The END of THIS IS TAIWAN? 我要退出YouTube?!

[有字幕] 我要退出YouTube?! Running a channel is a time consuming task and can be quite challenging. Have I had enough? Will I give up on this channel and stop making videos?

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[望古瀑布​] Wanggu Waterfall

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[地點] Filming locations:
[台灣] Taiwan
[台北] Taipei
[桃園] Taoyuan

Video quality:

[我的裝備] My gear:
Manfrotto tripod
iPhone 8+
Nikon D5600
MacBook Pro

#Taiwan #Taipei #台灣 #台北


  1. Dude I’m glad you are here on YouTube. You really helped me in my planning stages for the time I spent in Taiwan, I should’ve looked you up while there. 謝謝你!

  2. Thank you Nathan for sharing your life in Taiwan. A 10-minute video would normally cost 20 hours of intensive effort which I definitely appreciate. Keep up the good work!

  3. I like your video and your points of view about Taiwan are always positive and influential. I support you to keep making videos in your free time. Anyway family is the most important.

  4. 我一直都很喜歡你的影片,認真負責的蒐集資料很多數據我都不曾注意過!謝謝你的這麼認真在做那麼多台灣的推廣!

  5. 我們知道一部影片雖然只有10分鐘,但缺是youtuber 花了幾10個小時的時間跟心思才完成的,所以每部影片我都很細心的在看。

  6. It is said: One thing at a time ! For my point of view, you are a lucky man; a nice family, fulltime work and be a youtuber which is you passion.. How lucky you are! Especially, you do a fantastic job all your videos🤗

  7. Hey Nathan, honestly you had a good run, if you think you feel tired and hard, it’s your own choice and know we will support you no matter what. Thank you for helping me chose, I am 100% heading to Taiwan for university and to live there. Thank you for all the friendly info.

  8. The Taiwan expat YouTube community needs this channel! I so much appreciate the fact that you are a family man and not one of these guys who just likes getting wasted on camera and challenging their inebriated pals to see who can eat the spiciest noodles or chew beetle nut, etc. I also can’t watch that other guy who makes a huge deal every time he tries something new in Taiwan – so over the top and with all those graphics and sound effects his channel looks like a comic book. Then there’s that guy who mostly likes to film his teenage girlfriend at waterfalls in her bikini. Come on, dude – really?

  9. Many foreigners may be curious about things other than local culture and sceneries. For example, some may wish to know the education and the housing options, but there are few youtubers devoting to these areas. Most Taiwan-based YouTubers focus on food, travel, and sceneries, which the competition seems to be intense.

  10. 很高興藉由此頻道認識你,這是臺灣最棒的頻道!

  11. 你認真搜集資訊做出的成品感受的到用了很多心血和時間,若真太累不用這麼密集拍片,事事兼顧才能長久!支持你!加油!

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