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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how Patong looks after they open. I just posted a couple of videos of the area and depressing how everything is shut down right now. Just found your channel and subscribed. I am in Bangtao. Where in Phuket are you at?

  2. And tourists welcomed in 2021!Good job!The ladies would have so much fun alone in the bars,can’t even play their favourite sport pool haah or drink with customers as forbidden!

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  4. Happy that the lockdown is now over however there will be no tourist as much as I want to comeback its not feasible as no flights also UK will have quarantine when you return . So in reality not coming back till after song krahan .Thanks for all your videos I lived in Thailand for 12years in the real Thailand not tourist Thailand would love to return but the exchange rate is a joke when I lived there I got 76baht to £1 now 38.6 so not possible.Anyway just to say enjoy your videos I watched your video about dengue fever I contracted this it was bad bad bad thought I was going to die. Here’s a good tip for anyone who is susceptible to mosquito bites cover them with clear nail varnish its waterproof and stops the itching keep up the good work finally thank you for all help you gave keV he’s sadly missed choc dee have s Leo regards john

  5. Great news getting back to normal little by little bit a time I see the thai smile again in Thailand 🇹🇭 stay safe and take care

  6. Hey Rob, this is great news. I think you will find around %50 of places will not reopen ever. The same for the rest of the world. It is now that we will start to see the effects of the scamdemic
    The economic downturn is going to hurt so many people and businesses. I’m feared for those without income. Thailand has no social security. You don’t work you don’t eat. We are Blessed in the UK because we have a benefits system. Thank you Rob for the information. M

  7. I’m soooo happy for everyone that can get back to work, hopefully they will have enough business to keep the doors open without the tourist influx, I’m sure you will do your part in supporting as many of the bars as possible 😁
    Thanks for sharing the information 😎✌🏼

  8. In Pattaya they (owners of the clubs, venues and bars) think they wont open places, because ridiculous rules and only short open times

  9. I miss Thialand.
    I am ready to go back.

    Dude your end of video song gives me butterflies and gets me excited like I haven’t felt since my trip back in September.

  10. and a wealthy guy that can spend as much as 5 tourist….. can’t only do one hooker at a time like a poor person so that mens only one hooker gets paid not 5

  11. Hi Rob, enjoy the rain dude! 106 here in Henderson Nevada today, dry as a bone. Virus still going crazy 497 new cases yesterday, 15,000 statewide. We have had 5 different casinos with staff getting sick in last couple of days yet with 4th of July weekend coming Las vegas is #2 driving destination for the holiday. You use to live in Florida, 5000 new cases yesterday. Be very glad you are in Thailand Rob! Thanks for videos.

  12. Why open the bars when there are no one allowed to travel there plus all the restrictions on arrival and in the bars? Makes no sense, no customer’s = no income. And who wanna sit in a bar with a mask on plus 21 more bar restrictions? It’s all a big joke

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