Thailand’s Highest Rated Market

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The most popular market in Thailand, according to TripAdvisor.

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  1. I love the way Chad if u cant pronounce the name of a place you just say what it looks like on paper and dont give a fck, brilliant👍

  2. I’ve been to that market like 3 times and I still think its kinda crappy. Dunno what the fuss is about. It’s hot with stagnant air and crowds. There are way better markets around.

  3. Chatuchak pronounced like Chat-two-chuck, also based on your video, it seems large portions of it are closed down or shutdown due to covid19, its usually insanely packed. You get a lot of Chinese and American tourists to go there to buy up lots of cheap product to send back home to sell. All the knockoff t-shirts and shoes and cheap everything for days, all of it for dirt cheap. I always laugh when I see people come there with suitcases ready to pack so much product inside. You came at the wrong time Chad…it’s just not the same.

  4. I was there a few years ago, and they had all kinds of exotic pets. I assume the “situation” is why they don’t have them right now.

  5. Chad, TripAdvisor is a completely unreliable resource for reviews. They routinely delete negative reviews and only allow a few negative reviews. I. can tell you from experience. Go to Mercado de Mariscos in Panama City, Panama. The place smells to high heaven and I acquired Traveler’s Diarrhea after eating their Ceviche. They keep deleting my accurate reviews.

  6. You wouldn’t be able to film in the pet section anyway. Last time I was there, they had a No Video/Photo allowed. I think it’s because of the exotic animals that they have on sale there; including tiny monkeys. Yup. Lets blame the monkey.

  7. Chad … take it from a retired surgeon 😷 former chief of service at US ARMY hospital in Honolulu. (Tripler Army Medical Center) The entire problem with your mask comes because it extends too far under the chin. Every time you open your mouth, it pulls down on the mask 😷 and exposes your nose. Trim off the very bottom or get a better designed mask.

  8. I was there last year, the place is huge. I think they got rid of the live animals because they were comparing them to the Chinese wet markets.

  9. Another good one. Thanks for that. I was there back in 2004. Wandered around for most of the day. I’ve never knew where I was. I was lost most of the time.I think I read something about thereBeing something like 12,000 stalls in this market. Which, made it possibly the largest market in the world.

  10. Everyone calls it JJ Market 😉 The pet section is completely separate from the main market, you kind of have to go out on the north (?) end and go past a heap of aquarium fish stalls to get to it, but it’s not what you think. It can be disturbing for westerners to see how some of the animals are kept there. I personally didn’t find it too bad compared to what I’ve seen at some of the animal park attractions in Thailand, though I tend to avoid all animal related activities there since my first trip…

  11. Definitely appreciate your dedication to creating outstanding content. Going out everyday and showing us the entire country is going beyond the call of duty. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  12. Bro we love your questionable crazy choices and your questionable crazy videos I love it keep it going man keep it from the south bro

  13. Been there a few times….so massive dont ever think I will see it all in my lifetime. First ti,e I went I found the live animal section (by accident). Yes they have some exotic animal for sale but didnt see any Tigers Chad.

  14. @CB Media MAGMA is one of the worlds largest auto parts manufacturer Companies based outta Canada. The big three out of Michigan, all have massive contracts with this company for parts.

  15. You were in the wrong section for animals. You need to enter from side of JJ Mall easiest way to find. I was there Saturday & plenty of Cats. Dogs. Reptiles. Fish. Snakes. Monkeys & other weird things. The market is not its former glory yet very depleted.

  16. Damn I need to get some of those Porn Hub shirts for gifts back home. Not that anyone would wear them outside, but I think they’d love them as a night/house shirt.

  17. Please may i inform you not to show your bottle of beer anymore.
    The thai governement see this as a comercial and it is punishable. Its firbidden to promote alcehol.
    So show the beer but not the name !! Or blurr it.
    Just for your information.
    Please stay safe.

  18. You probably didn’t get the whole Chatuchak Weekend Market experience due to Covid at this time. I’m thinking that’s why the pet section looked closed (also allegations of trade in endangered wildlife). According to Wikipedia it has 15,000 stalls and is the world’s largest weekend market. I’ve been there numerous times, and the last time (2016) concluded if I come to settle in Bangkok (I’m married to a Thai), I’d take the market map and divide it into sections and spend 6-8 weekends covering it all. My wife said it was her and her coworkers go-to place on the weekend to picnic in the adjacent park. That being said, I’ve grown to love the Talad Rot Fai (Train Night Market) as my number one market in Bangkok.

  19. Great film enjoyed that.
    I’m here in Bangkok right now. Staying at my friends house near Don Meuang airport. Not many planes flying in or out at the minute. Keep on going mate. Best wishes from me here in Thailand. 🇹🇭

  20. “Weak”end Market 😂☝️
    Last time I was there it was so so packed and hotter than hell. I would think even though many stalls were closed it would have been nice to roam around without the huge crowds!

  21. How easy to vandalized the communication network there. You can just cut the rat nest of wires. What a nightmare. Sorry I’m a lineman by trade I look at shit no one else pays attention to.🤓

  22. I really enjoyed that market but missed some of the areas you saw, so I’m glad that you went to show us.

    Your mask needs a nose clip. But it might be helpful for you to make yourself the band across back of head with button on each end. Then slip the ear elastic on each side over the button. This holds the mask in place and reduces any irritation behind the ears.

  23. I know what you mean with the “GLASSES”….
    Getting out of the car…
    Coming out of a shopping center…
    Yep….. “SAME SAME”…

  24. If you really want to buy a “TIGER” , go to Sukhumvit soi 4…
    Plenty of tigers there….
    Or was that Cougars…????
    I get confused…

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