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Thailand has several beers but now there’s a new kid on the block.

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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. Many of my lady friends who use to drink San Miguel, now drink Leo. Leo is my fav of the four common beers in Thailand; however it’s the only one I can’t find here in the US. Chang is easy to find, Singha not so much and Tiger I have found at only one Vietnamese restaurant.

  2. I couldn’t live in Thailand because I love poptarts, mountain dew, mac und cheese, hotdogs, blueberry pie, sbarro pizzeria, cheese wiz, fudge rounds, oat pies, candy corn and other American specialties.

  3. I prefer less “hoppy” that’s why I drink lagers, but I’m definitely going to try strong brew on my return, I also prefer Leo but Singha is my second favorite Thai beer 😎✌🏼

  4. Rob….ROB….can you say “a glass”. Out and about a can with a cozy but, a beer video at home? I would have liked that strong brew in a glass to look at :-).

  5. Someone build a micro brewery here in Kamala Beach. I’ll be # 1 beer tester. 8% is a great area to start. Hey do beer shots too they are normally around 18%…

  6. When cruiseing on board Carnival ships my first and only choice is Parched Pig IPA. Starting January 2021 if BeerLao is unavailable here in Kamala Beach I drink water or fruit shacks

  7. RED leo like you say has a stronger taste BUT ITS STILL only 5% same same normal leo. Been drinking “red Leo” for months in Chiang mai. Can also get it in big bottles too

  8. A whole new set of video series… “Thailand Rob’s Beer Tasting Review”! I would also suggest a “food review” but not with what appears to be your normal eating habits (hahahaha)… wait, maybe that is exactly why you SHOULD do a regular “food review”!!!

  9. Leo was 5,0 %, and Singha was 5,3 or 5,2 % as i remember it?
    But it was in december 2019 right before the covid mess here in europe..😢
    But fingers crossed i’ll be back in december..🤞😁

  10. Can you confirm? NZ times news today posted on Google news . Thailand is opening up too all who can prove they recived both Covid – 19 inoculations injections!

  11. Never had a drink in my life.. not even a sip. I am a HUGE sports fan and I LOVE watching live games at the stadium. Beer smell reminds me of being at Dodger or Padre baseball games and great childhood memories. But it just never smelled like something I’d want to drink. My bad habit is Pepsi.
    See you in July.. 90 days and I’m moving back to Pattaya.
    Curtis in Las Vegas

  12. To REALLY monitise yourself and your channel.. and to capitalize on ALL the fan base you’ve built up.. I would think about opening Thailand Rob’s Bar in Pattaya.. perhaps much more money than you’d expect.

  13. I think there was some negative publicity regarding Singha Lite a few years ago so they discontinued it and relaunched the same beer but as My Beer.

  14. Rob singha light was 3.2 % I know that because that’s all my friend would drink 🍺 so it can’t be the same ! Interested in trying the new Leo 🍺 good vlog 🙏

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