1. Chuck im looking to move to Udon Thani to a farm how is solar is there any dealers of solar panels I will be getting married to a wonderful Thai lady and we want a 60 rai farm and im looking for off the grid living

  2. Hi Chuck and Paige.Chuck you have to be careful with these dogs.
    One day one of them will bite you, if you have run out of treats.😊
    It is a good thing that you have health insurance 👍🏽😊😊😊

  3. My grandfather had a farm with mice. He was real good at mice extermination with a 22 cal. I saw one run along the wall
    in the kitchen behind a freezer chest. He got the gun and had me move the freezer, as the mouse ran out from behind he
    nailed it with 22 cal Shot. He was a very good shot. He could hit bats flying.

  4. A glimpse of the back streets is adventure for me. To see the mango in flower, the progression of the temple statues
    and yes, the soi dogs. Thank You for another great vid. You Rock.

  5. Hi Chuck, latest from Thai Immigration on 90 day report in Chiang Mai is they require the Google location coordinates for where you live, not sure if the same in your area or other areas.

  6. good in Thailand good English speaking good 👍🏻 🇯🇵🇺🇲🇹🇭🇬🇧doom in Thailand mine Tokyo in Japan Kontext USA “” like English like in Japan <

  7. I enjoyed watching this video. I stopped watching you for a couple months, but I’m back now. Being imprisoned in my apartment due to Covid-19 (tested Negative again in 1 year period) so I travel through your videos!

  8. I have used the sticky traps but don’t like them as they are a bit cruel. So I bought a live trap and take the critter to the park and let it go. Surprised that you can’t buy snap traps here. Cheers 🍻

  9. Hey Chuck, hi Paige🙏,
    I’m the 59th comment on my
    59th birthday today, I turned 59…. whipty flippin doo da day!
    hey puts me a little bit closer to my time in Thailand 2022 man I’m coming! I’m coming to visit….. 🙏

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