Thailand Resumes Normal Business – July 4th Preparation

In this video I talk about Thailand resuming its normal business for the first time, since being under a State of Emergency that began March on 26th of this year. I also bring you along as Gift and I go to one of our favorite Thai restaurants. Afterwards, we visit Makro to pick up some items in preparation of our 4th of July BBQ with friends. Thank you for watching. Follow me on Instagram at joegreenwtf.


  1. This is interesting to see. Hopefully I can go back there soon. Just uploaded my YouTube videos when I was there in Thailand. Need to make more.

  2. Geez my friend you still have a lot of hair to cut, but I definitely fit the description of an older guy that doesn’t go to the barber much these days. My wife and I are excited about meeting you, and super excited to celebrate our independence day with all of you. See you on the morrow. Great video!

  3. i have a question about your thai bank account and pension. Do you transfer money from your american bank account where you receive your pension to your thai bank account on a month to month basis or need basis. Is there conversion fees. What is the process like. Thank you!

  4. Enjoy the 4th Joe with friends – if anything like me when I have people round I bet you cook enough food for the following three days 555

  5. Thanks for the video, great prices except for corn at $1 a ear. Was hoping they would put people with a-o visa and elite visas on list to come back to Thailand but not yet, im hoping August they will. Wish we were traveling with you next week, soon we hope. Thanks and Happy 4th

  6. Joe, I’m a new subscriber and the videos are awesome. Thanks for your service! Amazingly, the big grocery store looks alot cleaner than the ones I’ve been to in the USA. I can’t get over how incredibly cheap it to live there. The quality of life seems very peaceful

  7. Everything is closing back down in several states, covid 19 is running rampant. I blame it on the rioters and activist but the media won’t say that, they want to blame it on young bar goers. Beware guys !

  8. Sorry Joe n Gift but you cant fool all us viewers here watching. Your having a miserable time in Thailand in Prachuap Khiri Khan living near the beach and salt water. So you’re getting healthy workin out, buying fresh seafood hours old, cuttlin up to a lady with a heart of gold. Sorry but we all aint buyin it. Only hope you muster thru a successful 4th of July holiday in LOS as painful as it may be. Beer n seafood. Its my favorite holiday back home. Knock it out of the park. . .

  9. The freshmakers vlog หนุ่มฝรั่งกับสาวอีสาน says:

    Nice trip into a normal day 🤗🤗🤗 sad that some people don’t understand the effort you put in your videos. You do great Joe and greetings to Gift 🤗🤗

  10. Hello Joe speaking of haircuts Many of us couldn’t get our hair cut either, Teacher Thomas Thailand and chuck and Paige are great people can’t wait for the videos, have a great 4th of July, 🌴🍺🌴

  11. Joe, Your videos soothe me in my absence. Thank you. I want to come home. Missing everything. So sad. 😥
    Happy 4th of July to you and Gift!

  12. Oh wow, I want to come to your 4th of July BBQ Joe!!!!! Hope you, Gift and friends have a grand time — Happy 4th of July my friends.

  13. Happy Fourth of July from North Carolina .l should be in New Jersey but because we are on list to be Quarantine if you travel to the north east for 14 days staying home . I like to say hello to Gift enjoy your channel.

  14. Thank you for taking extra time to show us pricing, like the shrimp. Now that you have your beer, please consider doing some other pricing like in the meat section. Thanks!!! This Fourth is for You!

  15. Hi Joe & Gift!
    Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸

    Have a great weekend & stay Healthy & Stay Safe!!
    Much Respect from NY USA 🇺🇸

  16. Have a good July 4th and Chiang Rai trip 🙂 “sam lo” is the three wheels vehicle. It will be a good period to visit the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun). Maybe too much buzz about it ? It is private owned art place, not an usual wat.

  17. Excited for all of you on your 4th of July Celebration. Nice to see things opening up. Wish I could say it for us here in the US. Enjoy. All the best. Mitch 🙏

  18. If Chuck and Paige are coming have enough LEO ready 😉 have fun, Thailand not that normal yet still no planes flying were are waiting to get out of Europe before its too late!

  19. Hey Joe and Gift. Happy 4 th and enjoy your upcoming trip to Chiang Ria. Be safe and have a great time. I was there last year and loved the area. Would love to visit there again some day.

  20. Watching your vlog in California and we are getting worse with this virus. I don’t think no country will allow us into their country. I wish I was back in Surin Beach in Phuket in my condo, can’t wait

  21. HI JOE + Gift,, I Like My Thailand Haircut–Pass the razor over my bald head,, I will be with you guys in spirit on the 4th !! I so Miss Thai Food ! Enjoy my friend !!

  22. Thanks Joe and Gift happy and safe 4th celebrating the right way . Starting to like this area , maybe a Change of Plans area for me something to think about . Thanks salesman 👨‍💼 👍

  23. “No fish sauce” had a good chuckle on that Joe. Watching this on July 1st our birthday in Canada wishing our friends and best neighbors a happy July 4th, may you all have a wonderful day!

  24. You sound really happy and content down there away from BKK Joe ,,, loving all your videos and Gifts also , hope we get there in November if we’re allowed to travel

  25. Please. That is a real torture for me to see you guys eating Thai food. Especially khao pad mu. I eat that every day when i am in the kingdom. Ok. I forgive you. Stay safe and enjoy your life. Happy 4th of July.

  26. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👋 Thanks joe gift. Great thing about Thiland is a bit like a Christmas crack you never know quite want they going to do next

  27. Thanks for the shopping trip (something I find quite boring) did you get everything you need, I saw Beer and Burger buns….lunch looked good! I bet you can’t wait for Saturday,take care.

  28. Udon Thani with my son hair cut for both ingl. my beard cutting 170 thb total, not bad guys. That was turist price for You there, but okay.

  29. Happy 4th of July to our EX colony LOL.
    You kept very calm when time was running out to stock up on beer- I probably would have been charging up the aisle with the trolley knocking everyone over!!

  30. Great that thai go to Normal LiveStyle…here in Venezuela we are 2 steps from Hell. (Yes like the music…heart of courage) total shut down .no gas .no water. Low food..👋byby.

  31. Hey joe, I am same age as you and join the military around same time as you but I was in the 7th infantry division. Happy 4th of July. I go to the barber about the same amount of times but there is a lot less hair to cut off. LOL Why is the beer hours like that?

  32. Nice grocery store. I like how they do the fresh fish and seafood on those movable tables filled with ice. Happy 4th to you. Today is Canada Day here.

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