The Fish & Meat Market in Moalboal, Philippines

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  1. Meat markets in the Philippines tend to be very unhygienic. They don’t use refrigeration and they often have dirty stray cats sitting next to the meat. I would never buy from one of these places. I buy hamburger from SM but their practices also would never pass code in the USA, so I try not to think about what they are doing.

    1. I’ve eat meat from here (and other similar markets) while in the area. Never had any issues. P.S. the meat is cooked not eaten raw so any germs are cooked off

  2. Oh how I miss the fresh tuna…  I would recommend people to get to the market early to ensure better quality meat.  Also the scales are not so accurate in the market so if you have a portable scale to bring along them you will at least know the high price is not compounded by a lower weight being given to you.

  3. My wife is disappointed they took advantage of you.  She knows it happens especially y if you are Caucasia, from America or speak English.    For a kilo uncooked it cost about 100-110P in Zambo.  She suggests you barter and get a better price despite the 25 minute drive.  Get the vendors to compete against each other.  Hope you can get some better deals because you love the Philippines!

    1. @Heinrich Dorfmann  I sometimes get taken too and have to pay double the price and I’m part Filipino. Oh yes, it sucks getting ripped off.

    2. Good for you for not letting them take advantage of you. Yes it sad that they are acting that way. Please be careful! Thank you for the reply

    3. Yah, it sucks but it comes with the territory.  Since I have my own freezer in my apartment, from now on I will take a day trip to Dumanjag (25 minutes away) and fill my backpack with 2 weeks of meat.. freeze it at home until I need it.  Prices are posted, same for all, at the supermarket in Dumanjag.  So.. in the end, the local merkado vendors who over-charge us kanos really end up losing our business.  They trade a quick few pesos today for what could have been all my business locally if they’d just simply post their prices.  Their loss.

  4. Henry, Why did you not ask for a 1/2 kilo ? A half kilo is just over 1 pound. A kilo is 2.2 pounds. I have shopped at a few markets in a few places in Luzon, and the thing I like, is they custom cut, and also clean the fish. From your video I see a very clean wet market there. Also not as large or as much competition, so yes the price would be higher, supply and demand factors exist everywhere, as well as possible kano tax. Please keep your great videos coming. 14 months and counting till my return.

  5. My wife Tess said the orange fish is called.  lapu-lapu (same as the place as well)
     and it takes great with sweet & sour sauce with carrot slices!

  6. I noticed that before too, went to the supermarket and Chicken was 147p but a lechon manok was only 130 p. still can’t figure out how that works.. But so much for life in the Philippines.. hehe!

    1. It’s actually by weight. Cooked Lechon manok sometimes are little chickens but the fresh chickens are sold by weight so it depends on the size and weight of the chicken. They sell Lechon Manok here in Manila (where I am staying – Quezon City, Greenhills or greater manila area like Cavite) at around Php 219 pesos for a whole roasted chicken. Typically sold at Andoks or Baliwag chicken but there’s also new stores with new names that sell the same product for about 180 – 190 pesos for a whole roasted bbq chicken. I believe the name of the store is Sr. Pedro’s Lechon Manok (chicken) You can actually have grilled bbq chicken inasal at Mang Inasals for a set price like 99 pesos for a whole chicken leg with unlimited rice and a bowl of sinigang broth or with a drink for 109 pesos. Good deal anyways. The chicken breast with a single wing cost 109 pesos and 119 pesos with a drink.

  7. Prices set also what they can get this chicken for,,if this vendor buy 100 chickens you will get a better price,and also if you want small markets higher price.Also fruit prices big variebles depending where you are in Ph.Well any way its the charm of Ph. Markets.And by the way refridges has not been around so long even i US.EU. etc.but cook it well hehehe.I realy miss this life…nice enjoy your self…

    1. @nonoyd in the PH, for roasted chicken i like Senor Pedro’s and Joe’s Chicken Inato. (joe’s has nicer restos and a much bigger menu. but Sr. Pedros has an equally great marinade.)

    2. @nonoyd in california, the only roasted chicken i will buy that compares is Juan Pollo. i’m not a big fan of Pollo Loco.. too often end up too burnt or too raw. but Juan Pollo.. same heat, same rotations, same great marinade every time. and their chicken burritos are awesome.

  8. Wife and I have a house in MoalBoal, actually close to this market. I don’t go there when we are shopping because they see me and charge double. So I hang out on the corner while the wife shops


  10. I hate to be a pest but ha’lal meat packaged too is not like the hottest market a bid hit in the South Asian area,moo goo can I hear philipino opera

    1. propane is easy to get in the ph, many use it. i’ve come across goat once in a while, but not much. no lamb. but if you find a middle-eastern food place, they sometimes have it.

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