The Expat End-Game – (& A Brief Update)

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  2. I’ve given up hope of being able to come to Philippines in 2021.

    I cancelled my flight (Business Class on Singapore Airlines to Changi and Manila) and my stay: (The Grass Residence in Quezon City).

    I’m hoping that Summer 2022 will be better – open for tourists.

    I have a Filipina there waiting for me and it hurts to have to tell her I can’t come this year – again – after not being able to come last year.

  3. I prefer short-form videos like this that are focused on a single issue. For me live streams are too much of a time commitment and it’s hard to ascertain at the outset if the subject matter is likely to be of interest.

  4. Reekay, It only makes sense to go back if you can afford that. Isn’t the fundamental about Phil that it’s English speaking and cheaper? I have no safety net in USA except Medicare and church support from the Catholic Church or to live under a bridge by the LA River. Besides in my case, in spite of my shortcomings, I believe that I may just live beyond 100 and still be strong and with a sharp eye. It’s a Bible verse actually that Moses lived 120 years, his eye undimmed and his natural force unabated. OK, keep a cushion for sickness, but keep one for health too.
    In spite of other problems I have with church and the Bible this somehow rings true with me and is supported by other inputs I have. Best thing is to dodge people that are too wicked for you. They can really be a bummer. Beyond that, stay humble and you might just perk along on small money doing what you enjoy until old old old…… youth, hahahhahahha. Have a nice day, Paul in Thailand

  5. The month we l eft the US I took my daughter to the dentist. She needed a filling. She is autistic. The quote to have her anesthetized and the work done was over 2000 dollars!. Here , I got it done for 3000 pesos =75 usd. I told the lady we were going to the Philippines that gave me the quote for 2 grand and she asked when we would come back. I told her never. They billed me over 200 dollars for the visit to give me the quote.. Medical care in the US is a scam. “period.”

  6. I’m elderly, and would not risk living permanently in the Philippines. Eventhough I can afford a medical fund, I would only spend 5 months yearly there, but return to Canada for medical and personal reasons.

  7. There’s always an option: when your money and health are gone, you simply check out. Sometimes, it’s just not worth getting out of bed, IT’S YOUR LIFE, TAKE OWNERSHIP!

  8. You always been right on point with all your advice. Guys never think about the endgame.
    I have been a subscriber for some time now and have referred many people to your channel.
    Bertram from Los Angeles, Calif.

  9. Thanks Henry, I always appreciate your “thinking out loudly” VDO’s. How would you answer this question on the end game your self? Do you plan to return some day to the US again permanently?

  10. A topic very few want to think about; unable to care for self when getting old. It will happen to each of us. Our body eventually wears out and breaks down. Having a loved one to care for us during our last days is comforting. AARP did a survey many years ago and asked 1000’s of elderly what they feared the most when dying, and most said dying alone. Having family in the Philippines to care for you in your last days is the best place in the world to be. The only downside is emergency care.

  11. I like your common sensible approach to life situations, everything you spoke of is totally correct. I live in Phuket and was thinking of moving to Dumaguete but I’m having second thoughts mainly due to the costs being higher in the Philippines, congestion and a few other issues I’ve picked up on while watching various youtube videos. Living in Thailand allows me to maintain a quality lifestyle on $800 per month that includes a very nice condo near the beach with a large pool, gym and access to whatever I need within walking distance, my medical plan cost is $500 per year major medical only but includes coverage for all of the top notch hospitals, I also maintain a substantial investment account that would cover any unforseen incidents many times over so I’m pretty well setup but all of this didn’t happen by accident, it required planning and more importantly the discipline to stay on plan.

  12. I’m looking into Guam as a possibly. Expensive, like hawaii, but easy visa run, flights are cheap, is a legal u.s. port of entry and Medicare is good. Need supplimental medical but I’m looking into what’s available now to see if it’s reasonable option and then spend some time there.

  13. Great video, Henry! I’m planning to become an expat. I’m 40 so it will be probably during my 50s or around 60-62. Yes, it very important to think ahead. I believe it’s important to have backups and not putting all the eggs in the same basket.

  14. I think you are the smartest guy in youtube advice. I will be moving there soon and have a good plan. I am different than a lot of other Americans because lived overses for decades, worked with Filpinas and other nationalities for years, understand the bottom line of a relationships. Not interested in marriages and building a new family. Have someone trustable who is 30 year younger and will take care. My question is this:
    It this not true that we can keep our Medicare from the states and buy just an emergency coverage there. Any bigger issues can be treated in the US. We still have to visit our families in states once a year.
    Why this issue is confusing people? Living in Philippines does not mean abandoning the US.

  15. The plan is to spend part of my retirement years in Egypt and the other part in the Phils. Egypt is a good option as you can live off the bank interest on investment certificates. Philippines will depend on the financials. Ideally, early on, i’d like to continue working online. Things are moving in that direction with the work from home/office hybrid and reduced office space. I prefer to maintain some sort of decent lifestyle while in Phils. Not sure how it will work out if salary is to be adjusted by the employer to the local market. The idea of hiring help in one’s old age is a plus. Planning to come in July and will be spending significant time in the Guadalupe area on an extended vacation to try out the work from home thing. Hope to meet you. Vince

  16. It all depends on the quality of medical care in Cebu compared to the public system in Australia for SERIOUS medical issues for me..I need to look into that alot deeper before I can make a firm decision for my ripe old age..once International travel is allowed once again.

  17. I worked 42 years for the federal government including my 3 years with the Army during the Vietnam era. My pension goes to my wife when I’m gone and that option has cost me nearly 4000 USD in reduced pension yearly. Politics in the USA has me really worried about losing everything I’ve worked to achieve. Marxist/Democrats seem set on anarchy and the destruction of America. Then my lifes work is gone. It’s already happened to millions of americans. It’s madness.

  18. Importance off money? You want to Trust on money and not Gods blessings? You need and awareness Christ coming back soon. Looking at situations around the globe. I Dont think you Will live after 2030. Just my opinion

  19. Reekay, all that you said is on point. It is interesting to those of us who wonder what some of these people are really doing there. It almost as if they have come there as a last resort to escape whatever their life was in their home country.

  20. Going to the Phillipines for 1 year returning to Holland. Just realize you Will be in homelesscentres bcz waiting for renting a house? 10 years before you have one. So leave permantly like you plan or return your dream in the Phillipines being ruïnes and be like that for at least 10 years. Good Luck

  21. I always enjoy your videos even before I was looking for a wife. I married my Filipina wife 3 years ago in the Phillippines and went through the process of an attorney in the US to bring her home to me where I was hoping she can help me with my online business. However, this Virus took place and Trump made it so hard with the immigration process. Then after my wife’s interview in Feb, she found out that somebody stole her identity in her Province in 2005 and married someone in Japan. My wife’s sister came from Baguio to help clean up this matter and they did, except for 1 item. So we hired an attorney in the Philippines to help us – but the cost is HUGE!!! So, now we are very serious about going to Vietnam to live. I know that you lived in Vietnam for a short time, and I will need your advice on living and other things that will help us. So now we are finding the date when we can meet up in Siagon soon or some other location in Vietnam. I’ll contact you about this matter later so I can pay you so we can talk a little bit. Thank you for all the information you share with us…

  22. Hi Reekay, on this topic, have you done any videos on health insurance options if you live in the Philippines? If not do you have any knowledge on the matter you can pass along.
    Thanks for posting this video on a very important topic.

  23. Good topic …I’m 65 ..retired in Cebu city …have a Filipina wife ….I have the SRRV visa…it’s worked out well ..I can afford medical care here much easier …without insurance ..than I can in usa with insurance….my only concern here is the quality of care …or lack thereof ..however ..Chonghwa and UC med ..doctors university hospitals considered best in Cebu ..theyre still overcrowded ..and below USA standards …somewhat ..for me ..I’m relying on my own very healthy lifestyle ..low stress …healthy diet ..exercise etc keep me well …and so far age 65 ..still ..good ..but down the line age 70 plus …I still think I can remain here ..and get by with medical system here my plan ..
    And affordably….but the way the world is headed now …I’m more concerned ..not money ..but …something much more serious ..we all be faced with ….to me ..I see the end times ..and spiritual health …And my family is ..spiritual health is highest priority now …..

  24. Reekey I will live in the Philippines till the day I die but if I need medical attention I do have the need to were I can travel back to the USA if I have to thank you for a nother great video God bless you

  25. I am 45 leaving for ph at 47 have 2000 va pension a month . And at 65 caN drawn social security. And I have 8 thousand in savings. What do you think Ree???

  26. Hey Henry,good topic and video. I’m wondering if you have done a video about men making sure they leave their filipina and possibly children taken care of long term in the event of their death? Are they making sure she gets all of his assets and funds,pensions,SS and any other assets she will need to live the rest of her life without him? What is your thought on this topic? I personal think he should set her up for life if possible,especially if they have kids.

  27. Great to hear that you guys are doing well can’t wait to get to see my Filipina she is 3 years older than me so I guess I’ll take care of her then

  28. I only came here for one reason, Her name is Neneng. I am not going anywhere, I certainly have more spending $ here than I would back in the states where I would have the joy of dying alone. I have prepared for the end though I bought 2 heavy-duty garbage bags & rope

  29. I would like to see a discussion on health insurance, specifically catastrophic insurance. Most HC items can be paid in cash, but major procedures need to be planned for. What is a good source for this type of insurance (keeping in mind not all expats are American)?

  30. I have a couple things planned for my endgame so that I am not stuck. While living in the US, I bought a long term care policy with Northwestern Mutual that is a paid off policy that I won’t have to pay for into retirement. I saved as much as I could so I have plenty of savings to live on for the rest of my life so that should be ok as I transfer to the Philippines or even back to the US if needed. I will pay my medicare when that comes due even though it isn’t usable in the PI but just want to make sure I have it. Lastly, I am in a relationship and hope that works out for a future marriage. Do I believe I have everything covered that I can think of, but yes things come up you can’t plan for. However, I think I am in good shape.

  31. One thing you did not cover in the end game, if you are single, is where do you want to be buried. Do you want to be buried here or in your home country. And if you die here who will take care of your funeral. Also who gets your assets and any money you have in the bank here. If you own a Condo do your children have the means to come here to get the money out of it. I guess that is the end of the end game. LOL For me before I get to old to fly I will liquidate and return to my home country.

  32. I’m 62, in better shape than I was at 50 despite the lock down pounds I picked up over the last year. While I don’t have detailed plans at this time regarding end of life issues, I’m working on a DIY support network in the Philippines. Frankly, the “professionals” graduating from college today in the US do not inspire confidence as to what quality of care I might receive there twenty years from now.

  33. Working hard for retirement in 6 years. Money is definitely a must I wouldn’t come on a “Micro” budget. Hopefully I’ll be north of $6000 a month. I have Tricare so it’s widely accepted there. Once I pass I’ll be cremated there and flown back to the US to be buried in a military cemetery all paid for in advance (or in the bank).
    Great video ReeKay. Makes people think. I hope

  34. I’m trying to stay in the Philippines when I get there I was introduced to my future wife by my coworkers wife she is Philippine any way I’m retired waiting for the reopening I will have 4 to 5 thousand a month I will live in the province and spend frugal and travel and try to be a great husband I’m thinking of pacific cross insurance they say I can use it in the u s also!

  35. Would you suggest selling rental income property, for a lump sum or managing rental income from abroad to finance living expenses in the Philippines?

  36. Hi Reekay, I’ve been watching you from about the beginning of your posted adventures in the Philippines. Great wisdom.
    I’ve been retired now for 12 year I’m 64 years old recent widower. I’m ready to walk into the Adventure eyes wide open to the Philippines.
    I’ve made a living in building trades and reading the signs of people and their behaviors. I know when someone is blowing smoke up my ____ , then if I like it I get a little closer , but I know it’s smoking mirrors. I will be looking for the New Love of the rest of my life.
    All of your preparation and travel information give confidence to those that are not aware of the true harshness of some people. I have uncles and cousins that married Filipinas , the good bad and ugly. Knowing the goodness, long enduring love of a good Filipina and happiness of rewarding relationship is in life.
    Boots on the Ground , Eyes Wide Open and Understanding What I see.
    End Game is well funded and planned.
    See You In The Philippines, Best Wishes For You and Yours ; when time permits.

  37. Sir, to have “cushion
    money” in the States
    I will have to work
    until I die.. no thanks

    What’s more important
    to me is making sure
    my girl’s future is set

  38. My Filipina wife and I will sometime this year go to the Philippines. Our plan is to permanently move, no plan to return to U.S.
    Pretty much all bases covered, I even have given thought to a number of what ifs. They are all either covered or I have a rough game plan on what to do.
    Most of my options would not be all that different if we remain in the states. But for me, and my wife, the states are played out. Living here lost whatever charm it may have once had. Time to get out and try and enjoy what time we may have.

  39. I saw Handel’s Messiah performed in the terraces Ayala. I wish I could get back there. How simple life was before all this COVID disaster struck.

  40. Reekay, this message today HITS HOME for 90% of US SUBSCRIBERS!! I am in my mid-50’s….so I think about it more and more!!! Don’t mind me asking….but, What is YOUR endgame? You plan to marry and settle down in the Philippines for the rest of your life….or is there a Plan B??? We would love to hear your thoughts….THANKS!!

  41. Great topic, Reekay. It’s a topic most people don’t want to think or talk about. Healthcare, as one gets older, has to be a consideration. The idea of hiring a med student is a good one. I hope to spend the rest of my life in the Philippines with enough money to take care of any medical issues I may face in the future. Then there are those “final expenses” you have to consider as well. Lot’s to think about.

  42. Good topic. It’s my biggest concern health and need to return and have no home in USA. I can be fine in Philippines but cannot afford 2 places at one time. Glad to hear your comments.

  43. Thanks Teekau for the reality check? It seems like everyone else is all about blowing smoke about how wonderful everything is, without ever considering the reality of being in a foreign land.

  44. It is always a good idea to set up a framework for your success and happiness. This applies whether one is in the Philippines or in their own back yard. Good reminder Reekay.

  45. Good info Reekay, I have a end game plan, as well as a book out plan, so no problem there, but don’t say 70 man, I’m almost there. ha ha. hope to see you in Oct. this year.

  46. I haven’t really thought that much about the end-game. My wife is a nurse who will be furthering her education while we live here in the US so hopefully I’ll have the care-giver part covered when I get to that elderly stage in the Philippines. I will have a pretty sizeable retirement income so that should cover expenses when the time comes and I need more meds or a serious operation. Not sure if I’d end up coming back to the US at the end….most likely I’ll just pass on while I’m still in the PI. I’ll have to look into being buried in a veterans cemetery either in PI or maybe Hawaii.

  47. Health insurance in Thailand is overrated and expensive. Chances are also excellent they will make any excuse possible not to pay up when the time comes. I would rather self insure than give my money to a gang of crooks. The quarantine in Thailand for foreigners was a complete failure and costs thousands. While thousands of expats with wives and families inside Thailand were locked out and the only option was to pay thousands of dollars to lets be direct to the Thai mafia and their insurance buddies laughing all the way to the bank. Desperate foreign suckers continue to toss money at them.

  48. Very insightful discussion. One overlooked area is how will your caretaker and/or heirs access your funds. Smart people are gradually moving out of the increasingly worthless fiat dollar more and more. At this time the smartest alternative is Bitcoin and other cryptos to maintain your wealth. The problem is that getting your money back into local currency can be very challenging for everyone except yourself. It can be nearly impossible for someone not used to moving wealth around digitally. KYC, 2FA, and other security protocols require a skill set not likely possessed by your Pinay princess. I haven’t quite figured this out fully yet myself.

  49. Nail on the head. I hear expats saying they have a “budget” meaning their social security check is their budget. Living check to check. They advise others to have some money saved to get back home but ignore the long term. Generally medical expenses increase with age.

    And I’ve seen a few cases of expats getting into trouble, not having any money and asking others to fund their life choices. If I donate am I help pay their medical bills or am I paying for them having taken a vacation instead of saving money for future problems?

    I was thinking of my old age the past couple of days because I’m trying to figure out whether to sell my US house or rent it out. If I plan to live the rest of my life in the Philippines then I may as well sell it. I am the type of person who doesn’t really care about “will I like the Philippines or not”. Once I decide that’s it. If I don’t like the Philippines I’d better learn to like. I’ve done that several times in my life and it teaches me to adapt. A useful skill.

  50. Cool video as always Reekay, however you missed the whole caregiver issue. Only in the Philippines can you hire a full time RN for $1000 per month ( much less for a nice Filipina women to care for you there) -in the US now caregivers (no certifications) earn up to $25 per hour and LVN’s closer to $75 per hour and RN’s are out of control. So the only way if we need a caregiver is to go the 🇵🇭. Nursing and assisted living homes are $3000-$9000 per month in Los Angeles and ironically almost all caregivers-nurses in California are Filipinos-Filipinos! Even in T land nursing homes are one third the price than in the US. Peace BB

  51. If you dont have the money to stay in the Philippines
    Then you do not have money to live in the USA. The problem is the medical situation here sucks !!! I had a serious shoulder surgery two years ago. I still hurt every day. All day and I have only fifty % use of my arm.

  52. Your so right for that, it’s good you say, I’m already more than 10 years up and down cebu and Belgium, i only meet one lady and she still my lovely wife, but when older we go back Belgium, healthy is wealth 🙂

  53. Assuming you’re living off Retirement Reekay, Before you collected on that, were you doing work to make a living there? Online work for example.

  54. Everybody should be given the opportunity to end their life peacefully when the quality of life become too low. I would rather die than spend my remaining years bedridden or suffering from terminal cancer.

  55. I have just started think about this. I am in my early 50’s and will be able to retire in a few years. The suggestion of hiring a med student or permanent health care worker is a very good idea. I have been trying to hire one for my mother but with the nurse shortage in the US it costs way too much money.

  56. Interesting topic, thanks Reekay. At my age, one of my major reservations about moving full time to the Philippines, was always the healthcare there compared with the UK. All that has changed here now, with four and a half million people on hospitals waiting lists…..some with serious heart problems or cancer, because they have prioritized Covid patients. My thoughts since last year had been, instead of visiting the Philippines 2-3 times a year, for six to eight weeks, maybe to have six months here and six months there. Less flights, and I can escape the cold Uk Winter. Obviously, that plan hasn’t gone well. Best wishes to you and Vi.

  57. I agree with you.however I am 61 years old . sitting around waiting for when I came come to the Philippines.i have been in a nursing home,I would rather die ,than return to the United States.thats my choice.

  58. I was wondering about Vi. Many rumors by your critics that Vi is no longer with you. I am happy to hear the two of you are still like a hand in a glove. Best!

  59. My thoughts as a 70 yr. old retired man is and has been was to go and stay in the Philippines OR Malaysia for 7 to 8 months per year. Then return back to the U.S. for annual physician checkups. Then based on predictability return back to the U.S. once I have realized that it was time to go home and stay there until the end. There are finances available to cover most medical costs and I already have a burial plot paid for.

  60. Your girlfriend or wife might appear to be the one that will stand up for you when SHTF but trust me on this one they can be a complete FAIL! Don’t believe them that they will be Mother Theresa and even show up. Know this from personal experience. Don’t be sold a bill of goods.

  61. Important topic. Appreciate your thoughts on this. It’s easy for expats to get health insurance for a very reasonable cost here. Curious what you think about this option.

  62. Am going again with my medical records too see if they can see me because I have heart disease only 2 stens in me and I take pills 💊 I would like to no if they have that tape out there

  63. Hey Henry🖐 As always, when you post a video it’s well thought out and worth watching. At 64 insomnia is a frequent problem, usually brought on thinking about the END GAME ( can’t say I appreciate your reminder…LOL ) Glad to see you happy and well. Life is good in PI👍

  64. Hi Again .how is your Gf (still with you).
    I always coment in others bloggers or expats chats the same issues you went through..
    VERY WELL EXPLAIN VIDEO ..(NOT TO MANNY PEOPLE LIKE TO THI K ON THAT) But that time it always will catch you ..
    Even with monney (are someone in the corect city for a good hospital ,,if you need a operation????
    Are we in God hands with the GF WE HAVE???? Do we trust her totally in the event that she needs to tacke care of us?? Manager awer ATM CARD ???
    Lot of thinking have to be done ….becouse sooner or later we all go that way..
    Very good video..

  65. I came to the Philippines to be with my Jen and I have no wish to change that till the end whenever it comes. I am not sure of others but my Jen is 18 years younger than me and doing extremely well in Real Estate as a licensed broker’s agent. Her network just grows year on year and if I get so much as a tummy upset she is like a mother hen lol. Still, as we all should I have thought about end-of-life issues. My worry was always about being a burden either financially or just from physical needs. The only thing I told Jen is if I ever got Alzheimer’s I would say my goodbyes while still able and head back to the UK and let it be the state’s problem. Eventually, I would not even remember my life here in that case. Not sure Jen would let me go but it something I had thought about if ever the situation arose.

  66. I know of a couple expats that are approaching the endgame and plan to stay in PH until the end because they do not want to be a burden to relatives back home and because they are not close to them anyway as they feel like what is the point.
    Also I hope not to meet anyone like that piece of trash in Duma. Sounds like a real credit to humanity, so guys guard your assets from that innocent smile and long dark hair.

  67. This is what I’m been thinking for awhile. Great advice. If I get too old I might go back to the US for the Medicare or even live in a assisted living facility in Mexico just near the border only 1/3 of the cost compared to the US and they have all the medicines and equipment to handle things. If it’s really serious the US is just right across the border. Trust me you don’t want to end up in a public hospital in the Philippines if you don’t have the $. It’s over crowded and the doctors are still in training, they make a lot of mistakes especially drawing blood through a needle so they had to start over again while the patient is in agony. and doctors there simply there’s not enough of them. I been there with my father dying in Cebu City. I’m from the Philippines and would love to retire there but I don’t want to get seriously I’ll or bed ridden there.

  68. Now, you really make great understanding on reality check. I think the main thing is to continue your monthly social security premiums while living in the Philippines. Just in case you need to return to the states. Many seem to drop that portion but, do not know that they will have to pay extra premiums penalties to restart this again. Plus, they may need it right away, if they do not have, it could be costly while waiting. I really like your ideal of sponsoring a college student if you do not want to get married, beside, I believe it would be less expensive. Also, knowing the Philippines, if those students know you are caring about them, they will do the same for you as well as down the line pass on to other friends and relatives that you are a person who cares, so, help him. We all know ages 50s, 60s an a good portion of early 70s, you will or should be in good shape to take care of things. By mid 70s, you should have back up plans. I am so happy that the Philippines really respect and admire elderly more as compared in the states. Thank for this great advice. I am currently age 58, contemplating on retiring in the Philippines, I need all the knowledge I can get. From US Air Force Security Police Military Veteran who was station at Clark Air Base Philippines in 1991.

  69. would love a detailed video explaining health insurance options for expats .. and not only Americans.. im Canadian … your work on that would be appreciated and of tremendous value Reekay ..

  70. The only difference between a phillipina stealing your money and leaving you homeless vs here in the States or Canada, is who does the wallet picking. Both our countries here, have divorce courts that’ll leave you destitute.

  71. Hello Henry and hope all is well! In my case, I am bringing my Filipina Fiance here next year to my home in the USA on the K1 VISA and hope everything gets approved. She will also be my “private nurse” as she is a nurse in the Philippines. Take care and stay safe!

  72. I always took the advice of having 10k in a emergency account for such reasons. Also, Phil Health or other health insurance will be considered. Always have a place to stay or visit incase of a serious emergency whether it be health or the outbreak of war. So many things to contemplate but it’s worth it.

  73. If you can afford it I sold everything up in Australia house ect then bought a unit in Australia, I have it rented out by a Real Estate agency so I’ve got something to come back if everything goes wrong in the Philippines but till then Philippines and Indonesia the weather is better for my body actually

  74. End-of-life hospice care in the US isn’t that great, regardless of your income. Most medical procedures and support are far less expensive in PI, with or without local insurance, though you may need to do a little searching to find a quality facility. That would also be true here in the US. For other unavailable advanced treatments, you should also consider medical tourism to other regional countries, particularly India.

  75. Yes, U definitely pointed to that million dollar question “when the end is near”
    That gentleman who was bad ridden for four years I can’t C happening to me. A bottle of vodka and about 2-300 sleeping pills would take care of what ever illness I have. I would never, ever want to live a life where I have to relying on someone to take care of me such a long period of time.

  76. I lived there for two years however, upon my arrival, I found out that the VA Hospital would not see me like they do in America. Fortunately, I had a friend send me my meds every 90 days. Realistically, I could not stay there because VA back in the states wanted to see me for a check-up before they re-filled them. VA in Manila only sees those veterans that have service connected injuries.

  77. Great advice! Totally agree,but l would still go back to the states for my medical care if l need one,and then back in the Philippines again,they have great medical facilities there but Cash is king so if you have enough mullah then problem solve! Good content!

  78. There is no time that is too early to start planning for our elder years. Even in your 30s you should be saving and strategizing. Aside from investing financially, we need to be investing/maintaining our health, which is our most valuable asset. Anything you can do, eat healthier, walk more, quit drinking/smoking helps to extend your best years.

  79. And what are your plans for the future Reekay?Mine are to live the rest of my life here in the Philippines. I’m 66,married and living just fine on my SS and no major health issues so far.I try to eat right and ride my bike as much as I can .I think its probably safer to live here than the USA .

  80. With good luck.
    Before the end comes the end will come without notice.
    Rather fall off a waterfall or run over by a truck than sit around waiting for Mr. Death to come pay a visit.
    I hope to be strong enough to stand up and look him in the eyes.

  81. I would be worried about a stroke or a heart attack …
    When you can not control your financial situation, I.E. pay the hospital bills, because you are so sick when…(Having the money in your account) ..

  82. How do you spend six months out of the year normally in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, the rest of the time I spend in Canada on Vancouver Island. The best of both worlds. I pick up a travel pharmacy here in Canada to supplement my British Columbia government insurance. Things tend to work out well. But you’re absolutely right Henry, as we age, we have to be cognizant of the fact we Will need a very good medical care. I am 57 and fairly healthy, however I always count out where the best hospitals are an emergency facilities in each city I’m in.If you don’t have money for an emergency medical fund and at least $5000, you have no business being in the Philippines or anywhere in Southeast Asia. Stay home and do yourself a big favor.

  83. The end game…who do you trust…to help you, when ,you cant.l have thought many days now of that when l reached my 70s.My head says I’m 30ish but little things are cropping up to let me know otherwise.So while l can l will visit there…but …one foot will in Canada. I regret not meeting my philipna in my 40s but it is what it is.No I won’t go to Phil to live permanently coz l know what’s coming. Here in canada it’s very expensive…$2800 a month for a one bedroom to an example….so what I want to do and what l will do is a changeable thing day by day. My heart is actually in the Philippines…but my body is in Canada

  84. I will be honest Reekay in my pre-pandemic Filipina delusion I didn’t even think about the stuff you have talked about here. It is refreshing to finally hear someone talk about reality in The Philippines and not just how to get a good girl etc (which everyone and his or her brother seem to be doing at the moment!) like a certain nauseating young lady I won’t name with her pathetic attempt at western humour!

  85. Surely the point is if you do not have much money in whichever country your from the problem is the same
    I come from uk which has free health service but old peoples homes are full of old people that familys don’t want to care for now im in the Philippines with a great careing wife how knows that when im fragile its her turn to care for me
    At the moment i support her and her 2 sons this i see as an investment in the future we love an care for each other

  86. 8:35 and loosing everything to an extended family is a very real concern. And, it can be more of a problem for those who do have financial assets. Find a caring neutral advocate is a challenge especially in these times. Marriage is not a guarantee of success. Peace.

  87. Hello Henry,
    Thank you for bringing this issue forward today!! I am very much curious about, if an expat has a son or a daughter from his Filipina wife, would it be an advantage or not?! Of course putting the money issue aside! Have met cases like that? Thanks

  88. Reekay, this was a very enlightening informative video! I subscribed for that reason. I’m 61, single, have just over 20k in savings, I plan to take early retirement this year when I turn 62, and with both pensions, I’ll have a monthly income just over 2200 USD per month. I believe that should be ok, so I look forward to retirement there, but you’re right… I still need an end game! Thank you for talking about what we tend to avoid talking about!

  89. Hey Reekay my friend, Great topic. You are exactly right. You definitely have to plan ahead and make sure that if you are going to live in a another country, you have to consider these important things. I have definitely put funds aside for issues like that and I have made investments as well. Thank you Reekay my friend for sharing this awesome video. Please stay safe and healthy, and God bless you and Vi always.😊 😊 😊 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  90. Good stuff as usual Reekay—I would stay overseas for end of life —undecided on assisted care vs possible domestic partner. I would like to have euthanasia options which are unfortunately not viable in many countries.

  91. What do you think of Pacific Cross health insurance? $500.00 a year for coverage is my understanding. That was on a Filipina Pea episode if anyone is interested. It’s even portable for world coverage. I’d have the money for that and I know I’m not going to live forever but for health care up to the end it’s an option.
    No one gets out alive so make plans up to and including funeral expenses. I’m not particular as to where my bones or ashes are laid to rest.

  92. The philippines Government is all about Power and very little to do with C-19 If the foreign national got vaccine and tested negative over and over and still can not enter is dumb dumb and more dumb

  93. Good advice and information. I guess many don’t consider such cases. All the more reason to have and keep an exit plan. At least having a good health insurance policy to take care of those increased expenses while still having that emergency fund locked down until needed. Also a good idea to keep that medicare/medicaid active as if you don’t, you’ll be on the hook to pay back payments to catch it up.

  94. I purchased the cheapest affordable long term health plan I could, and it can be used in the Philippines. $100/day for 2 years is not much here in the U.S. but in the Philippines, it is a great plan. Always good advice Reekay.

  95. I’m looking forward to my permanent move. You are so correct. At some point you must have an endgame. The tricky part for me is setting up and adjusting a trust fund for any heirs. If I should have children in my later years in the Philippines, they will receive treatment equal to my only child in the US. The best protection for all parties is a well written and executed trust.

  96. I am 56 and have been to the PH many times. I am looking to retire there post pandemic . My question is I’m too young to collect my SS, bank pension or pension from DFAS. If I retire early , I’ll have $200-300k cash. Is that enough to retire comfortably for the next 7-10 years until my retirement kicks in?

  97. Hello, this is David from usa. Im 85 now. Im pleased you and ve are doing well. I would add whereever you are keep control of your money. Put a cap on fund redrawels. Have a seperate account ( i have three) with a user account but the big. Money is in another account. Keep that account to yourself. The older you get the more firewalls you need to protect yourself. Nobody and i mean NOBODY will protect you but…YOU.
    Again i enjoy your vidios whenever i find them. Kind regards. David

  98. I will be 79 in October, and I have donated my body. I do not go to doctors, and just want to die in my bed, when God takes me.
    I have enjoyed my life,work and travels. I am not weak or sick, and I take care of myself, and check in with family evey morning with a one phone ring. I want to die, when I cannot take care of myself, and I am still in the USA, and with the SCAMDEMIC, I am happy, that I traveled from 20 to 73. I always enjoy your videos.

  99. Hire a medical student? Why not just put your girlfriend or wife thru Caregiver College, a 6 month training course that teaches them exactly how to care for you? That’s what I did. That also gives them a profession that is respected here, and can lead to future employment after you are gone.

  100. As the lockdowns continue more and more expats are leaving. I’ve been here since before COVID in 2019 and haven’t returned yet. I was in that mall last week and fewer and fewer expats walking around. The question is for those of us already here how important is it to stay here and put your healthcare needs on the back burner knowing you can’t leave take care of medical and personal business and return? Is it worth it to do that? If you’re in the Philippines now is not the time to be needing medical care. For those of us who still maintain retain health coverage in our home countries it’s very difficult right now. This is a bigger question.

  101. I’m on the Smith & Wesson medical-hospice insurance plan with just two options: revolver or 9mm. Guaranteed to be swift and painless and won’t drain your bank account and leave your loved ones penniless. No lengthy hospital stays and painful procedures and no surgeries. And this plan is dirt cheap—just a one-time premium of a few hundred dollars (firing range fees not included but optional). Financing available OAC.

  102. I was in Cebu back in 2018 and glad to have Gold’s Gym in Ayala mall. Would you know if the gym is still there? Thank you for your videos and content.

  103. Hi Reekay.
    Good, thoughtful video.
    I am missing the Phils. I do not think it is better here in New England.
    I believe I am relatively healthy at this point. My GF has been waiting over a year for me to return. We haven’t had a chance to marry yet. I have a little more than average ss income.

  104. I am from the USA if you have no family in the states are old living in the Philippines with little money what are you gonna return to in the USA with little money? check out chapala Mexico great place to die!!!

  105. Reekay, as from your own experience or your friends, if you live permanently in PH, is there a reliable private health insurance for a reasonable price? I don´t mean the tourist health plan, I mean a filipino private health provider where you can have consultations, surgeries, emergencies, hospitalization, anything you need. Thanks for your awesome insights and info.

  106. Thank you so much for this video Henry I like your take on this issue come to 5he Philippines live your dream when it’s over go home there is a guy who has a vlog called the Filipino info channel and he is a total dream killer ever time I watch him I I think I can’t move there you are a wise man sir great advice bye the way have you lost weight buddy you look great

  107. I’m in my early 60s and a UK resident/citizen. I had considered relocating permanently to PH for retirement to escape the long, cold, wet winters here and also because of the lower cost of living and widespread use of English there. However, for the reasons you point out (visa headaches, healthcare concerns) and others (frequent brownouts, squawking chickens, barking street dogs and noisy motorbikes everywhere which would drive me mad plus sweltering year-round humidity/lack of seasons) and that I could NEVER 100% trust a Filipina to take care of me when I’m older and more vulnerable without the fear of robbing me blind, plus the usual third-world issues (corruption, crime, widespread poverty etc) I decided to play it safe, keep my UK residence and access to free first-world healthcare (and care home if I last that long) and just vacation in PH and elsewhere (Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, DR etc) for 3-4 weeks at a time or return home when I get bored. If I lived in PH 365 days a year I’m sure it would all wear thin quickly and I’d miss my first-world creature comforts + my classic cars + long weekends in Europe etc + not having to sweat and listen to roosters everyday. Make your money in the West and spend it abroad. Keep your property, business and assets in YOUR name, rotate your girlfriends to avoid boredom AND the marriage trap of having to financially support a Filipina’s parents and/or kids for the rest of your days with no exit (divorce is illegal in that country). Enjoy it all while you can because there will come a time when all of us will be too tired/weak to travel. Filipinas aren’t the only women on the planet and IMO nor are they the most interesting or even the pretttiest- as long as you’ve got some cash you can enjoy yourself wherever you go. Why restrict yourself to one woman when you can enjoy many? Why spend all the year in one country when you can visit many? Variety is the spice of life 🙂

  108. I can live in the US on the sales of my blood plasma. 4k per year. Eat lunch at the church, supper at the SA mission, get food stamps, stables at the food bank, live in an old minivan, get around on an old bicycle.

  109. If you get a wife you’d better make sure you get one who (ACTUALLY LOVES YOU). I’ve seen many expats out with the wife or girlfriend and it looks like they could care less about each other. In fact they don’t even speak…she’s on her cell phone texting and he’s just talking to his expat friend or looking at other women; obviously more of a business relationship than anything. If you in an arrangement with no real feelings don’t expect that person to be there when the chips are down and take care of you….if they don’t directly benefit from it.

  110. Great talk. I worry about having a insurance policy for when I am gone and to make sure my wife/girlfriend will have money to make it thru her years.. I already have cremation policy for anywhere in the world through Neptune society international. So that is covered. Got that years ago. I have less than 5 years to go till I can retire at 62. What would be a good life / death insurance policy to get there in the Philippines.

  111. My first and last family is not connected to any Filipina. Many great PinOys who LOVE to serve as well. Most foreigners are overinvested in a single PinAAAy point of failure and underinvested in PinOOOys and a support network. Build a support network first. For the end game, do I see myself returning to the emerging USA…no…lost American Dream. I will wind down in another stronger infrastructure country…Malaysia, Thailand, Panama….with the Filipino clan. Filipinos are adaptable, love a new place, and live for the day. MAKE your life. Good topic…

  112. If $1200 is all she wrote…what are you going to do…Phils going to be among your best lifestyles…but yes…there is very little margin for error…and on age…we will all have some errors. The C Virus has uncovered many weaknesses of the PHILS that require active attention and planning.

  113. hi reekay. i’m a new subscriber. i plan on retiring to the philippines in 2023 with my filipina wife and 6 year old son. i believe you give paid advice for expats moving to the philippines. how does that work?

  114. You presented this subject well. For a foreigner living out his last whatever days one has in a more peaceable way, it comes down to money and relationship. For large age gap relationships, one will have to rely on the money factor and staying in control of it, even if they have a relationship.
    It is a very rare matter of the heart and soul for to be able to really know without doubt, that you have a person that is by your side until the end no matter what.

  115. You are spot on. We retired at 57 and my wife and I have been married for 40 years now. We are leaving the Philippines at age 70 just because of the health care. We are back in the states now looking at condos and villa’s in Bradenton Fla. I’m 62 now and at age 66 we will start doing the 6 & 6 stay plan. We are supposed to return on May 7th hopefully that will happen We go back to the states for 7 or 8 weeks every year just to travel around and right now there is total freedom here No travel passes no PCR test and we are loving that..

  116. Dam good points for those who are stuck in the now, instead of later. A friend and I was just talking about this issue a few days ago, how in a lot of Countries/Small Town the Healthcare system is very inadequate at best, and how people get so absorbed in how cheap the prices are for this or that, and not consider the expense of their health while they’re in these smaller towns. Socialist Security is not going to be around forever for a lot of these Dimwits who just slide by monthly and cant go back to the US cause they haven’t built a dam thing or building a safety blanket financially at all….

  117. the best of Canada and Philippines ,means 6 months summer in Canada while it rainy season and 6 months in Philippines while its winter in Canada , unless you have been a Canadian resident for 40yrs plus , you can only leave 6 months without loosing your pension, 40+ yrs you can leave all year

  118. If your home country offers free Medicare sure it is good idea to go back home for care, but if not you better stay in Philippines and buy some sort of medical insurance for yourself. In US thousand and thousand people dies every day for sample medical condition .

  119. Can you get a trustee, attorney, power of attorney to take care of your affairs if you are elderly and frail? What about get a 2 bedroom, free accommodation for a Filipina in exchange for assisted living?

  120. Another great vid Reekay , anyone that doubts your sincerity is a fool.. I met you outside the Ayala Mall March 2020 .. always very informative..from Toronto. Cheers

  121. Reekay i need to have guidance on howi can get my Filipino lady to America and she doesn’t want to come to. The USA first she wants me to come to the Philippines 👋 hello my name is Kerry coley Jr

  122. I have a house not to far from your location (Ayala). My family lives there near Gov Cuenco. Have not been allowed back in the country because of travel ban since I returned to the U.S. September 1st 2020. This is getting to the absurd level. Thanks for your information.

  123. Hi i think you have tp do something about the live streams of you know who is defaming you big time its sunday and they are at it again ive reported it

  124. I like your outlook in life my friend you are so right it all boils down to money ,money at the end of the day still money yes I do have a medical issues to consider before to retire in the Philippines boy! do I miss Philippines so much like you said definitely need a good medical health insurance and most of all must be residing in Manila where the top Medical or Hospitals located like St. Luke ,Philippines Heart Center but nevertheless if you have money anything is possible nice vlog

  125. 1/2-1/2 is my plan…
    In the phils—-in Europe.
    And if i find a good Filipina… For sure i stay there to the end… Its privilege to gett old in the Phils.
    I saw in Europe
    They lock you up during the pandemic, during the night.. No visiting of the family. . Waiting hours to refresh your pamper and you pay a lott… That s the good old days in Europe. 😂
    And now i need to find a good family… In the Phils. 😉

  126. Soy ciudadano mexicano y me gustaria ir un tiempo ya que quiero casarme con una mujer vietnamita, que me sugieres hacer?
    Por cierto tus videos son de lo mejor y con informacion muy util, agrececia tu respuesta

  127. Henry,, Only 59 and I always have these thoughts of the end game on my mind. I am always looking ahead and trying to plan ahead… thanks for sharing similar thoughts and ideas..

  128. After living in the Philippines for several years I wouldn’t want to call it a permanent home. The country is too broken to live in for more than a few months at a time. While the US isn’t perfect and is now much worse with the new criminal administration, it’s still better than many countries. That may change when America fails under the new regime. I’m not sure where I’ll go. I could live in the Philippines permanently again but it would be a challenge. I spent approximately $2000 (100,000 php) monthly while living there and can basically do the same in the US as long as I stay away from the cities, while enjoying a better lifestyle. No matter where we go there is always risk. Maybe it’s possible to find a decent Filipina and bring her back? Is that your plan now, Henry? Anyway, I wish you the best!

  129. Living in the Philippines for 15 years, I want to say that this video was spot on everything Reekey said was correct so listen to it and take it to heart. I just want to add in, one must be very careful of the doctors they choose in the Philippines check them out first as best you can and that goes for the hospitals too. They can also pad bills for nonsense, so please be careful.

  130. Good common sense address here Reekay and I thank you for it. As for me, my projected plan is to have one foot in both places and my Lady and I able to fluently move between the two when desired and/or needed. I hope I can swing that path. Otherwise,, a serious issue to be sure.

  131. The end game is to go back to my born country…that way you get proper medical and funeral…over there would be no care giver and cremation into a 10 peso jug then into the trash can.

  132. Not much of a choice Reekay. But then there are no easy answers to end of life scenarios. Even if you do have money or you don’t have money and end up in a care home that is subsidized by the government back home. It’s better to die penny less in a cheap hotel in Manila. Then to die in a retirement home.
    Keep yourself as healthy as possible as long as possible ! and pray to the Good Lord guides you to good people or the Lord takes you out. Before you loose your mobility or your mind and you find your self at the mercy of strangers in a care home treating you like piece of Shit waiting to be flushed down the toilet. ( Seriously ) people who go there’ are waiting die and a lot of seniors are physically and verbally abused and even sexually abused in some cases. You do not want to spend your remaining days in a retirement home with assisted living.
    The Government can also empty your bank account of what ever little you have left.

  133. I am in my 50’s and am in an Asian country. Have been giving a lot of thought on my retirement. One of the way to safeguard your money is not to bring the whole amount to live with a foreign spouse/partner. Just instruct the bank in your home country to credit a certain amount every month. Let your partner know & he/she will make sure you live a long life.

  134. Hey Reekay , Do you know where I can find info about living in the Philippines with a kidney transplant . Like meds , Drs etc . Any help is appreciated .

  135. The “end game” is something my wife and I have been talking about. We are just in the planning stages of retirement, and I’m watching a lot of expat videos.

  136. Wasnt Mike Cason on Philhealth? I think he was paying premiums but there is no prescription benefit.
    I think he was a veteran. I dont know why he wasn’t drawing benefits from the VA at least for his prescriptions

  137. Damn Reekay. Looks like you slimmed down. Here in the States, I read the average American put on 20- 30 pounds during covid. I put on 10 at least, Im sure. Are some people leaving because their Visas run out after the 3 years and just cant get back in? Anyways, take care.

  138. Well my plan is to keep a home base here in Australia ,while I am away it returns a rental income ,I do have a place in the Philippines but dont know when I can return.To sell everything and have no escape plan is foolish we have no idea what the future hold, stay safe Chris

  139. I’m only 50 and I’ve had the same thing run across my mind so many times, I always come to the same conclusion……….I will die in the Philippines, Vietnam or in Thailand. I will not ever go back to the states, my pension, savings and social security will be more than enough to find a healthcare professional for myself if I ever need one. First off, your money goes further in Asia, no way would that rat race America see me again, they keep people in debt there. I might add, if I needed a major surgery I would possibly go back to the states just because my medical is paid for life but other than that no way.

  140. Thank you so much. Just got out of the hospital “unexpected ” surgery. Never know. I’m looking forward to getting there and living there long term. Planning pesos, for health, insurance, savings. Many never plan and thats why so many fail. Been listening to many of you who know. Just waiting for boarders to be open. Hope to have coffee with you when I’m there. Thanks again for great content.

  141. When you get into your sixties and older your odds of having a major medical issue increase substantially. Anyone living or considering the move should be aware of the potential issues. The main thing is getting quality medical care for serious issues.

  142. It’s all about money let’s face it. The young ladies aren’t trying to find a father figure, most are with you because of money. It’s not a knock just being realistic.

  143. Thank’s for the advise. That sounds logical. My main thinking would be : we can see so many of you guys on the net mentionning 1) girls 2) money. Is your everyday life so empty you need that and just that to be busy and or happy ? what about reading, travelling, any hobby ? It sounds like you ran away from a 100% material life to find an empty life oversees. May be i’m wrong. i live in Europe the whole year long but spend the winter time in Asia. Well, that’s my way; I hope you all enjoy yours. Be good …

  144. Thanks for another very good and informative video on a subject we all need to address!
    Wonderful to hear all is great with you and Ve!
    You guys are great for each other. I hope she is the one !

  145. sttttttttttttttttttttttupid to stay in philippines for long time,only waste of time and money,and left nothing to go back home,really stttttttttttttttttttttttttttupid

  146. Hey Reekay, Great topic, it’s like having a will etc., no one wants to talk about it but needs to be addressed before it’s too late. Unfortunately most people do nothing in regard to planning. Like you I need to find my keeper to help complete my plans. Happy your relationship is great for you both.

  147. I must stay in the UAS. I just feel safe that I would get better care. If A serious health issue came up. Take Care to all.

  148. This video got me thinking about my Philippine journey. Here one day, gone the next. He was vlogging right up until his death……. anyway, I want to die where my heart is, and that’s the Philippines 🇵🇭

  149. Haven’t checked in for a long while but glad everything is cool.
    Can you recommend any lawyers over there? It’s a civil matter but it might follow me over there with my K1 with.
    I’ll try to get a consultation but the lawyers seem to be ignoring my emails. I can’t give you recommendations I’ll probably have my wife start calling.

  150. Thank you. An important topic rarely brought up because a lot of us wish to keep our heads in the sand to avoid unpleasant thoughts.
    I wish to add that even though you have the financial means to pay the hospital bills in The Philippines you may not want to experience these hospitals. I’m saying this after my old mother spent her last months in a “good” private hospital here.
    That opened my eyes and my end game is to move back to my country of birth.

  151. Thanks to covid we have to leave for the USA. Travel ban on bilikbyan in cancelled so we cannot come back. Than God we didn’t buy a condo. I didn’t plan on returning…. We barely have enough to live on in the states. Our Philippine life was great very affordable ate every meal out, house maid 50.00 a week. It’s great. Bummer we have to to get our passports stamped. Trying to see other options. But…. No avail.

  152. The elephant in the room. Thanks for bringing it up. I see it as a matter of choice. Depending on culture, belief system, affluence or lack thereof, etc., not all share a universal or the same notion or concept of what the endgame would or should be and whatever that may be, planning for it would definitely not hurt. By the same token, some prefer to indefinitely live in a tiny safety bubble out of fear, worries, concerns or the like and some take chances and go out, live and enjoy life; again, a matter of choice. We all will eventually become nothing and that could happen in any minute of a day.

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