The BEST Drone for cinematic travel videos! | Mavic 2

Even though this is a promotionl vid, the mavic 2 really is my absolute favourite drone for travel videos!

The Mavic 2 is available here!
Make sure to change your country location first top right of the screen!

Over the past few months of using the DJI Mavic 2, i’m continuously blown away by the incredible quality it throws at me! Seriously! It is unbelievable how much power has been packed into such a small fold-able drone! The size, weight and Quality of the Mavic 2’s Images make it the best travel drone of 2019!

Tell me in the comments which drone you use and why! i’m interested to hear! (:

Music: VOLO – Inspirit

Special thanks to Dennis Gorcea for help shooting the intro!

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  1. Bought the Mavic 2 Zoom after comparing both. Didn’t need the 10bit as much as the more flexibility of the zoom.
    And so far a good choice I think.

  2. Great video as always Benn! Have just sold my phantom 4, is it correct the price for Mavic 2 Pro is
    1 499 € with the discount in europe? πŸ™‚

  3. I started youtube earlier this year by making videos and edits about my trips to different cities and countries.
    So far i love the filming and editing, but i have hard times getting views because obviously it isnt the best content yet because i still have much to learn.
    Your channel is so inspiring!
    I hope i dont lose my motivation!

  4. Nice video my good man. Nicely done and good job. I have the Dji Mavic 2 Zoom and I absolutely love my Drone. πŸšπŸšπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŒοΈβœŒοΈπŸ‘¨β€βœˆοΈπŸ‘¨β€βœˆοΈ. Please keep those good videos coming. I just subscribe to your channel and would appreciate it if you subscribe to my YouTube channel as well. Thanks for all you do and please keep flying.

  5. it would be interesting to compare picture quality of Mavic 2 zoom (at maximum zoom) vs Mavic 2 pro (upscaled to the zoom). Considering that M2PRO has more resolution, It may happen that the difference is not so dramatic.

  6. The only real problem with the mavic 2 is that it is still heavy for long travels. I’ve had the mavic pro for the past couple of years and the only thing I don’t like about it is carrying it around. The Mavic air or the Spark are decent options but they are way too loud, so hopefully DJI will release a new Spark soon and a new Air next year

  7. Hey everyone. I love making drone videos and a lot of them are really good. If you would mind subscribing and giving me some support I would really appreciate it!!

  8. Video beautiful “The BEST Drone for travel videos! | Mavic 2”
    Greetings from a friend in Vietnam
    ❀️ ❀️ ❀️
    hope we wil become lovely friends…

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