code? Do you just show it to the airlines? Or is there another step in the process?
    I just got mine done on Saturday so I’m guessing they won’t be checking it until Sunday here or Monday here?

  2. Congratulations Chuck, it really shouldn’t be this stressful.
    I got my QR codes on Thursday evening and then as a result of reapplying I got another one on sunday morning

  3. I wish my Wife could be laid back like Paige doing this VISA and Thai Pass. My Wife winds up getting a migraine and then upset stomach. Then I get stressed out as well. If I have to deal with a Thai Consulate again I’m using NY. Washington DC is an exercise in frustration. Hooters is nice. I also like Twin Peaks. I’m sure you know why it’s called Twin Peaks.

  4. Very interesting on getting back into Thailand, can’t wait till you put out an update on the process.
    It’s starting to get cool here in Udon as well, this morning was 19° at 06:00.

  5. Sunday funday is comming back page is great have a good trip back maybe see you in baan grood soon give mafia a big hug when your are back she must be happy too.

  6. Looks like Chuck’s going home! The departure will be amusing, but the arrival should be very interesting.
    We’re all rooting for you and Paige! The way you get though the different channels of agencies is a wonder.
    You Rock!

  7. I think if Thailand don’t sort this out it will put a lot of holiday makers of going,
    I had a similar problem last September when you could get repatriation the system was absolutely a nightmare…😱😡
    But well done to you both soon you’ll be back in the land of smiles 😃 👍

  8. Yah!!! Finally so glad it all works out for you guys i miss the mafia the walk by the mighty Mekong looking forward to seeing what to come with you guys getting together with joe ,gift and chocolate men and the rest of the gang’s have a safe travel back to Thailand

  9. I’m looking forward to collecting my Tshirt for guessing your weight when you get back home , 8kilos extra , no need to post it I will come collect it personally,

  10. Hey Chuck, any info on how you were able to get your approval would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying everything that I can think of and running into a complete stone wall. I have a few days left and I really do not want to miss my flight. I plan to try the facebook thing tonight and tomorrow. One thing I have not done is complete duplicate applications. Maybe I should try that also. I just thought it might make it worse. This is such a joke of a process. I am glad it worked for you. Have a great trip. I hope to meet you in Thailand soon.

  11. Friend of mine said he waited nearly 3 hours to get thru immigration at Bangkok. Let’s hope things speed up for you when you when you arrive. 👍👍

  12. Chuck how long does it normally take you to edit a 15 min. video? I really enjoy everyone of them. Looking forward to your walks around your neighborhood, once you get home. I’m sure Lucky will be excited to see you again.

  13. Hi Chuck, I realize you folks were in an urgent situation but from the early on days it said it could take up to seven days to be approved. The T/Pass didn’t start until Nov 1 so it’s within a week. It’s all good 👍
    I think the largest problem with the program is not knowing where you stand. Even if you order a pizza you know the stages of it being made to being delivered. I’ll be trying my luck later this month after I book my airline ticket. Cheers 🍻

  14. Good on ya mate , glad you finally got it and you can now join the mrs finally..
    i am hanging on till end of the year to apply for mine and hopefully will get it without any problems..👏👏

  15. Seems to me, using the agency saves a lot of headache even though you have to pay for the service. It seems that the agency has the patience to do the Thai pass

  16. Stress has a tendency to cause, not only distress to you, but more importantly anxiety in others, usually the people you care about. I’m sure Paige would have been walking on eggshells around you LOL. All you can do is to do the best you can, and not be focused on your own feelings. Thoughts like “Why does this shit always happen to me?” Especially if people are relying on you. I am a personal carer and I have had many days like that. I received this same advice. Do the best you can. For me it was do the best I can do for the person I am caring for. Keep that as your main focus. It worked for me. I was able to disassociate or disconnect a stressful situation (and they are many) from my personal anxiety and refocus. It may make you feel better banging the shit out of something with a hammer, but it only makes it worse, it doesn’t fix the problem. Hope you don’t mind me waffling on, but I am always told “I don’t know how you have so much patience.” I didn’t. It took discipline and self-control. Anyway so happy it has been all sorted out and I hope you have smooth sailing from here on until you are back home. Take Care. Haha the subtitles when Soi mafia says Subscribe now…”Some Sky Now.”

  17. If it makes you feel, slightly, better I have a friend whose flying the same day as you from the UK. He whatsapped me 42 minutes ago and it’s currently 01:58 Monday the 8th. He said it’s been the most stressful week of his life in years.

  18. Congratulations Chuck, I’m glad things worked out for you! This has been a great trip back to the states, and I’m sure you’re ready to get back to Thailand. Stay safe, the pressure’s off, looking forward to seeing you and Paige back home with the Mafia’s, Joe, Gift, Chocolate Man, and the rest

  19. Which website did you and Paige go through to get your test and go hotel? Did you need to fill out a form for your credit card and fax it or did you do money transfer?

  20. Hey Chuck, can you help me out? I went to Walgreens for my jabs and all I have is a CDC paper vaccination card. No QR code. At least that I can find. Neither on the card or on my Walgreens app.

  21. You are forced back to Thailand (your home) and have to live with entry crap. Ordinary tourists, on the other hand, do not need it. They can just stay away from Thailand. Which many probably choose . . . !

  22. Congrats on making it back !!
    Must admit the video was as confusing as the Thai Pass …
    Looks like folks r treating the Thai Pass like a video game where u need to keep hitting it to chalk up high scores to get thru …

  23. Hey chuck are you bringing any of those skipper laurie taco makers,doesn’ t have to be the delux dd.model if no room a smaler size would do,have a good trip home is where the heart is,regards.

  24. Hey Chuck and Paige and everyone else, so glade to see you both got your paperwork done. I am so glad I didn’t have to go back to America at this time, I would have been like you, the hell with it “I’ll just stay here.” As an old programmer and systems analyst I can tell you they should have never let anyone use that program without testing it properly. We used a method of test to fail. Basically you want it to fail so you can find the problems and fix them. It’s the same Elon Musk is using. He keeps crashing rockets until it works. Lol

    So you’ve been married 3 times? Me too. I’m working on my 4th right now. I guess we don’t learn until we get it right. I’ll bring her along on my next visit. I want to come up that Way so I can visit with Nid. I’ve sent her notes but she hasn’t responded. I know she has a lot on her plate right now and I think a visit will help her think of something different. I just hope I can say the right words to cheer her up.

    Good luck on your upcoming trip, I know how you feel.

  25. The Thai government has already acknowledged the system is faulty. Happens with every government server system in many countries every time they do something like this. Remember same as the military the lowest bidder wins. In this case the lower qualified work for them.

  26. I have less patience then you so I’m freaking out thinking what lies ahead. My ticket is the middle of January. And I don’t have a Paige here to help. Congratulations!

  27. Now I’m really jealous that I couldn’t be there to enjoy some of that owl 🦉 food with you guys. I can’t believe that they you didn’t even hang around for the main event 😔. Congratulations on finally getting your Thai pass. See you both soon. Safe travels!

  28. I can almost feel the stress levels.
    I feel completely vindicated in our decision to stay put in Thailand & hopefully ride this shit-show out.
    Normal tourists, as opposed to long-term tourists, will probably not be willing to put up with this hassle.👌

  29. Top o the morning…..alright!!! Exhale……should be downhill from here…..the weather getting pretty nice over here. Ok….thanks for sharing….c u on the next one…:-))

  30. I love your content but I’m glad you’re not doing shopping in the states anymore. I can’t wait till you get back to Thailand. Have a great weekend. Cheers.

  31. I have to agree the whole system and process is not conducive to short stay tourist especially if they want larger numbers as the TAT is looking at reaching 700,000 by the end of high season.

  32. So glad you got it figured out and I’m really looking forward to learning more about the process. I’m planning to move to Thailand in the next six weeks. Safe travels!!!

  33. Thank you for this Video!
    As Always good content!
    Hope to see you soon in Thailand!
    Greetings from Kai Bae.
    From a Dutch Farang 🙏

  34. Cant wait for you both to be back in Thailand to make new adventures for us, dont take this the wrong way but you look like you need to get away from all that american food 🤣🤣

  35. Why can’t they keep it simple like the US where only proof of vaccination and a negative PCR test is all that is needed for tourists. The is no need for USA Pass, 50k health insurance, 1 Day quarantine, SHA hotel booking, special transport from airport, QR code, stress and more stress – stress causes diseases.

  36. YEEHHH! Finally Paigh and yourself have been granted the way back home. Great for you and Paigh. So happy for you both. Looking forward to the upcoming videos. Alex and Richard from Tasmania Australia 🇦🇺

  37. Please do a video on the process arriving in Bangkok. I’m going in December and it would be nice to know what to expect. My flight comes in at 11:45 pm so I’m wondering what that’s going to be like coming in that late getting the test results.

  38. I know how feel I’m doing it for the second time after being rejected and it didn’t come back untill we were at the queue at the airport and had to pay extra to change tickets. Good luck chuck and page

  39. 😂😂👍Rejected. Thailan Pass.
    They’ve told me insufficient insurance
    But it was the Axa insurance which is advertise for that particular Visa I will back to the house quickly Dibley scoring board
    Travelling to Thailand seven suitcases the rest can stay in the bloody house Left for good Now on the run back to Thailan suitcase 🧳

  40. Chuck can you update us on the 6th day antigen test is this a reality for green country fully vaccinated one night quarantine people???

  41. Wait a minute chuck.. You have no patience? And you are a fellow veteran? Guess you got tired of “hurry up and wait”.. LOL, I think that lack of patience is a common occurrence with us veterans. I have the same condition now that I am out.

  42. Sorry to hear about your dilemma, but I hope you realize that there are tons of tourists, residences and Thai nationals that are busting their butt to go back to Thailand! Have a great flight!

  43. There is no place like home. I know you have had a lot of frustration lately getting things together to go back to Thailand but I also know you had a lot of fun with your friends and family and I don’t think you regret going on this trip.

  44. it’s the Thai Embassy in Washington, D.C., Chuck. there is only one embassy of a particular country in another country. all the other facilities are usually called consulates. as you said yourself, you’ll miss being in a place where it’s not 24/7 covid hysteria, but that’s your choice. ko hai doentang sabai na.

  45. AT LAST!!!! Time for you two to get back home. It really has been a pain in the butt for you with all this crappy thing.
    And the whole Mafia gang will cheer for you when you arrive in That Phanom again, that’s for sure.
    So… Welcome home!! 😀✈

  46. DID YOU HAVE THE USA CDC VACCINATION CARD???? If yes no idea how you put it in a QR code….My vaccines were thru the VA system..NO QR code …just the CDC card..

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