THAILAND’S Bermuda Triangle V570

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  1. Hello Rob I don’t know if I could ever handle driving on those roads. They are a total cluster F**K Wishing you and everyone there well Take Care Sir

  2. So Kamala is about to get it’s 3rd traffic light and proper lane markings? Maybe signage for reduced speed on downgrade? Am I missing the point? Take care, Rob.

  3. At least they did not put in a roundabout too. they did both in my small town. There are 3 to 5 crashes a day now they made it “safer.” For the 10 years before we had a total of 15 crashes.

  4. One thing I’ve learned the most in all my years in Thailand…don’t be surprised when you see that kind of stuff. It’s usually more surprising when you see something thats actually designed well and working correctly.

  5. My Crystal Ball has a large crack in it but it still shows some serious accidents in the near future 🤣🤣 Thanks Rob. Health and Happiness 🙏

  6. Cluster F&%K…that cracked me up…what’s scary is when you pull out into the triangle and your scooter has NO gas in the tank…dude the guage is sitting on empty…time for a 40thb bottle of go juice ⛽

  7. The speed limit is the first problem then the centre medium there should be 2 lanes both ways and at least 4 breaks plus the one”s already there for u-turns

  8. The whole U-turn thing in Thailand is completely idiotic. In Bangkok, I have been stuck in traffic for hours and when you get to the end of the tail-back, it’s because there are a few cars doing a u-turn across 3 lanes of traffic.

  9. I remember reading an article a few years ago about how the Thais (at school age) are not taught any form of ‘critical thinking’ therefore nothing is questioned. They are compliant, authority isn’t questioned and ‘common sense’ isn’t very common. No-one has registered that this traffic system isn’t working and so the beat goes on!

  10. Think when I am there, going to big c. From the soi I stay on, straight over the traffic lights. Circle round the long way down the beach road past the school

  11. Hi Rob, enjoy the happy eastern in paradise. Hope you can do this in the land of smiles for the rest of your life. Stay safe and stay healthy!

  12. Not a surprise, really. Before you all decide to move to Thailand, understand that, except for your ATM card, you are not welcomed here. Especially, western tourists. Powers that be usually have no experience in whatever they are in charge of and they will never – ever – take the advice of a westerner about the smart way to do something.

  13. I remember that place in 2019 during songkran I did a U turn at that very spot outside the Oceania or what was there at that time, damn scarry I can tell you

  14. Wow!!! Somebody really drop the ball on this one!!!! It’s going to be a shame someone will die before they attempt to fix this “F” up!!! 😎✌️

  15. DURING PEARK SEASON – Coming down the hill from Patong to make the left isn’t that bad but oh my God coming from “millionaire road” to make the right to go up the hill…. I’ve almost been smoked there like 5 times hahaha

  16. I love coming to Thailand but as in typical Thai style, little to no thought given to the future… At the same time, it is that same attitude that I think gives Thailand it’s “charm” if you will, hahaha… Hopefully they realize that maybe then need to leave some openings for the larger businesses like the Big C… At a minimum.

  17. Hello from Tbilisi! Stuff like this all over Chiang Mai, and I’d assume all of Thailand. I miss Thailand but don’t miss the visa situation.

  18. Good to see this as I will leaving BKK for the Oceana next month. I think the town engineers also works somewhere in The Philippines – same design logic.

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