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  1. Just another day for this Australian

    I enjoy the relaxing bar at this motel … as you don’t need to be staying at the motel to visit the bar

    It’s a great break / pit stop 😉 whilst walking around SM City next door

  2. You are half correct on saying in 1863 right about President Lincoln proclaiming Thanksgiving as a national holiday but it was mainly due to the fact that the US won the battle at Gettysburg in October that with President Lincoln being a very religious man as he was decided that that was the the time to give thanks for winning the most pivotal battle in the Civil War at that time and since then Thanksgiving correctly has been celebrated on the third Thursday of every November since

  3. It looks like a nice place, and a great meal at a great price. Are you sure the politicians don’t know the misery they’ve inflicted on people? I’m not sure about that. Maybe they know, but don’t care.

  4. Hope you had a fulfilling Thanksgiving, Rod. My older son and his family came up from Wyoming. We had a great time. Still wish I was in Bayawan, though.

  5. Thanks Rod, seen the Radisson many times, never been in there, i’m impressed mate, nice hotel, though i like the Kiwi, more ordinary. Wish we were there to share Thanksgiving with Arlene and you. I completely concur with your final comment. Regards Rod and Arlene.

  6. Happy past thanksgiving Rod! I went to Bluewater resort here in Mactan with my family and friends expats yesterday we had great time especially there was no restrictions on sitting together with other couples so we had four of us and we were joined by another friend and his wife we met there from Tennessee.
    What a blast we had especially food is incredible there and thanks to my membership we also had 25% off, 3k including wine and beers for 4 is awesome.
    I think Bluewater has one the best kitchens in Cebu, just my opinion.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Rod. Food looks good. We had honey ham and Filipino dishes for thanksgiving here in the U.S. Nice to get that feeling of home for the holidays in the Philippines except for the cold weather. hehe. Take care friend.

  8. Rod it looks like a fantastic time you had. Hell he celebrated better than I did. And as usual it look like everything was going well but at the end reality sets back in the damn pandemic

  9. I should have come after seeing food and place,.. I’ll come next year, tables will be closer together anyway. Happy Thanksgiving to American friends.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you Rod, and all your American subscribers. The food looks really nice, I hope you enjoyed your meal and spell of freedom for a while. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. Commercial food service has finally started doing what it should have been doing all along, clean the kitchen and keep the food protected from contamination. Chef Greg is pleased…

  12. CEBU is so modern so beautiful in bohol we went to mcdonalds and then walked around the mall but i am very thankful so many sadly have nothing today

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