The Calm Before The Storm 2/21/21

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  1. Thanks Brian, yes I saw the winds had dropped ( still signal number one (30 to 60kph) as of 5.00 pm on Pagasa, , hope all your precautions work. All the best from Pangasinan

  2. Hi guys, just an update on what one respected professor and doctors are saying about treatment and prevention of covid 19 here in Australia.
    1. Ivermectin:
    Day 1 and 4 of treatment
    2. Doxycycline:
    50mg 2× daily for 10 days
    3. Zinc :
    40–50 mg daily.
    This would be for an aduld dose.
    Ivermectin has been used for 40 years with no side affects that I know of.
    I hope that this information is of use to sombody.

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