Thailand Reopening, Trolls and the rest of SE Asia: October 2021 Update.

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Thailand has reduced its quarantine to 7 days, other countries in the region are starting to realize lockdowns won’t eradicate C19 and trolls who haven’t been overseas and will never get the chance to travel overseas.

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  1. Hello Jason, I guess that you will just have to do some talking head videos. Thanks for the update and keep them coming. Take care of yourself, stay safe and healthy plus try to have fun.

  2. Hi Jason, thanks for the update! I always enjoy hearing your perspectives and news updates. Please keep up the great work and hopefully not pay the naysayers any attention. Camera & video quality on your new iPhone looks great btw 😀

  3. the situation in Vietnam is terrible to worst, you won’t get the real news from mainstream media that does nothing but politize the shit out of it for the US government, always praising the ruling party but in actuality, don’t give a shit to its working-class people. those people are starving to death not just from covid, the only way to save them is more vaccines and open up to tourists . this applies to all countries that are vaccinated as tourists are not the source of covid into any countries any more

  4. Hey I was hoping you were going to attack the trolls on this post. I have traveled out of North America four times this year so there are many places to visit that are and have been open for a while

  5. Another reason I moved to the PI, cold weather. Yes, their are many trolls who are mad at the world. I did 24 in the Navy and visited 37 countries….

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