Thailand’s 1st 6 Second Turbo Diesel

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  1. Great 👍 brother, am amazing 😉 content creator you have always inspired till I made a channel too, and now it’s growing very fast, be blessed 🤗 I hope one day I may be like you and even your fans support me too. Stay blessed again brother 🤗


    Isuzu is a household name in creating very reliable diesel engines long before the 90s tuning culture was born due to most of the tuner cars have super-strong engine construction to withstand insane amounts of boost and horsepower and inspired from the strengths of Isuzu engines. One example is the 2JZ engine from the 1993-2002 Toyota Supra and the 4G63 engine from the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 1-9 where engine durability is a primary concern alongside having great features for impressive performance and reliability. 90s tuning culture is so great due to the fact that the 90s automotive era is the pinnacle of automotive reliability and at the same time, the advent of automotive entertainment such as Initial D, Wangan Midnight, Best Motoring, Hot Version, and for the next decade, The Fast and the Furious Franchise to cater this culture to broader audiences. After the 90s tuning culture was popular and most of the tuner cars are abused to 1000+ horsepower, the popularity was declined due to most of the automakers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, and the like are focusing towards fuel-efficient cars, boring SUV’s and Crossovers, and at the same time, their durability were declined to average levels to remind us that most of their vehicles after the 90s aren’t great for tuning. But Isuzu didn’t go for this downward trend and they’re really focused to create even more durable diesel engines. The 4JJ1 is the finest achievement in terms of durability, efficiency, and reliability at the time of it’s launch where it is a Euro 3 compliant engine and it powers most of the Isuzu vehicles such as the Elf/N-Series, D-Max, and Alterra during its initial rollout. Fast forward to 2010s and the Thailand drag diesel scene is on a roll with the 4JJ1 engines tuned to insane hp levels and entered the sub-10s 1/4 mile realm. It is a very great achievement for a particular diesel engine that is commonly available and very accessible to the masses unlike the tuner cars of the 90s where you need to spend relatively expensive amounts of money to buy. Isuzu showed the world that their SUVs and Pick-ups can be fun when the engine is heavily modified to high hp levels. And when compared to a very expensive supercar in the 1/4 mile track, the 4JJ1 drag car is faster with the right parts plus, the maintenance is still cheap when it’s tuned unlike the majority of supercars where you will be scared with very high maintenance costs that will drain people’s wallets during repairs. So, for the most part, the Isuzu 4JJ1 engine is the one that breaks the current automotive trends and solidifies the reputation of the company and even the 90s tuning culture.

  3. What’s Her insta Chad???????????? edit never watched all; Well fook me it’s on the screen thanks haaaaaa (@LOOKMEESOHOT) Think give that a miss haaa

  4. Thanks for explaining. I finally understand why they run diesel drag vehicles. And like you say, they’ll drag race anything. Water buffalo! I’m amazed they don’t turbo diesel those sons of bitches!!😄

  5. So much better quality than the live stream from the event. The live stream is just plain cool though because, well, it’s live.
    Thank you Chad

  6. From your channel the main thing I gather is that the Thai people know how to have fun and make do with what they have almost like no other people on the planet.

  7. When the pandemic is over you are gonna have arrange some group trip that we can buy tickets for and come party with you and crash races for a few weeks.

  8. I <3 seeing fast cars, but with all the climatechange stuff going on it's hard to love these diesels.. ahh well, you race what you got right 🙂

    Love the video Chad, surprising there wasn't that much difference in run time between those 'top fuel' and lower class cars.

  9. I`m a regular BKK visitor (pre covid) but maybe not so much a petrol head. I would still love to visit some of these events, how do you find them, can you put some links up, you may have done so already and maybe I could do my own research but I`m a lazy ———, so help me out !

  10. Cracking as ever Chad, but you’ve got to be some kind of bat shit crazy to strap yourself into one of those. Mind you, i’d love to see one of those engines on the back of the ThaiTanic, it would give Concorde a run for it’s money.

  11. This is excellent coverage with great information. A 6 second pass on a no-prep track is incredible. Also the hottie didn’t hurt the video either 😉

  12. Wow, way to capture that record breaking moment… and capture Lookmee. On her IG now looking at Lookme so hot her and her so hot friends lol Good post. Way to start the day!

  13. Love it bro. Keep that coal rolling 💨 . Its just springtime now in Ga but its still winter in north ga 30° this morning in the mountains⛰

  14. Dude, awesome video, so many questions in my head but you answered some, but is that an actual quarter mile or something in metric? And do the ever run (fast tube chassis cars) gas engine powered drag cars there so you can see without all of the black diesel smoke?

  15. I FUCKIN LOVE YOU BROTHA, THANK YOU FOR THE WILD CONTENT, “everybody will be mad if i don’t get ya Instagram” lmfao hilariously epic. Im ready to start making trips, shit i may live out there when I retire at least half of the year, between the people, reptiles, race culture, the beautiful sights, Islands, temple’s etc id be happy camper.

  16. lookmeesohot…. of course it was… what was I thinking 🤦🏻‍♂️…. well on the positive at least her kid will never go hungry…🍼 😳🍼🍼

  17. That was awesome ! I’m not even that much into racing. I love seeing people doing what the love and enjoying there life. So cool the amount of expertise they develop working on things . The amazing human spirit to learn and adapt and create . Love the channel you are doing a great job ,great mix in your videos ,keep it up you deserve the success.

  18. Cb media, ive been watching your videos the last few days. Great content. Ive been in jet ski racing for years. Somewhere in Thailand they have very fast jet skis and teams that come to the states for world finals in Arizona every fall. Check they out

  19. Chad… Chad…

    You had to jinx it?
    “My fav” … And then it blew up. Wait until the owner watch this YT video…🤣

    Epic video as always. Take care!

  20. Thanks Chad for the shirt, I got what I ordered last week. On one of the dragsters what is all that engine stuff doing on the other side of the firewall? Intake stuff?

  21. holy smokes…. the frikin torque !!!! love that sheet… runnung solo is proly a great idea… that track looks like my back road…… literally….

  22. I am assuming that all the drivers have wills made out before getting on the track…. and that all the insane people behind the cars taking off do too for when they get killed by rubber chunks flying off the tires on takeoff…another awesome CB video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Well in Indonesia we do love diesel built too… mainly because diesel fuel here relatively cheap (0,36 usd/litre) but obviously Thai built are way more advanced… 👍👍

  24. Thanks Chad for the awesome content! Keep up the great work! Those cars would definitely break something over here in the US, because they just floor it and dump the cluch! Love the channel and here for the algorithm!

  25. FYI…LOOKMEESOHOT is the model’s nickname which means BEAR CUB (LOOK MEE) + SO HOT. It doesn’t mean LOOK AT ME I’M SO HOT in broken English.

  26. I bet his brown starfish was locked up so tight he couldn’t pull a pin out of it with a tractor on that six second pass with that track surface.

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