Thank you! Donors RESCUE girl sleeping on streets.

Thanks to Andrew Tran ($145) Matt Krywonos ($100) Robert Grills ($65) Quy Ly Le ($80) Shuyang Meng ($30). $420 AUD total. More to follow.


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  1. The sad thing is that they don’t really care if you give them money or not, maybe you should pay for the girl to go into a boarding school so she might have a chance at life.

  2. Is her mom ok? She seems distant in thought maybe. I didn’t see a smile even once. Maybe worn down. Perhaps you can explain to me? Thank you for everything you do Troy.

  3. Her mother looks bewildered. I hope she gets better to take care of her daughter. Thanks to donors for their generosity and kind hearts.

  4. Respectable but it’s sad in the long run this does not help them at all, it’s just fixing a big issue temporarily… her mom looks mega mega depressed, like she’s given up on life. Or she hasn’t slept in 1 week. I tend to think it’s both. How would you fix their issue in the long run? Maybe try finding the mom a job, while you cover the place of living? I’ve no idea tbh, these situations are complicated and I don’t think just throwing money at the issue will fix it, unless you plan on doing it monthly for the next 10 years till that girl grows up.

  5. I think it was a good thing you went with them after all Troy. I got the impression that if you hadn’t mum would not have booked into a room. Well done for finding them and well done the donors. Nasty gash on her cheek.

  6. MY GOD! i worried if the mother got any more excited she might get a stroke from all that happiness or something! O_o
    even when you count the money she dont even look. something is definitely broken with her. no thanks. no words. no anything from her…
    anyway troy. nothing wrong on your side. good video. except for her insane dull reaction

  7. Well done again Troy for your dedication at all hours of the night, and to the amazing donors who contribute. This little girl is bright and always happy to see you, her mom needs care, she’s not in a good place.

  8. some of the comments.. my god, please be more understanding on the mother. We dont know what terrible experience she may have encountered while accepting “gifts” from strangers.. she mustve been worried about so many things just thinking about what the donations could potentially cost her if troy was a bad person luring them straight to danger.. please be kind..

  9. I have been in Vietnam 3 times like many others countries around the world, one time I asked to va friend there, what was the reason of war if everything is similar than before, many kids on the streets and much more, I feel shame on me when I see that, sometimes wasting money in stupid things meanwhile others even don’t have a simple plate of food, is a shame, I feel bad with myself, even knowing that I do good things for others with my charity work. Thanks all donors, god bless you all.

  10. Good job getting a temp place for them. One good night sleep and shower would help them tremendously. Maybe the mom can start seeing other people are trying to help her and Chau Anh. She must be in a very deep depression, most likely due to her own family not accepting her back (very common in Asian society.) The mom is still alive now because of Chau Anh. She did not even look at the money.
    Troy, thank you for your consistent looking for them and patiently trying to communicate. Most of us would just walk away. We cannot fix or help everyone, but if we all can help one family like Chau Anh and mom back on their feet again. I’m sure everyone on this channel would be very happy. Again kudos to Troy.

  11. soon the girl will have to take care of her mum as the mother does not look fit, mentaly or physically. brilliant litle girl but with mother in that condition I am afraid the future does not look good. something has to be done


  13. Thanks to Troy, and the generous donors! You guys rock!
    The mother looks so depressed and unable to even crack a smile.. I worry about her well-being and state of mind.. please try to get her some help! The poor girl depends on her mother so much. 😔

  14. The lady seems worn and weary, beat by life and illness. Can we get them a permanent home, maybe 50 people share the cost? Like every 4 donors pay a month per year.

  15. Anh ơi, anh còn ở Hà Nội không? Em muốn mời a đi cafe trò chuyện được không ạ? Em xem kênh anh từ đầu đến giờ có nhiều suy nghĩ muốn chia sẻ lắm ạ

  16. we dont need to be a Sherlock Holmes to understand that there’s something not right with her mother, maybe it’s just her way to be but Idk man, anyways glad to see both being fine, that kid is so lovely, hope there’s a big future waiting for her, keep it up the good work Troy ^^

  17. Daughter looks happy ,mom looks exhausted, I pray a good nites sleep, shower will help her refresh! I could not imagine the heart break mum feels not having a roof over their heads. Thanks to the donors and you Troy for helping this sweet lil girl and mum.

  18. Wow Troy…. really good job bro… And many thanks to those donors as well for helping. God bless you all. The lil girl seems more comfortable with you now. 😀😃

  19. Seems to me the girl is thriving for interaction/conversation/love/attention/affection that she’s not getting from mom due to possible mental illness. You could tell she didnt want him to leave.

    Such a shame so many kids are like this….all 9ver the world. In the US kids turn to toxic kids their age or toxic social media/gaming. Imagine this happy bright girl with a solid foundation somewhere where she actually has a chance to thrive and succeed. Our world system is so fucking broken. Kids are the future and so sad to see ones like this not really have a chance. Good on troy m’s donors for the temporary handouts though. Better than nothing.

  20. The mother looks broken. Or maybe just a lack of sleep and too much worry. Looks pretty scary to be living out on the streets there. Especially for a little kid. Great work helping them out.

  21. I think I recalled you mentioned the mother had a mental illness, part of me thinks she feels uncomfortable with all your help she and the girl may disappear from the usual places you find them which would be sad. I think it was good you went to the hotel reception with them it seemed to get her foot in the door she seemed very reluctant to enter, could it be an issue that she doesn’t have ID which is required or something? These are just thoughts. Thank you and all the donors.

  22. You are going to have to make a change and no longer allow donors to allocate funds to specific cases. Go back to handing things out randomly off your bike. This type of work with the long-term cases is draining you . If a social worker gets emotionally involved in a case then they transfer the case to someone else. Time to transfer this case Troy

  23. Thanks to Troy for your perseverance and dedication but also a big shoutout and special thank you to: Andrew Tran, Matt Krywonos, Robert Grills, Quy Ly Le, Shuyang Meng and to all those who donate and watch.

  24. That was a good outcome really. The little girl is so smart but mum us obviously suffering in some way. She must have had a hard life. Well done for getting them into a room.

  25. Cool Video.
    I assume that even if they don’t have a phone, you leave them your number, just in case of emergency. Some kind person will always let you make a call from their phone in your time of need…
    Thanks to Troy and all the donors for their awesomeness. 🙂

  26. I think there is some role reversal there. The little girl is caring for the mom. I think giving that much money may be a danger to them, especially the large denomination bills. Hopefully they won’t pull out the bills in front of some nefarious character.

  27. Go easy on the girl’s mom, guys! She’s not u grateful. You can clearly see there is something wrong with her mom, mentally. My own mother was a happy smiley person but my mom had cancer. She went into surgey for a hysterectomy surgery snd the doctor knicked her colon with the laser causing internal infections. She was in and out of the hospital for 8 months before she passed. My mom was no longer her happy smiley self after the surgery. She very much looked like this lady with an emotionless face. Troy, please make sure to accompany them to a hotel and make sure that they book a room like you did in this video. Without you there, she might not have rented a room even with the money in her purse. Thank you for taking care of this duo and thank you so much to all the generous donors!!! You guys are all awesome ! We need more people like you all in this world !

  28. she is the real life Little Girl From Hanoi (Em bé Hà Nội), if you’ve ever heard of that movie =)
    she is also considerate to ask if you ate food yet, cute kid

  29. Dude I guess u r doin a good job by escorting them, In order to save money that lady mother would hv choosed to stay on road rather than hotel,I can make from her face.

  30. Great job all generous donors and especially to Troy for spending his free time and not giving up on these two to make the world a better place, even small acts of kindness gives us all hope that the world does care. just hope that somehow the donations help sets the two on a better path than living on the street, we all enjoy the videos Troy watching your generous spirit.

  31. When the girl was worried about Troy eating it was a cry for help. She was hungry and didnt expect her mom was going to feed her. I feel so sorry for this little girl. Her smile in spite of her circumstances could teach each of us a thing or too.

  32. Could u ask them for how long they are staying in HN? If they are gonna stay for more than a week I think its better to find a room cheapest for over $50-around 1,3tr in HN, even if they dont stay till one month its still saving better than renting hotel rooms. U can search online for “phòng trọ giá rẻ gần bệnh viện Bạch Mai” and results will pop up

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